Saturday, July 09, 2016

Inmates 6, FFTs 4

INMATES 10 – FFTs 1 (Baptist Bowl): Inmates pounded W. Chen from the get-go, highlighted by a three-run homer by Jones in the 3rd. Not much good happened for the FFTs.

FFTS 6 – INMATES 2 (Baptist Bowl):  Cano hit a pair of taters off of Salazar and Lynn pitched 8 2/3 for the easy FFT win.

INMATES 6 – FFTS 4 (Baptist Bowl): Castro hit a three-run HR in the 6th for the final Inmate runs. An FFT rally in the 8th fell short; Ramos picked up the save for the Beakless Chicken Gang.

INMATES 5 – FFTS 2 (The Grove):  The Inmates hit solo homers by Cargo, Cespedes, and Rizzo to put the game away. Salazar inhaled a little less vociferously to pick up the win.

FFTS 3 – INMATES 2 (The Grove): A pitcher’s duel between Samardzija and Pineda. JD Martinez hit a two-run spud in the 2nd for all of the Inmate runs. Warren picked up the save for the FFTs.

INMATES 3 – FFTS 1 (Baptist Bowl):  Another quasi-pitcher’s duel. Jones and Suarez hit back-to-back HRs for the Inmates in the 5th for all of the LDMF scoring. Chen took it on the chin for a loss. Or maybe it was Chin took it on the Chen. Whatever.

FFTS 9 – INMATES 2 (Baptist Bowl): Collin McHugh allowed nine runs on sixteen hits in another of his usual effective starts. Only Wieters avoided the hitfest among FFT starters, going 0-5. Samardzija K’d twelve in 8 1/3 for the easy win.

FFTS 6 – INMATES 2 (The Grove): McHugh once again self-imolated, allowing taters to Pederson and Realmuto, to continue his year-long suck-O-rama. Lynn got the easy W for the FFTs.

INMATES 6 – FFTS 3 (The Grove): Reddick hit two HRs for the FFTs but Chen did his best McHugh imitation and allowed homers to Rosario, Suarez, and Lawrie as the Inmates managed to finagle a win.

INMATES 3 – FFTS 1 (The Grove): Solo homers by Cargo, Rizzo, Valbuena, and Realmuto accounted for all of the scoring in this snoozer.


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