Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I LOVE the new instant replay rules in MLB. Baseball definitely needed something to make the games last longer.

Another idea might be to allow the batter to change batting gloves after every foul ball. Think of the revenue that could be generated from the sale of those "game-used" gloves. And the time it takes to change gloves would give the announcers more time to talk - which they obviously need.

That would lead easily into unlimited trips to the mound by the pitching coach. (Unlimited = the number of time outs allowed in a college basketball game.)


Fungoes said...

I completely understand how you feel Rick! I love it though! My biggest gripe about baseball (other than my weekly rants about the Rangers) is that they blow too many calls! I prefer for them to get it right!

DVs said...

I'm even more radical. Set up home plate with lasers and sensors that essentially determine ball/strike calls (similar to the tennis in/out technology). HOWEVER - still have the umpires call balls/strikes - then at the end of the year, the bottom 10% of umpires calling them correctly get sent to AAA, and the top ones from there move up.
Same thing on other calls - you suck, your gone.
Kind of like the DVs roster strategy.