Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back at 2008

All of my life, I have associated years with the significant events that happened that year. And often, that association was baseball related. 1967 was the Red Sox/Cardinals and Bob Gibson... 1969 was the Orioles (I saw them play in Anaheim that year) and the Amazin Mets... 1975 was the Red Sox/Reds and Game 6... 1982 was Harvey's Wallbangers... 1989 was the A's/Giants and the earthquake... 1998 was the great home run chase and the year my family and I went on our baseball vacation...

And there are the Strat-centered references. 1987 was the birth of the Warpigs... 1989 was my first title... 1995 was the year we lost the division to the Fungoes and then got a second chance against him in the World Series...

And of course there are other things outside of baseball I associate with certain years. 1963 was the Kennedy assassination (both of my parents were in Dallas to see him that day)... 1969 was man walking on the moon... 1978 was the year I graduated high school... 1982 was the year I got married... 1987 was Aren... 1993 was Kara... 2007 was when I became Catholic...

So what things will we associate with 2008? Our country elected its first black President... Michael Phelps dominated the Olympics... the Inmates won their first division title... the DVs reached their first World Series... the Killer Bees won their first championship...

But 2008 will always be, for me, the year we lost Herman. It still seems almost surreal that he is not here and won't be at the draft next year. I keep expecting to hear from him with some question about the computer or how to order his cards or a comment about something I wrote on Big Innings. Everytime I make a trade I expect an email ragging on me about how I took advantage of someone. And I don't know WHAT I'm going to do about my tax questions next year.

This past year was rough. It took its toll on us emotionally and physically. We argued and fought, but we laughed and made up, too. We head into 2009 with a new owner, a new champion, and maybe a new perspective on Strat's place in our lives. It may not be life or death, but it's important in the connection it gives us to each other and the release it gives us from the day to day grind of work. It's nice to have something like that. Something we love. Something that requires us to count on each other and have others count on us.

Here's to a great and prosperous 2009. Let's have some fun. To quote manager Jimmy Dugan in A League of Their Own...
May our feet be swift; may our bats be mighty; may our balls... be plentiful.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ordering Cards

It is 5:00 Thursday evening... and I was just able to order my cards and Version 14.0 upgrade online.

Oh, and my Baseball Forecaster came in today's mail!

Diana just THOUGHT we were going out tonight for our anniversary! Woohoo!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The DVs trade Pedro Martinez to the Sidewinders for Jeff "Don't call me" Francis.

Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you.

And I don't like nobody touching my stuff. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you. Also, I don't like nobody touching me. Now, any of you homos touch me, and I'll kill you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The Buckeyes traded Jack Wilson and pick 58 to the Sidewinders for Kevin Gregg.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


The Buckeyes traded Luke Scott to the FFTs for Pedro Feliciano and Chad Gaudin.

The FFTs traded Melky Cabrera to the Warpigs for Marcus Thames.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Uncarded Update and Range Ratings

I have gone thru the rosters and moved the uncarded guys to the bottom. They are highlighted in blue. I think I got them all, but it would help if you checked your roster to see if I overlooked anyone. To see the rosters, go to and click on the link for updated rosters.

An interesting note: David Price will not have a card.

Also, SOM has released the defensive range ratings for the new cards. Go here to download the spreadsheet.

The 1's:
C - Y. Molina, Mauer, R. Martin, J.Varitek
1B - M. Texiera, A. Gonzalez, Pujols, Kotchman, C.Pena, Youkilis, D.Lee
2B - Pedroia, Phillips, Hudson, Iwamura
SS - Rollins, J.Wilson
3B - Beltre, Rolen
LF - Crawford, Endy Chavez, B.Anderson
CF - Beltran, T. Hunter, Sizemore, Victorino, McLouth, Cameron, B.Anderson
RF - Ichiro, Markakis, F. Guitierrez, Victorino

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Christmas Carol

Tomorrow night (Thursday) is the opening night of the musical. If any of you locals want to come, that'd be great. Get there early and watch me singing Christmas carols in the lobby as part of a quartet. Good fun.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Final Demerit Totals

With the Rhinos and Nads failing to get their final stats in on time (5 demerits each), the final demerit total for the 2008 season is:

16 Rhinos
6 Nads
5 Sidewinders
5 Zaps
5 Inmates
3 Mavs
2 Buckeyes
1 Warpigs
1 Tweeners
1 Killer Bees

According to the new rule, the following consequences have been earned:

Mavs -
limited to a max of 20 players at the March cut down.
Inmates, Zaps, Sidewinders, and Nads -
limited to a max of 18 players
Rhinos -
limited to a max of 12 players

Now, as agreed upon, there will be no consequences assessed this time... but next year there will.