Monday, March 30, 2009


The Rhinos went 6-4 vs the FFTs and 5-5 vs the Fungoes to sneak out of March just ahead of the DemeritMan.

From the Fungrosses...

Fungoes win 4 of the last 5 to force the split. Scott Olson took a no hitter into the 8th only to lose it on a SSx chance. My 2 at short wasn't good enough for the no-no. Gave up some real hits in the ninth anyway and then lost the game. Way to go Papelbon!
Wakefield took a 1 hitter into the 9th in game 10 but gave up a two-run shot to A-Rod to bust up the shutout. Wakefield still collected the win as Fungi won game ten 7-2.

The SuperGoofs and the Buckeyes split 4 games. The Goofs also reach the 20-game plateau.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Wahoos hosted the VivaZaPastas and took 3 out of 4. The Pastas drop below .500 with the losses but hang onto first place in the AWD. The Wahoos move to within a game and a half of first place in the BUD.

The FFTs hosted 7 vs the Drillers and went 2-5. The Drillers' lead in the NERD increases to 2.5 games over the DVs. The FFTs are now 10 games back of the Drillers.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


The DVs swept 5 from the Inmates, finishing up a 9-1 season vs the Impotentmates.

From the HEAD INMATE...

DVs took all 5 vs Inmates via a very fucked-up netplay on Saturday.

Playing the September games first due to persnickety HAL, Inmates out-hit DVs 17-16, but lost in 12 innings 11-9 as Santana allowed 3 1-5 ballpark taters. Game 2 was uglier, as the Beakless Chicken gang was routed 9-2. The last game at the Baptist Bowl saw the Inmates take it in the ass 13-2.

Moving to Tulsa for the August games saw Santana shutout by Halladay 2-0. The finale had Ryan Howard hit 3 taters and a double, yet the Impotentmates still couldn’t win, losing 10-6.

Inmates are now 10-15.


From the DVDude...

And a good time was had by all….

DVs now 15-8 – the new netplay sucks, btw. Finally got it going in Hamachi, but trying to get it going with game only did not work – and Hart’s program would shut down everytime he tried to access lobby. For me, during the game setup, whenever I would try and click control over to him – it would hang. We ended up playing all 5 on his machine, with him home and visitor, which seemed to work a little better.

Not sure how/what we need to do - I like the drag and drop, but it is very different in terms of how we hand control back and forth.

And one of the homers was a 1-3 split card reading, not a ballpark homer – bee-otch!


Friday, March 27, 2009


The Drillers hosted the FFTs for 7 games, and won 6 of them. The Drillers extended their early lead over the DVs to 3.5 games, while the FFTs dropped under .500 for the year.

April Deadline

The first deadline is approaching. All teams must have played and reported at least 20 games by April 1st. The Wahoos, SuperGoofs, DVs, and Rhinos need to get some games in this weekend. Don't be an April's Fool.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


In games played since Draft Weekend...

The Pastas took 2 of 3 home games from the Warpigs.

The Pastas then lost 3 of 5 at the Mavs.

Team Pages

All of the team pages are completed. Click on the team icons on the home page for each one.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Future Considerations

The following future picks have been dealt already. All are for 2010 except the one noted:

The Wahoo 1st belongs to the Tweeners
The Wahoo 3rd belongs to the Tweeners
The Wahoo 9th belongs to the Buckeyes

The DV 1st belongs to the Fungoes
The DV 5th belongs to the Warpigs
The DV 8th belongs to the Drillers
The 2011 DV 1st belongs to the Fungoes

The Buckeye 3rd belongs to the Tweeners
The Buckeye 5th belongs to the Wahoos
One Buckeye reserve pick belongs to the Wahoos
The other Buckeye reserve pick belongs to the Warpigs

The Warpig 1st belongs to the Buckeyes

The Killer Bee 7th belongs to the Fungoes

One Fungo reserve pick belongs to the FFTs

Getting Caught Up

On the website, the rosters page is now complete. There is also a link to the results of the Draft.

If you see any errors in either, let me know.

The Yahoo Tracker link on the homepage should now take you to the Yahoo league the DVs set up. If you haven't already done so, add your team to it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Standings page is now updated. So is the trades page. Soon I'll have the rosters up to date and the draft results posted. Also, depth charts on each team's home pages will be done soon. Currently, the Warpig page is the only one done. Click on the Warpig on the home page to see it.

The "gold standard" league is close to being ready to send out. The commish has been hard at work on it. Watch for it coming soon to your inbox.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mock Draft vs the Actual First Round

The first five selections of the Draft matched the Mock Draft pick for pick. The Mock picks are in parenthesis.

1. David Price, Fungoes (Price)
2. Ricky Nolasco, Wahoos (Nolasco)
3. Chris Davis, Mavs (Davis)
4. Cliff Lee, Warpigs (Lee)
5. Alexei Ramirez, SuperGoofs (Ramirez)

I had no real intentention of taking Cliff Lee at 4 when I wrote the Mock, but the closer we got to Draft Day the more I realized I needed his card and those innings. The Goofs were hoping to get Davis, but settled for his second choice of Ramirez.

6. Justin Duchscherer, Warpigs (Balfour)

Despite what I predicted in the Mock, I had planned on taking Duchscherer at 4 and Kuo at 6. But I figured the two starters would serve me better by keeping Lackey from pitching in any homer parks this year. I also trusted that Matt Thornton would last until pick 17, and his card was every bit as good as Kuo's. If Thornton didn't survive, though, the gamble wouldn't have paid off.

7. Nate McLouth, Nads (McLouth)

Six of the first seven picks were correct in the Mock Draft.

8. Max Scherzer, Pastas (Duchscherer)

I commented that this team had to make a choice between current card and potential here. Scherzer helps in both. I had Scherzer going 14 to the Fungoes... and if he had made it that far, he would have.

9. Grant Balfour, Buckeyes (Teagarden)

The best reliever in the Draft falls to the Buckeyes at pick 9, making my prediction of Teagarden a moot point. Teagarden then started the big slide... sitting back in the green room all alone by the time he was chosen by the Sidewinders with pick 45. Said Taylor, "It was embarrassing to sit there so long all alone, not being picked. Even when all the kids made fun of my name, they still picked me for their team because... well, because I am GOOD! And now this. And to make it even worse, I have to play for the damn Snakes!"

10. Kerry Wood, Killer Bees (Danks)

I thought I had Wood going earlier (at pick 16) than he really would, but it turns out I had him slotted too late. I really thought the Bees would take anything other than a reliever, but Wood fits the Beeboy's plan of returning to the top in 2010.

11. Hong-Chi Kuo, Drillers (Kuo)

Another pick right on the money, even though I thought at the time that Kuo would really have gone earlier. Still, it's a great pick.

12. Taylor Buchholz, Wahoos (Wade)

When it came to this pick in the Mock Draft, I was torn between Wade and Buchholz because the Chief told me, "I'm torn between Wade and Buchholz." Buchholz gets the nod because, according to the Wahoo manager, "He's cuter."

13. John Danks, Sidewinders (Devine)

Danks slid a little, and the Snakeman unlocked his jaw and swallowed him whole. Devine would have helped, but Danks is a better pick.

14. Jose Arredondo, Fungoes (Choo)
15. Travis Snider, Fungoes (Scherzer)

When writing the Mock Draft, I knew Snider was going here. Just knew it. But I wanted Snider at pick 17, so I tried to lead the Fungoes to Choo. Plus, I liked the 'Gezundheit' line. Choo lasted until pick 37 - a nice pick by the Goofs. I know the FungoDude preferred either Scherzer or Danks with the other pick, but they were both already off the board. Arredondo is a nice consolation.

16. Joey Devine, Rhinos (Wood)

The Colonel assured me he would not take Wood (something about sloppy seconds), but I left the pick there because I liked the idea of him taking one of his cuts with his first round pick. Devine is a great pick for the Rhinos. His only drawback is the limited innings. The Rhinos made it an even better Draft by grabbing Corey Wade at pick 18.

Draft Wrap Up

Results are still coming in. I'll list all outcomes when I have them all. It's important to report how you did vs each opponent. There was one instance of two teams reporting different results from their games. It could have been a typo or possibly just an old man's faulty memory, but it's good that we get it straightened out right away. And I know, FIFTEEN of us already know to do this, and the 16th manager will never read this and wouldn't get it anyway.

Here are the transactions that have been reported to me from the Draft. Let me know if you made a trade that doesn't appear here.

  1. The DVs traded Clayton Kershaw, a 1st round pick in 2010, a 1st round pick in 2011, and an inner thigh massage to the Fungoes for Roy Halladay.
  2. The Pastas traded Lastings Milledge to the FFTs for pick 145.
  3. The Warpigs traded Melky Cabrera and David Ross to the FFTs to complete an earlier deal.
  4. The FFTs traded David Ross and Daric Barton to the DVs for Fred Lewis.
  5. The Drillers traded Leo Nunez to the DVs for a 2010 8th.
  6. The Fungoes traded Jeff Francoeur to the Killer Bees for a 2010 7th.

Those trades all happened prior to rosters being set for the 2009 season.

This trade happened after rosters were set:

  1. The Warpigs traded Rafael Furcal to the Killer Bees as the player to be named later in an earlier deal.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ballpark Updates?

Anybody want to announce their ballpark updates?

Pigs are bumping homer numbers up to 15 on both sides. Singles stay at zero.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rosters and Draft Picks

The official pre-Draft rosters are now posted on You can view the html version of them by clicking on the appropriate place on the menu bar across the top, or download a printable excel file by clicking in the appropriate place on the left side of the screen.

The draft picks you can use are based on the picks you own and the number of players you protected. The formula is this:
(30) + (number of reserves you have) + (2 optional picks) - (number of protected players) = number of draft picks you get.

Example... the Fungoes have 4 reserves and protected 20 players. So...
30 + 4 + 2 - 20 = 16 draft picks, the last 2 of which are optional.

Now, the pick numbers of the picks you own, beginning at #142, will have changed. The reason for this is: pick 142, previously the Rhino 9th round pick, is lost to him because his last player (including his optional picks) will be taken prior to pick 142. So then everybody after 142 slides up one. That continues every time a team makes its last selection.

On the roster page, underneath your players, is a list of your draft picks. They are also listed on the Draft Grid. I didn't mark "optional" by your last two picks this year. Just know that your last two picks are the "Tweener Rule" picks. If you use them, you'll need to make cuts to get back to your allowable number of players.

I'm probably doing a crappy job of explaining all this. Sorry.

Some numbers from the final rosters...

There will be 213 draft picks (counting optional selections).

The World Champion Killer Bees retained the fewest players (14), followed by the Nads (16), the Tweeners (17), the Inmates (18), and the DVs (19). The most players were kept by the Rhinos (26), the Warpigs (25), and the FFTs (24).

Of the last 23 scheduled picks in the draft, the Tweeners have 8, the Killer Bees 5, the Nads 5, the Inmates 3, and the DVs 2. Those will be the teams picking at the end of the evening.

The Warpigs make the first optional pick of the Draft at #89, and the Pigs will also be the first team to make their final selection at pick #121. The Rhinos are next, finishing up with pick #129.

Counting optional picks, the Bees have the most draft picks with 20. The Warpigs have the fewest with 8.

There were six uncarded players protected, and half were by the Fungoes. The Warpigs are the only team who cannot draft an uncarded player (barring any trades between now and the Draft).

Call or email me if you have questions or if there is a problem with your roster or draft pick list.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


The Rhinos send Hideki Okajima to the Fungoes to complete a trade from last March.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

500th Post

Read some sad news this morning. Something I missed from this off season... The Winston Salem Warthogs are no more. (What is a "thog" anyway?) The new team name is the Winston-Salem Dash. The "Dash" comes from the punctuation mark between the two city names (it replaces the space in the old name). How dumb is that?

I managed to find one last black Warthog cap in my size on Amazon. Bought it.


The FFTs traded picks 50 and 82 to the Wahoos for Daric Barton, Jon Rauch, pick 106, and future considerations.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flash Drives and Hamachi

First of all, if you're not already doing this, it's a good idea to install the SOMBB game on a flash drive or external hard drive instead of your C drive. I installed onto an 8G flash drive, but it doesn't have to be that big. Now I can play the game from any desktop pc or laptop without changing the authorization.

Also, and this is a biggie... install Hamachi on your computer. It makes netplay so easy. The DVs and I struggled to get the game played the conventional way, but when connecting thru Hamachi, we had no problems at all (other than getting Chase Utley out).

Both teams have to have it running to use it. If one of the teams doesn't have it, your only option is connecting thru the game. With Hamachi, however, you can easily host or join, be home or away, enter thru the game lobby or not - all quickly and easily.

Here are the directions...

Go to this page

Click on the Download Now button

Complete the registration, accept the conditions of use, and click Go to Download

Choose the Windows version to Download

Choose Run to the next two prompts; this will take you to the Setup Wizard

Accept the agreement and choose Next

I would UNCHECK the “automatically start Hamachi” and CHECK “create shortcut on your desktop.

I would leave the Security option UNCHECKED, as there’s no reason to have Hamachi running unless you’re playing Strat

Choose the top, non-commercial option

Click to Install

Finish to launch Hamachi

You’ll get a prompt saying that you appear to be running Hamachi for the first time. Click Next to take the short tutorial.

Now we’re going to launch Hamachi for the first time and create your own Hamachi network address. Click the power button in the bottom left

Choose an account nickname (mine was Pigman) This will be how you are displayed in the Hamachi network.

If you get a Windows Security Alert, choose “Unblock”

Now the Hamachi window will show your personal Hamachi network address and your Hamachi account nickname.

Click Next to complete the tutorial. You’re now ready to join the network we’ve already established for our league. Click the second button on the bottom row where you’ll have an option to Create a new network or Join an Existing Network. Choose the Join option.

Choose NASOMA for the name of the network you are joining, and founded1980 for the network password. Click Join.

Now you’re in. You’ll see other members of the league, displayed by their network address, name or both. You can right-click on a name to choose Set Label and adjust the display.

If the names are in gray, then the other users are not logged in. If they are green, they are logged in. You can right-click, choose Chat, and start a conversation with someone.

Now you’re ready to play NetPlay. One team “hosts” while the other “joins.” The joining team enters the host team’s Hamachi address. For example, to connect to the Warpigs, you would enter Even easier is to have both teams enter the Game Lobby first and launch the game from there.

Let me know how it works for you. Call me or the DVs if you have any problems.

Play ball!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ineligible Cards

Here is the list of cards to remove from your stacks. Let me know if you see any mistakes or omissions.

Baek, C., SD 111 IP
Bautista, D. PGH 41 IP
Bautista, J. PGH 314 AB
Bautista, J. TOR 56 AB
Bay, J. BOS 184 AB
Bay, J. PGH 393 AB
Blake, C. LAN 211 AB
Blake, C. CLE 325 AB
Blanton, J. OAK 127 IP
Blanton, J. PHI 71 IP
Castro, J. BAL 151 AB
Corey, B. SD 39 IP
Davis, R. OAK 196 AB
Eckstein, D. ARI 64 AB
Eckstein, D. TOR 260 AB
Gallagher, S. OAK 57 IP
Gallagher, S. CHN 59 IP
Gaudin, C. OAK 63 IP
Gonzalez, A. WAS 49 AB
Gonzalez, A, NYA 52 AB
Griffey, K. CHA 131 AB
Griffey, K. CIN 359 AB
Grilli, J. COL 61 IP
Gross, G. TAM 302 AB
Gross, G. MIL 43 AB
Hansen, C. BOS 31 IP
Harden, R. CHN 71 IP
Harden, R. OAK 77 IP
Hawkins, L. NYA 41 IP
Hernandez, L. COL 40 IP
Hernandez, L. MIN 140 IP
Jackson, Z. CLE 55 IP
Jones, J. DET 79 AB
Jones, J. FLA 37 AB
Kotchman, C. ATL 152 AB
Kotchman, C. LAA 373 AB
Kotsay, M. BOS 84 AB
Kotsay, M. ATL 318 AB
Lamb, M. MIN 236 AB
Marte, D. PGH 47 IP
Massett, N. CHA 45 IP
Michaels, J. PGH 228 AB
Michaels, J. CLE 58 AB
Moss, B. PGH 158 AB
Moss, B. BOS 78 AB
Murton, M. CHN 40 AB
Nady, X. NYA 228 AB
Nady, X. PGH 327 AB
Norton, G. ATL 171 AB
Ohlendorf, R. NYA 40 IP
Ozuna, P. LAN 32 AB
Ozuna, P. CHA 64 AB
Patterson, E. OAK 92 AB
Patterson, E. CHN 38 AB
Ramirez, M. LAN 187 AB :o(
Ramirez, M. BOS 365 AB
Reyes, A. CLE 34 IP
Ross, D. CIN 134 AB
Sabathia, C. MIL 131 IP
Sabathia, C. CLE 122 IP
Stairs, M. TOR 320 AB
Tavarez, J. ATL 42 IP
Teixeira, M. LAA 193 AB
Teixeira, M. ATL 381 AB
Tomko, B. KC 61 IP