Friday, July 15, 2016

Sidewinders 3, Nads 2

Snake pitching coach Mario Soto told Hector Santiago to pretend he is Clayton Kershaw. Hector one hit the Nads in game 1 and no hit them in game 5. Nads take 2 of the middle 3 for the traditional Tweener split.

4/29 Snakes cruise 8-0.Dozier draws a walk in the8th to break up perfect game. Revere singles sharply with one out in the 9th to ruin the no-hitter. Nick Hundley goes 3-3 with 4 RBI in his first game batting second.

4/30 Nads win 7-3 behind CG effort by CJ Wilson. Game was tied at3 until Snakes had another bullpen fail late. Chapman is the loser but the big blowwas 3 run HR off of Brach by the ToddFather.

7/22 CJ strikes again and Nads win 5-3 beating Jon Lester. Rondon with the save.

7/23 Volquez with the CG victory over Fiers 9-1.

7/24 This time Santiago finishes the no-no. Snakes win 4-0 Big Papi drives in3. Santiago's line for the series is 18 IP, 1 hit, 4 walks, 8K.

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Pigman said...

Congrats on the no-hitter. Is that a Snake first? Pigs have had 2, and both coincidentally happened on the Buckeye computer while sitting next to the Buckeyes. Greg Maddux vs the Buckeyes in 2000, and Rich Harden vs the Goofs (being managed by the Buckeyes) in 2009.