Thursday, July 20, 2017

FFTs 3, SuperGoofs 2

FFT's take 3 of 5 at Goofs

5/13 Goofs 3 FFTs 1
5/14 FFTs 2 Goofs 0

7/20 FFTs 2 Goofs 0
7/21 Goofs 4 FFTs 3 (14 innings)
7/22 FFTs 3 Goofs 2

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sidewinders 3, DVs 2

In no particular order, the DVs hate:
·         The Sidewinders stupid park
·         The Sidewinders stupid bullpen
·         The Sidewinders stoooopid brother
But enough about me, let’s talk about what a great manager I am - and not to bury the lead, the real news is that the Snakes drummed the DVs 3 out of 5, (2 of 3 in the snakepit, then we split in DV land).
The first 3 were all Sidewinder pitching, winning 5-1 and 2-0, and the DVs lucked out a 2-1, 10 inning win on a solo home run in the 9th and 10th off of Andrew Miller. Snakes bullpen held on for a 4-3 win in game 4, then the DVs doubled their total offensive output in the last game with a 7-1 win (which frankly I think Vince just got tired of kicking DV butt).

Fungoes 9, Nads 5

Fungoes 9 vs Nads 5 via manager all played by Fungoman:

Game 1, April 13 at Chicago:
Fungoes win it 6-0 as Kershaw shuts down the Nad batters allowing 1 hit in 
his 5 innings of work.  Mookie Betts hits a home run and drives in 3 for the Fungoes.
Worley takes the loss for the Nads.  Fungo pitching allows just 2 hits.

Game 2, April 14 at Chicago:
Fungoes race out to a 3-0 lead but the Nad bats awaken vs David Price and bang out
11 hits and score 12 unanswered runs winning it 12-3.  Price earns the loss while 
Tillman goes the distance for the complete game victory.  Frazier hits 2 home runs 
driving in 6!

Game 3, April 15 at Chicago:
Fungoes again race out to a 3-0 lead.  Nads come back and take a 7-4 lead.  Fungoes 
score 3 in the 8th inning to tie the score and that would turn out to be a long big mistake.
9 innings later it is still tied 7-7.  Nads win it with a walk off 3-run dinger by Omar Narvaez!
"Who the hell is Omar Narvaez?" wonders the bewildered Fungo manager!  Tony Barnette 
picks up the win by pitching 9 innings in relief for the Nads!  Will Smith takes the loss for the 
Fungoes though it was Matt Boyd who gave up the three run blats!  Fungoes can't get out of 
Chicago fast enough!!

Game 4, May 26 at WTF:
Fungoes are on the right side of this blow out winning it 11-3.  David Price improves to 9-7 
while Tillman takes the loss for the Nads.  Fungoes amassed 14 hits on the day.

Game 5, May 27 at WTF:
Fungoes win this one 4-0.  Straily, Kelly and Robertson combine for the shut out.  Brett
Gardner hits his 2nd home run of the season for the Fungoes.

Game 6, May 28 at WTF:
Santiago (7-4) shuts down the Nads in this Fungo 6-1 victory.  Matz gets the loss for the Nads.
Frazier and Sal Perez both homer.

Game 7, May 29 at WTF:
Kershaw improves to 15-2 taking a no-hitter into the ninth inning.  Gonzalez leads off the 9th 
inning with a hit prompting the Fungo manager to replace Kershaw with Carlos Torres.  Torres 
picks up his first save of the season while Jaime Garcia takes the loss.  Final score 3-0.

Game 8, August 4 at WTF:
Nads shut out again as Price (10-7), kelley, Robertson and Harris combine for a 3-hit
shutout.  Stroman and Siegrist allow the Fungoes only 2 hits but they are back to back and the 
second hit is a 2-run Brett Gardner home run!  Stroman takes the hard luck loss for the Nads.

Game 9, August 5 at WTF:
Close game the Nads win 5-4 behind an outstanding outing by Matz, who picks up the win for the Nads.
Straily takes the complete game loss for the Fungoes.  Kintzler grabs the save.  Frazier, Diaz and Betts all homer.

Game 10, August 6 at WTF:
Nads win another close one 4-3.  Siegrist picks up the win in relief while Harris takes the loss allowing 2 runs 
in the ninth inning.  Dozier and Murphy both homer.

Game 11, September 14-game 1 at Chicago:
Kershaw and company win this one 6-0.   Kershaw goes 5 innings improving his record to 16-2.  Murphy, Betts
and Sal Perez all homer for the Fungoes.

Game 12, September 14-game 2 at Chicago:
Nads wake up at home winning this one 6-4.  Kintzler picks up the win in relief of Matz while Musgrove takes the
loss for the Fungi.  Trout and Sal Perez homer for the Fungoes while Calhoun, Ramirez and Gonzales all
homer for the Nads.

Game 13, September 13 at Chicago:
Back and forth game finally won by the Fungoes with a 5 spot in the ninth to take a 11-7 lead.  Nads fall just short 
in the ninth losing it 11-10.  O'Day with the win and Kelley the save for the Fungoes while Feliz gets the loss in relief 
for the Nads.  Trout hits 3 home runs while driving in 7 for the Fungoes.

Game 14, September 14 at Chicago:
Fungoes win this one 8-4 to close out the season series with the Nads.  Santiago improves to 8-4 while Worley takes
the loss for the Nads.  Hosmer, Ramirez and Broxtom all homer.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fungoes 6, Sidewinders 4

Fungoes and Snakes played 10 games via Team Viewer, here are the results:

Game 1, April 26 at WTF:
David Price mows down 14 Snakes in 7 innings as the Fungoes win 3-1.  Longoria homers for the Snakes.
Price improves to 8-5 while Lester takes the loss.  Will Harris collects his 18th save.

Game 2, April 27 at WTF:
Fungoes race out to a 6-0 lead and hold on to win it 6-2.  Moore takes the loss for the Snakes while Straily 
picks up the win for the Fungoes.  Zunino and Trout both homer.

Game 3, June 9 at the Snake Pit:
Fungoes win this one in the 12th inning with a bases loaded walk.  Will Harris notches his 19th save with a perfect 
12th inning.  Will Smith picks up the win in relief while Craig Kimbrell takes the loss.  Matt Joyce homered for the 
home team.

Game 4, June 10 at the Snake Pit:
Snakes take the lead in the bottom of the 5th and hold on to win it 5-4.  Santiago (6-3) takes the loss while
Paxton get the win for the Snakes.  Miller collects the save.  Hosmer, Walker and Zunino all homer.

Game 5, July 9 at WTF:
Fungoes walk it off with a Carlos Beltran 2-run home run in the home half of the 10th inning.  Fungoes
win it 3-1.  Miller takes the loss in relief while David Robertson (7-0) gets the win.

Game 6, July 10 at WTF:
Sidewinders score early and often winning it 9-1.  Moore gets the complete game win while Straily (5-7)
absorbs the loss for the Fungoes.  Matt Joyce hits 2 home runs while Trout and Ortiz also homer.

Game 7, July 11 at WTF:
Fungoes score in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th innings winning it 5-1.  Boyd gets the win while Paxton takes 
the loss for the Snakes.  Murphy and Odor both homer for the home team.

Game 8, August 16 at the Snake Pit:
Snakes score in each of the first four innings winning it 7-4.  Moore wins it for the Snakes while David 
Price falls to 8-6 for the Fungoes.  Fungoes actually out hit the Snakes 15-11 but strand 13 runners.  
Odor, Sal Perez, Werth, Belt and Walker all hit homers.  

Game 9, August 17 at the Snake Pit:
Fungoes race out to a 4-0 lead and hold on to win it 5-1.  Kershaw picks up the win improving his record 
to 13-2.  Chris Sale takes the loss for the home team.  Sal Perez smacked his 12th home run of the season
for the Fungoes.

Game 10, August 18 at the Snake Pit:
Snakes win a close contest 4-2.  Cueto picks up the win while Santiago (6-4) takes the loss for the Fungoes.  
Betts, Saunders and Walker all homer.  Miller picks up the save for the Snakes.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Extra Reserve Contest Updated

The Extra Reserve Contest has been updated thru games of July 4th. The Mavs have the lead with the Wahoos in 2nd. Basically, the teams who avoided choosing MadBum in the Innings category are at the top.

The Home Runs category leaders are the Warpigs and Sidewinders with 56.
The RBI category is topped by the DVs with 175.
The Steals leader is the FFTs with 98.
The Killer Bees lead in both the Wins category (34) and Saves category (58).
The Wahoos lead in Innings with 345.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Two Inmate Stars

Here's a picture of Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge.

Here's another one.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Killer Bees and Warpigs Trade

The Killer Bees traded Dansby Swanson to the Warpigs for Michael Wacha and Carlos Rodon.

Inmates 3, Killer Bees 2

Inmates 3 – Bees 2 via CM. All games at the Hive.

Bees 4 – Inmates 3: Espinosa hit Manaea’s first pitch of the 1st inning into Indiana to give the Hive Dwellars an early lead. Homers by Cargo and Rizzo gave the Inmates a brief 3-2 advantage but Eickhoff bore down to finish the game without any further damage. Sano tatered in the Bee 8th for the game-winner.

Inmates 8 – Bees 2: Quintana pitched no-hit ball until the 8th, when he allowed three hits and both Bee runs. The Inmates, however, scored regularly and led 8-0 before the Stingless Wonders woke up. Sabathia took the loss in game that featured no homers.

Inmates 6 – Bees 4: The Bees scored three in the 1st to take an early lead but couldn’t hold it. The Beakless Chicken Gang scored single runs in the 8th and 9th to ice the game after tying things up at 4-all in the 5th. The Inmate pen pitched unexpectedly well in relief of Gray. Edwards recorded the loss.

Inmates 5 – Bees 1: The Inmates scored all of their runs in the 2nd off of Chatwood, and Manaea pitched a CG for the total team effort. Rodney went 7 1/3 innings of relief for the Bees, shutting down the Inmate bats to no avail.

Bees 4 – Inmates 1: Once again the Bees scored early with three runs in the 1st off of Poopneda. Gray came within an out of a complete game, allowing only a solo homer to Cespedes to mar the shutout.


Demerit Update

The Rhinos (81 gms), Nads (60), and Skyscrapers (69) came up short of the minimum number of games played this month. The Rhinos will be assessed 1 demerit, and the Nads and Scrapers will be assessed 2 each (because they are both more than 20 games behind).

The totals for the season are:
Nads - 3
Skyscrapers - 2
Rhinos - 1
Killer Bees - 1
Sidewinders - 1
Wahoos - 1

By the end of July, everyone should have 115 games played. The official deadline is Sunday, August 6th. There is no consequence for 3 or fewer demerits, but starting at 4, you are limited as to how many players you can protect at next year's draft. Here's a link to the Constitution.

And please remember to CC me whenever sending game files after computer games. I have been updating the league, and I believe I have every computer game on there.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Inmates 7, Drillers 3

Via TeamViewer: Inmates 7 – Drillers 3

Inmates 6 – Drillers 4 (Driller Park): Four Inmate runs in the 2nd held up as the Beakless Chicken Gang hit four homers off of the loose and lascivious Driller pitching staff. Salazar walked seven but still managed to get the win. Yelich and Puig homered for the Oily Ones.

Inmates 9 – Drillers 2 (Driller Park): Jones, Cespedes, and Altuve homered for the Inmates, and the Drillers never got untracked. Lewis absorbed the loss, J. Gray got the win.

Drillers 3 – Inmates 2 (Driller Park): A well-pitched close game. Wilson Ramos tatered in the Inmate 9th to bring the Inmates within a run, but Ramos and Dayton shut the rally down to preserve the win for Fulmer.

Inmates 8 – Drillers 2 (Baptist Bowl): A lop-sided win for the Formerly-Feathered Wonders. The Drillers stayed tied at 2 for the first four innings thanks to two errors made by Cargo on consecutive plays in the 2nd, but Rizzo and Cespedes homered and the Inmate bullpen showed rare competence to put the game away. Salazar got the win.

Inmates 10 – Drillers 3 (Baptist Bowl): For the Inmates, Adam Jones hit a pair of homers and JD Martinez drove in four runs, while Ian Kennedy pitched a complete game loss for the Gang of Grease. 441 Inmate faithful enjoyed another route.

Drillers 4 – Inmates 3 (Baptist Bowl): Kepler homered in the Driller 8th to break a 3-3 deadlock, while the Inmates were unable to score in the 9th despite having the potential tying run in scoring position. Fulmer tossed eight effective innings for the Driller win.

Inmates 7 – Drillers 3 (10 innings – Driller Park): The LDMF threatened to reappear as the game went into extra innings tied at three, but the Inmates decided winning was much more fun as they scored four runs off of four Driller pitchers in the 10th for the victory.

Drillers 11 – Inmates 5 (Driller Park): Manaea walked five in the 1st inning to stake the Drillers to a 2-0 lead. The Inmates battled back to tie the game 3-3 in the 3rd, but everything went to hell after that. The Drillers blasted eighteen hits to bury the Beakless Chicken Gang, despite three Inmate taters. Andriesse recorded a three-inning save.

Inmates 6 – Drillers 3 (Baptist Bowl): Three Inmate homers and a strong performance by four Inmate relievers enabled the Baptist Bowl faithful to forget the previous day’s drubbing. All 104 fans were treated to free panty liners and crayons from a local dime store after the victory. Walker allowed thirteen hits in seven innings to take the loss.

Inmates 11 – Drillers 2 (Baptist Bowl): Kennedy showed his team spirit by pitching another complete game loss. The Drillers avoided being ignominiously shutout in the 9th when Beckham hit a two-run homer off of Wood, who earned a four-inning save.  Five Inmates homered on the day.

The Inmates out-homered the Drillers on the day 26-7 thanks to the amenable Driller Arson Squad.

Sidewinders 7, Wahoos 1

Details to come.

Tweeners 5, Killer Bees 2

Tweeners take 5 of 7 from Bees at the HooverDome. Details to follow.

Wahoos 5, Killer Bees 0

In desperation mode after struggling vs. the Buckeyes and Bees earlier in the week, the Wahoos faced the Bees via CM this morning. Here's what happened:

5/15 - Estrada vs. Chatwood turns into a slugfest as the use a 5-run eighth to top the Bees, 11-9. The big blow was a 3-run homer from Encarnacion. Freddie Freeman hit two homers and Dee Gordon had three hits including a triple. The Bees hit 6 homers.

5/16 - Folty vs. Sonny Gray -- Wahoos fall behind (again) early, this time 2-0. Khris Davis turned things around with a pair of home runs and Foltynewic went 7.2 and struck out eight to help slow the Bees. Dee Gordon had three more hits.

7/23 - Fernandez vs. Eickhoff seemed like a great day for dead man walking, as he entered the sixth inning with 11 strikeouts. Then trouble was capped off by a bases-loaded x-chance to Khris Davis. Double and an error and everybody scored. A 6-run inning and a 7-4 lead. The Wahoos scraped their way back into the game and Edwin Encarnacion capped the comeback with a walk-off 3-run bomb of Fernando Rodney. Wahoos win 9-7.

7/24 Arrieta vs. Sabathia -- Showing the game isn't always realistic, Dee Gordon singled and was caught stealing to lead off the game vs. Arrieta. May be the first runner ever caught vs. him. After Arrieta and the bullpen give up 3 in the ninth to give the Bees a 6-3, Liam Hendricks was tasked with holding on to the win. He didn't as the first five Wahoos up scored in the bottom of the inning capped by a 3-run walk-off homer by Marcell Ozuna off Tony Cingrani. Wahoos win, 8-6.

7/25 Estrada vs. Chatwood -- No late-inning heroics needed this time. The Wahoos scored 3 in the third and four relievers helped nail down the five-game sweep. Maikel Franco had three hits and homer for the Bees. Kyle Seager had two hits, two RBI and a homer for the Wahoos.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Warpigs 3, Buckeyes 2

The Buckeyes' day at the golf course was cut short by rain, so they made the short drive over to the PigSty to roll our final 5 games.

Game 1 @ The Buckeye Bandbox - Buckeyes 5, Warpigs 2. Joe Ross, who still sucks, gave up 2 more 1st inning runs, setting the stage for the Buckeye win. J.A. Happ went 6 innings for the win. The Buckeyes had 11 hits, 2 of which left the yard. Logan Forsythe homered for the Pigs.

Game 2 @ The Buckeye/Trump Tower - Warpigs 4, Buckeyes 3. Starlin Castro hit a 3-run homer in the 5th inning, and the Pig pitchers held on for the win. The Buckeyes scored 2 in the 9th and had the tying run on 2nd when Raisel Iglesias recorded the final out. Forsythe stayed hot for the Pigs with 3 hits. Garrett Richards went 7.2 innings for the win, allowing only 2 hits.

Game 3 @ The Buckeye Horseshoe  - Buckeyes 7, Warpigs 6. The score was 6-6 after only 2 innings, then the pitching took over. The only other run scored - the winning run - was a Justin Bour homer in the 7th. Or was it Carlos Santana? Trumbo? I don't remember, but ONE of those bashers went yard off of Michael Wacha. J.T. Realmuto had 4 hits for the Warpigs, and Chris Carter homered.

Game 4 @ The BallPork - Warpigs 4, Buckeyes 2. Jake Lamb had a homer and an RBI double to pace the Pigs. Kendall Graveman (3-12) shut down the powerful Buckeyes, holding them to 4 hits over 7 innings and just 1 earned run. Raisel Iglesias got the last 5 outs for the save.

Game 5 @ The BallPork - Warpigs 3, Buckeyes 1. Mallex Smith hit his 1st homer of the year, a 2-run shot in the 2nd inning. Adam Wainwright and 3 relievers held the Buckeyes to 5 hits. Iglesias got the save. Ender Inciarte had 4 hits.

Warpigs and Buckeyes Trade

The Buckeyes traded Guillermo Heredia to the Warpigs for Yasmany Tomas.