Wednesday, October 07, 2009

End of the Season Stuff

Congrats to the NERDD for being the first division to complete their regular season.

Playoff Seeds:
1. Warpigs
2. Buckeyes
3. Drillers
4. Sidewinders
5. Wahoos or Rhinos
6. Wahoos or Rhinos or DVs (cough cough, nudge nudge, wink wink)

Games remaining...
Inmates vs SuperGoofs - 10 games (Goofs, please respond to your emails!)
Inmates vs Nads - 7 games
Nads vs Wahoos - 5 games (at Nads. Nads, please respond to your emails!)
Nads vs Tweeners - 5 games (not sure of the location)
Wahoos vs Tweeners - 3 games (at Wahoos. I'm pretty sure the Hoos are waiting on results from the Nad games (because of At Bat issues) before playing these.
Killer Bees vs Tweeners - 7 games. (not sure, but I suspect the playing of these games may hinge on the Tweener/Nad games and the Tweener/Wahoo games - which rely on the Wahoo/Nad games).
Wahoos vs Pigs - 4 games - (I know for sure these games will be played after the Wahoo/Tweener series, which depends (again) on the Wahoo/Nad games.

Seems to me that when the Nads play their 5 Wahoo games... and when the Goofs and Inmates get their 10 done, the dominoes should tumble and the regular season will end.

This has been a great year in terms of games getting done on time. Good job everybody.


Anonymous said...

Do I get to pick the manager if the Rhinos get the 6th seed or will Mr Rhino make an appearance?


The Chief said...

Wahoos played their three with the Tweeners late last night during the Dodgers-Cardinals game. I didn't send stats to the respective sources, but I can tell you the Wahoos won all 3. The clincher was the "boring" game as Ricky Nolasco beat Roy Oswalt in a pair of complete games. Wahoos win 3-1 (the Tweeners run came late to stop the shutout).
In game 2, the Wahoos rallied from a 7-0 hole (thank you Fausto Carmona and company) with a 3-run inninng and 4-run inning (keyed by a Chris Ianetta big bop). It was a walk-off win -- the second of the series.
In game 1, the Wahoos also won this one in walk-off fashion.
I'll send details (meaning stats/boxes and stuff) after work today.