Monday, March 31, 2008

Standings Update 3/31/08

Here are the standings at the end of March.

B.U.D. W L % GB Remaining Games Last Update
Rhinos 22 15 .595 --
125 3/27/08
Wahoos 17 17 .500 3.5
128 3/20/08
Oilers 12 16 .429 5.5
134 3/17/08
Warpigs 9 22 .290 10
131 3/20/08
M.F.D. W L % GB
Buckeyes 20 14 .588 --
128 3/30/08
Nads 40 34 .541 --
88 3/20/08
Inmates 13 11 .542 2
138 3/27/08
Mavs 13 27 .325 10
122 3/24/08
A.W.D. W L % GB
Killer Bees 34 15 .694 --
113 3/30/08
Zaps 19 15 .559 7.5
128 3/20/08
Sidewinders 16 15 .516 9
131 3/17/08
Tweeners 10 10 .500 9.5
142 3/23/08
N.E.R.D.D. W L % GB
DVs 26 18 .591 --
118 3/23/08
Drillers 27 20 .574 0.5
115 3/17/08
Fungoes 15 14 .517 3.5
133 3/17/08
FFTs 26 56 .317 19
80 3/23/08

It's gonna be a long year...

Granderson's hurt. Lackey's hurt. Kelly Johnson left today's game with an injury. Vic Martinez did the same.

And Pujols homered only to lose it when the game was called because of rain.

Wake me up in September.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Game updates

The Buckeyes took 3 out of 5 against the Killer Bees at the Buckeye Canyon this weekend. The Buckeyes move into a tie for first with the Nads in the MFD with a record of 20-14. The Bees dropped to 34-15, but still comfortably lead the AWD.

The Chicken Caper

Remember the great bird-napping of 1998? Remember when the fowl-mouthed Beakless was stolen and held for ransom? The illustrated story of Beakless on Vacation is available now at the NASOMA website. Go to the Archives page and scroll to the bottom.

Also added to the Archives page is a group picture taken at the 1992 Draft. This was the first gathering of NASOMA after we switched from a 12-team league to a 15-team league.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Feature

On the NASOMA Website, go to the Archives page and click on NASOMA Yearbook Covers 1988-2007.

Friday, March 28, 2008


The Yahoo tracker is ready for you to set your lineups. Thanks to the DVs (who have finally proven to have some value) you won't have to add your entire roster like in the past. You might have to make minor adjustments, but most of it should be pretty accurate - mine was. When you get to the league, be sure to click over to Saturday, March 29th. Your players don't show up until then. From there, you can drag them into position and pick up players who are missing.

Thanks DVs!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rhinos vs Inmates

The Inmates took 3 of 5 from the Rhinos this evening.

This from the Inmates...

Inmates took 3 of 5 from the Rhinos. We lost the first two, then swept three. All were close games, with the exception of a 10-3 Inmate win.

Inmates are now 13-11.

The Rhinos fall to 22-15.

All teams have now reached the 20-game plateau for March. I haven't heard any complaints about not receiving game files (or box scores or whatever), so it appears we are off to a great start.

Team pages for the Inmates and Buckeyes are now done.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Team Pages

Four more team pages have been added on the website. Only the MFD hasn't been done. Click on your team icon on the homepage. I also added a few more pictures to some of the ones I did first.

The depth charts are not exact, of course. I've listed every player you have that plays at each position, but the order is just guesswork based on at bats and my best guesses. Feel free to email me any changes you want done.

It's gonna be a long season for the Rhinos trying to manipulate their at bat situation at catcher. The three Rhino catchers have a combined 509 at bats AFTER adding the 10%. There will be a lot of bunting and pinch hitting. Guaranteed he'll have more complete games by his starting pitchers than by his starting catchers.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yahoo Tracker

Twelve teams have signed up on the tracker. The four remaining, interestingly enough, include one team from each division: the Nads, the Rhinos, the FFTs, and the Sidewinders. Any side bets as to which slacker brings up the rear?

So much (loud) talking was going on during the rules meeting at the Draft that you may have failed to notice some of the rule changes we voted on. For instance, one new rule dictates that the last team to get entered on the Yahoo tracker forfeits all of their reserve picks next year. That rule was passed by an astounding 16-0!

Also, we agreed that the receiver of these lost reserve picks would be selected from a random drawing. The random drawing has been completed (done all fair and square here at Pigman Publishing) and the receiver of all the lost reserve picks is... the Warpigs!!! Congratulations Warpigs!

And finally, while the crazy, scandalous, filth-ridden draft order idea brought up by the little Wahoo failed to pass, it was agreed that next year, just to spice things up, we would draft in reverse alphabetical order (and that the Zaps must be referred to by their full name: VivaZaPastas, and thereby draft 3rd). Said the little Wahoo, "I was really excited because now I get to draft second... then I remembered I don't own my first rounder for next year. Still, this is a better idea than that crazy, scandalous, filth-ridden idea I proposed. Thank God common sense prevailed."

The first selection at next year's draft, according to this new rule, will be made by... the Warpigs!!! Congratulations Warpigs!

More Bee Games

The Killer Bees played 10 home games tonight. They took 4 of 5 from the lowly Mavs, but came up short against the Buckeyes, losing 3 of 5.

The Bees are now 32-12 and are busy calculating their magic number.

The Buckeyes are 17-12 and a half game behind the MFD-leading Nads despite having a better winning percentage.

The Mavs drop to 13-27. Only two teams currently have worse records.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Game updates

The Tweeners and FFTs split a 10-game set. Tweeners are now 9-6. The FFTs are over halfway through their season at 26-56. Only the Drillers at 27-20 have played more games than the FFTs (you had to be there).

This from the Tweeners...

Tweeners open the season by taking 5 of the first 7 games, but FFT's sweep their last homestand to gain the season split. I'm glad we didn't have to keep playing, as FFT's win game 9 by a score of 19-3, and game 10 was a one-hitter by Dustin McGowan.

Later in the day, the DVs and Tweeners squared off for a 5-game set via netplay. The DVs won 4 of them.

This from the DVs...

DVs staved off the Tweeners 4-1 in netplay Sunday night. Close games, including two extra inning grinders.

Tweeners lone win was a 15 inning affair when DVs inexplicably decided to use Steve Panty Shields with a two run lead in the 9th which was quickly tied and stayed that way until a 4 run outburst by the Tweeners won it. Please give Panty a couple of demerits for overall crappy pitching.

Holliday hit only .250 dropping his average from .400 (from when he left the draft) to .383. Tony Gwynns record can rest easy for another year.

DVs are now 26-18.

And this from the Tweeners...

Tweeners are now a demerit-free 10 - 10. Eligible to go to the prom, if not the Big Dance.

Happy Easter!

Half of the team pages are completed.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Game updates

The Mavs dropped 4 out of 5 to the Killer Bees and 4 out of 5 to the Tweeners. The Mavs drop to 12-23. The Bees improve to 18-6. The Tweener games give them a 4-1 record to start their year.

This from the Mavman...

J.J. Hardy is averaging an error every 4.375 games (8 in the first 35) - on pace for 37 (almost 3 times his regular season total). I predict a J.J. Hardy patch will be released any day now.

In other action, the Killer Bees took 8 of 10 from the FFTs. The Bees are now 26-8. The FFTs drop to 21-51.

Remember, after playing a series, either BOTH teams must report the outcome, or just one team may do so provided they CC the email to the other team involved.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Yahoo Sports

Be sure to add your team to the Yahoo Fantasy League the DV Weenie has set up. Only 8 teams in so far. As soon as we get all 16, we'll be able to add our players. Check your email for the league ID and password.

NASOMA Constitution

The NASOMA Constitution has been updated. It's on the website (there's also a printer-friendly version). Please read it over and comment. If there is anything left out, misworded, or just flat out wrong... please speak up. I've tried to make the necessary changes regarding the new rule we voted in this year. I was going to clarify the rule about the expansion of rosters, but as far as I can tell, it was already correct and didn't mention a specific date.

Anyway, I hope some of you will take the time to read it and make some comments either on here or via email.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Nads and Wahoos both contacted Pigman Publishing today after playing their 10 games. Excellent! Thanks, guys. That's the way it's supposed to work and makes things so much easier for me.

The demerit list has its first two names. The Inmates and Buckeyes failed to report their records after draft weekend. The rule said to report your results within 24 hours of leaving the draft, but I extended that. Not everyone leaves the draft at the same time, so I'm altering the wording of the rule to read the Wednesday after draft weekend for reporting all games played at the draft. Even if you leave the Draft Monday afternoon (like the Snakes did), that gives you plenty of time to email or call.

The first game deadline is still 11 days away (March 31), and 13 of the teams have already played the minimum number of games (20). The Bees and Inmates need to get at least one more game in, and the Tweeners need to get all 20 done. Send him instructions or make some arrangements to get some games in with him.

Game updates

In addition to the 6-4 Wahoo series win over the Nads - written about in the comments section of the previous post - the Rhinos pounded the Warpigs today 6 games to 1. The Rhinos won the first three games 4-2, 8-6, and 2-1. The Pigs missed several homer chances including back-to-back 1-15 ballpark homers in game 1.

Moving to the Ballpork, the Pigs and John Lackey shut down the mighty Rhinos 4-1 before losing three straight 10-1, 7-0, 4-0. The Pigs had runners thrown out at home due to the catcher blocking the plate on consecutive plays in the last game. Both runners would have been safe except for the blocking the plate rule.

Troy Tulowitzki drove in 10 runs in the series. and the Rhinos stole 16 bases. Albert Pujols, who hates the 2-column, went 2-26.

Rhinos are now 20-12. The Warpigs drop to 9-22.

Draft Results

The Draft results are now posted on the NASOMA website. Again, let me know if you catch any errors.

There were 165 carded players drafted and 14 uncarded.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Rosters

The rosters are now on the website. I put links for a color-coded printer friendly version and one with no color. You can download rosters from there or just view them on the website. If you see any mistakes, please let me know.

The trade page is updated, too. So is the standings page.

I'll get the draft results on soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trades made at the Draft

The Fungoes trade J.J. Putz and Jamie Walker to the Rhinos for picks 163, 165, the Rhino 2009 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks, and a player to be named later.
The Fungoes trade Ryan Garko to the FFTs for Tadahito Iguchi.
The Wahoos trade pick 177 to the Fungoes for their 2009 8th round pick.
The Zaps trade Melky Cabrera to the Rhinos for their 2009 5th round pick.
The Buckeyes trade Nomar Garciaparra to the FFTs for Fernando Rodney.
The FFTs trade Rafael Furcal to the Inmates for Kaz Matsui.
The FFTs trade Franklin Gutierrez and their 2009 2nd round pick to the Rhinos for Michael Young and Melky Cabrera.
The Rhinos trade Erik Aybar to the Nads for Matt Stairs.
The FFTs trade Carlos Delgado to the Zaps for Jair Jurrjens and Andy LaRoche.
The Rhinos trade Joba Chamberlain to the Warpigs for the 2009 Killer Bee 1st round pick and a 2009 Reserve.
The FFTs Jair Jurrjens to the Warpigs for their 2009 8th round pick.

Draft Weekend

Another Draft has come and gone. I can't decide if my favorite moment was hearing Mrs. Pig ask the Snakeman if he had a Wii... or hearing him reply that he did not.

I'll add a note soon on the rules we voted on. The deadline rule passed (with no consequences this first year) and the reverse draft order proposal did not.

Updates on the website are coming slowly but sure. Be patient. The Standings Page has already been updated (plus it is on Big Innings already).

Thanks to everyone who helped this weekend to go so smoothly. The FFTs and Oilers for the hotel arrangements... the Chief for the yearbook... the Fungoes for the shirt and for graciously handing over the Higdon to its rightful owner... the HEAD INMATE for the schedule... the Commish and FFTs for preparing the CDSOMBB league... Dennis Gray for drafting for the Tweeners... the Zapper for being the first one to report his results...

Here are the results sent in by everyone so far...
Warpigs - 0-2 vs Bees; 2-3 vs Drillers; 1-3 vs Inmates; 0-3 vs Snakes; 5-5 vs Nads

Zaps - 3-2 vs Mavs; 3-2 vs Wahoos; 2-2 vs Bees; 5-5 vs Fungoes

Nads - 7-7 vs Buckeyes; 3-7 vs Drillers; 7-3 vs FFTs; 7-3 vs Oilers; 7-3 vs Rhinos; 5-5 vs Pigs

Mavs - 3-7 vs Fungoes; 5-5 vs DVs; 2-3 vs Zaps

Drillers - 5-5 vs DVs; 9-5 vs FFTs; 2-3 vs Inmates; 7-3 vs Nads; 3-2 vs Pigs; 1-2 vs Snakes

Fungoes - 0-2 vs Bees; 3-4 vs DVs; 5-5 vs Zaps; 7-3 vs Mavs

Oilers - 5-3 vs FFTs; 3-7 vs Nads; 4-6 vs Snakes

Sidewinders - 6-4 vs Oilers; 3-2 vs Rhinos; 2-5 vs Wahoos; 0-3 vs Bees; 3-0 vs Pigs; 2-1 vs Drillers

Wahoos - 0-5 vs Bees; 1-2 vs DVs; 3-1 vs Inmates; 5-2 vs Snakes; 2-3 vs Zaps

FFTs - 5-9 vs Drillers; 3-7 vs Buckeyes; 3-7 vs Nads; 3-5 vs Oilers; 1-9 vs Rhinos

Killer Bees - 5-0 vs Wahoos; 3-0 vs Snakes; 2-0 vs Pigs; 2-0 vs Fungoes; 2-2 vs Zaps; 0-3 vs DVs

Rhinos - 3-7 vs Nads; 9-1 vs FFTs; 2-3 vs Snakes

DVs - 5-5 vs Drillers; 5-5 vs Mavs; 4-3 vs Fungoes; 3-0 vs Bees; 2-1 vs Wahoos; 3-3 Inmates

Tweeners - No games played yet. Send him some instructions!

Buckeyes & Inmates did not report their results, yet.

This from the Fungoes...
Fungoes started off the 2008 season by losing our first four games. Two to the Bees and then the first two to the DVs. It took a ninth inning rally off of (you guessed it) Bobby Jenks for the Fungoes to claim win number one. We gave that back the very next game when the DVs rallied for 5 runs in the ninth off of (you guessed it) Jon Papelbon!
Weirdest stat for the Fungoes at the draft......we only rolled two games!
Kahlil Greene leads the Fungoes with 5 HRs. Zimmerman is the team leader with 17 RBI.
Wakefield has 4 wins and Papelbon has 8 saves.

This from the Rhinos...
Polanco was 5-6 missing out on a 6-6 game on a 1-14 single chance,of course he rolled a 15.
A-Rod all ready has a 3 HR game.
Out scored, out hit and out pitched the Nads but still managed to loose 7 games We had 3 block the plate situations in which we were tagged out when going for the win and oh ya we were thrown out at home on a 1-17 tag from 3rd once. Putz then proceeded to lose 3 of them in extra innings. Two balls hit to Polanco and one to Tulowiski were through the hole for singles, oh ya did I mention that they were consecutive. Izturis hit .636. Amazing how you remember the little things when you get whoop-up on.

Standings Update 3/18/08

B.U.D. W L % GB Remaining Games Last Update
Rhinos 14 11 .560 --
137 3/18/08
Wahoos 11 13 .458 2.5
138 3/17/08
Oilers 12 16 .429 3.5
134 3/17/08
Warpigs 8 16 .333 5.5
138 3/16/08
M.F.D. W L % GB
Nads 36 28 .563 --
98 3/17/08
Buckeyes 14 10 .583 2
Inmates 10 9 .526 3.5
Mavs 10 15 .400 6.5
137 3/17/08
A.W.D. W L % GB
Killer Bees 14 5 .737 --
143 3/17/08
Zaps 13 11 .542 3.5
138 3/17/08
Sidewinders 16 15 .516 4
131 3/17/08
Tweeners 0 0 .000 4.5
N.E.R.D.D. W L % GB
Drillers 27 20 .574 --
115 3/17/08
DVs 22 17 .564 1
123 3/18/08
Fungoes 15 14 .517 3
133 3/17/08
FFTs 15 37 .288 15
110 3/17/08

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Predicted 2008 Finish

Seed #1: Rhinos - BUD champs win 110 games on his way to his first ever first round bye.

Seed #2: Sidewinders - The Snakes win 103, edging out the Bees for the AWD and a bye.

Seed #3: DVs - The DVs win 94, finishing just ahead of the Drillers.

Seed #4: Buckeyes - League rules stipulate that each division must have a representative in the playoffs. So... the Buckeyes are in despite winning only 75 games.

Seed #5: Killer Bees - The Bees win 102 games, but are forced to start the playoffs on the road.

Seed #6: The Driller and Wahoos finish tied at 91 wins. The one game playoff goes to the Drillers.

First round:

Drillers beat the DVs in 5. DVs spend the rest of the weekend flickin the bean again.

Bees beat the Buckeyes in 7.

Second round:

Rhinos over the Drillers in 6.

Bees bitch slap the big brother Sidewinders in 7.

World Series:

The Rhinos over the Bees in 5.

Mock Draft of Round 1

1. Wahoos - F.Carmona
2. Killer Bees - C.Pena
3. Zaps - D.McGowan
4. Drillers - J.Chamberlain
5. Killer Bees - J.Guthrie
6. Rhinos - R.Perez
7. Nads - B.Bannister
8. Tweeners - H.Bell
9. Sidewinders - J.Soria
10. Buckeyes - G.Soto
11. Zaps - C.Marmol
12. Rhinos - M.Corpas
13. Oilers - H.Okajima
14. Mavs - E.Longoria
15. Wahoos - J.Hamilton
16. Rhinos - J.Isringhausen

The pitchers should rule the first round, especially RH relievers. Look for the Rhinos to take relievers with all three of their first rounders. The Wahoos and Bees both have two picks; expect each to take 1 pitcher and 1 hitter. LH relievers Perez and Okajima are pretty interchangeable, as are McGowan, Bannister, and Guthrie. Among the RH reliever-only guys, there's a group of 5 or so who could go in any order, depending on how important age and/or innings are to you. Of the hitters, the best ones - other than Pena - are limited in at bats. Longoria (or maybe Fukodome) should be the first uncarded player taken. I predict the first cut drafted is either Gagne or Zumaya.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lost Transcript

Chief: (driving) So, anyway, the other day my kid spit up on my shoulder and it was so funny and Erica said we should get the camera because...
Beeboy: (riding shotgun, interrupting) Shut the fuck up and make a beer stop.
Chief: But we just stopped for beer. We bought two cases.
Beeboy: That was 10 damn minutes ago and it's already gone!
Snakeman: (riding bitch) Hey! What the hell is that?!?
Chief: 4th gear
Snakeman: No, that's my dick.
Chief: So, anyway, at work the other night this guy told me that lefthanded pitchers have never outnumbered righthanded pitchers in Major League Baseball, like EVER, and I said...
Beeboy: Goddammit. I need beer.
Snakeman: Whoa! What is that? Reverse?!?
Chief: Yes. Nice, isn't it?
Snakeman: NO!
Chief: Well, I HAVE to shift gears.
Snakeman: This isn't even a fucking standard transmission!!!
Beeboy: Beer, goddammit!
Snakeman: Seriously, let go of that.
Chief: But the DVs never complained about it.
DVs: (in the child seat in back, muffled) Now, that's not totally true.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Remember when...

While working on some stuff for the NASOMA website, I found myself looking through a notebook full of old newsletters. Like a time capsule opened 20 years later, it brought some memories flooding back.

The first Big Innings (3/11/88) is there along with every B.I. I ever wrote. The notebook also contains every issue of The Whig ("The Inmates suck!") and The Roundup (or at least every Roundup from when I entered the league). There are newsletters from Dave (the Wrinkled Pink), Norm (The Bandit), Derek (Extra Innings), Terry (no title), Tristan (The Three Wheeler), Shawn (Driller Bits), and Garth (The Chief).

Obviously, I never throw things away. There's a team update newsletter from Ab (it includes lines like "Did Lance Parrish?" and "Is Dallas Greene?") and another from Bryan (propeller-head stuff about how to predict your expected W/L record based on your final stats. Wouldn't you already KNOW your W/L record if you had your final stats?!?). There are letters sent to the league from Glenn (the first one starts out "Thanks to everyone for making our 8th season a successful one" and is hand-written, complete with a drawing of the 1987 playoff brackets.)

There is a letter from Paul White, editor of Baseball Weekly, to Mr. Norman Wheeler explaining an anomaly in a box score. There is the ranting letter sent out by Shawn complaining about the Cletes, the commissioner, and the 1993 playoffs. There is the second letter from Shawn apologizing about his outburst in the previous letter. I even have the letter the Cletes sent out resigning from the league in which he apologizes for breaking the rules. There is the letter I sent to the Texas Rangers asking for permission for us to tour the new Ballpark in Arlington before it was ready for tours, and another letter I sent to Tristan addressing his complaints about how I used his bullpen in a mail game.

One of my favorites is the letter from Terry that he wrote after attending the funeral for Randy Higdon.

Among other things, these newsletters chronicle the Warpigs getting a NASOMA franchise and becoming a first-time father in the same week; the birth of the first Driller kid; the expansion draft (first picks: Scott Scudder, Sidewinders; Walt Weiss, Wahoos; Greg Hibbard, Nads); the first trade announced via e-mail; the first NASOMASpeak ("I think I'm through trading for awhile means... I'm through trading with you for awhile."); and the Fungo wedding (several of his players signed the book).

It makes me sad that we don't have newsletters anymore. Nothing to look back at chronicling the births of our kids (and grandkids!) or the weddings or divorces or the moves or career changes... or anything that happened to us beyond the last newsletter.

I guess that comes with getting old. I'm just glad I still have these... and glad NASOMA is still a part of my life.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Deadlines and Demerits

The Nadman chimed in with an additional concern. He suggested we also have demerits for failure to send out instructions in a timely manner. It's hard to get games played if you live away from everyone else and don't have instructions. So how about if we add this to the previous proposal:

For all mail games, unless both teams have spoken and reached some other agreement, the road teams must have instructions or computer managers sent out by July 4th. The home teams should reply to confirm they have received them. One demerit for each team you fail to connect with in a timely manner.

Is that too late? Can you guys living outside of Texas get enough games played in March thru June with a July 4th deadline for instructions? Should it be earlier?

And again, this addition and the previous deadlines proposed are just common sense things. The goal is to get games done without having to cram in a ton of games in November, like the last five or so years.

I know some have commented that we should enforce the rules we have now. The problem is: the rules we have now don't have any consequences for not playing games, except that somebody else will play them for you. I don't think that's much of a consequence. I mean... You hate your crappy team? Hate watching them lose games? Easy! Just don't play the games! Somebody else will play them all for you!

With this rule, there are deadlines. And if you don't meet them, there are consequences. The consequences aren't even all that drastic, unless you miss a lot of deadlines. I don't think the deadlines are all that drastic, either. The pace isn't all that breakneck.

I think the best thing about it will be reporting our results every time we play a series. Those results can be reported on Big Innings and added to the records on the Standings page. That should be fun to read and interesting to keep up with.

Thanks, Nadman, for helping out. I've heard back from others, too. Sounds like it's something that will work. Let me hear from the rest of you.


Sunday, March 02, 2008


From the NASOMAspeak Dictionary...

“I’m playing for next year” means… I will be losing games as often as possible to secure the best possible draft position for next year, but I’ll do so in a subtle manner and pretend to be fed up with my team the whole time in order to pull off the illusion.

“I think we should go back to protecting 15” means… There must be some reason I can’t seem to get back to the playoffs. It can’t be me!

“Thanks for trading me damaged goods” means… Fuck the Pigs.

“The Inmates should win the MFD” means… The Buckeyes will win the MFD.

(related entry) “If I don’t win the MFD this year, I never will” means… I will never win the MFD.

“All I need is bullpen, so I’ll be taking relievers with my first five picks” means… I am only three deep at shortstop; that’s a problem.

“My wife has no problem with me spending time doing Strat” means… I am a liar.

“My wife has me on an allowance” means… My wife has me on an allowance.

“I’m just flickin’ the bean” means… I flew all the way from Tulsa to go 1-4?!?

“I’ll do a better job of getting my games played this year” means… It is March.

“Has anybody heard from the [fill in team name here] in the last couple of months?” means… It is October.

“Well, if I had to lose the Series, I’m glad it was to you” means… Fuck the Pigs.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

March 1st Notes

There was a flurry of last minute trades and roster adjustments last night. I've been working on this all morning, and (I think) everything is now in order. On the website, the Trades page, the Rosters page, and the Draft Grid page are all updated for both viewable purposes and the printer-friendly versions to download.

Also, on the main page there is a link to download an Excel page that combines both the official rosters and the draft picks owned by each team.

As always, if you see any errors, let me know.

Any picks you own that were later than pick 165 will have changed their number. That is due to some teams being finished drafting by then. As a result, everyone after them moves up.

We will drafting between 156 and 188 players.

On the rosters page, some teams do not have ballpark numbers listed. Ballpark numbers are not due until the draft, but if you already know yours, go ahead and announce them and I'll post them.