Friday, April 30, 2010

Zaps at SuperGoofs

Goofs won 3 out of 5 games at home against the Zaps

Buckeyes at Drillers

From the Driller Dude...
Drillers go 3 – 2 vs Bucks at Mud Pit

Lincecum loses game 1: 2 – 3 Bucks
Nieman wins game 2: 5 – 2 Drillers
Drillers win game 3 in 14 innings: 4 – 3 Drillers
Hammel gets rocked in a complete game 20-hitter: 1 – 11 Bucks
Haren scatters 10 hits: 6 – 3 Drillers

Monday, April 26, 2010

Buckeyes at Tweeners

From the Tweeners...
Tweeners take 3 of 5 from the Buckeyes at the Hooverdome. Ben Zobrist's 2-run 8th inning HR is the difference in game 1 as we win 5-3. Felix throws 7 strong innings in game 2 and leaves with a 2-run lead, but Buckeyes tie it with 2 in the 9th; Carlos Pena saves us with a walk-off bomb in the 10th. We drop both ends of the 7/16 doubleheader by scores of 5-3 and 13-2. Tweeners rebound for a 7-3 win in game 5, as Victorino lacks only a single to hit for the cycle. Buckeyes out-hit us .279 to .230, out-pitch us 3.77 to 5.09, but our speed/power quotient (8 homers + 8 steals) help us win the series.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inmates at Killer Bees

From the BeeBoy...
The Inmates take 4 of 5 at the Hive. Our only win came against Floyd, your lone righthander of the series. I thought I could hit LHP, guess whooped our ass.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Killer Bees at Zaps

Bees win four of seven at the Zaps.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sidewinders at Buckeyes

Buckeyes go 3 and 2 in 5 at home versus SSW

Killer Bees at Mavs

Killer Bees sweep Mavs on the road, 5-0.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wahoos at Warpigs (cont.)

The Pigs went 2-0 to wrap up the 4-game series.

May 3 - Warpigs 4, Wahoos 3 in 10 innings - The Wahoos hit two solo homers in the first inning, but Mike Pelfrey settled down after that. A 6th inning homer by Albert Pujols tied the game at 3. The game ended in the bottom of the 10th when Stephen Drew went deep off of Phil Coke. Francisco Liriano got the win. Five of the seven runs in this game were scored on solo homers.

May 4 - Warpigs 6, Wahoos 1 - Cliff Lee gave up only a single run in the first inning, going the distance for the win. Delmon Young went 3/4 with a homer. Ricky Nolasco took the loss.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zaps at Sidewinders

From the Snakeman...
[Zaps] reversed the table on me and took 2 of 3. We both scored 8 runs in the 3 games. The rubber match was Greinke vs Jimenez. Crawford hit a one out single in the 9th off of Ubaldo. He stole second and Young hit a 2 out clutch RBI single. Greinke preserves his own win with a perfect 9th. We have 8 left.....

Sidewinders vs FFTs

Snakes takes 9 out of 10 from the FFTs to move into first in the AWD.

Monday, April 12, 2010

SuperGoofs at Killer Bees

From the BeeBoy...
Bees take 3 of 5 at the Hive.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sidewinders at Zaps

From the Zapper...
Snakes take two of three on the road.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Sidewinders vs Tweeners

From the Snakeman...
Snakes and tweeners split a 4 game set at the snakepit. Highlight for snakes was an 11 run third inning in game 4. Beltran hit a pair of two run homers in the inning and we held on for an 11-7 win. Facing Felix and Wainright back to back is no fun.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Zaps at Fungoes

From the Fungoes... Fungoes manage to win only 2 of the 5 vs the Zaps at WTF Field. We got Zapped by the Zapper. Fungoes fall to 24-19.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Zaps at Warpigs

The Warpig starters silenced the Zap bats for four straight wins, before dropping game 5.

Gm 1 - Cliff Lee threw a complete game shutout, scattering 9 hits. Three DPs helped. Jeff Bailey made a rare start at DH and hit a 1st inning grand slam. Pigs win 7-0.

Gm 2 - The game was tied 2-2 when Miguel Olivo hit a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 7th. Josh Beckett went the distance for the 4-2 win.

Gm 3 - Curtis Granderson homered to lead off the game for the Pigs. Gordon Beckham hit a solo shot in the 3rd, and that was all John Lackey needed. The Zap run came in the 9th on a fielder's choice. If the DP had been turned, Lackey would have joined Lee in shutting out the Zaps. The Pigs win 2-1.

Gm 4 - I figured the Zap offense would finally explode vs Ross Ohlendorf, but game 4 brought the same quiet bats. Zap starter Max Scherzer pitched even better, throwing 6 shutout innings. But when he came out to start the 7th, Miguel Olivo greeted reliever Jim Johnson with a solo homer to tie the game at 1. In the bottom of the 8th, Cody Ross hit a 2-out triple to score Albert Pujols from first. Delmon Young then pinch hit a clutch single to score Ross. The Pigs win again, 3-1.

Gm 5 - Mike Pelfrey was the answer the Zap bats had been looking for. Three Zap homers helped Eric Bedard to an 8-2 win.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

FFTs vs Zaps

Zaps win 8 of 10.

Mavs at Warpigs

Pigs win 4 of 5.

Gm 1 - Mavs score 8 in the second inning. They win 10-4. Butler and Uribe homer.

Gm 2 - Cliff Lee goes 7 for the win, 4-2.

Gm 3 - Josh Beckett throws a complete game and Pujols homers. Pigs win 5-2.

Gm 4 - Pujols hits 3 homers; Granderson hits a homer and 2 triples. Pigs win 13-7.

Gm 5 - Callaspo matches Granderson's feat from game 4 by tripling twice and homering. Pigs win 6-2.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Buckeyes at Zaps

Buckeyes win 3 out of 5 on the West Coast.

Wahoos at Warpigs

Wahoos win both games, 14-2 and 4-3.

Killer Bees at Buckeyes

Buckeyes go 2-1 in last three home games vs the Bees.

Warpigs at Zaps

Zaps won 4 of 5.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mavs at Killer Bees

Bees 3, Mavs 2

From the Beeboy... Bees take 3 of 5 at my place. We had 4 complete games, 3 of which we won. In the complete game loss,Chad Billingsley struck out 15. Verlander and Jurrjens each had complete game shutouts. My team could not hit a lick...we only had 4 hrs combined in all 5 games; pretty piss-poor for a team built around a small ballpark.

Fungoes at Zaps

Zaps win 4 out of 5.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools Update

First of all, I want to thank all of you for making an otherwise boring Thursday a fun one. The little Wahoo got the benefit of playing Tom Sawyer going to his own funeral. I especially enjoyed getting the gullible Bees for the second year in a row.

Now... on to other things...

The NASOMA Rosters are posted on the website. All depth charts are updated, too. Please check both for errors and let me know. If you have gained or lost 2011 draft picks already, those are noted on your depth chart.

I think the weirdest thing was having no trades made during the weekend. None. Nada. Zero. Or at least there were none reported.

Somebody asked me the other day if there is ever a list of the cuts. There has not been a list like that, to my knowledge. Until now. Of the 30 players cut (the Mavs passed on his last two picks and didn't have to make cuts), almost half (14) were protected on pre-Draft rosters. Of the 16 draft picks cut, the earliest pick was Russell Branyan at pick 116. Here are the players cut after the 2010 Draft and the pick used to take them (those on pre-Draft rosters have an (R):

Warpigs - Lidge(171) and Martis(179)
Rhinos - Lindstrom(R) and Fontenot(157)
Wahoos - F.Morales(184) and Marson(192)
SuperGoofs - Troncoso(150) and Ortiz(182)

DVs - Lowell(R) and Lowrie(R)
FFTs - I.Rodriguez(R) and Ojeda(R)
Fungoes - Ibanez(R) and E.Patterson(151)
Drillers - Wagner(124) and Villanueva(140)

Buckeyes - Atkins(R) and Balfour(R)
Inmates - Clement(R) and Gamel(147)
Nads - Wellemeyer(175) and Gomes(183)

Sidewinders - Hermida(R) and G.Gonzalez(R)
Killer Bees - K.Wood(R) and Sheffield(180)
Tweeners - O.Cabrera(R) and Branyan(116)
Zaps - Encarnacion(R) and Inge(167)

Incidentally, NO team cut their last two picks. Thank God for the Tweener Rule.

There were 18 uncarded players taken in the Draft. One of those (Billy Wagner at pick 124 by the Drillers) was a cut. That leaves 17 new uncarded players to combine with the ones already on rosters. There were 11 uncarded players protected on pre-Draft rosters. One of those (Clement of the Inmates) was later cut. So there are 27 uncarded players on teams' reserve lists. Three of those are veterans (Webb and Glaus for the Nads; Sheets for the Rhinos).

The first round barely resembled my stab at a mock draft. I hit a few right on the nose, and I wasn't too far off on others. Here are the results:

1. Zobrist. My mock draft had the uncarded Desmond Jennings going here. It was not going to happen, but I needed to throw a little bait towards the Tweeners.

2. Bailey. I had Zobrist going here and Bailey going 4. Close.

3. Anderson. Nailed it.

4. Morales. I had Bailey here and Morales going at 5. Again, close. I bet the Mavs wish Morales had made it to 5.

5. Blanks. I don't know where I would have slotted Blanks, but it wasn't in the first round. I'm sure Blanks will prove me wrong.

6. Pineiro. I had the Goofs taking Feldman, so we'll call this "close." And by the way... Pineiro is EI, not IE. The Driller Dude fell back on his vague, whispy memories of grade school and came up wrong. Again.

7. Bergesen - My mock pick here was Pineiro, but I think the Fungoid had his heart set on Bergesen all along.

8. Coghlan - Nailed it!

9. Aardsma - I had the Zaps taking the best reliever. I said Gurrier; the Zaps said Aardsma. Close enough.

10. Feldman - Fungoes again. I had Correia here. Damn close.

11. Wuertz - Missed this one. I had no idea what the Snakeman would do here. He didn't appear to need much. I guess he needed another reliever.

12. Niemann - My mock draft pick in this spot was a joke, but it DID bring us a new example of NASOMASpeak: "Mike Stanton has a huge hole in his swing and struggles defensively" is NASOMASpeak for "I forgot I had Mike Stanton."

13. Desmond Jennings - In the mock draft, the Rhinos still owned this pick and I had him taking a reliever. Shortly after that posting, the Rhinos traded this pick to the Warpigs for the reliever he wanted. The Warpigs were elated to have Jennings still on the board.

14. R.Soriano - The Snakes were REALLY not satisfied with his bullpen. I assume he is now.

15. Correia - Trying to get inside the Buckeye head is impossible. I had him taking Randy Ruiz, which he DID... in the 4th round.

16. Calero - Nope. I was nowhere close again. The Buckeyes always know better.

Of the guys I had pegged for the first round, Gurrier (2nd Rd) and Ruiz (4th Rd) both ended up Buckeyes.

Time will tell who had the best draft, but at first glimpse... well, I guess it depends on what your draft goal was. The Buckeyes got some pretty good parts as did the Fungi. The Warpigs grabbed a lot of young talent. So did the Wahoos. The Snakes and Rhinos didn't have great drafts, but neither one needed to. Their teams were already set.

We'll revisit this during the summer to see who had the best drafts.