Monday, March 31, 2014

Killer Bees 5, SuperGoofs 2

Bees take 5 of 7 from the Goofs at the Hive

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Buckeyes 3, Killer Bees 2

Buckeyes go 3-2 at the Hive. 
Game 1 - Buckeyes win 5-4.  Jonny Gomes hit 2 doubles and had 2 RBI
Game 2 - Buckeyes win 4-2 despite coming up with only 5 hits. David Ortiz deflated the crowd at the Hive as he launched a three-run homer in the 6th.
Game 3 - Bees win 5-2.  Ubaldo Jimenez goes 7 2/3, striking out 9 while surrendering 5 hits and 3 walks.
Game 4 - Bees win 6-3.  Burnett goes 8, gives up 3 runs while striking out 11 but the Bees got to Uehara in the 9th. Andrelton Simmons led off and started the attack as he lined a one-base hit. Coco Crisp stepped into the batter's box and he drew a walk. Daniel Nava followed, but he was set down on strikes. Jayson Werth followed and he clubbed a three-run home run giving Bees the victory and sending the 26,495 home-town fans home happy
Game 5 - Buckeyes win nail-biter 7-6 behind Jed Lowrie's 2 taters.

Sidewinders 4, FFTs 1

FFts @SSWs; Snakes take 4 of 5

4/3 SSWs 9 FFTs 5 Moss homers twice

4/4 Moore throws 6 shutout innings and Snakes win 4-1

4/5 Sale takes a shutout into the 9th and snakes win 4-1

6/26 Dunn gets the FFT win and rivera saves the game. Napoli hit a 3 run HR off Chapman in the 12th

6/27 Snakes win 5-3; Kuroda takes the loss, Sale getsthe win and Kimbrel the save.

Inmates 3, Goofs 2

Not via netplay (as usual, SOM problems with getting hooked up) or F-T-F, but Teamviewer:
GOOFS 3 – INMATES 1 (Baptist Bowl): Goofs make 3 errors, Inmates get 8 hits, but Parker gives up a three-run tater to Tor2 in a singularly unexciting game.
INMATES 6 – GOOFS 4 (Baptist Bowl): Beltre taters twice off of Darvish, and Cargo hit a grand salami for all the Inmate runs. The bullpen tries to implode in the 9th, but doesn’t (!).
INMATES 3 – GOOFS 2 (10 Innings – Baptist Bowl): A Beltre homer in the 9th with one out off of Benoit sends the game to extra innings. Benoit completes the meltdown in the 10th as Pierzynski doubles home Parra with one out for the game winner.
INMATES 5 – GOOFS 3 (11 Innings – GoofyDome): Darvish continues to have trouble with the long ball, giving up HRs to Drew and Rizzo. Cargo hits a two-run shot in the 11th off of Street for the winner.
GOOFS 10 – INMATES 3 (GoofyDome): The Goofmen bring out the big artillery and blast Stults. Johnson hits a slammer, and the Inmates roll over and take it in the poop chute.

Sidewinders 4, Mavs 1

May 7th:  The Mavs miss five HR 1-7, one HR 1-13 and get thrown out at home on a 1-17.  Kipnis hits a homer 1-5 to win the game that the Mavs were just not meant to win.  The SSWs twice missed the pitch on hit and runs and successfully stole second on a 1-9 chance.  Kimbrell completely shuts the Mavs down in a 2 inning save and wins the Chico Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  2-1 SSWs.
May 8th:  In a continuing the theme the Mavs miss the homer 1-14 and the SSWs get the homer 1-4.  The Mav announcers are heard to say “the SSWs are too good for the Mavs to beat if the twenty side die doesn’t go there way” leaving many listeners totally mystified.  Upton chokes in the clutch with two out and two on in the ninth.  Kimbrell picks up his second save to win his second Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  SSWs 2-1.
July 30th:  The Mavs miss a few more home run chances and then finally Heyward hits a HR 1-7.  Doolittle, Crain and Holland make it hold up.  Moore strikes out 11 in a losing cause.  Heyward wins the Lewinsky Blow of the Game for the tater.  1-0 Mavs.  If you are keeping score at home the cumulative score for the series is 4-3 SSW’s.  Sounds like 1968.
July 31st:  In a match up that left many fans scratching their heads, the Mavs start 8R Jeremy Guthrie against the SSW’s.  Ironically it was David Wright who hit the home run on a 1-7 HR, Fly in the sixth.  In the bottom of the same inning, Davis hit a double (on his own card obviously) off of Sale and Lucroy haunted his former teammates with a 1-6 homer 1-13 that he rolled a 1 on.  Gattis followed with a homer off of Chapman who Hal brought in in the sixth inning(??).  Dominic Brown missed a homer 1-7 that would have tied the game in the eighth.  But Greg Holland blew his third save in the top of the ninth.  Mauer wins the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game going 2-5 including the game winning hit in the ninth.  5-4 SSWs.  Guthrie is informed after the game that he will also pitch against the SSWs twice on the road.  He begins to drink heavily.
August 1st.  The SSW’s pound out 11 hits led by three by Mauer and Wright each.  Soto misses a homer 1-7 with two outs in the ninth that would have tied it.  Kimbrell picks up his fourth save and gets the Chico’s Bail Bond Player of the Game award.  4-1 SSWs.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Drillers 3, Goofs 2

Drillers Take 3 of 5 vs Goofs in the Mudpit

June 13 Goofs 2 Drillers 1
June 14 Drillers 1 Goofs 0
June 15 Goofs 4 Drillers 2

Aug 26 Drillers 4 Goofs 3
Aug 27 Drillers 6 Goofs 4

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Buckeyes 6, Drillers 1

Buckeyes Bust Driller's Ass 6 games to 1 at the Mud Pit.

May 30 Belt goes 5 - 5 including a walk off single to lead the Drillers to a 5 - 4 win.
May 31 Feldman Ks 10 and the Buckeyes hold on to win 3 - 2.
April 1  Buckeyes win 10 - 3...  Don't want to talk about it.

9/11    Game much the same as the April Fools game.  10 - 2 Buckeyes.
Sep 12 Bats are ice cold.  Buckeyes win 3 - 1.
Sep 13 Beatings continue.  Buckeyes win 4 - 2.
Sep 14 My birthday game sucked too.  Buckeyes throw us a shutout 3 - 0.

Pretty sure HAL, in his hidden quest for realism, put the breaks on Driller bats.  I had several guys flirting with .400 and several pitchers with ERAs under 1.  Neither can happen in HALS world. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DVs 3, Goofs 2

DVs stumble through a Tweener split with the Goofs –
Game 1 – Goofs win 8-6 as Cashner suffers his first loss of the season
2 – DVs come back with a 6-5 walk off win
3 – DVs match their longest winning streak of the season with a 6-2 win behind Lynn’s pitching brilliance
4 – Goofs rough up Cashner for a second time with a 4-3 win
5 – DVs win 5-3 on getaway day (as in we can’t getaway from .500)
DVs round the quarter pole at 20-20.

Buckeyes 3, Fungoes 2

Buckeyes like our park more than the Fungoes place. Buckeyes go 3-2 at home.

May 15 - Fungoes 6 Buckeyes 4 (11 innings) - Quentin's 2 run double off Johnson in the 11th makes a winner out of Santos. Kershaw had a no hitter through 5 but gave up 3 runs in the 6th.
May 16 - Buckeyes 8 Fungoes 0 - M Gonzalez and JJ Hoover scatter 7 hits. Buckeyes get to Price with 5 run 6th. No homers in the game. Escobar drives in 4.
August 8 - Buckeyes 7 Fungoes 4 - Buckeyes blow open a 2-1 game with a 5 run 7th. Fungoes rally for 3 in 9th but Koji get the last couple of outs for the save. Lowrie gors 3 for with 3 RBI's
August 9 - Fungoes 7 Buckeyes 1 - Fungoes turn for a 5 run 7th to blow the game open. Hosmer hits 2 HR's in support of Kershaw who gets the win.
August 10 - Buckeyes 8 Fungoes 1 - Buckeyes get to Price again. Ruggiano hit 2 HR's and Middlebrooks adds another. Scooter Feldman tosses a CG 4 hitter for the win.

Fungoes 4, Buckeyes 1

Fungoes win 4 of 5 vs the Buckeyes at WTF.  

April 3:
Fungoes win 4-0.  Holland starts the game for the Fungoes but Roark picks up the win in relief.  Miguel Gonzalez takes the loss for the Buckeyes.  Trout hits a 3-run homer followed immediately by a  Carlos Quentin solo shot.

April 4:
Buckeyes win this one 5-1.  R A Dickey throws a complete game for the win while David Price gets banged around for the loss.  

April 5:
Kershaw throws a three hitter and shuts out the Buckeyes for the win.  Wandy Rodriquez gets the loss.  Bloomquist gets 3 RBIs for the Fungoes.

June 26:
Fungoes break open a 1-1 tie with a 7-run 6th inning.  Harvey picks up the win for the Fungoes while Dickey takes the loss.  Tempers flared a bit in the 7th when Rajai Davis stole 3rd and then home plate for the Fungoes final run. Fungoes win it 9-1.

June 27:
Buckeyes take a 6-0 lead into the bottom of the third only to watch an 8 spot go up on the board.  Fungoes hold on to win 9-8.  Cuddyer kept the Buckeyes in the game with a homer, 2 doubles and 5 RBIs.  Medlen makes it through 5 innings for the win.  Miguel Gonzalez takes the loss.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zaps 3, Goofs 2

The Zaps take three of five at home.

  5/ 4 SPG  2  6  0  VPS 11 14  0      C.Hamels (5-0)        A.Wood (0-1)
  5/ 5 SPG  5  8  2  VPS  3  8  0      Y.Darvish (1-0) F.Liriano (0-1)
  5/ 6 SPG  4 11  0  VPS  7 13  0      B.Ziegler (1-1)      H.Ryu (0-1)
7/28 SPG  5  7  1  VPS  7 10  1      J.Machi (3-1)        A.Wood (0-2)
7/29 SPG 13 15  1  VPS  5  9  2      C.Torres (1-0)        B.Ziegler (1-2)

May 4- Manny Machado had 2 base hits and 2 RBI and Cole Hamels pitched a
game as the sizzling TRISTAN VIVAZAPASTAS beat the PHIL -SG SUPER GOOFS by a
score of 11 to 2.

Hamels(5-0) had a solid outing for TRISTAN.  He went 9 innings and surrended
up 6 hits and 3 walks lowering his ERA to 3.78.  TRISTAN rapped out 14 hits
for the afternoon.

Alex Wood(0-1) absorbed the loss.  He was unable to control the TRISTAN
offense and allowed 9 hits and 4 walks in 5 innings.

May 5-Yu Darvish struck out 11 batters as the PHIL -SG SUPER GOOFS
defeated the

Darvish(1-0) gave PHIL -SG a solid outing.  He allowed only 7 hits and 1
in 8 and 1/3 innings.  TRISTAN tried unsuccessfully to come back in the 9th.

Darvish got help from Joaquin Benoit who was credited with his 1st save. The
losing pitcher was Francisco Liriano(0-1).  He pitched 4 innings giving up 5
hits and 2 walks.

Darvish, when asked about his 11 strikeout performance noted, 'The important
thing is that we won, if I get 20 and we lose, what good does it do our
But, on the other hand, since we won it feels great!'

May 6-
Paul Goldschmidt smacked 2 homeruns and had 4 RBI as the TRISTAN
defeated the PHIL -SG SUPER GOOFS 7 to 4 at PNC Park.

The TRISTAN fans enjoyed the offense provided by Goldschmidt.  He clubbed a
solo home run in the 4th inning and belted a three-run homer in the 7th
inning.  Brad Ziegler(1-1) got help from Neal Cotts who pitched great and
earned his 2nd save.

Hyun-Jin Ryu(0-1) was the losing pitcher.  He allowed 9 hits and 2 walks
in 6

July 28-Miguel Cabrera had 2 base hits and 2 RBI as the TRISTAN
the PHIL -SG SUPER GOOFS by the score of 7 to 5 at PNC Park.

Jean Machi(3-1) was brilliant in relief and registered the victory. He
allowed no hits and 1 walk in 2 innings and recorded 4 strikeouts lowering
his ERA to 2.79.  TRISTAN finished with 10 hits while PHIL -SG ended up with

Alex Wood(0-2) ended up with the loss in relief.  He gave up 2 runs and
3 hits
in 1 inning.

July 29-Hyun-Jin Ryu struck out 10 batters and Junior Lake jacked one
out of the
ballyard and had 4 RBI as the PHIL -SG SUPER GOOFS staged a dramatic
over the TRISTAN VIVAZAPASTAS by a score of 13 to 5 at PNC Park.

PHIL -SG put a big number on the board in the 9th inning, which proved too
much for TRISTAN to overcome as they creamed TRISTAN blasting them with 10
runs on 10 hits.  The crucial at-bat was provided by Lake who silenced PNC
Park as he clubbed a three-run home run.  PHIL -SG had 15 hits for the
afternoon while TRISTAN had 9.

The victory went to Carlos Torres(1-0) who went 1 and 2/3 innings,
allowing 1
run. Brad Ziegler(1-2) was hit with the loss in relief.  'The only way this

Monday, March 24, 2014

Drillers 6, FFTs 4

Drillers go 6 - 4 vs FFTs

April 25 FFTs win 4 - 2
April 26 Drillers win 3 - 2

June 5 Drillers win 5 - 0
June 6 Drillers win 12 - 6

July 18  Drillers win 9 - 4
July 19 FFTs win 3 - 1
July 20 FFTs win 8 - 6

August 17 Drillers win 2 - 1
August 18 FFTs win 2 - 1
August 19 Drillers win 2 - 0

Mavs 4, Warpigs 1

Games played at MavLand

Mavs win 4 of 5 at home.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mavs 3, Warpigs 2

The story is becoming familiar early in the season for the Warpigs... (1) We cannot score. Our offense is offensive. And (2) we can't win a game that isn't started by Wainwright, Strasburg, or Fernandez.
All games played at the BallPork.
Game 1 - Mavs win 10-2. The battery of Yovani Gallardo and Jonathan Lucroy dominated the game. Gallardo scattered 4 hits over 7 shutout innings, and Lucroy went 4-for-5 with 6 RBI, including a grand slam.

Game 2 - Mavs win 6-3. Both teams scored 2 in the 1st. In the top of the 2nd, with 2 outs and 2 on, Ryan Flaherty booted a grounder to allow the go ahead run, and Chris Davis followed with a 3-run homer for 4 unearned runs in the inning. Flaherty's virtual card was virtually torn to pieces. Davis had already hit a 2-run homer in the 1st inning to finish with 5 RBI.

Game 3 - Warpigs win 4-1. Stephen Strasburg righted the ship a bit with a complete game 4-hitter. Austin Jackson led off the 1st with a solo homer, and Yadier Molina hit a 3-run shot in the 3rd.

Game 4 - Warpigs win 4-2. A 2-run homer by Justin Maxwell gave the Mavs an early lead. The Mavs still led 2-0 in the bottom of the 8th when the Warpigs put together a rally. An Austin Jackson tripled in the first run, and then scored the tying run on a hit by D.J. Lemahieu. The go ahead run scored when Yonder Alonso slapped a single past a drawn-in infield. Adam Wainwright needed last-out help from Casey Fien to get the victory.

Game 5 - Mavs win 3-1. Wily Peralta pitched well, but Yovani Gallardo pitched better. A lot of that had to do with the kind of bats each pitcher faced.

Mavs 6, FFTs 4

Basically you got the Full Boat version of the Tweener split.  4-6 for the FFT's.
April 27th:  Two FFT pitchers combine on a two hitter.  Samardzija is the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game going seven innings giving up one hit while striking out 7 and walking one.  The Mavs never had a chance.  6-0 FFT’s
April 28th:  Mavs get 20 base runners and 11 score.  Gallardo picks up the win.  Bryce Harper rolls a 1 on a homer 1, double 2-20 chance and picks up the Cash America Pawn Star of the Game.  Mavs win 11-2.
April 29th:  Five Mav pitchers combine on a two hit shutout striking out 15 and walking none.  The lone run scored on a Justin Upton groundball with runners on second and third in the first inning.  It would have been a plus hit with the infield in.  Bailey and the rest made it hold up.  The Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game goes to Greg Holland who struckout three recording a four out save.  Mavs win 1-0.
June 7th:  Mike Leake drops to 0-9.  Somehow the Mavs left 13 on and still won.  Pesky Chris Davis went 3-4 to win the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  He is only going to hit about 35 homeruns but his batting average is a nice .272 so far.  Mavs win 5-1.
June 8:  The FFT’s blast Guthrie for 16 runs (but only 9 were earned) as the knock out 20 hits off of him in 4 2/3.  Leading the charge:  Ethier and Fielder with four hits each.  Perez gets the win despite giving up 11 runs in 5 2/3s.  Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game goes to Napoli.  Every other FFT had at least two hits. Napoli went hitless somehow.  FFTs 16-11.
July 21st:  The FFT’s win in the top of the ninth on a LFX and a CX.  The Mavs were 3 hit though by three FFT pitchers.  The Sandman picked up the save and the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game Award.  FFTs 5-3.
Ju;y 22nd:  In a disappointing game for both teams Holland blows another lead giving up a game tying homer to Mike Napoli only to see the Sandman give up a walk to Chris Davis to drive in the winning run.  Davis drives in four and wins the Lewinsky Blow of the Game award for his three run 2-4 off of a tough lefty.  Mavs win in 10 4-3.
August 20th:  Mavs come from behind in the seventh with 3 runs.  Two coming on a Howie Kendrick double.  That along with a solo homer wins Howie the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  The Mavs struckout 14 more FFTs.  6-3 Mavs.
August 21st:  Five Mav pitchers combine on a six hitter.  Prince Fielder’s solo shot in the fourth prevented the shutout.  Elvis got an RBI on a squeeze play and another on a one star single to earn the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  Mavs win 5-1.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Goofs 3, Mavs 2

Mavs achieve a Tweener split.
Game one:  Yu Darvish strikes out sixteen as Hal plays a game set in 1931 and has Yu throw a twelve inning complete game.  Ballpark single was the undoing of Greg Holland in the top of the twelfth.  The Chico’s Bail Bond Player of the Game is Yu Darvish.  He says he’ll use the gift certificate to buy a personality.  Goofs 3-1 in12.
Game 2:  Ryu gets tagged with 11 runs in 5 1/3.  Guthrie goes the distance giving up ten hits and five runs for the win.  The Lewinsky Blow of the Game goes to Howie Kendrick for his third inning grand slam.  But the Cash America Pawn Star goes to Chase Headley who stole both second and third in the bottom of the eighth when the Mavs were trying to save at bats by getting thrown out.  He “missed” the steal sign for home.  Mavs 16-5.
Game 3:  Homer Bailey has his first bad outing of the year and drops to 2-5 as the Goofs get to him for six runs in an inning and two thirds.  Hunter gets the Chico’s bail bonds player of the game going 2-4 and driving in three.  Goofs 8-4.  As a side note, Garrett Richards sees his ERA drop to 1.29 with six innings of shutout relief.  Go figure.
Game 4:  The Goofs bullpen collapses as the pesky Mavs score six in the bottom of the eighth.  The Lewinsky Blow of the Game goes to Lucroy who hits a grand slam off of Jason Frasor’s card.  Richards picks up the win in relief and sees his ERA fall to 1.21.  Mavs win 8-3.
Game 5:  Mavs may have started saving at bats too early.  We wound up with Davis at the plate as the tying run.  Missed a homer by just a bit.  9-6 Goofs.  Frasor held on for the save and Ryu picked up the win.  Castro drove in three runs and picks up the Chico’s Bail Bonds player of the game.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goofs 3, FFTs 2

Ryu shows he should have been an FFT by losing two to the FFT's

Fungoes 4, Goofs 1

Fungoes and Goofs played five pc games at WTF.  Here are the results.

April 25 At Fungoes:
Fungoes win it 4-1 behind a strong performance by Clayton Kershaw.  Loshe takes the loss and Cishek picks up a save.  Chris Johnson picks up three hits for the Goofs while Carpenter bangs out two hits for the Fungoes.

April 26 At Fungoes:
Fungoes pick up three in the first inning and three in the fifth and then cruise to a 10-5 win as Price picks up a win.  Griffin takes the loss.  Carlos Quintin hits two homers and picks up 4 RBI for the Fungoes versus his old team.  

July 18 At Fungoes:
Goofs break open a 1-1 tie with a two spot in the eighth and a two spot in the ninth winning this one 5-1.  Brothers gets the win in relief while Cishek takes the loss for the Fungi!  Denard Span had the big hit for the Goofs blasting a two-run homer to break the Fungoes in the eighth inning.

July 19 At Fungoes:
Marathon 14 inning affair ends with a Mike Trout walkoff leading off the 14th inning for the Fungoes!  Kershaw and Darvish pitched a classic duel through nine innings where Claton Kershaw called it an evening.  Darvish went the distance striking out 18 before hanging a breaker in Trout's wheelhouse!  Robertson gets the win for the Fungoes, Darvish takes the hard luck loss for the Goofs!

July 20 At Fungoes:
Fungoes win a slugfest 10-9.  Fungoes take a 10-7 lead into the ninth and then hold on to win.  Tazawa gets the loss for the Goofs while Redmond picks up a win for the Fungoes.  Fungoes homer four times with Carpenter picking up two while the Goofs hit two longballs of their own.  Santos comes on in the ninth to get the final two outs and picks up his 5th save of the season.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Depth Charts

The team icons on the home page are links to depth charts for each team.

At the close of Draft Weekend...

The Fungoes have mathematically clinched their division.

FFTs at the Draft

FFT's 2 wins Buckeyes 8 wins
it gets worse.
FFT's 3 wins Nads 7 wins
yes, it gets worse
FFT's 0 wins, Fungoes 10 wins
cannot get any worse
FFT's 3 wins Bees 7 wins
this may be as good as it gets.
FFT's 2 wins Pastas 8 wins

Bring on the Zits
Dusty Baker got fired today.
FFT management

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Warpigs 6, Killer Bees 4

To open the 2014 season, the defending champion Warpigs hosted the Killer Bees. Before game 1, a ring ceremony took place to honor the Pigs for their 2013 title. Since most of the players receiving their rings were now members of the Bees, it worked out nicely.

@ The BallPork
3/31 - Warpigs 4, Killer Bees 1 - Adam Wainwright went the distance, and Brett Lawrie homered to lead the Pigs. The Bees broke up the shutout in the 9th.

4/1 - Killer Bees 3, Warpigs 0 - It was April Fools' Day at the BallPark, and despite the Beeboy being in attendance, Cliff Lee made the Pig batters look like real fools. Former Warpig Edwin Encarnacion homered for the Bees.

4/2 - Killer Bees 6, Warpigs 2 - Jose Fernandez made his debut and got rocked for 6 runs in less than 3 innings. Former Pigs Encarnacion and Freddy Freeman both went yard.

@ The Bee Hive
5/13 - Killer Bees 6, Warpigs 3 - Coco Crisp homered twice and Daniel Nava lacked only a double from hitting for the cycle.

5/14 - Warpigs 1, Killer Bees 0 - Jose Fernandez enacted some revenge in his second start, limiting the Bees to 2 hits in the complete game victory. The game featured the first use of the Instant Replay Rule. In the 7th inning, down by 1, the Bees' Jose Molina doubled to left-center. Encarnacion tried to score from first. He was initially called safe, but after further review, the throw came from Yoenis Cespedes in LF as opposed to Austin Jackson in CF, and Encarnacion was out.

@ The BallPork
6/24 - Warpigs 2, Killer Bees 1 - Stephen Strasburg scattered 5 hits and combined with Casey Fien for the win. Yonder Alonso tripled in the 5th and came home on a sacrifice fly by Brandon Crawford for the eventual game-winning run.

6/25 - Warpigs 6, Killer Bees 0 - Jose Fernandez again handcuffed the Bees. Yadier Molina went 2-for-3 and drove in 4 runs.

@ The Bee Hive
8/5 - Warpigs 7, Killer Bees 3 - Fernandez continued to shut down the Bees. With a 7-run lead, he came out early. The bullpen allowed 3 9th inning runs on two homers, ending the Bee scoreless streak at 24 innings.

8/6 - Killer Bees 3, Warpigs 2 in 10 innings - Coco Crisp homered in the 8th to tie the game, and Freddy Freeman had a walk-off single in the 10th.

8/7 - Warpigs 7, Killer Bees 4 - In a shocker, Zack Wheeler outpitched Julio Teheran. Yadier Molina went 5-for-6 with a homer and 2 RBI. The Bees rallied in the 9th by loading the bases with 1 out. The Pigs were left with only Nick Tepesch in the pen, but he came through, getting 2 outs and stranding all 3 runners to earn his first save.

Draft Trades

These trades were made before the new rosters were set for the 2014 season...

The Drillers traded Casey Fien to the Warpigs for a 2015 8th.
The Fungoes traded Scott Van Slyke to the FFTs for a 2015 9th.
The FFTs traded Scott Van Slyke to the Warpigs for Mike Carp.
The Fungoes traded Zach McAllister to the Rhinos for a 2015 9th.
The DVs traded Sean Rodriguez and Wellington Castillo to the FFTs for Wilson Ramos and Trevor Plouffe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I LOVE the new instant replay rules in MLB. Baseball definitely needed something to make the games last longer.

Another idea might be to allow the batter to change batting gloves after every foul ball. Think of the revenue that could be generated from the sale of those "game-used" gloves. And the time it takes to change gloves would give the announcers more time to talk - which they obviously need.

That would lead easily into unlimited trips to the mound by the pitching coach. (Unlimited = the number of time outs allowed in a college basketball game.)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Draft Reminders

You start with:
  1. Your protected players (between 19 and 26 on this year's rosters)
  2. Enough draft picks to get that player number to 30 (so if you kept 22 players, that would be 8 picks)
  3. Additional picks based on how many reserves you own (between 0 and 4 this year)
  4. Two additional picks according to the "Tweener Rule". These are optional. If you use one or both of them, you will have to cut 1-2 players after the draft.
  5. The option to participate in the "Lightning Round" and draft up to 5 more players - also leading to additional cuts after the draft.
In the main phase of the draft, you may draft UNCARDED players if you have reserve picks that are not already being used to protect a player without a card. Drafting an uncarded player is optional. Below is a list of the maximum number of UNCARDED players each team is allowed to draft this year:

3 - Warpigs
2 - DVs, Mavs, Drillers, Goofs, Wahoos, Sidewinders, Rhinos, Inmates
1 - Bees, Zaps, Tweeners, Fungoes, FFTs
0 - Nads, Buckeyes

Following the draft, you assign reserve status to players based on how many reserve picks you own. Those players do not have to be uncarded players - the reserved players can just be players you want to keep the rights to, but don't want to suit up this year. However, uncarded players that you keep HAVE to be kept on the reserve list.

The LIGHTNING ROUND phase of the draft takes place 5 minutes after the regular draft ends. The Lightning Round Rules:
  • You must be present to participate.
  • Picks cannot be traded (but the players selected in the Lightning Round CAN be).
  • There are 5 rounds, although you may drop out at any time.
  • The order of selection is based on the original draft order.
  • The pick MUST be carded.
  • You have ONE MINUTE to make your selection. After one minute, you must pass.
  • If you pass or take an ineligible player, your evening is over.
Remember, you will have to cut one player for every "Tweener Rule" or "Lightning Round" selection you make.

And finally, keep in mind that when you make a trade during the draft, it's a good idea to make trades that balance out numerically. For instance, if you trade Juan Gomez and pick 34 for pick 15, you should insist on getting another player or pick back. Typically, in a trade like this, the team getting pick 15 would also get the other team's last pick. If you don't do this, you'll just end up with fewer picks. An extra pick WILL NOT BE ADDED ON AT THE END OF THE DRAFT FOR YOU. You'll just have to make use of your "Tweener Rule" picks or take part in the "Lightning Round."

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Pre-Draft Numbers

First of all, thanks to those of you who confirmed your rosters. Apparently, the Roster page and the Draft Grid are good to go. We are set to draft.

There were 352 players protected. That's exactly 22 per team. Of those, 200 are hitter cards and 143 are pitcher cards. There were 9 uncarded players protected (5 pitchers, 4 hitters).

The FFTs and Rhinos protected the most players (26), while the Nads (19) protected the fewest.

The Nads were the only team to protect more pitchers (10) than hitters (9).

The team protecting the most hitters was the Warpigs (16). The team protecting the fewest hitters was the Nads (9).

The team protecting the most pitchers was the Rhinos (11). The team protecting the fewest pitchers was the Warpigs (6).

The FFTs protected the most uncarded players (3).

Not counting the Lightning Round, there will be 193 players drafted. (Fewer, probably, as there are always a number of passes near the end of the Draft.)

The SuperGoofs and Sidewinders have the most draft picks (14). The Fungoes and Rhinos have the fewest (9).

There are 664 available carded players eligible to be drafted. I have an alphabetized list of all of them squeezed onto one page. If you want a copy, email me.

Also, if you want a copy of the Draft Grid or the Roster page in Excel format, email me for that as well.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Warpigs and DVs trade

The Warpigs traded picks 61 and 128 to the DVs for Yonder Alonso, Tommy Milone, and pick 87.

Fungoes and Goofs trade

The SuperGoofs traded Carlos Quentin to the Fungoes for Denard Span.

Fungoes and Warpigs trade

The Warpigs traded John Jaso and Brendan Ryan to the Fungoes for Matt Wieters.

Monday, March 03, 2014

And an era ends...

The Rhinos announced today that they were cutting ARod.

Tweeners and Fungoes trade

The Fungoes traded Nelson Cruz to the Tweeners for Jose Tabata.