Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bees finally play some games...

Killer Bees 4, SuperGoofs 3
Killer Bees 3, Fungoes 2
Killer Bees 3, Mavs 2
Zaps 5, LDMF Bees 0

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fungoes 5, Nads 2

Fungoes and Nads finished up their season series with 7 games at WTF.  Here are the results:
Game 1, May 27 at WTF (Double header game one):
Fungoes break open a well pitched contest scoring 2 in the 6th inning and 2 in the 8th.  Fungoes win it 5-1.  Harvey picks up the win for the Fungoes while C J Wilson takes the loss for the Nads.  Derek Holland picks up a 3 inning save. 
Game 2, May 27 at WTF (Double header game two):
Fungoes complete the double header sweep winning game two 2-1.  Medlen gets the win while Fister takes the hard luck loss for the Nads.  Papelbon picks up the save for the Fungoes. 
Game 3, May 28 at WTF:
Fungoes win again 4-3 in a hard fought contest.  Dempster and Price were the starters but neither were around for the decisions.  Ernesto Frieri pickes up the win in relief while Collmenter takes the loss in relief for the Nads.  Papelbon picks up the save.  Ryan Zimmerman went yard for the Fungi.
Game 4, May 29 at WTF:
Fungoes take the early 3-0 lead but the Nads come back to lead it 4-3 in the 5th.  Fungoes break back out on top with a 4-spot in the bottom of the 5th to take a 7-4 lead.  Kershaw settles down and the Fungoes take the 8-6 win.  Estrada takes the loss for the Nads and Papelbon picks up save #16.  Trout hits a big homer for the Fungoes.
Game 5, September 9 at WTF:
Nads score 3 early runs and build up a 5-0 lead.  Too much for the Fungoes as the Nads win it 6-4.  Fister gets the win while Lyles takes the loss for the Fungoes.  Balfour gets the save for the Nads.  Frazier enjoys a 3 hit night for the Nads while Montero and Gonzalez both went yard! 
Game 6, September 10 at WTF:
Dempster shuts down the Fungoes and the Nads win this one 5-1.  Medlen takes the loss for the Fungoes.  Dempster throws a complete game 6 hitter and Frazier and Montero both homer for the Nads!
Game 7, September 11 at WTF:
Fungoes take an ealry lead and coast to an 8-3 win over the Nads.  Marcum takes the loss while Lincoln picks up the win for the Fungoes.  Holland picks up a 3 inning save for the WTF-ers!   The Fungi fans were thrilled by the performance put forth by Lincoln, but it was clearly his strikeouts that they enjoyed most. 'When he reached 10
strikeouts the fans showed him their appreciation with a loud cheer.' Fungo manager Al Kaline said following the game. 
Fungoes improve their record to 42-54

Nads 6, FFTs 4

One thing is “for sure” neither team will be in the playoffs – NADs 6 – FFTs 4
FFTS hit .227 against NADS
NADS hit .236 against FFTs
Pretty weak

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fungoes 5, FFTs 5

Fungoes and FFTs faced off in 10 mail games.  Here are the results:
Game one, May 8 at WTF:
FFTs jump out to a 3-0 lead in the first inning but the Fungoes score 6 over the next 4 innings winning this one 6-3.  Brad Lincoln gets the win while Wandy Rodriquez takes the loss for the FFTs.  Papelbon picks up the save for the Fungoes.
Game two, May 9 at WTF:
Fungoes win a tight pitching duel between Porcello and Masterson.  Fungoes win 3-1 with Porcello picking up his first win of the season!  Detwiler takes the loss in relief for the FFTs.  Papelbon picks up the save.
Game three, June 19 at FFTs:
FFTs bust out of their hitting slump banging out 13 hits in a 7-2 win over the Fungoes.  Leake takes the win for the FFTs while Porcello takes another loss for the Fungoes.  Camp picks up the save for the FFTs.  'Thankfully we got ourselves a win', head honcho Terry Miller said.  'It's great to be back on the winning side of things.'
Game four, June 20 at FFTs:
Fungoes win it big scoring early and often winning it 11-1.  David Price gets the win while Wandy Rodriquez takes another loss for the FFTs.  Fungoes bang out 17 hits while the FFTs are held to just 4.
Game five, June 21 at FFTs:
FFTs outscore the Fungoes in a close game winning it 3-1.  Kershaw takes the loss for the Fungoes while Detwiler picks up the win for the FFTs.  "Shitfuck, we can't seem to get it done out there!"  said Fungoes skipper Al Kaline!
Game six, July 31 at WTF:
Fungoes "get it done" this time winning it 3-2.  Porcello picks up win number 2 for the Fungoes while Masterson takes the hard luck loss for the FFTs.  Papelbon picks up save number 13 on the season for the Fungoes.
Game seven, August 1 at WTF:
Kuroda throws a complete game five hit masterpiece for the FFTs as they win it 5-1.  Brad Lincoln takes the loss for the Fungoes.  Puhols drives in 3 with a double and a homer for the winners.
Game eight, August 2 at WTF:
Leake, Liriano and Belsario combine on a shutout and the FFTs even the series at 4 wins each winning this one 3-0.  Kershaw takes another loss for the Fungoes. 
Game nine, September 1 at FFTs:
Fungoes win this one going away 7-1.  Medlen picks up the win for the Fungoes while Wandy Rodriques takes another loss for the FFTs.
Game ten, September 2 at FFTs:
Fungoes Papelbon blows the save in the ninth and the FFTs evantually win it in the tenth inning in walkoff fashion as Hanley Ramirez smacked a bases loaded single for the FFTs. 
FFTs and Fungoes split these ten games.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Goofs 4, Sidewinders 3

Game 1 Harrison makes the manager sweat in first inning, but he was just goofing. But Peavy learned that you don't mess with Choo when Josh is at bat.
Game 2 Villa "Double Play" nueva pitched a great game.
Game 3 snakes win 5-2...but you were sweating.
Game 4 Lohse gives the Snakes false hope in the first inning and then mows them down like tall weeds through to the 9th.
Game 5 the sidewinders plow 5 homeruns (3 from Mauer) and Goofs just struggle to survive.
Game 6 Lohse comes back and let's the Snakes slither over every single base, but he DOES NOT  LET THEM GO HOME.
Game 7 Snakes win.
Goofs 4 Snakes 3

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goof 3, Nads 2

Game 1 "Go  Nads!", the nads keep hitting and Goofs kept missing.
Game 2 The former Goof Marcum started the charge back at his old stomping grounds which ended up bringing every Goof off the bench and onto the field at one point or another, as they make a great come back from 3-0 to 6-3.
Game 3 Villanueva almost brings it home, but Goofs brought Tazawa to close the 6-4 game.
Game 4 the Harrison/Dempster rematch, led the goofs to no victory, again.
Game 5 Goofs win a the Villanueva & Tazawa shut out with the only run made was a SUICIDE SQUEEZE.
Goofs win 3 Nads win 2

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pigapalooza Results

Warpigs 7, FFTs 7
Warpigs 2, Rhinos 1
Inmates 5, Mavs 5
Inmates 2, Wahoos 0
Mavs 7, Rhinos 3
Wahoos 4, FFTs 0
Rhinos 9, FFTs 1

Great series – most games close and tough.
INMATES 3 – MAVS 2 (MavDome): Both teams scored all of their runs in the 1st, then the bullpens shut everything down.
MAVS 3 – INMATES 1 (MavDome): Mavs pound out 11 hits, including two homers, but score only three runs. That’s enough to beat the LDMF.
INMATES 8 – MAVS 3 (MavDome): Inmate lumber finally wakes up. Rizzo, Parra, and Pierzynski all tater. Homer Bailey is an Inmate in disguise.
MAVS 4 – INMATES 1 (13 Innings – Baptist Bowl): A pitcher’s duel until Perez implodes in the 13th, allowing three runs. Mavs get 15 hits all together and leave 136 on base…
MAVS 7 – INMATES 4 (Baptist Bowl): Santana allows three homers before being mercifully lifted after the 3rd, but it’s too late for the Inmates to catch up. A Beltre 3-run homer in the 9th makes the game look closer than it really was.
MAVS 5 – INMATES 4 (MavDome): Another close game, but the Inmates lose their 3rd straight.
INMATES 8 – MAVS 4 (MavDome): Three Inmate taters (Cargo, Beltre and Jones) give the Inmates a comfortable win.
INMATES 5 – MAVS 3 (Baptist Bowl): Rios and Rizzo homer in the Inmate 1st, then the Beakless Chicken Gang hang on for the win. Homer (“Incognito Inmate”) Bailey takes the loss.
INMATES 5 – MAVS 4 (Baptist Bowl): The Mavs jump out to a 4-0 lead as Santana continues to struggle with the gopher ball, but Cargo and Teixeira (twice) homer for the Inmates to come from behind.
MAVS 8 – INMATES 7 (Baptist Bowl): A great game. The Inmates take an early 6-1 lead, but the Mavs battle back. Inmate closer Street comes into the game in the 9th and gives up a homer to someone (I forgot the motherfucker’s name) and the Mavs salvage a split.
What a massacre…
INMATES 20 – WAHOOS 9 (Reservation): Wahoos pound out 9 runs on 13 hits, normally enough to win big. Not today. Inmates bring out the big artillery and get 24 hits. Beltre and Pierzynski both tater twice; Espinosa and Rios each add one for good measure. The ‘Hoos 3-0 1st inning lead evaporated after the BC Gang scored 6 in the 2nd.
INMATES 13 – WAHOOS 4 (Reservation): The Inmates blast 22 more hits. Forsythe hits two homers, Rios adds another, and it was never close.

Friday, June 21, 2013

2014 Picks

I will post the trades from last year in the archives, but here is a list of 2014 picks that have been dealt...

PIG3 >>> FFT
GPB5 >>> WAH
GPB Res >>> BEE
RHI1 >>> WAH
RHI2 >>> WAH
PIG1 >>> WAH
PIG2 >>> WAH
GPB2 >>> MAV
MAV3 >>> GPB
GPB4 >>> WAH
WAH9 >>> GPB
GPB1 >>> LCT
LCT5 >>> SSW
SSW1 >>> WAH
BEE Res >>> SSW
PIG6 >>> NAD
BEE Res >>> INM
INM Res >>> RHI
RHI3 >>> INM
RHI5 >>> GPB
RHI8 >>> SSW
ZAP8 >>> INM
OUD8 >>> ZAP
DVS7 >>> BEE

Let me know if I've missed any.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Inmates 5, Rhinos 2

Despite the lopsided W/L record, all games were close and could have gone either way.
INMATES 5 – RHINOS 4 (10 innings – Baptist Bowl): Rhinos jump out to a 4-0 lead thanks to a pair of homers by Avila, but the Inmates chip away and finally tie the game on a Cargo tater in the 5th. Fast-forward to the bottom of the 10th. Venters gives up a 2-out single to Cargo. O’Day comes in to pitch to Beltre, who promptly hit a triple to end the game.
INMATES 7 – RHINOS 6 (Baptist Bowl): Rhinos lead 6-2 after five before the Inmate comeback. O’Day gives up the game-winner again as Cargo hit a run-scoring 2B in the 8th to ice the game.
INMATES 4 – RHINOS 3 (12 innings - Baptist Bowl): Rhinos shoot their wad in the 5th, scoring all of their runs. Espinosa taters leading off the bottom of the 12th for the Inmate win. Oh yeah, O’Day gives up the game-winner again.
RHINOS 4 – INMATES 2 (Rhino Reserve – DH Game 1): O’Day doesn’t pitch, Garza throws a 3-hitter, and the Rhinos win the first game of a doubleheader. Parra led off the game with a homer, which was the only lead the Inmates had. Garza and Santana both toss CGs.
INMATES 2 – RHINOS 0 (Rhino Reserve – DH Game 2): Parker and three relievers combine on a 5-hitter to shutout the horned ones. Sabathia tosses a 4-hitter, but Jones hit one of them into the seats. DH split.
INMATES 4 – RHINOS 2 (14 innings – Rhino Reserve): Both benches and bullpens are depleted in this one. Rhinos tie the game 2-2 after a Hanigan passed ball allows a run to score. 72 hours later the Inmate bats wake up with two out in the 14th to pin the loss on Jansen, who pitched 5 innings of relief.
RHINOS 5 – INMATES 2 (Rhino Reserve): Norris gets blasted for five runs on nine hits and four walks; the Inmates can’t catch up.

Rhinos 10, Fungoes 4

Game stories coming (maybe).

Warpigs 2, Fungoes 2

Cards and dice at WTF...

Gm 1 @ WTF Field - Fungoes win 6-1. The Fungoes homered 5 times, including 2 by Trout. Porcello got the win, holding the Pigs to 7 hits.

Gm 2 @ WTF Field - Warpigs win 12-0. This was one of the most enjoyable and amazing games the Pigs have ever had. First of all, Jeremy Hellickson still had a no-hitter with 1 out in the 8th. He finished with a 3-hit shutout. But the most unusual thing was the offense. The Warpig batters hammered 7 homers, THREE of which were ballpark homers (HR 1, flyout 2-20). Yadier Molina hit 2 of the ballpark homers. Edwin Encarnacion had 2 regular homers. Even little Darwin Barney hit one out when he rolled 5-9 off of Steve Delabar for a solid N-HR.(Yes, Barney has N-power vs RHP. I know, I was shocked too.)

Gm 3 @ The BallPork - Fungoes win 5-0. We score 12 in WTF, then turn around and get shutout in the BallPork. Weird. But then, Kris Medlen is pretty hard to hit.

Gm 4 @ The BallPork - Warpigs win 7-4. To quote the Zapper, "You can't throw lefties against me!" Four different Pigs hit homers. Adam Wainwright got the win. Fernando Rodney, in his only appearance of the day (9 games), gets his 20th save.

The Warpigs finish the season 6-4 against the Fungoes.

Inmates 3, Warpigs 2

Cards and dice at WTF...

The visiting team won every game.

Gm 1 @ The BallPork - Inmates win 5-4. After the Pigs came from behind to tie the game on a John Jaso 3-run homer in the 6th, some fucking Inmate homered in the 7th off Strasburg. Whatever.

Gm 2 @ The BallPork - Inmates win 2-1. Neither team did much. Inmates scored 2 early. Big fucking deal.

Gm 3 @ The BallPork - Inmates win 3-2. I thought this was supposed to be a hitter's ballpark! It was 2-2 to the 9th when the Warpig bullpen gave up their only run of the whole fucking series (including the next two games!). We lost. They won. Whatthefuckever.

Gm 4 @ The Baptist Bowl - Warpigs win 9-1. I'll tell you what the key was... Beginning this game, the Pigman started playing STANDING UP. Made all the difference. The other big change was inserting Darwin Barney in the starting lineup. Barney had 3 hits including a triple. He knocked in a run and stole a base. The Pigs had 13 hits and scored in 5 different innings. Hellickson got the win. O'Flaherty somehow managed 3 innings of relief for a save.

Gm 5 @ The Baptist Bowl - Warpigs win 8-3. Ruggiano hit a 2-run homer in the 1st and a 3-run homer in the 2nd. That was enough. Melky Cabrera had 4 hits. Zimmermann got the win.

DVs 5, FFTs 5

DVs and FFTs hooked up for a rather mundane 10 game series (first 3 at DVs, final 7 in Albert’s Palace of Malice) as the US Open plays in the background.
Game 1 – Paul Maholm spins a complete gem, giving up 31 hits and 20 runs in a 20-5 FFT drubbing. Maholm was on early, giving up 7 in the first and 8 in the second (FFT manager went for two to rub it in), and the bullpen laughed and wept in this Greek tragedy. Interesting part is that the FFTs will only score 18 runs in the following 9 games (!).
2 – DVs return the favor, with Halladay going the distance in a 10-0 DV complete game victory
3 – DVs win 8-2
4 – DVs win 4-1
5 – DVs win 2-1
6,7,8 and 9 – DVs lose all 4 – three of them by 2-1 and another 4-2. Game 7 was a walk off Albert tater against Jake McGee (and it wasn’t rolled on McGee’s card)
10 – DVs win 7-4

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zaps 4, DVs 1

DVs lay down against the left coasters with a pitiful performance as the Zaps take 4 of 5. Most games weren’t even close as the EQA came in handy. Scherzer won games 2 and 4, but the Zaps offense was the big story.
Scores were-
Game 1 Zaps 11-3
G 2 Zaps 7-6
G 3 DVs 9-8
G 4 Zaps 11-4
G 5 Zaps 5-2

Friday, June 14, 2013

DVs 2, Nads 0

DVs win final 2 games of the season series with the Nads , 5-2 in the first game and 4-3 in the second as Granderson has a walk off triple.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Pics!

DVs as a baby!
Head Inmate as a baby!

Friday, June 07, 2013

DVs 3, Killer Bees 2 - and a trade

DVs win 3 of 5 at their humble abode- here are the scores:
Game 1 – The Bees had noted with their instructions to “have fun beating up our crappy pitching” – which the DVs took to heart by scoring 4 in the first and third against a hapless James McDonald while romping to a 12-4 win.
Game 2 – DVs let up slightly only scoring 6 runs in the first 4 innings in hammering Joe Blanton in a 7-2 win.
Game 3 – A reporter in the press box noted that the DVs Roy Halladay was “bad enough he could be a stud for the Bees”, and he lived up to that reputation as the Bees won 10-5 as Tim Lincicum wins easily.
Game 4 – McDonald pitches better, but the DVs scratch out 2 late runs against the bullpen in a 4-3 thriller.
Game 5 – Blanton gets the last laugh as he twirls a 6 hit, 2-0 shutout.
More importantly, the Bees and DVs pull off a gigantic trade as Todd Helton makes his way home in exchange for a 2014 7th. We hope the Bees use that pick to take a pitcher that even the Inmates would ignore.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Tweeners 3, Zaps 2

Tweeners climb back to .500.  The struggle is real.

June 19 – Zaps 9, Tweeners 5.  The visitors erupt for a 6 run 3rd inning against Felix.  Tweeners battle back but come up short.  Homers by McCutcheon, Utley, and Bautista.  Tommy Hanson the benficiary.
June 20 – Tweeners 8, Zaps 6.  The home team has the big inning this time, a 5 run 6th off Greinke.  Zaps made a game of it, but couldn't catch up.  Homers by Zobrist and Morse.  The win went to Santiago Casilla(3-0) who allowed 3 runs in 1 and 1/3 innings.  Sergio Romo earned his 18th save.  TRISTAN's manager was in a sour mood after the game.  'Even you guys up in the
press box know why we lost this game. We made too many mistakes.'

June 21 – Tweeners 8, TommyPastas 3.  Zaps take early leads of 1-0 and 3-1, but then MadBum gets the better of Josh Johnson. The pundits are still scratching their heads over a managerial decision by Hal; in the 8th inning with a runner at 2nd and 2 outs, Thornton is instructed to walk Marco Scutaro and instead face torrid Ben Zobrist, who at that point was a homer shy of the cycle.  Ben missed his homer, but doubled to drive in both runners, giving him 5 RBI for the game.

September 1 – Zapppers 3, Tweeners 1.  Gio was on top of his game, but Greinke & Thornton prevail.  TRISTAN won the game with a rally in the 9th inning with 2 runs using 2 hits.  Jose Reyes started the inning off right when he drew a walk.  Reyes took second on a stolen base.  Andrew McCutchen then slapped a single.  TRISTAN continued their aggressive style with another stolen base.  TRISTAN got their 2nd stolen base of the inning.  After an out was recorded, Middlebrooks stepped up to the plate and he lined a one-base hit.  Jonny Gomes got his chance to keep things going, but he went down on strikes.  Paul Goldschmidt got his turn next, but he was a strikeout victim.  TRISTAN and NORM each finished the night with 5 hits.  The victory was credited to Matt Thornton(2-1) who went 2 innings, allowing no runs. Gio Gonzalez(7-5) was the losing pitcher.  He allowed just 3 hits and 3 walks in 8 innings.

September 2 – Tweeners 5, Zaps 4.  The NORM TWEENERS edged the TRISTAN VIVAZAPASTAS at The Hooverdome by the score of 5 to 4. NORM had 2 runs cross the plate in the 6th inning when they came up with 3
base hits.  Yasmani Grandal kicked off the action when he ripped a
base-knock.  After an out was recorded, Will Venable came to bat and bombed a
two-run dinger.  Pablo Sandoval then doubled.  Sergio Romo earned the save
with a perfect ninth, his 19th save. 

The win went to Felix Hernandez(7-9) who allowed 4 runs in 8 innings. Josh
Johnson(2-4) was hit with the loss.  He allowed 10 hits and no walks in 5 and
1/3 innings.