Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The FFTs traded Scott Rolen to the Killer Bees for Rafael Furcal and future considerations.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2010 Draft Order

The top ten picks...

1. FFTs (61-101) - picked currently owned by the Tweeners
2. Killer Bees (65-97)
3. Inmates (66-96)
4. Tweeners (68-94)
5. Mavs (69-93)
6. SuperGoofs (72-90)
7. Fungoes (74-88)
8. Nads (77-85)
9. Pastas (79-83)
10. DVs (86-76) - pick currently owned by the Fungoes

If the Wahoo Draft Rule had passed, that list would be reversed. But then, if the rule had passed, something tells me the final records wouldn't be the same. hehehe

Pick 11 will be either the Rhinos, the Wahoos, or the Sidewinders.
Pick 12 will be either the Wahoos, the Sidewinders, or the Drillers.

Regular Season Finished

Inmates 2, SuperGoofs 1


Inmate pitching kicked into high gear for the last three games, losing 3-2 in Goofland, then shutting out the Goofs 9-0 and 2-0 in the Baptist Bowl.

Inmates end 2009 at 66-96.

All games for the 2009 regular season are completed. Shortly, I will post the final standings, the W/L vs each opponent page, and the draft order. In the mean time, keep sending in your final stats. Eight teams have their final stats linked to their team name on the Standings page. The Inmate stats will join them soon. That leaves 7 other teams to get theirs turned in.

Oh, and then there was this interesting note...

Inmates are 1970-1970 after 24 years.

Is this mediocrity, or what?


Friday, October 16, 2009

Games (almost finished)

SuperGoofs 5, Inmates 2


Goofs pummel Inmate buttocks before computer problems force the halt of play. The only Inmate highlight was a two-hit shutout in game 5 by Santana.

Inmates at 64-95 with 3 to play.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Killer Bees 5, Tweeners 2

From Logan County...

You can't make this shit up. Tweeners and Bees battle for draft position in the final series of the year. In game 1 (Jonathan Sanchez's final start as a Tweener) we jump on Chris Young for 4 runs in the first inning, but Bees come back to win 8-4 on grand slams by Brad Hawpe in the 6th inning and Ramon Hernandez in the 11th inning. In game 2 (Oswalt's final start as a Tweener) Roy throws 8 solid innings but we get shut out by Billingsley (Tejeda pitches the 9th for the save). Blanton and Verlander are untouchable in game 3; Tweeners win 1-0 thanks to a 13th inning error by Miguel Tejada. We expand rosters for game 4; Tweeners again score 4 in the first inning, but Bees win 7-4 on a 3-run homer in the 11th by Mike Cameron, his second homer of the game. With dead starters littering the floor, Ian Snell starts game 5 for his first (and last?) appearance as a Tweener and gives us a solid 5.2 innings, but gets no decision as we again lose in extra innings on a Cameron homerun in the 12th. In game 6 Aaron Harang (in his final start as a Tweener) takes a shutout into the 10th inning, but gives up a 1-out double to Cameron; Gio Gonzalez comes in to face Hawpe, who drives in the game's only run to give the Bees another extra-inning win. In game #162, Jorge de la Rosa and 4 relievers combine on a 2-hit shutout as the Tweeners cruise 12-0. Cody Ross (in his final game as a Tweener) homers and doubles and drives in 4. Five extra-inning games, 4 shutouts, and the Tweeners drop 5 of 7, securing the 3rd or 4th pick in the 2010 draft.

Where are the cards?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Warpigs 3, Wahoos 1

The Wahoos clinched the 5th seed by winning the final game of the series. The Wahoos will play the Sidewinders in Round 1. The Rhinos will take on the Drillers. The Warpigs won a league record 126 games and join the Buckeyes with first round byes.

Game 1 - Warpigs win 5-4 - Cliff Lee (22-5) pitched his final 5 innings of the year, leaving with a 5-2 lead. The PigPen hung on, but only barely. Orlando Hudson went 3-4 and Rafael Furcal hit a 1st inning homer. Joakim Soria earned his 27th save.

Game 2 - Warpigs win 12-2 - A 5-run first inning vs Fausto Carmona wrapped this one up early. Cody Ransom and Stephen Drew both hit pinch homers later in the game. Ervin Santana (17-8) went six innings for the win.

Game 3 - Warpigs win 4-3 - Jesse Litsch (17-4) outdueled Gil Meche for the win. Furcal went 3-4 with 2 RBI and 2 stolen bases. Albert Pujols hit his 43 home run of the year. Soria got save number 28.

Game 4 - Wahoos win 9-1. Ricky Nolasco threw a complete game 5-hitter. John Lackey (5-7) got pounded in the loss. With the win, the Wahoos finally broke the tie with the Rhinos for the 5th seed.

Draft Position (so far)

There are a handful of games to play, so this will change. But at the moment...

1. FFTs - 101 losses
2. Killer Bees - 95 losses (with 7 games to play)
3. Mavs - 93
4. Inmates - 90 (with 10 to play)
5. Tweeners - 89 (with 7 to play)
6. Fungoes - 88
7. SuperGoofs - 86 (with 10 to play)
8. Nads - 85
9. Pastas - 83
10. DVs - 76

Last Games

There are only three regular season series left to be played:

Inmates vs SuperGoofs
Tweeners vs Killer Bees
Warpigs vs Wahoos

I am in the process of switching the link for your final stats. I'm going to link them to your team name in the standings and leave the team home pages alone, I think. Only the SSW stats are linked that way so far, but the others will be done soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

From the Rhinos...

Not sure if everybody got this, but this email came from the Rhinos back on September 2nd... return date is approximately 25 Oct and should be back in TX or NV around then. Once playoff schedule is finalized I can make plans to be where ever I need to be. Thanks for all the patience and support and especially to the DV's for make the Rhinos contenders...


Nads 3, Wahoos 2
Nads 3, Tweeners 2
Nads 5, Inmates 2

From the NadMan...

Wahoos go 2-3 at NADS- play three one run games – Joe Saunders won two games and Chan Ho Park won one game. Getting to the end of the season – all games played quick play – NADS suck

Tweeners go 2-3 at NADS ( more quick play – Hal is on a roll)
Gm1 Lannan pitched complete game and out pitched Arroyo for the win 6-2
Gm2 – Nads win by scoring 3 runs in bottom of the 9th
Gm 3 – Tweeners win 3-1 on Nick Swisher’s HR and 2 RBI’s
Gm 4 Nads win 7-4 after scoring 6 runs in the 8th to take the lead – Chan Ho Park pitched Complete game and is 4-0 for the season!!!
Gm5 Nads win 3-2 Dan Uggla hit two dingers to lead the Nads to win

NADS finish season at home – Inmates go 2-5 to finish the NADS 2009 season
Gm1 – Inmates win 2-1 in a game that neither team looked good –we stunk up the ballpark
Gm2 – Nads win 3-0 – Dempster pitched a shutout for the win
Gm3 – Inmates win 10-2 – Gavin Floyd pitched complete game holding the NADS to 2 runs
Gm 4 – Nads win 6-4 – knocked Santana out of the game in the bottom of the 2nd inning
Gm5 – Nads win 5-2 Webb held Inmates to 2 runs
Gm 6 – Nads win 5-2 – Dempster held Inmates to 2 runs
Gm 7 – Nads win 12-4 Coco Crisp went 4 for 5 with a homer, 2 RBI’s and a stolen base – nice way for the NADS to finish the season

The DVs are officially eliminated from the post season. The Wahoos and Rhinos will be the wild card teams (congratulations). If the Wahoos win at least 1 of their remaining 4 games, the Wahoos will have the #5 seed. If not, the two teams will be tied and have to play a 1-game playoff to determine seeding.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wahoos 3, Tweeners 0

From the Chief...
Wahoos played their three with the Tweeners late last night during the Dodgers-Cardinals game. I didn't send stats to the respective sources, but I can tell you the Wahoos won all 3. The clincher was the "boring" game as Ricky Nolasco beat Roy Oswalt in a pair of complete games. Wahoos win 3-1 (the Tweeners run came late to stop the shutout).
In game 2, the Wahoos rallied from a 7-0 hole (thank you Fausto Carmona and company) with a 3-run inninng and 4-run inning (keyed by a Chris Ianetta big bop). It was a walk-off win -- the second of the series.
In game 1, the Wahoos also won this one in walk-off fashion.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

End of the Season Stuff

Congrats to the NERDD for being the first division to complete their regular season.

Playoff Seeds:
1. Warpigs
2. Buckeyes
3. Drillers
4. Sidewinders
5. Wahoos or Rhinos
6. Wahoos or Rhinos or DVs (cough cough, nudge nudge, wink wink)

Games remaining...
Inmates vs SuperGoofs - 10 games (Goofs, please respond to your emails!)
Inmates vs Nads - 7 games
Nads vs Wahoos - 5 games (at Nads. Nads, please respond to your emails!)
Nads vs Tweeners - 5 games (not sure of the location)
Wahoos vs Tweeners - 3 games (at Wahoos. I'm pretty sure the Hoos are waiting on results from the Nad games (because of At Bat issues) before playing these.
Killer Bees vs Tweeners - 7 games. (not sure, but I suspect the playing of these games may hinge on the Tweener/Nad games and the Tweener/Wahoo games - which rely on the Wahoo/Nad games).
Wahoos vs Pigs - 4 games - (I know for sure these games will be played after the Wahoo/Tweener series, which depends (again) on the Wahoo/Nad games.

Seems to me that when the Nads play their 5 Wahoo games... and when the Goofs and Inmates get their 10 done, the dominoes should tumble and the regular season will end.

This has been a great year in terms of games getting done on time. Good job everybody.


Drillers 5, DVs 3

From the Driller Dude...
It took 6 games, but the Drillers got to the 4 needed wins vs DVs.

August 5 Lincecum spins a 3-1 gem for 8 innings and Nathan closes it out.

August 6 Haren, not to be out done, goes 8 and Nathan closes out a 5-1 victory.

August 7 Shields has a surprisingly good start earning a 7-2 victory.

August 8 Slowey, starting for the floor dwelling Bush, gives up a 3-10 loss. “They were all on his card, coach.” As he left the mound.

September 21 The REAL Shields makes an appearance in a 5-6 loss to the DVs.

September 22 Slowey keeps us in it long enough for a ninth inning 6-3 victory to clinch the division. MVP of the series has to go to Nick Johnson. I think he made 5 outs at the plate and stood on his head twice on X chances making plays!

The last two games will be EQA as the DVerminator was last seen mumbling “Helton has hit .193 this year!”

We end the season with two clicks of the EQA button.

Drillers win 6-4 in one and the DV win 5-4 in the other.

Drillers finish the series 5-3 with the DVs to end the season 90-72… if my math’s right.

Congratulations Drillers on winning the NERDD. They will have the #3 seed in the playoffs and play the #6 seed in the first round.

As for the DVs, they end the year 86-76 and 2 games behind the Rhinos in the wild card race. The Rhinos have already finished their regular season and have clinched a spot in the post season. The Wahoos have 12 to play, and only need to win 4 to make the playoffs and force the DVs to bag up the bats for the winter.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Extra Reserve Spot

Warpigs 558
FFTs 558
Inmates 546
Zaps 542
Bees 534
Tweeners 534
DVs 528
Buckeyes 527
Fungoes 519
Snakes 519
Drillers 512
Nads 507
Goofs 495
Rhinos 493
Wahoos 481
Mavs 472

The Warpigs win the extra pick based on the tiebreaker.

The Twins/Tigers game has not been added, but will not change the final outcome.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


DVs 2, Wahoos 1

From the DVs...
DVs sneak out 2 of 3 from the Wahoos.
Only loss was on Halladay, who continues to prove what a fiasco that whole trade was. DVs inch to 83-71, 2 back of the Drillers with both teams final 8 vs. each other. Not sure what happens if we go 5-3 to tie the Drillers for the division and the Rhinos for the wild card(?). We’ll worry about that when we get there.

From the Chief...
the 1-2 seemed even worse when I realized that in both losses we had the winning run at the plate or on base. Wahoos leave 33 men on base in the three games. The bright spot was the 4-person shutout (4-0) in Game 2. Hamels went 3.1 followed by Nolasco, Marte and Fuentes.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


The Warpigs traded Manny Ramirez to the FFTs for the Wahoo 1st round pick.

The Warpigs then traded that Wahoo 1st round pick to the Wahoos for Gordon Beckham.

Standings Update 10-1-09

B.U.D. W L % GB Remaining Games Last Update
Warpigs 123 35 .778 --
4 9/11/09
Wahoos 82 65 .558 35.5
15 9/6/09
Rhinos 88 74 .543 37.0
0 9/28/09
SuperGoofs 66 86 .434 54.0
10 9/1/09
M.F.D. W L % GB
Buckeyes 98 64 .605 --
0 8/23/09
Nads 66 79 .455 23.5
17 9/7/09
Mavs 69 93 .426 29.0
0 9/3/09
Inmates 60 85 .414 29.5
17 9/11/09
A.W.D. W L % GB
Sidewinders 88 74 .543 --
0 9/2/09
Pastas 79 83 .488 9.0
0 9/15/09
Tweeners 64 83 .435 16.5
15 9/28/09
Killer Bees 60 95 .387 24.5
7 9/14/09
N.E.R.D.D. W L % GB
Drillers 85 69 .552 --
8 8/29/09
DVs 81 70 .536 2.5
11 9/13/09
Fungoes 74 88 .457 15.0
0 9/14/09
FFTs 61 101 .377 28.0
0 8/22/09

Friday, October 02, 2009

Making the Call

Or the Pick to Click. Whatever. It's pretty funny.

Click here and listen to both audio files in order.