Thursday, September 30, 2010

SuperGoofs at Rhinos

Goofs 4, Rhinos 3

From Goofball...
Game 1 Goofs 3 Rhinos 2 Pinch hit 9th inning single by Morales wins it
Game 2 Rhinos 15 Goofs 1 Rhinos pund out 4 HR's in their 14 hits and 7 walks. Sabathia gets the win
Game 3 Rhinos 5 Goofs 3 Garza and Bell shut down the Goofs
Game 4 Goofs 12 Rhinos 5 Goofs get HR's from Ramirez and Choo in pounding Duke and 4 relievers
Game 5 Goofs 4 Rhinos 3 Goofs jump on Millwood for 4 in first and then hang on for win
Game 6 Goofs 3 Rhinos 1 Quentin's pinch hit 2 run HR in 9th off Soria breaks the 1-1 tie
Game 7 Rhinos 10 Goofs 6 Rhinos hit 6 HR's which were too much to overcome.

SuperGoofs at Wahoos

Wahoos 5, Goofs 2

From the Chief...
Wahoos win game 1, 6-3, behind the 3 hits and homer from Hafner. Alexei Ramirez had 3 hits for the Goofs. Game 2 was all Goofs, 11-2, though 6 of those runs came in the ninth. Only Jim Thome didn't have at least one hit for the Goofs. The Wahoos pitching was a mess, with no one getting in 3 innings of works. Wahoos hang on to win Game 3, 8-6, despite having to wiggle out of trouble in the 9th. Thome was the big part of the offense for the Goofs this time. He had 3 hits. Aramis Ramirez drove in 4 for the Wahoos. The top 4 guys in the Wahoos lineup had 9 hits in their Game 4, 4-2, victory. Jesse Carlson worked 2.2 innings of scoreless relief for the win. Goofs had 5 runs after 2 innings and didn't need any more to win Game 5, 5-2. Ricky Nolasco struck out 10 in a 7-4 win in Game 6. Wahoos win Game 7, 4-2, as Dustin Pedroia scored all 4 runs. He had 2 of the team's 5 hits.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wahoos at SuperGoofs

Wahoos 4, Goofs 3

From Goofy...
Wahhos take 4 of 7 at Goofs.
Game 1 Wahoos 8 Goofs 7 Parra and Youkilis each homer. Late Goof rally falls short
Game 2 Wahoos 8 Goofs 4 Wahoos continue to hit. 4 run 1st too much for Goofs to overcome
Game 3 Wahoos 7 Goofs 1 Pedroia, Hafner, and Rollins each homer. Wahoo offense on a roll
Game 4 Wahoos 10 Goofs 4 Wahoos just keep hitting 15 hits including 4 homers
Game 5 Goofs 6 Wahoos 2 Wahoo hitting finally calms down. Hunter and Alexi homer for Goofs
Game 6 Goofs 1 Wahoos 0 Now the Wahoos can't buy a hit. Only run on Phillips RBI double in 8th
Game 7 Goofs 5 Wahoos 4 Franklin win in relief. Series of runs. Wahoos take first 4 only to have Goofs bounce back in last 3.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wahoos at Buckeyes

Buckeyes 3, Wahoos 2

From Ducky the Duckeye...

Buckeyes 3 Wahoos 2 in 5 at Buckeyes
4/9 Wahoos 7 Buckeyes 4 Wahoos 5 run 9th capped by Parra HR
4/10 Buckeyes 3 Wahoos 2 Overbay with an HR to break a 2-2 tie.
7/6 Buckeyes 10 Wahhos 2 Werth 3 for 3 with an HR. Escobar with 3 RBI's
7/7 Wahoos 12 Buckeyes 1 Wahoos return the favor with Nolasco throing a CG 6 hitter
7/8 Buckeyes 2 Wahoos 1 K. Suzuki with a bases loaded 2 out clutch hit off Marmol to give Buckeyes the lead. Calero holds on for the save.

Fungoes at Buckeyes

Buckeyes 3, Fungoes 2

From Bucky the Buckeye...

Buckeyes go 3 and 2 in final 5 at home versus Fungoes
5/18 Buckeyes 4 Fungoes 3 Overbay 2B scores Castillo with go ahead run in 8th.
5/19 Buckeyes 1 Fungoes 0 Maine and 3 relievers combine on a 4 hitter. Prado's 2B scores Castillo with the only run
5/20 Fungoes 2 Buckeyes 1 Porcello winner and Papelbon the save. Cuddyer's HR is the difference
8/14 Buckeyes 6 Fungoes 3 Buehrle with a CG 6 hitter. Overbay and Carroll with 3 RBI's each
8/15 Fungoes 2 Buckeyes 0 Kershaw and Papelbon combine on a 3 hitter

Sunday, September 26, 2010

DVs vs Fungoes

Fungoes 5, DVs 2

From the WhatTheFungo?..
Fungoes sweep the three at WTF and split the four game set in DV land. Games three and four at DV land were worth the price of admittance. Both games were 10-7 wins with the DVs getting the walkoff three run blast to win the finale.

@ The Diamond Mines
7/30 - Fungoes win 6-4
7/31 - DVs win 4-0
8/1 - Fungoes win 10-7
8/2 - DVs win 10-7

@ WTF Field
9/15 - Fungoes win 2-1
9/16 - Fungoes win 7-6
9/17 - Fungoes win 7-3

Buckeyes at Fungoes

Buckeyes 3, Fungoes 2

From the Fugnose...
Fungoes lose the first three and just as it appears we will be no-hit in game four....we finally start hitting. Fungoes win the last two for a 2-3 at home vs Buckeyes.

Buckeyes at Wahoos

Buckeyes 3, Wahoos 2

From the Chief...
Buckeyes win Game 1, 6-5, as the Wahoos run out of time in the quest to catch up.
Wahoos blow 3-1 lead in Game 2, but load the bases in the ninth inning after a walk, stolen base, intentional walk, single and walk (to Morneau) to win 4-3.
Buckeyes jump out quick with 3 runs in the second and run off with a 7-2 win. The Wahoos were held to three hits highlighted by a Johnny Damon homer.
Wahoos rough up Carpenter in Game 4 and Baker and Hawksworth combine to win, 4-3. Lastings Milledge had 4 hits in the win.
Gabe Kapler homered and had 3 RBIs in the Buckeyes 4-2 win.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Extra Reserve Pick Update

After games on September 24th, the race is as tight as ever. The Warpigs and Rhinos are tied at the top with the Sidewinders 2 wins back. And the tie-breaker between the Pigs and Rhinos is also tied.

The only difference between the picks of the Pigs and Rhinos is the Yankee/Ray selection. The Snakes (who have the Yankees) are helped by the Giants and their lead over the Rockies, but they have fallen back a little due to the recent failures of the Braves.

I have been updating the standings as close to daily as possible.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wahoos vs FFTs

Wahoos 7, FFTs 3

The FFT season is finished.

From the FFTs...
stick a fork in us.
went 0-5 at Garth's
and 3-2 at home vs Garth
Let's draft.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Extra Reserve Pick

It's coming right down to the wire in the race for the extra reserve pick. The Snakes have been comfortably ahead most of the way, but as of yesterday, the Pigs are only one win behind and the Rhinos trail by 2.

Naturally, these three teams have a lot of the same picks (Rangers, Twins, Cardinals), but it's the other three races that make it interesting. In the AL East, the Snakes and Pigs have the Yankees, but the Rhinos have the Rays. And after the Yankees were swept by the Rangers, the Rays are right on their tail. In the NL East, the Phillies (Pigs and Rhinos) are battling with the Braves (Snakes). And out west, the Rockies (Pigs and Rhinos) are two wins behind the Giants (Snakes).

The Drillers had been in the hunt but faltered with the Dodgers. They are now 9 wins behind the Snakes and need a Dodger miracle run to get back into this race.

In the case of a tie, the tie-breakers are also close. The question was the difference in number of wins between the Yankees and the Nationals. Right now, the Yankees have 27 more wins. The Snakes (37), the Warpigs (31), and the Rhinos (21) are all close.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

DVs at Buckeyes

Buckeyes 4, DVs 1

From the Buckeye...

May 21 - GPB 1 DV 0 Cook and Buehrle in a pitchers duel. Only run in 6th when Castillo's single drives home Gwynn Jr
May 22 - DV 2 GPB 0 Halladay just too tough. Ordonez 2 run 4th inning single in only offense
May 23 - GPB 5 DV 2 Correia the winner. LaRoche with a costly error led to 2 unearned runs
Aug 16 - GPB 3 DV 0 E Jackson and 4 relievers combine on 6 hitter. Third shutout in the 5 games.
Aug 17 - GPB 10 DV 2 Lowe rocked for 7 earned runs. J Baker with a big 3 run homer.

SuperGoofs at DVs

Goofs 3, DVs 2

Game 1 Goofs 10 DV 3
Game 2 DV 4 Goofs 3
Game 3 DV 6 Goofs 2
Game 4 Goofs 6 DV 3
Game 5 Goofs 6 DV 2

Monday, September 06, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Demerit Update

Rhinos and Inmates both pick up their second demerit of the year due to falling short of the 120 game mark by the start of September.