Monday, July 03, 2017

Demerit Update

The Rhinos (81 gms), Nads (60), and Skyscrapers (69) came up short of the minimum number of games played this month. The Rhinos will be assessed 1 demerit, and the Nads and Scrapers will be assessed 2 each (because they are both more than 20 games behind).

The totals for the season are:
Nads - 3
Skyscrapers - 2
Rhinos - 1
Killer Bees - 1
Sidewinders - 1
Wahoos - 1

By the end of July, everyone should have 115 games played. The official deadline is Sunday, August 6th. There is no consequence for 3 or fewer demerits, but starting at 4, you are limited as to how many players you can protect at next year's draft. Here's a link to the Constitution.

And please remember to CC me whenever sending game files after computer games. I have been updating the league, and I believe I have every computer game on there.

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