Monday, September 13, 2010

Extra Reserve Pick

It's coming right down to the wire in the race for the extra reserve pick. The Snakes have been comfortably ahead most of the way, but as of yesterday, the Pigs are only one win behind and the Rhinos trail by 2.

Naturally, these three teams have a lot of the same picks (Rangers, Twins, Cardinals), but it's the other three races that make it interesting. In the AL East, the Snakes and Pigs have the Yankees, but the Rhinos have the Rays. And after the Yankees were swept by the Rangers, the Rays are right on their tail. In the NL East, the Phillies (Pigs and Rhinos) are battling with the Braves (Snakes). And out west, the Rockies (Pigs and Rhinos) are two wins behind the Giants (Snakes).

The Drillers had been in the hunt but faltered with the Dodgers. They are now 9 wins behind the Snakes and need a Dodger miracle run to get back into this race.

In the case of a tie, the tie-breakers are also close. The question was the difference in number of wins between the Yankees and the Nationals. Right now, the Yankees have 27 more wins. The Snakes (37), the Warpigs (31), and the Rhinos (21) are all close.

Stay tuned!


Pigman said...

At the end of the day on the 15th, the Warpigs and Rhinos have taken the lead over the Snakes, and it couldn't be any closer. Right now both teams have the same amount of wins AND are tied in the tie-breaker, with both teams being 5 off of the correct answer. The Snakes will be down by either 1 or 2 games, depending on the outcome of the Giants/Dodgers game.

Pigman said...

Thru the 16th, there is now a 3-way tie for first place.

The Chief said...

any more update?