Friday, May 31, 2013

Mavs and Snakes Trade

The Mavs traded Brandon Moss to the Sidewinders for Jonathan Lucroy.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zaps 4, Tweeners 1

You can't start lefties against the Zaps!

Game 1- In a slugrest, McCutchen breaks a 7-7 ties with a leadoff tater
as the good guys (Zaps!) take game one.
Game 2-Gio walks 11 Zap batters but only allows 1-run. Johnson and the
Zap pen pitch a shutout for the win.
Game 3-Gio gets revenge as he strikes out 11 on the way to a 5-2 Tweener
Game 4-Zaps pound Bumgarner for 7 runs to back up Greinke solid start
for a 7-1 victory.
Game 5-Milone can't get out of the first after giving up four runs and
the Zaps send the Tweeners out of town with a 7-3 loss.

FFTs and Warpigs Make the First Trade of the Season

Jeremy Hellickson and Fernando Rodney were traded to the FFTs for youngsters Dylan Bundy and Trevor Bauer.

Zaps 5, Sidewinders 0

Zaps sweep the Snakes.
Game 1-Snakes blow a 3-0 as Lowrie's 3-run tater highlights the Zaps
comeback on the way to a 5-3 W.
Game 2-Zaps use 3 taters off Chris Sale to triumph in game 2 by a 7-1
Game 3-Jaime Garcia goes the distance in the second game of the
doubleheader for a 7-4 victory.
Game 4-Zap bats explode for 18 hits and four taters for an 18-4 rout.
Game 5-A sloppy getaway game sees four unearned runs scored, but the
good guys (Zaps) use a broom to sweep the Snakes out of town 6-5.

Rhinos 8, Wahoos 2

From Colonel Rhino...

Rhinos go 8-2 vs Wahoo's

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bees 3, Fungoes 2

Bees take 3 of 5 from the Fungoes at WTF:
June10:  Fungoes can't hold the early lead and the Bees win it going away 7 - 3.  Ian Kennedy tossed a complete game and Omar Infante slammed a homerun and had
3 RBI at Pac Bell Park where the Killer Bees beat the WTFers 7 to 3.  David Price takes the loss for the Fungoes.
June 11:  Eric Hosmer hit a homerun and had 2 RBI as the Fungoes defeated the Killer Bees by the score of 6 to 4 at Pac Bell Park. The Fungoes had the game winning rally in the bottom of the 8th inning when they scored 4 runs on 4 hits.  The key offensive moment was provided by Hosmer who excited the crowd when he bombed a two-run dinger.   Steve Delabar(1-0) was the winner allowing no runs in 1 and 2/3 innings.  Jonathan Papelbon preserved the game for Delabar, recording his his 8th save.
James McDonald(0-1) was hit with the loss.
June 12:  Fungoes can't hold the early lead as the Bees win it 4 - 3.  Joe Blanton earned his pay with a solid performance for the Bees.  He allowed 9 hits and 1 walk in 6 and 1/3 innings.  Blanton mowed down 7 Fungo batters.  Both teams totaled 10 hits on the night.  Blanton got relief help from Brian Duensing who gained credit for his 1st
save.  Rick Porcello was the loser.  'I just wanted to give my team a chance to win.' said Blanton, 'I got burned on a couple of pitches. But we won the game, and that's all that matters.'
August 24:  Fungoes blow an early 5 - 0 lead as the KBs offense bangs out 15 hits winning this one 8 - 7.  The victory went to Rafael Betancourt(1-0) who went 1 and 2/3 innings, allowing no runs. Ernesto Frieri(1-1) took the loss in relief.  He gave up 1 run and 2 hits in 1 inning. 
August 25:  Fungoes break open a scorless tie with a 7 spot in the bottom of the fourth inning.  Brad Lincoln threw a complete game 4-hitter as the Bees fell 7 - 1.  Joe Blanten takes the loss.

Zaps 4, Bees 1

Game 1-Mr. Miguel goes 4 for 4 with 3 doubles, a homer, 3 RBI’s, and 3
runs scored to power the Zaps to a triumph in the opener.
Game2-Napoloi popped the game winning homer in the 8th to give the Zaps
a 2-1 win.
Game 3-Lincecum surrenders 9 runs in the first three innings and the
Zaps hold on to win 12-7.
Game 4-Niese throws a 2-0 shutout.
Game 5-The Bees comeback against the Zap bullpen and win the getaway
game 6-5 in extra innings.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Drillers 5, FFTs 5

@ Drillers
4/26 Liriano vs Minor - Drillers win 4 - 2
4/27 Kuroda vs Burnett - FFTs win 10 - 2
7/19 Leake vs Burnett - Drillers win 8 - 4
7/20 Wandy vs Cobb - FFTs win 4 - 1
7/21 Masterson vs Chen - Drillers win 3 - 1

6/6 Shields vs Wandy - FFTs win 4 - 2
6/7 Minor vs Masterson - Drillers win 7 - 2
8/18 Chen vs Wandy - Drillers win 7 - 4
8/19 Nolasco vs Masterson - FFTs win 7 - 5
8/20 Shields vs Kuroda - FFTs win 9 - 6

Bees 3, Drillers 2

May 8 Bees win 4 - 2
May 9 Drillers win 12 - 1 (Bruce 4 3 3 7)
Jul 31 Drillers win 9 - 3 (Lincecum sucks)
Aug 1 Bees win 7 - 0 (Verlander CG SHO)
Aug 2 Bees win 7 - 3

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Buckeyes 4, Nads 1

Buckeyes 4 Nads 1 in 5 at Buckeyes
Game 1 - Buckeyes 3 Nads 1 - C Hart's 2 run HR in 6th is the difference. Harrell goes 7 2/3 shutout innings. Johnson gets the save.
Game 2 - Nads 17 Buckeyes 4 - Nads get all their hitting out of their system. Zambrano takes one for the team fiving up 14 runs. T Frazier hits 3 HR's and drives in 9 runs. Goes 4 for 5 on the day.
Game 3 - Buckeyes 8 Nads 1 - Hamels goes all 9 to get the win. Cuddyer and Youk with HR's off CJ and Blevins.
Game 4 - Buckeyes 9 Nads 1 - A Dunn drives in 6 going 3 for 5 with 2 HR's. Harrell gets the win.
Game 5 - Buckeyes 4 Nads 1 - C Wells and G Jones hit homers for pretty much the only offense in the game. Volquez picks up win with Johnson getting the save.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Drillers 3, DVs 2

6/8 DVs win 4 - 3
6/9 DVs win 8 - 0
8/21 Drillers win 7 - 4
8/22 Drillers win 11 - 4
8/23 Drillers win 7 - 4

Inmates 5, Drillers 0

May 18 Inmates win 10 - 4
May 19 Inmates win 7 - 5
May 20 Inmates win 9 - 0
Aug 12 Inmates win 8 - 3 (we strand 17 runners)
Aug 13 Inmates win 9 - 1

Drillers 5, Sidewinders 0

6/22 Drillers trap Snakes 10 - 2
6/23 Drillers behead Snakes 3 - 1
9/3 Drillers skin Snakes 6 - 2
9/4 Drillers fillet Snakes 3 - 2
9/5 Drillers fry up the Snakes 7 - 2

DVs 2, Nads 1

Gm 1 - Ryan Dempster pitched 8 strong innings as the NADS defeated the 
DIAMONDVISION 5 to 2 at Kauffman Stadium. The losing pitcher was Mat Latos -   He was touched for 3 homeruns in his 5 innings of work. 
Gm 2 - Jered Weaver retired 12 batters on strikeouts as the
DIAMONDVISION beat the NADS in 10 innings 9 to 5. Both teams had scored 4 runs after nine full innings. The DV’s won the hard fought contest in the 10th inning. The critical plate appearance was by Michael Saunders who quieted the home crowd when he delivered a one-base hit plating two runs. The game was a scoreless duel until the 6th inning.
Gm 3 - Giancarlo Stanton launched 2 homeruns and had 4 RBI as the DIAMONDVISION beat the NADS 8 to 3.

Nads 3, Goofs 2

Gm 1 - A.J. Griffin tossed a complete game as the SUPER GOOFS beat the
NADS by the score of 6 to 1. The Nads never recovered after the SUPER GOOFS took the lead in the 2nd inning when they tallied 2 runs on 3 hits.
Gm 2 - Shaun Marcum completed the game without help from the bullpen as the NADS won in dramatic fashion over the SUPER GOOFS,the final score, 3 to 2.
The game was won by the NADS with a run in the 9th inning. After two outs Josh Willingham drew a walk. Willingham took second on a stolen base. Adrian Gonzalez then was walked intentionally. Todd Frazier stepped in and he lined a single giving DAVE the win and sending the home town fans into a frenzy
Gm 3 - Ryan Dempster(4-4) and Yu Darvish(0-2) treated the fans to a fine
pitching duel The NADS eventually emerged as victors over the SUPER GOOFS by the score of 4 to 0
Gm 4 - Kyle Lohse came through with a solid 7 and one third innings and Jason Castro had 2 base hits as the SUPER GOOFS beat the NADS by a score of 6 to 3.
Gm 5 - Wade Miley tossed a complete game as the NADS defeated the SUPER GOOFS 5 to 1.   Miley(3-1) was solid in the win.  He didn't give up much, just 7 hits and 1 walk in 9 innings lowering his ERA to 3.48.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fungoes 4, Drillers 1

May 21 @ Fungoes: Drillers win 4-1. Shields the win, Gregerson the save. Konerko clouts a homer for the Drillers. Porcello takes the loss.
May 22 @ Fungoes: Fungoes win 2-1 in sixteen innings. Nathan takes the loss while Frieri picks up the win. Span gets the walkoff double after Barmes reached on an error.
May 23 @ Fungoes: Fungoes win 4-0. Medlen - Holland - Papelbon combine for the shutout. Papelbon gets the four out save. Burnett takes the loss.
August 14 @ Fungoes: Fungoes win 3-2 with a walkoff single by Span in the ninth inning. Shields takes the tough luck loss. Cishek picks up the win for the Fungoes.
August 15 @ Fungoes: Fungoes win 3-0. Kershaw and Papelbon toss a shutout and Papelbon gets the save. Gregerson takes the loss.

Nads 3, Buckeyes 2

Gm 1 - The Buckeyes and the NADS locked up in an exciting one-run game.  The final score was the Buckeyes 3, the NADS 2. The win went to Lucas Harrell
Gm 2 - The NADS readily handled the Buckeyes by a score of 6 to 2. Shaun Marcum(3-1) got credit for the victory, pitching 5 and 2/3 innings and allowing 2 runs. Jared Burton recorded the save
Gm 3 - The game was deadlocked at 3 after nine full innings.  GLENN ended up winning it in the 10th inning.  After two were out Ortiz lofted a solo-blast
Gm 4- Ryan Dempster didn't allow a hit until the 7th inning as the NADS topped
the Buckeyes by a score of 2 to 1
Gm 5 - the Buckeyes fell behind quickly as the Nads offense came through in the first inning scoring 3 runners on 4 hits.  That early run support was enough for Wade Miley(2-1)

Goofs 6, Wahoos 4

Goofs outscore Wahoos in the series 65-43 and shutout the Hoos twice.

Both teams combine for 42 hits and 11 homers in game 1.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fungoes 3, Drillers 2

April 9 Drillers win 7-6 in 17 innings.
April 10 Fungoes win 6-2.
July 2 Drillers win 7-4.
July 3 Fungoes win 3-1 10innings.
July 4 Fungoes win 9-6.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

DVs 3, Drillers 2

DVs and Drillers hooked up for an interesting 5 game set in the DV bandbox. Here are the details:
Game 1 – Hammel lowers his ERA to 6.39 with a complete game 12-4 win. Aramis Ramirez put it out of reach with a grand slam in the 7th as part of a 6 run inning.
Game 2 – DVs suffer through ANOTHER extra inning game – the 6th so far in 45 games, and the third 14 innings or longer – and pull out a 6-5 win in 14 innings. DVs tie it in the bottom of the 9th and then after the Drillers score one in the top of the 14th, the DVs ride Martin Maldonado and Curtis Granderson solo home runs for the walk off win.
Game 3 – Weaver outduels Shields for a 4-1 DV win
Game 4 – Drillers bats wake up with a vengeance as the pound Weaver in a 10-6 win.
Game 5 – Drillers stay hot and utilize a 13 hit attack against a hapless Lance Lynn in a 8-4 win.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mavs 4, Sidewinders 1

June 19th – great game by both pitchers. Beltran missed a bp tater that would have given the SSW’s a lead. DeJesus and Andrus got back to back hits on their cards to win in the bottom of the ninth. Interesting side note. This was the Mavs 9th shutout thrown but the first one that wasn’t combined. 1-0 Mavs.
June 20th – Key error by David Wright leads to 3 runs. The Mavs get tenth shutout of the year as the SSW’s can’t buy a split card under 16. 4-0
June 21st – The SSWs luck finally turns and they rough up Hughes. Cueto throws a gem. 7-3 SSWs.
September 1st – Morrow is the hard luck loser. Hal out managed me t every turn but a bp HR by Davis gives me a tainted win anyway. 2-1 Mavs
September 2nd – 3e27 Brandon Moss turns a critical DP and hits a homer to win the Chico’s Bail Bonds player of the game. Chapman walks in insurance runs for the Mavs. You were glad to not have to watch that. 3-1 Mavs

Tweeners 3, Sidewinders 2

Dice and cards in Lexington, KY, as the Tweeners and Snakes begin their annual mutual beat-down ritual, ultimately to the benefit of the Goofs. Starting with 3 games at the Church Lot.
4/16 – Tweeners 9, SSWs 5. MadBum didn't have his best stuff, but Cueto was worse. Snakes were always pitching from the stretch , surrendering 16 hits, 6 walks, and a HBP to the Tweeners.
4/17 – Tweeners 5, SSWs 0. Gio took a no-hitter into the 7th, settled for a 2-hit shutout. Moore the loser, Victorino homered.
4/18 – SSWs 7, Tweeners 1. Tillman served up 1st inning homers to Kipnis, Morneau, and Beltran; Morrow cruised.
5/27 #1 – Tweeners 6, SSWs 5. Front end of a DH at The Hooverdome. MadBum settled down after allowing 2 in the 1st. Tweeners rallied for 3 in the 7th against Chapman. Romo blew the save, then picked up the win when Tweeners scored 2 in the 8th on a Cozart HR and doubles by Rosario and Victorino. Phelps took the loss.
5/27 #2 – SSWs 6, Tweeners 0. 4-hit shutout for Morrow, grand slam for Lucroy, Milone the loser.

Killer Bees 6, FFTs 4

The Bees took a break from studying to play some games.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Inmates 4, Drillers 1

All games at the Baptist Bowl:
INMATES 15 – DRILLERS 3: Inmates score 7 in the 1st off of Minor and Myers, with both Rios and Beltre hitting 3-run homers. It never got any better for the Drillers, who never pitched, hit, or fielded.
DRILLERS 5 – INMATES 2: Burnett and Nathan combine to shut down the Beakless Chicken Gang. Parra steals three bases for a rare Inmate highlight.
INMATES 3 – DRILLERS 2: Drillers got reamed in this one. Up 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 9th, Nathan gives up a lead-off double to Jones. After Teixeira grounded to third, Pierzynski hit an RBI pinch single, scoring Jones and making the score 2-1 Drillers. Gregerson came on to pitch to Parra, who promptly popped out for out #2. Espinosa then hit a 2-run walk-off tater to give the Inmates the win.
INMATES 5 – DRILLERS 4: Pierzynski hit a pair of taters and the Inmates held a 5-0 lead. The Drillers came back with 1 in the 6th and 3 in the 7th, but fell short.
INMATES 7 – DRILLERS 3: Konerko hit a 2-run shot in the 1st, but Norris settled down for the CG win. Pierzynski homers again, giving him four for the series.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Buckeyes 5, Drillers 2

Buckeyes go 5-2 at home vs Drillers
Game 1 - Buckeyes 2 Drillers 0 - Capuano and 3 relievers combine on 3 hit shutout
Game 2 - Drillers 10 Buckeyes 5 - N Walker the hitting star with 4 hits and 5 RBI's
Game 3 - Buckeyes 6 Drillers 4 - Dunn's 2 run HR in 8th breaks 4-4 tie
Game 4 - Drillers 9 Buckeye 4 - Cabrera 4 hits and Bruce with 3 RBI support Cobb
Game 5 - Buckeyes 4 Drillers 3 - C. Wells with 2 run HR to support Hamels for the win
Game 6 - Buckeyes 3 Drillers 2 - Dunn and G Jones with solo HR's to support Harrell with win
Game 7 - Buckeyes 7 Drillers 6 - G. Jones walk off 9th inning single wins it for J Karstens in relief.

Mavs 3, Sidewinders 2

Tweener split for the SSWs @ home a the Mavs
The VINCE SIDEWINDERS defeated the TAD MAVS by a score of 7 to 4 at the ChurchLot.

VINCE came up with 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th inning with the help of 4
hits. The highlight belonged to Carlos Beltran who brought the crowd to
their feet when he laced a one-base hit bringing home two baserunners. VINCE
had 11 hits for the night while TAD had 8.
Andrew Miller got the win allowing no runs in 2/3 of an inning. Miller
was helped out by Craig Kimbrel who recorded the save. Greg Holland
absorbed the loss in relief. He gave up 4 runs and 4 hits in 1 inning.

5/9/13 Gallardo beats Sale. Chris Davis comes to the plate 6 times. He strikeouts twice. WOW, striking out a third of his ABs? MavMan trade him to me!
The other 4 were homers......Mavs win 11-0

At ChurchLot the TAD MAVS outscored the VINCE SIDEWINDERS 6 to 3.

TAD wasted no time and took the lead in the first inning with 3 runs on 2
hits. After an out was recorded, Howie Kendrick opened up the rally as he
laced a one-base hit. Justin Maxwell came next and he drew a walk. Billy
Butler then belted a three-run homer. After another out, Chris Davis dug
into the batters box next, but he struck out. TAD had only 4 hits for the

The win was credited to Yovani Gallardo who went 5 and 2/3 innings
allowing 3 runs. Gallardo was helped out by Aaron Crow who recorded the save. Chris Sale was the losing pitcher. He surrendered 4 runs and 3
hits in 5 and 1/3 innings.

Carlos Beltran homered and had 3 RBI as the VINCE SIDEWINDERS defeated the TAD
MAVS 6 to 4 at ChurchLot

Johnny Cueto had a solid outing for VINCE. He went 6 and 1/3 innings
allowing 8 hits and no walks. Both teams ended up with 10 hits on the night.

Craig Kimbrel recorded his the save. Matt Cain was given the loss. He
was knocked around by VINCE, allowing 10 hits and 4 walks in 6 and 2/3

Chase Headley jacked one out of the ballyard and scored 3 times at ChurchLot
Stadium as the TAD MAVS beat the VINCE SIDEWINDERS by the count of 8 to

TAD jumped on top of VINCE(we did not enjoy it) in the 2nd inning as they scored 2 runs on 1 base
hits. The biggest moment was provided by Chris Davis(fuck you Chris Davis) who disappointed the
partisan crowd when he clubbed a two-run home run. Overall TAD out-hit VINCE
13 to 5.

The victory was credited to Phil Hughes who went 5 and 1/3 innings,
allowing 3 runs. Matt Moore was tagged with the loss. He was knocked
around by TAD, allowing 11 hits and 4 walks in 6 innings.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Zaps 3, Sidewinders 2

Zaps win 3 of 5 at the ChurchLot
6/14 Zaps win 11-4. Morrow loses and Herrera gets the win in relief
6/15 Peavy,Chapman and Kimbrel combine to shutout Zaps 2-0. Wright homers.
6/16Zaps win 5-2, Johnson beats Sale
8/16 SSWs score 5 in the 8th off of Greinke and League, winning 9-4
8/17 McCutchen and Joyce homer for zaps and Morneau hits a solo shot for Snakes. Zaps win 2-1

Warpigs 2, DVs 2

Games played via netplay @ DV Park.

4/12 - Warpigs win 4-3. The Pigs scored all 4 runs in the 7th inning, coming from behind to win the game. Jeremy Hellickson (5-1) got the win and Fernando Rodney saved his 19th game.

4/13 - DVs win 9-7. The DVs scored early and often off of Adam Wainwright, then hung on for the win. Mat Latos wasn't at his best, but he pitched well enough to win. Ryan Cook got the last out for a save.

4/14 - DVs win 7-6 in 15 innings. For the first time this year, Rodney blows a save. Casey Janssen goes 4 innings but takes the loss, giving up a walk off homer to Giancarlo Stanton. Lance Lynn got the win. Ryan Cook threw 5 perfect innings in relief for the DVs.

4/15 - Warpigs win 7-2. Stephen Strasburg beats Roy Halladay thanks in part to a grand slam by Yadier Molina.

Drillers 3, Tweeners 2

Tweeners settle for the split in hand-to-hand combat at The Hooverdome.
6/17 - Drillers 3, Tweeners 0. James Shields mowed down 10 NORM batters as the SHAWN DRILLERS defeated the
NORM TWEENERS by a score of 3 to 0 at The Hooverdome.

Shields(1-2) was tremendous on the mound for SHAWN. He surrendered only 6
hits and 1 walk in 9 innings. SHAWN totaled 10 hits on the night.

The losing pitcher was Hisashi Iwakuma(0-1). He was knocked around by SHAWN,
allowing 9 hits and 2 walks in 6 innings. Shields, when asked about his 10
strikeout performance noted, 'The important thing is that we won, if I get 20
and we lose, what good does it do our team? But, on the other hand, since we
won it feels great!'

6/18 – Drillers 8, Tweeners 3. Mike Minor went 7 solid innings and Mike Moustakas connected with a 'big fly'
and had 3 RBI as the SHAWN DRILLERS defeated the NORM TWEENERS by the score
of 8 to 3 at The Hooverdome.

Minor(2-1) gave a fine effort for SHAWN. He went 7 innings and surrendered up 2
hits and 1 walk. For the game SHAWN out-hit NORM 10 to 3.

Joe Nathan was credited with his 3rd save. Chris Tillman(1-3) was the losing
pitcher. He pitched 7 innings giving up 9 hits and 5 walks.

8/29 – Tweeners 3, Drillers 1. Madison Bumgarner(11-3) and Mike Fiers(0-3) treated the NORM fans to a fine
pitching duel. The NORM TWEENERS eventually emerged as
victors over the SHAWN DRILLERS by the score of 3 to 1.

NORM delivered all the runs required in the 3rd inning plating 3 runs on 3
hits. Norichika Aoki started the inning off right when he ripped a base-hit.
Aoki got a good lead and stole second. After an out was recorded, Ben
Zobrist stepped up to the plate and he would ground out. Michael Morse
followed and he delivered a single. Yasmani Grandal came up to bat and
cracked a two-run shot. That was all Bumgarner needed. After the 3rd
inning, neither team was able to score.

Conventional wisdom says "Don't start a southpaw against the Drillers." "Pshaw", says Madbum, who was helped out by Sergio Romo who recorded his 16th save.

8/30 – Tweeners 6, Drillers 5. First baseman Adam Laroche cracked 2 homeruns and had 5 RBI as the NORM
TWEENERS defeated the SHAWN DRILLERS by a score of 6 to 5.

Laroche provided much of the offense. He lifted one out of the park for a two
run home run in the 2nd inning and smashed a two-run homer in the 4th inning.
SHAWN tried unsuccessfully to come back in the 9th.

The winning pitcher was Chris Tillman(2-3) who allowed 4 runs in 5 and 1/3
innings. Sergio Romo preserved the game for Tillman, recording his his 17th
save. Wei-Yin Chen(1-3) was the losing pitcher. He allowed 3 homeruns in 6
and 2/3 innings of work.

'This was a tough loss,' said SHAWN's manager, 'the kind that sticks with you
for awhile.'

8/31 – Drillers 6, Tweeners 4. A rematch of Shields vs. Iwakuma. Tweeners take an early lead on another LaRoche homer, but then we have to come from behind to tie it with a run in the 6th, and again in the 8th with a rare Panda tater. Tied at 4 going to the 9th, Romo is called upon for the third day in a row and gives up the 1-2 BP HR to Jennings.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Warpigs 2, Drillers 1

@ Driller Field

7/24 Pigs 8-1
7/25 Drillers 3-1
7/26 Pigs 5-1

Drillers 3, Tweeners 2

@ Driller Field

5/5 Drillers 5-0
5/6 Tweeners 3-2
5/7 Drillers 5-4

7/29 Tweeners 5-4
7/30 Drillers 2-0

Buckeyes 5, Drillers 2

@ Driller Field
4/19 Buckeyes 8-4
4/20 Buckeyes 6-2
4/21 Drillers 5-4
4/22 Buckeyes 4-2

7/12 Buckeyes 2-1
7/13 Drillers 4-3
7/14 Buckeyes 3-2

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mavs 2, Drillers 1

September 9th – Vogelsong scatters 14 hits and 3 walks over 7 2/3 innings. But Jay Bruce misses two BP HR’s and the Drillers leave 15 on base and the Mavs come away with an unconvincing win.
September 10th – The Drillers made up for missing BP HR’s the day before by pounding out five taters and win 10-1
September 11th – A blowout the other way. Cain and Bass combine to throw a four hitter and the Mavs win 9-0

Friday, May 03, 2013

Warpigs 2, Drillers 0

Games played at The BallPork.

Gm1 - Warpigs win 5-0. First Pig shutout of the year is tossed by Stephen Strasburg. He allowed 3 hits and 1 walk while striking out 10. Yadier Molina homered twice for the Pigs.

Gm2 - Warpigs win 3-1. Dillon Gee gets the win; Fernando Rodney the save. Prince Fielder hit a 2-run homer. James Shields throws a complete game for the Drillers.