Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Killer Bees trade Chris Young (SD) to the FFTs for Tim Hudson.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Wahoos and Snakes made two trades just a few hours apart.

The Wahoos trade Craig Breslow and Reed Johnson to the Sidewinders for a 2011 2nd rounder.

The Wahoos trade pick 14 to the Sidewinders for pick 43, pick 59, and a 2011 1st rounder.

Also, the Warpigs trade Dexter Fowler, Ryan Doumit, pick 74, and a reserve spot to the DVs for Josh Beckett.

Monday, February 22, 2010


The FFTs trade Garrett Atkins to the Buckeyes for Joe Crede.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Rhinos trade Geovany Soto to the Warpigs for Joakim Soria.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The FFTs traded Akinori Iwamura and Francisco Liriano to the Warpigs for Jason Bay and Jeff Keppinger.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 NASOMA Schedule

Thanks to the Merry Mentor of Medicrity, the 2010 Schedule is ready. You can download the excel file from If you see any errors, contact The HEAD INMATE.

Friday, February 12, 2010


1) ACTUAL WORLD SERIES & ALL-STAR GAME ROSTERS - Now replay any World Series or All-Star Game without the hassle of researching and setting up the rosters!

2) SO FAR TODAY - We have added a "So Far Today" game screen element. Did you ever wonder what the current batter has done in the game so far? Now you see what the batter has done in each of his at-bats. While you could always find out what the batter did in previous inning by looking at the play account this allows you to have handy access to that information at all times.

3) GAME SCREEN LAYOUT - We continue to improve the game screen layout by adding more options. This year we have added the ability to move the Scoreboard and ballpark information off of the ballpark picture (when using Custom mode). Now you are in complete control of the screen elements. You can have your ballpark picture completely free from anything other than the players and the ball.

4) GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - Improved Game Skin - The toolbar is now larger and also the buttons on standard dialogs are now more nicely drawn. This will especially be evident on older operating systems like XP.

5) AUTO BATCH REPORT CREATION - An exciting new ability of the batch reporting system allows you to automatically run your batch reports at the end of each day's games. For example, if you are replaying a particular team's season you can have the primary stats report (or any other statistical reports) automatically get saved after each day. So you can the later look back on the year and see the full statistics for your team at any point during the replay!

6) PRORATED INJURIES - A new option to prorate injuries has been added for leagues that play less than 154 game schedules. As an example, if you have this option turned on for a league with a 36-game schedule and a "15 day injury" occurs then that injury will be prorated down to 3 games.

7) BOXSCORE OUTPUT - We've added another option for boxscore output - you can now request to get the boxscore and the Play Account without the scoresheet.

8) GAME LOBBY IMPROVEMENTS - Private Messaging, Buddy Lists and Ignore Lists have been added.

9) GAME LOBBY CHALLENGE - A "Challenge" feature has been added to the Game Lobby allowing you to issue a challenge for a game to the community. Anytime users log into the Game Lobby they will see your challenge and can respond to it if they wish to take you up on it.

10) GAME LOBBY SOUNDS - We now support separate sounds to indicate the following events in the Game Lobby: Arrival of a gamer in the lobby, arrival of a buddy in the lobby, arrival of an opponent in your game room, arrival of a private message, announcement of a new challenge. You can use our supplied sounds for these events or define your own sounds.

11) GAME LOBBY PREVIEW - You can now see the Game Lobby from the Baseball League Manager Screen. A preview of the lobby is shown that lets you immediately see who is in the lobby and what challenges are currently available. This quick preview saves you from having to launch the entire lobby to determine if somebody is available to play.

12) NETPLAY IMPROVEMENTS - Netplay now allows you to play multiple consecutive games without returning to the Lobby. At the end of the game the host team just starts the next game and play can proceed.

13) NETPLAY SOUNDS - The in-game chat window now supports an optional sound to notify you when a message has arrived. In addition, the chat window will now come to the front when a message arrives.

14) BALLPARK PICTURES - Support for up to 999 Ballparks has been added. Gamers who design their own ballparks have requested we increase the number of ballparks supported. We recommend that user-defined ballparks begin at 500 so that they do not conflict with the official Strat-O-Matic ballpark codes.

15) DRAFT-O-MATIC IMPROVEMENT - Draft-O-Matic has been improved to allow you to specify the maximum number of batter and pitchers per team. For example, you can specify that the team gets a maximum of 14 batters and 11 pitchers when auto drafting.

16) TEAM NOTEBOOKS IMPROVED - Team notebooks now have a "Games" tab that shows a list of all game results for that team. When you double-click on the game result a boxscore will display if you have chosen to save them to disk.

17) SAFETY SQUEEZE INFORMATION - The Safety Squeeze now indicates the reduce percentage chance of a successful squeeze following a "1 and 2" reading.

18) LOCK LEAGUE - Now prevents the use of the Update Player function once a league has been started. Also password support and an Unlock League function have been added.

19) PLAYER PICTURES - The Game Screen allows larger player pictures that will now show with less pixelization than they previously had.

20) AUTOMATIC POSITIONING OF CORNERS - When the corners are positioned in and a pinch-hitter is brought up who is not likely to bunt (he has a bunting D rating and his slugging percentage is at least .400) then the corners will automatically be positioned back for the defense.

21) BASERUNNER ADVANCEMENT IMPROVEMENT - Baserunner advancement for the runner on 3rd has been improved for groundballs when there is a runner on third base and you are using the "improve baserunning realism" max rule.

22) DATABASE CHANGE - In order to improve compatibility with current and future operating systems, the existing Rogue Wave data access code has been removed from baseball and it has been replaced with SQLite. All existing Rogue Wave databases will be converted to SQLite when they are opened by V15. The old database file will be renamed from .LOG to .LOG.bak (this preserves the file in case you wish to revert back to an older version of the program). Note: This database contains information such as the player game logs, subset breakdowns such as "Team vs. Team" and the notebook notes.


· Netplay crashes and hangs have been fixed

· Fixed play-by-play bug that sometimes caused weird text during the 7th inning stretch.

· Fixed crash that occurred while creating Team Yearbook.

· Game was allowing a pitcher to be replaced even if he did not finish facing the first batter (this would happen when a foul popup was dropped by the catcher).

· In the Update Player dialog for pitchers some fields had weird characters and changes were not always being saved.

· In Update Player some results from the body of the cards were incorrectly shown.

· Exceeding the number of pitchers on a team limit did not always generate an error message.

· In tournament mode, under Rules>Autoplay/Boxscore, the setting to always save Boxscore, PAC and Scoresheet was not working properly.

· When you created a play-off league, the option for Create Daily Reporter HTML File (Options>Autoplay) was not carried over if the Create Daily Reporter HTML File was active within the base league.

· In Team>Update Default Lineups, when you run the evaluator of a lineup sometimes it ran more games than were entered.

· When you select League>Create All-Star Game, the setting for "Use Actual Pitcher Batting Cards" and certain Max rules were not carrying over to the All Star League.

· With Swap-O-Matic turned on, the error "Attempt to exceed 25 pitcher's failed" would sometimes appear.

· Restarting a league was not deleting the Swap-O-Matic report file.

· With the Miscellaneous setting for "Also save print files as html" turned on the Swap-O-Matic report file "SwapsXX.prt" was not being saved as an html file.

· When viewing an html file via File>View HTML Files, you are presented with both icons and menu items for Print Preview, Print, Print to Blog etc. If used the menu method for Print, Print to Blog, Print Preview or Print to file, you got an Application Error crash.

· Cut and paste of player has been disabled after the season has started. This is because cutting without pasting was leaving the files corrupted. Instead of using cut&paste drag the player to his new team or the free-agent pool.

· The Large Scoreboard was not showing a zero in the bottom of the 9th when the home team lost the game.

· The Eligible players screen was hard to read when using the un-skinned interface.

· When filling in slots in the starting rotations while updating the computer manager the color indication of minor league status was not always correct.

· The Return key was not working for tactile splits.

· Some issues with starting pitchers and double-headers have been resolved.

· Squeeze now recomputes the safe percentage after are reading of "1 and 2" occurs.

· The cutoff play was not calculating the trail runner adjustments correctly in all situations.

24) SUPPORT FOR NEW SEASONS for the new 2009, 1977(Deluxe Super-Advanced), 1879, 1882, 1886, and 1899 seasons as well as the recent Negro League set has been added.


· 10 New ballparks pictures - Atlanta(day), Kansas City(day and night), Los Angeles(night), New York-NL (day and night), New York-AL (day and night), Philly (day and night)

· 63 new ballpark entry pictures! Atlanta-1, Baltimore-6, Detroit-1, Kansas City-6, New York(NL)-6, New York(AL)-8, Philadelphia-6, Pittsburgh-14, Texas-3, Washington-12

Opening Day

Today was Opening Day at SOM. There are now people with cards and disk in hand. Ours will be coming soon!

Sunday, February 07, 2010