Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sidewinders 4, Mavs 1

May 7th:  The Mavs miss five HR 1-7, one HR 1-13 and get thrown out at home on a 1-17.  Kipnis hits a homer 1-5 to win the game that the Mavs were just not meant to win.  The SSWs twice missed the pitch on hit and runs and successfully stole second on a 1-9 chance.  Kimbrell completely shuts the Mavs down in a 2 inning save and wins the Chico Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  2-1 SSWs.
May 8th:  In a continuing the theme the Mavs miss the homer 1-14 and the SSWs get the homer 1-4.  The Mav announcers are heard to say “the SSWs are too good for the Mavs to beat if the twenty side die doesn’t go there way” leaving many listeners totally mystified.  Upton chokes in the clutch with two out and two on in the ninth.  Kimbrell picks up his second save to win his second Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.  SSWs 2-1.
July 30th:  The Mavs miss a few more home run chances and then finally Heyward hits a HR 1-7.  Doolittle, Crain and Holland make it hold up.  Moore strikes out 11 in a losing cause.  Heyward wins the Lewinsky Blow of the Game for the tater.  1-0 Mavs.  If you are keeping score at home the cumulative score for the series is 4-3 SSW’s.  Sounds like 1968.
July 31st:  In a match up that left many fans scratching their heads, the Mavs start 8R Jeremy Guthrie against the SSW’s.  Ironically it was David Wright who hit the home run on a 1-7 HR, Fly in the sixth.  In the bottom of the same inning, Davis hit a double (on his own card obviously) off of Sale and Lucroy haunted his former teammates with a 1-6 homer 1-13 that he rolled a 1 on.  Gattis followed with a homer off of Chapman who Hal brought in in the sixth inning(??).  Dominic Brown missed a homer 1-7 that would have tied the game in the eighth.  But Greg Holland blew his third save in the top of the ninth.  Mauer wins the Chico’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game going 2-5 including the game winning hit in the ninth.  5-4 SSWs.  Guthrie is informed after the game that he will also pitch against the SSWs twice on the road.  He begins to drink heavily.
August 1st.  The SSW’s pound out 11 hits led by three by Mauer and Wright each.  Soto misses a homer 1-7 with two outs in the ninth that would have tied it.  Kimbrell picks up his fourth save and gets the Chico’s Bail Bond Player of the Game award.  4-1 SSWs.

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