Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Pre-Draft Numbers

First of all, thanks to those of you who confirmed your rosters. Apparently, the Roster page and the Draft Grid are good to go. We are set to draft.

There were 352 players protected. That's exactly 22 per team. Of those, 200 are hitter cards and 143 are pitcher cards. There were 9 uncarded players protected (5 pitchers, 4 hitters).

The FFTs and Rhinos protected the most players (26), while the Nads (19) protected the fewest.

The Nads were the only team to protect more pitchers (10) than hitters (9).

The team protecting the most hitters was the Warpigs (16). The team protecting the fewest hitters was the Nads (9).

The team protecting the most pitchers was the Rhinos (11). The team protecting the fewest pitchers was the Warpigs (6).

The FFTs protected the most uncarded players (3).

Not counting the Lightning Round, there will be 193 players drafted. (Fewer, probably, as there are always a number of passes near the end of the Draft.)

The SuperGoofs and Sidewinders have the most draft picks (14). The Fungoes and Rhinos have the fewest (9).

There are 664 available carded players eligible to be drafted. I have an alphabetized list of all of them squeezed onto one page. If you want a copy, email me.

Also, if you want a copy of the Draft Grid or the Roster page in Excel format, email me for that as well.


The HEAD INMATE said...

Thanks - this info always helps with draft preparation.

Pigman said...

Also interesting... Of the 11 Rhino pitchers, 8 of them are Start only.

terry said...

Thank you sir,
who did you tell me to draft at