Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sidewinders 3, Rhinos 2

Rhinos go 2-3 vs SSW’s

2 Jun – SSW Win 11-2
Donnie Murphy cracked 2 homeruns and had 3 RBI and homeruns by Kipins, Trumbo and Valencia spelled doom for the Rhinos as Colon held the Rhinos to 1 run over 6 1/3.

3 June – Rhinos Win 6-1
C.C. Sabathia went 9 strong innings and Wil Myers slammed a homerun and had 2 RBI as the Rhinos beat the SSW by a score of 6 to 1.  Sabathia silenced the SSW hitters allowing just 4 hits and no walks in 9 innings.

4 Jun – Rhinos Win 9-3
Catcher Alex Avila cracked 2 homeruns and scored 3 times along with homeruns by Tulowiski, Gomez and Braun powered the Rhinos past the SSW.

15 Aug – SSW Win 3-0
Chris Sale pitched a solid 7 innings as the SSW beat the Rhinos 3 to 0.  In a 0 to 0 game in the 6th inning the SSW did all their damage scoring 3 runs on 4 hits.

16 Aug – SSW Win 8-5
The SSW broke the game open with 4 runs in the 5th inning and despite homeruns by Braun, Votto, and Tulowiski it wasn’t enough to overcome the SSW’s strong pitching and outstanding bullpen.

Rhinos 4, Tweakers 1

Rhinos go 4-1 vs Tweakers

27 Apr - Rhinos Win 6-3
C.C. Sabathia was able to finish what he started and was credited with a complete game and Joey Votto had 3 base hits as the Rhinos defeated the Tweakers by a score of 6 to 3. Felix Hernandez was tagged with the loss despite whiffing 11 batters in 7 innings.

28 Apr – Rhinos Win 3-2
Matt Garza struck out 11 for the Rhinos as they pulled off the victory in the bottom of the 9th when Wil Myers belted a 2 run walk-off homerun to making Garza the winner.  

29 Apr – Rhinos Win 4-2
Matt Dominguez jacked one out of the ball yard as the Rhinos defeated the Tweakers by the score of 4 to 2.

21 Jul – Rhinos Win 5-4
Trevor Cahill went the distance for the Rhinos as they beat the Tweakers 5 to 4. The Rhinos won the game with a run in the bottom of the 8th inning.  After two were out Matt Dominguez ripped a solo home run. 

22 Jul – Tweakers Win 9-6
Both teams had scored 4 runs after nine full innings.  The Tweakers won the hard fought contest in the 13th inning with homeruns from Zobrist and Cruz.  Carter, Rosario, Byrd, and Sandoval also contributed homeruns for the Tweakers.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pigs and Bees Make a Deal

The Bees get in on the fun...

The Bees get Gregory Polanco, Archie Bradley, a 6th round pick, reserve picks this year and next, and the Pigs' 2016 2nd round pick.

The Pigs get Edwin Encarnacion, Jayson Werth, Rafael Soriano, and Aaron Loup.

Rhinos 3, Mavs 2

Rhinos go 3-2 vs Mavs

6 Apr – Rhinos Win 8-2
Chris Archer tossed a complete game and Alex Gordon collected 4 RBI with one swing of the bat after Guthrie loaded the bases with 2 outs.  Gordon’s Grand Slam was a 1-6 chance and he rolled the 6.

7 Apr – Mavs Win 5-1
Homer Bailey went 7 strong innings and catcher Jonathan Lucroy hit 2 doubles and had 2 RBI.  

 28 Jun – Rhinos Win 6-5
Robinson Cano blasted a homerun and had 2 RBI.  Joe Kelly went 3 strong innings as the Rhinos topped the Mavs in 10 innings.  Both teams had scored 5 runs after nine full innings.  The Rhinos prevailed in the 10th inning with Troy Tulowitzki smacking a solo homerun for the Rhino victory. 

29 Jun – Mavs Win 6-1
Center fielder Bryce Harper smashed 2 homeruns and nearly had a third but missed a 1-19 chance. Matt Cain earned the victory with a solid performance for the Mavs.  Trevor Cahill absorbed the loss allowing 5 homeruns in 9 innings of work.

30 June – Rhinos Win 4-1
Chris Archer pitched another complete game for the Rhinos as they beat the Mavs by a score of 4 to 1.

Drillers 3, DVs 2

DVs suck as Drillers take 3 of 5, with some particularly sloppy play. Game reports may (or may not) be forthcoming.

Friday, August 29, 2014

SSW & FFT Trade

This was a couple of days ago. Sorry I didn't get it reported earlier.

The Sidewinders trade Domonic Brown and James Loney to the FFTs for Neftali Feliz and Travis Wood.

Barney on the move again

The Buckeyes traded Darwin Barney to the Zaps for Christian Bethancourt.

Wahoos 3, Drillers 2

Wahoos take 3 of 5 at the MudPit
6/2 Two runs in top of the 9th, Nathan blows the save, Hoos win 4-3.
6/3 Drillers return the favor with 3 runs in bottom of the 9th with a walk-off walk the deciding run.  Drillers win 4-3.
6/4 Hoos pound out 21 hits, scoring 16 runs... Minor gives up 18 hits and 14 ER!  Wahoos win 16-8.  Kris Davis 3 for 6, 3 HR 6 RBI

8/15 Driller pen blows it again.  Hoos score 4 in top of the 9th and win 5-2.
8/16 Drillers win the nightcap 5-3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mavs 3, Wahoos 2

April 25th:  Verlander against Bailey in a matchup of pitchers who have combined to throw four no-hitters and win one MVP award.  The Wahoos strike first scoring as a result of a two base error by Maxwell.  Unearned run so Bailey figures it won’t affect arbitration and pitches gamely on.  Meanwhile the Mavs come back with a run but end the rally when Elvis rolls a 20 on a 1-19 steal attempt.  The Wahoos hit back to back doubles.  Uh oh, earned run.  Bailey meltdown in progress.  Triple 1, Double 2-20.  It’s 1.  Double 1, Single.  It’s a 13.  Bailey begins crying.  Pitcher X.  He’s a 2.  It’s a 1.  Bailey wets himself.  Double 1-5 single.  It’s single.  If we still used points Bailey would be out of there.  As it is with this bullpen this late in the season, he’s going six no matter what.  Well maybe not.  Chris Davis belts a grand slam in the bottom of the fifth making it 6-5 Wahoos.  Poor Justin Upton misses a homer 1-11 fly for the second straight at bat.  The Mavs move to the pen.  Justin Maxwell misses a homer 1-11 fly.  Three of the last four innings we’ve missed it.  In the bottom of the seventh the Mavs get runners on first and third with one out and Chris Davis coming to the plate.  Will Hal go to the lefty like every manager in the league?  Surprisingly YES!  Hal makes a move.  The Mavs counter with Jonathan Lucroy who manages a fly ball B.  Tie game.  We have no fricking idea of who Caleb Thielbar is but he has a killer card and is mowing us down like Grant took Richmond.  In the top of the tenth a combination of Ross and Holland manage to load the bases and Beltran gets a clutch hit.  The fat lady sings and we move on to game two.  The Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game goes to Beltran who went two for six with three RBI.  Bailey doesn’t care because he didn’t take the loss.  Doesn’t affect arbitration.   Wahoos 8-6.

April 26th:  Cain takes the mound against Zimmerman.  The Mavs hand out free passes to a nearby Gentlemen’s Club in honor of Cain’s hot ex-waitress wife.  Meanwhile Wahoos media representatives hint around that Zimmerman is probably gay.  Advantage Mavs.  Upton lets two runs in as he is too busy checking out Mrs. Cain to bother with catching a fly ball.  The Wahoos add a run in the top of the sixth.  Meanwhile Zimmerman strikes a blow, so to speak, for his kind by holding the Mavs to one hit through six.  The Mavs have to pull Cain as he is on a strict pitch limit.  Given the score that means the newly traded Garrett Richards makes one of his last remaining appearances as a Mav followed by Robbie Ross who will be making one of his last appearances for anyone in NASOMA.  Zimmerman finishes out the one hitter winning the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game and Judy Garland music is heard in the Wahoos clubhouse as the entire team waits for Zimmerman to finish showering before taking theirs.  Wahoos 3-0.

July 18th:  Buchholz against Eovaldi.  The Mavs squander tons of opportunities.  If it isn’t leaving people on it is getting them thrown out trying not to leave them on.  12 runners have  been on base through six and three managed to score.  Meanwhile Buchholz has a three hitter going through six.  Alas he is on a strict pitch limit so he leaves to listen to Doobie Brothers music in the clubhouse and in comes Robbie Ross because Sean Doolittle is on the DL for this series.  Chris Ianetta misses the ballpark homer with a man on and Ross escapes.  Meanwhile Carlos Beltran makes an error and lets in the fourth run and in a strato move Brandon Barnes pinch hits against a righty for Harper and drives in run number five.  Buchholz wins the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game even though he will have some difficulty passing a sobriety test on his drive home.  Mavs win 5-0.

July 19th:  University of Texas at Arlington grad Dillon Gee (the Warpigs, Mavs and Buckeyes are all alumni of that fine institution and together we don’t make what he does – on the other hand we didn’t have to go through junior high with the last name Gee – that had to be a whipping) takes the hill against Sorry Ass Homer Allowed Bailey (known as SAHAB to Mav fans).  The Mavs score two in the bottom of the third as the Mavs send Lucroy home with two outs on a 1-11 chance.  Hal claims it was aggressive baserunning.  The Mavs faithful know that it was Eggs Ackley on deck that led to the move.  The Mavs score two more in the bottom of the fourth but I don’t remember how because the MavGirl is watching some show where girls are in bikinis and I just kept hitting enter.  The Mavs score two more in the bottom of the sixth and now that I’m paying attention I see what happened in the fourth.  Dillon Gee sucks.  Hal agrees and pulls him trailing 6-0.  SAHAB gets pulled throwing a three hitter in the seventh.  You might think it is because he is on a pitch count but really it is because he sucks too.  Three Mavs combine on a three hitter.  The Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game goes to Heyward who had two hits and four RBI’s.  Mavs win 8-0.
July 20th:  The Mavs and Wahoos square off for the Trojan Rubber Game of the Series with Zimmerman (a man reputed to be no stranger to Trojans) facing Matt Cain.  Through five and half the game is as close as can be two runs, five hits and one error for each team.  The Mavs nail a two out double in the bottom of the sixth and in comes…Caleb Thielbar.  Butch asks “Who are those guys”?  Zimmerman asks who is Butch.  But that is another story.  Thielbar gives up a RF X.  Uh oh, Beltran.  It’s a double.  The Mavs take the lead.  Wilhelmsen, Ross and Wilson, none of whom will be in a Mav uniform next year, combine to close out the win with 2 and 1/3 perfect innings.  With all due respect to Jordan Zimmerman, the winner of the Betty’s Brothel Blow of the game is Justin Upton whose two run homer (number 20 this year) provided two of the Mavs three runs.  3-2 Mavs

Buckeyes and Warpigs swap players

The Warpigs traded Darwin Barney and a 4th round pick to the Buckeyes for Joe Smith.

Goofs 5, Rhinos 5

Goofs and Rhinos played their 10 shoulder to shoulder today. Rhinos win first 5 at Goofs and then proceed to lose 5 in a row at home.

Game 1 Rhinos 3 Goofs 0 - Archer the shutout
Game 2 Rhinos 8 Goofs 2 - Gomez and Gordon HR's
Game 3 Rhinos 4 Goofs 3 (14 innings) - CC goes 13 1/3 innings to get the win Jansen the save
Game 4 Rhinos 5 Goofs 2 - Cole CG 5 hitter
Game 5 Rhinos 6 Goofs 2 - Turner the win Jansen the save

Game 6 Goofs 4 Rhinos 2 - Wood and 3 relievers hold down Rhinos
Game 7 Goofs 5 Rhinos 4 - Alvarez big 3 run homer
Game 8 Goofs 5 Rhinos 4 - Yu gets the win
Game 9 Goofs 4 Rhinos 2 - Ryu gets the win
Game 10 Goofs 2 Rhinos 0 - Wood gets CG 6 hit shutout

Fungoes 6, Wahoos 4

Fungoes made the Trip to Wahoo-ville today.  Wahoos win games 1 and 2 at WTF 7-4 and 6-4.  Fungoes win the next 6 games by the scores; 5-4 at WTF, 13-6 and 3-2 at Hooville, 6-5 and 3-1 at WTF and 4-2 back at hooterville.  Wahoos rally to win the last 2 games 9-4 and 7-6 at home.
Fungoes are now 100 - 47.
Editor's note: Congrats to the Fungi for the first 100-win season.

Rhinos 4, Inmates 3

From WTF:
Inmates 6 – Rhinos 5 (Rhino Preserve, 14 innings): The fifth extra-inning game of the year between the Rhinos and Inmates, with both teams watching ABs and/or IPs. The Rhinos tie the game at 3-3 in the 8th when Beltre boots two grounders in a row (consecutive plays). Beltre then taters in the 13th to give the Beakless Chicken Gang a 5-3 lead, only to have some nameless bastard Rhino return the favor in the bottom of the inning to send it to the 14th. Pinto hit a 2-out HR for the Inmates in the 14th for the winning margin.
Rhinos 6 – Inmates 5 (Rhino Preserve): A 5-run Inmate sixth was the last gasp of the offense before the LDMF showed up. The Rhinos return the 6-5 favor for the win.
Rhinos 2 – LDMF 0 (Rhino Preserve): The One-Horned Wonders score twice in the first for all of the offense in the game. The LDMF managed nine hits, all singles, but hit into two DPs and got caught stealing twice. The pain is just beginning.
Rhinos 7 – LDMF 0 (Rhino Preserve): Stults tosses batting practice, Cole tosses BBs, and the LDMF manage only five hits to extend their scoreless streak to 21 innings.
Rhinos 10 – LDMF 3 (Baptist Bowl): Stults tosses batting practice, Chapter 2. The LDMF score in the 1st for their first lead in 27 innings. The Rhinos then proceeded to pound out 15 hits to continue dominating the Bastards of the Baptist Bowl.
Inmates 4 – Rhinos 3 (Baptist Bowl, 16 innings): Yep, another extra-inning game. The LDMF held a 2-1 lead in the 8th, when Col. Rhino calls for a 2-8 HR. What Col. Rhino orders, Col. Rhino gets. Tater City, giving the Rhinos a 3-2 lead. Last of the 9th. Garza Ks both Beltre and Rizzo, but then gives up a 2B to pinch-hitter Cargo. In comes closer Jansen to shut down the Inmates. Cargo then steals 3rd. Red-dick promptly singles him home to send the game into extras again. Neither team threatens until Sanchez leads off the last of the 16th and makes a 1-3 HR chance to end the game.
Inmates 1 – Rhinos 0 (Baptist Bowl): Classic pitchers’ duel. Parra hit the first pitch thrown by Hudson for a homerun, then neither team could score again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zaps 6, Drillers 1

Zaps go 6 - 1 at Drillers

4/11 Zaps win 5-3  Scherzer CG
4/12 Zaps win 7-3 but still suck dicks.
4/13 Zaps win 3-1 see above
4/14  Zaps win 8-7----- dick

7/4 Zaps win 7-4 eat shit
7/5 Zaps win 9-7 ditto
7/6 DRILLERS WIN!  Mike Minor spins a 2-hit CG giving Drillers a 7-1 victory!

Drillers 2, Tweakers 1

8/28 Drillers hang on for a 3-2 win behind Minor and Gregorson.
8/29 Drillers shutout on 3 hits.  Lose 3 -0. 
8/30 Corbin scatters three hits and out duels King Felix earning a 2-1 win.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Drillers 1, Tweakers 1

CM games at The Hooverdome.

7/28 - Drillers 3, Tweakers 1.  Ricky Nolasco completed the game without help from the bullpen at The Hooverdome as the SHAWN DRILLERS beat the NORM TWEAKERS by the count of 3
to 1.

Nolasco(4-1) looked very much in control throughout the night.  He gave up
just 6 hits and 3 walks in 9 innings reducing his ERA from 5.97 to 4.87.
After the 4th inning, neither team was able to score. 

Hisashi Iwakuma(9-11) was given the loss.  'We really needed this win' said
SHAWN's manager.  'That first drink of water at the end of a drought sure
does taste good!'

7/29 - Tweakers 8, Drillers 4.  The NORM TWEAKERS readily handled SHAWN DRILLERS by a score of 8 to 4 at The Hooverdome.

Marlon Byrd had a good day at the plate.  He doubled which brought home a run
in the 1st inning, lined a base-hit in the 3rd inning and cracked a two-run
shot in the 7th inning.  NORM had 13 hits for the afternoon while SHAWN had

Gio Gonzalez(13-5) was the winner allowing 4 runs in 5 and 2/3 innings.
Patrick Corbin(4-3) was charged with the loss.  He allowed 3 homeruns in 6
innings of work. 

Sidewinders 4, Drillers 1

SSWs win 4-2.Sale beats Nolasco. Wright has 3 XBH and Puig and Konerko hit solo shots. Kimbrel with the save

Colon beats Corbin 5-3, Kimbrel with the save. The big blow was Bruce 3 run HR

SSWs win 7-5 Lester beats Minor, Kimbrel with save. Jennings and Valencia go yard.

Snakes win 11-7 despite 4 Driller HRs including 2 by Belt against his former team(who wants him back but the mean old pigman does not play well with others........)

Corbin, Gregerson and Nathan shut out the snakes 1-0. Donaldson tattered off Matt Moore in the 4th.

Zaps suck

Inmates 2, Drillers 0

Both games at the Baptist Bowl via CM.
Inmates 2 – Drillers 1: A great pitchers’ duel between Quintana and Cobb. Jones scored both runs for the Inmates, one via his tater.
Inmates 7 – Drillers 5: The Inmates finally solved Mike Minor, but nor before Straily gave up 3 in the first before the Inmates even got to hit. Blackmon and Puig both made clutch errors, allowing three unearned runs to score. Segura was the hitting star for the Inmates, going 3 for 4 with a pair of doubles and two RBI.

Tweakers 8, Sidewinders 6

Dice and cards in Lexington, Kentucky, home of John Calipari, the Tweaker himself.  Too much action to give details of every game, so here are the scores, plus a few highlights.
Tweakers start out by sweeping a 3-game set at home by scores of 2-1, 3-2 (15 innings), and 8-7 (12 innings).  The win streak goes to 4 on the road as Gio tosses a 5-hit shutout in a 6-0 win, game 1 of a doubleheader.  Snakes then get hot and win 6 in a row, taking the nightcap 3-1, then 2 more at home by scores of 3-2 (10 innings) and 4-3 (11 innings).  Back to the Hooverdome, Tweakers suffer consecutive shutouts 1-0 and 6-0, then one more loss (7-3) before finding the right supporting cast for the Mud Die.  The final game at home goes to the Tweakers 7-6, then we take our brooms to Stanley and win 5-4, 8-4, and 7-2.
All told, we win 4 and lose 3 both home and road.  Snakes actually outscore us 30-23 and out-homer us 7-4 at the Hooverdome, but we find the short porch to our liking at the Church Lot where we outscore the Snakes 32-20 and out-homer them 13-4.  Late inning homers by sluggers Marco Scutaro and David Lough were key in 2 victories (the Scrotumo blow was actually a walk-off job in the 15 inning game).  And that’s how the cow ate the cabbage.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The FFTs and Zaps make a deal

The big names just keep moving...

The Zaps get Mike Napoli, and the FFTs' 1st and 2nd round picks.

The FFTs get John Lackey and Miguel Cabrera.

Warpigs and Rhinos trade

The Warpigs trade Byron Buxton, D.J. Lemahieu, their 1st round pick, and reserve picks this year and next to the Rhinos for Robinson Cano.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mavs and Warpigs make 6-player deal

The Mavs get Wily Peralta, Carlos Martinez, Nick Castellanos, a 5th round pick this year, and a 5th round pick in 2016.

The Warpigs get Garrett Richards, Tom Wilhelmson, and Justin Wilson.

Mavs 4, Rhinos 1

5/17:  The Mavs open up an all you can eat seating section near the visiting team dugout to distract Rhino starter CC Sabathia.  The Mavs counter with another pitcher on the disabled list, Matt Cain.  Alas the strategy did not work as CC through a complete game six hitter striking out eight to win the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds player of the game.  Gordon Beckham fell a triple short of the cycle and his first inning 5-9 off of Cain’s card wins the Betty’s brothel blow of the game.

5/18:  Matt Garza against Clay Buchholz on Juan Gonzalez Steroid Appreciation Night.  In honor of the JuiceFest, the Rhinos hit three home runs in the first inning to take a six to nothing lead.  Management announces 10 cent beer night hoping for a riot and a forfeit.  The Mavs answer with a Davis solo shot and a two run homer by Justin Upton (who also missed a BP homer).  Elvis rolls a BP homer (alas he is weak) but Harper follows with a two run dinger.  The Mavs hand it all back with a two base error by the pitcher followed by a two star single on pitcher X.  I kid you not.  The Mav’s general manager is seen chugging Jack Daniels and hollering for a couple of broads in his best Frank Sinatra imitation.  The next inning Matt Dominguez hits the only hit on Jesse Crain’s card to drive in another run.  The Mavs General Manager is seeing snorting cocaine and hollering for teen age hookers.  Meanwhile despite allowing ten hits and six runs Hal sticks with Garza in the ninth.  After three straight hits Hal brings in Tyler Thortburg to face Elvis as the tying run. Whoa, Elvis singles.  Now it is Bryce Harper as the lead run at the plate.  But in what is only a Strat-O move the Mavs pinch hit Lucroy for Harper.  Whoa, Lucroy singles.  The Mavs pinch run Eggs Ackley for the wheelchair bound Lucroy.  Hal stays with the clearly effective Thornburg against Country Breakfast (Billy Butler).  Butler hits the tying sacrifice fly.  Bringing up Chris Davis.  Will Hal go to the lefty?  No and Davis misses a BP homer.  Hall knows all.  The Mavs go to Greg Holland.  He strikes out two in the top of the tenth.  Hal sticks with Tyler Thornburg.  Hal knows all as the Mavs go quietly.  Holland gives up a walk and a single but holds the Rhinos scoreless.  Bottom the eleventh.  Hal sticks with Thornburg.  Hal knows all as the Mavs go quietly.  And then Hal goes on a bender.  Gomez leads off the twelfth with a triple.  Gordon walks.  With no one out, Hal attempts a double steal.  The Mavs go for the runner at home and get him.  Hal leaves Thornburg out for a fourth inning of relief.  Thornburg gives up two hits but the Mavs can’t score.    Hal leaves Thornburg out to pitch a fifth inning.  Thornburg gives up a double to Elvis, looks into the dugout expectantly and throws his arms up in despair.  Pinch hitter Justin Maxwell gets the 4-5 walk off hit.  The Mavs win 10-9 in 13.  The Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game is Elvis Andrus who went 4-6.

5/19:  Gerrit Cole takes the mound against Jeremy Guthrie in the getaway game.  The Rhino’s jump out to another first inning lead of 2-0 this time.  That makes 10 first run innings in the three games.  I hope their fans got to the game on time.  The Mavs bounce back with three in the bottom of the first.  But in the top of the second the memories of steroid days continues as Markakis cracks a homer 1-5 fly with a man on board.  The Mavs tie it in the third on a double and single.  Getting 6 and a third out of Guthrie the Mavs go to the pen.  Meanwhile Hal sticks with Cole.  We sail along into the tenth.  The Rhinos go quietly.  Butler walks, Davis whiffs, Upton singles.  The Mavs pinch run Matt Cain for paraplegic Billy Butler.  Will Hal make a move with the game on the line?  No and Cole responds with two strikeouts.  Hal knows all.  Doolittle walks Joey Votto.  Hal pinchruns Escobar who gets tossed out trying to steal and the Rhinos go quietly.  Hal points a gun and Cole and sends him out to start the eleventh.  Kendrick misses a ballpark homer. Headley doesn’t winning the Bertha’s Brothel’s Blow of the Game.  Mavs win 5-4 in 11 innings.

 8/11:  Sabathia and Cain in the DL rematch.  It is a very different game from the rest of the series.  The Mavs make two sacrifice bunts pay for a run in the fifth and sixth both.  The Mavs tack on a run in the bottom of the eighth as Markakis lets a ball drop in front of him for a single with Elvis on second and two outs.  Four Mav pitchers combine on a four hitter.  Lucroy wins the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds (“You ring, we spring”) player of the game going 3-4 with 2 RBIs.  Only eleven hits by the two teams and all were singles.  The Mavs win 3-0.

8/12:  To close the Rhinos visit to the Rastadome out, Trevor Cahill takes the mound against Yovani Gallardo from Ft. Worth’s Trimble Tech High School.  In the bottom of the first, Tulo makes an error and then fails to turn two on the SS X to Billy Butler.  Davis follows with a two run homer.  Clean living pays off for the Mavs.  In the second Elvis singles, steals seconds and Markakis again lets a ball hit by Harper bounce in front of him for a run.  Harper steals second goes to third on the Avila throwing error and scores on a Butler single as the Rhinos show signs of the party the night before.  Harper adds a solo homer and five Mav pitchers combine on a five hit shutout.  Harper wins the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game with a homer, stolen base and two RBI’s.  Mavs win 5-0.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sidewinders 6, Fungoes 4

A funny thing happened on the way to the ballpark............
Fungoes and Sidewinders played 10 today via netplay hospitality from the Pigman's BallPork!  Here are the results.
Fungoes turned a 5-2 start into a 4-6 finish!  WTF???!!!??!
Bartolo Colon too much for the Fungoes in game 1 at Snakeland.  Snakes win 2-0.
Fungoes turn the tables on the Snakeman in game 2, shutting them out and winning it 3-0.  Medlen and the bullpen weave the magic for the Fungoes.
Fungoes score 2 in the ninth to win 3-1 in game 3 at Snakeland.  Kershaw starts but isn't around for the decision.  Lopez gets the win and Roark the save.
Sidewinders score 3 in the 1st inning cruising to a 4-1 win at WTF.  Bartolo is again too much for the Fungoes.
Harvey vs Lester turns into an 8-3 Fungo win in game 5 at WTF. 
Back to Snakeland Fungoes win 5-1 behind Kershaw (22-4).  Fungoes scored 3 in the 9th inning to put this one away.
Fungoes take 4-2 lead into the 9th inning and are 3 outs away from a 5-2 start against the Snakes when Snakeman and company come alive.  Snakes score 3 and walkoff and use the momentum to sweep the last three at WTF.
Snakes win 7-3
Snakes score 4 off of Kershaw after 5 hitters and hold on to win 5-4.
Snakes beat Harvey 7-2.
Fungoes are still trying to figure out just W T F HAPPENED!!!

The Year of the Fungo

On the road tonight, I spotted someone who has already jumped on the Fungo bandwagon...

Buckeyes and FFTs make 2 MAJOR trades

First, the FFTs sent Welington Castillo to the Buckeyes for Jonny Gomes.

Then, the Buckeyes sent Travis Wood to the FFTs for Justin Masterson.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inmates 6, Rhinos 3, Drillers 3

All games via dice and cards at WTF (thanks, Derek!) ---
Inmates 8 – Rhinos 2 (on the Rhino preserve): Garden-variety blow-out. Norris picks up a three-inning save for the Inmates, who manage 14 hits.
Rhinos 6 – Inmates 5 (12 innings, on the Rhino preserve): Cargo hit a 3-run homer with 2 outs in the 9th to tie the game. Both teams scored once in the 10th, then Grilli came on to implode, allowing the winning run to score for the Baggy-Skinned Gang with 2 outs in the 12th.
Rhinos 11 – Inmates 3 (on the Rhino preserve): Garden-variety blow-out, Chapter 2. A reverse of game #1.
Inmates 5 – Rhinos 4 (12 innings, at the Baptist Bowl): In game #1 of a double-header the Rhinos scored 3 in the top of the 9th to take a 4-3 lead. In the bottom of the inning Segura tatered with one out to send the game into overtime. Beltre’s bases-loaded single with nobody out in the 12th was the game-winner.
Inmates 4 – Rhinos 3 (10 innings, at the Baptist Bowl): An Eric Sogard one-out single in the last of the 9th tied the game, sending game #2 of the double-header into extra innings. Adam Jones hit a walk-off HR with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th for the Inmate win.
Inmates 23 – Rhinos 1 (!!!!, at the Baptist Bowl): Holy Shit, Batman! The Inmates scored in every inning save the 3rd, racking up 24 hits, stealing four bases, walking seven times, and getting HBP once. Norris got another 3-inning save (!?!). The Inmates empty the bench in an effort to stem the tide and save ABs, but Cole and Axford had other ideas. An ugly game of the umpteenth degree.
Rhinos 6 – Inmates 5 (12 innings, at the Baptist Bowl): The fourth extra-inning game of the seven game set. In the top of the 9th the Rhinos scored twice to take a 5-4 lead, only to have Drew score for the Inmates in the last of the 9th on a Rizzo groundout to tie things up. Furbush blew the game (and himself) in the 12th to avoid an Inmate win.
Drillers 2 – Inmates 1 (Drillerville): Mike “Sandy Koufax” Minor shows his ineffective side, allowing the Inmates a run in the 1st. A pitcher’s duel ensues, only to have Pierzynski allow a passed-fucking-ball in the bottom of the 9th for the Driller victory.
Inmates 7 – Drillers 2 (Drillerville): Stults shut down the Drillers after a rough 1st inning. Nolasco got roughed up for the loss.
Inmates 5 – Drillers 4 (Baptist Bowl): Another see-saw game for the Inmates, ended when Cargo doubled in the last of the 9th to score Beltre with one out. Nathan choked for the Drillers.
Drillers 10 – Inmates 4 (Baptist Bowl): Jones and Rizzo homered for the Beakless Chicken Gang, but Chacin gave it up like he was a $10 whore (13 hits/3 walks/8 runs in 5 IP). Cobb tossed a CG for the Drillers.
Drillers 5 – Inmates 0 (Baptist Bowl): Minor once again handcuffs the LDMF, tossing a 3-hit CG. ‘Nuff said.

Warpigs and FFTs make a 7-player trade

Warpigs get Jon Jay and Starlin Castro.

FFTs get Yeonis Cespedes, Brett Lawrie, Michael Bourn, Nick Tepesch, and Tommy Milone.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Fungoes 3, Drillers 0

Fungoes and Drillers completed our season series tonight.  All games cards and dice.
July 3 At WTF:
Fungoes walkoff with a 1 out single by Salvador Perez in the 11th inning.  Trout scored the winning run after a single and stolen base put him in scoring position.  Kershaw started for the Fungoes but couldn't hold onto a 3-1 lead.  Drillers tied it in the 7th inning.  Final score 4-3.  Santos picked up the win in relief. 
August 13 At Tulsa Town:
Kershaw starts and this time holds on to win his 21st going 7 innings. Roark and Robertson hold the Drillers and the Fungoes win it 3-2.  Quentin puts the Fungoes in front in the 1st inning with a 2 run HR.
August 14 At Tulsa Town:
Fungoes put up a 5-spot in the 4th inning and Price makes it stand up.  Fungoes win 7-4.  Price with the win and Perkins with the save for the Fungoes. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Drillers 4, Fungoes 3

Fungoes and Drillers played 7, cards and dice:
At WTF April 8:
Kershaw (20-4) goes the distance winning 7-1.  Carpenter collects 3 hits including a HR and drives in 4. 
At WTF April 9:
Zimmerman gets a walkoff two out single in the 9th as the Fungoes win 4-3.  Santos gets the win in relief. 
At Tulsa May 20:
Fungoes win 1-0 as Harvey shuts out the Drillers into the 8th.  Roark and Perkins combine to complete the shutout.  Perkins gets the save.  Fungoes score the only run of the game on a pinch-hit HR by Carlos Quentin.
At Tulsa May 21:
Drillers get to Price scoring 5 in the 5th and cruising to a 7-2 win.  Price with the loss. 
At Tulsa May 22:
Drillers stomp on Holland winning it 8-0.  Longoria hits a grand slam in the bottom of the 1st inning and a 2-run shot in the 3rd inning driving in 6.  James Shields gets the shutout for the Drillers.
At WTF July 1:
Drillers get to Holland (8-5) again winning it 5-0.  Mike Minor shuts out the Fungoes.
At WTF July 2:
Drillers win a close game 2-1.  Medlen takes the loss for the Fungoes!

Fungoes 4, Zaps 1

Zaps at Fungoes via pc manager.
May 17:
Fungoes win it 6-0 as Price (13-6) and Cishek combine on the shutout.  Niese takes the loss for the Zapper.  He was hit hard and gave up 9 hits and 2 walks in 5 innings.  Rajai Davis picked up two RBIs for the home team.
May 18:
Zaps blow open a scoreless game with a 7-spot in the 6th inning.  That would be enough for Scherzer.  He goes the distance striking out 10.  Medlen (11-5) takes the loss for the Fungoes.
May 19:
Fungoes win it 12-7 handing Cole Hamels the loss.  Kershaw (19-4) picks up the win for the Fungoes.  Trout picked up 4 hits and drove in 2 for the home team.  Bautista went deep for the Pastas!
August 11:
Fungoes put up 5 in the 3rd inning and 4 in the 7th inning and win it 10-4.  Medlen (12-5) picks up the win while Cole Hamels takes another loss for the Zaps!  Darnell McDonald hits a 7th inning Grand Slam for the Fungoes!
August 12:
Grienke vs Harvey looks like a Zap win until the Fungoes get to Grienke for 2 in the 5th inning (closing to 3-2) and  3 in the 8th (taking a 5-3 lead) then holding on to win it 5-4.  Harvey (13-3) takes the win.  Grienke takes the loss for the Zaps.  Cishek picks up a save.  Zap's manager was in a sour mood after the game.  'Even you Pussies up in the press box know why we lost this game. And it wasn't because I stayed with Grienke too long!'
As a side note, Cabrera hit (and missed) 5 BP homer chances......not looking forward to pitching against him in Zapperland!

Drillers 3, Killer Bees 2

 Drillers go 3 - 2 vs Bees in MudPit

6/18 Shields with a 5-0 CG ShO  Drillers win!
6/19 Lincecum serves it up.  Drillers win 7-3
6/20 PUIG with the walk-off tater to win it 6-5 for the drillers!

8/31 Bees put up 15 hits and win 6-3
9/1 Lee beats Cobb though they combined to allow 22 hits.  Bees win 5-3 

Drillers 3, DVs 2

Drillers go 3 - 2 at home vs Dvs

4/28 Fowler out hits driller team...  DVs win 3-2
4/29 Hits tied at 5, but Drillers win 2-1
7/21 Drillers win 5-3
7/22 Minor with a CG ShO Drillers win 4-0

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Driller and Warpigs Swap 6 Players

The Warpigs traded Melky Cabrera, Zack Wheeler, and Casey Fien to the Drillers for Evan Longoria, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Brandon Belt.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tweakers 4, Rhinos 1

Hal shows a total lack of confidence in the Rhinos bullpen.  In 5 games Rhinos have 2 relief appearances by Thornburg totaling an inning and a third.  Otherwise, the 5 starters log 42.1 innings, including 3 complete games, including 2 that went extra innings.

6/7 - Tweakers 3, Rhinos 2.  Hisashi Iwakuma had an impressive outing as the blistering-hot NORM TWEAKERS
beat the JOSE RHINOS by a score of 3 to 2.

NORM scored all of the necessary runs in the 8th inning scoring 3 runs on 4
base hits.  Ben Zobrist got things going when he doubled.  Adam Lind came to
the plate and lined a base-hit.  Pablo Sandoval then slapped a single.
Marlon Byrd was next to bat, but he was a strikeout victim.  Chris Carter
stepped into the box and drew a walk to load the bases.  Wilin Rosario was
the next batter, but he struck out.  Jose Iglesias was next and he doubled.
The game was a scoreless duel until the 8th inning. 

Luis Avilan(5-3) went 2 and 2/3 innings allowing 2 runs for the win. After Gordon Beckham hit a 9th inning homer to make it close, Avilan
got help from Dane De La Rosa who was credited with his 4th save.  Tim
Hudson(3-3) was charged with the loss. 

In another of a string of victories, NORM extended their winning streak to 8
games. 'It seems we can't lose these days', George Brett volunteered after
the game.  Then after a moment to reflect he lamented, 'Oh great! Now I've
gone and jinxed us!'

6/8 – Tweakers 5, Rhinos 2.  Shelby Miller emulated Iwakuma by throwing 6 scoreless innings before turning it over to the bullpen.  The score was tied at 2 after nine.  Finally, NORM pulled the game out in the
10th inning.  Ben Zobrist led off and got things going when he doubled.
After an out was recorded, Marlon Byrd came up and he was hit by a pitch.
Pablo Sandoval got his chance to keep things going, but he went down on
strikes.  Yan Gomes stepped in and he belted a three-run homer giving NORM
the victory as -132 happy fans celebrated wildly.  NORM had 11 hits for the
afternoon while JOSE had 6. 

Luis Avilan(6-3) went 2/3 of an inning allowing no runs for the victory.
Randall Delgado(0-1) took the loss.  NORM remained hot, improving their
record to 63-51.  They now have a record of 9-1 in recent days.  JOSE's
manager was pretty down after the loss.  'We've really been sputtering along
lately, something like 0-10 in the last week or two.  That won't get it

8/20 – Rhinos 6, Tweakers 5.  Carlos Gomez rolled the 1 to hit a ballpark homerun and had 2 RBI and Matt Garza retired 15 batters on
strikeouts as the JOSE RHINOS beat the NORM TWEAKERS in
10 innings by the count of 6 to 5.

A grand slam by Ryan Howard and a solo shot by Wilin Rosario gave the Tweakers an early lead, but the game was deadlocked at 5 after nine full innings.  JOSE ended up winning
it in the 10th inning.  Gomez laced a base-knock.  Gomez was safe at second
on a stolen base.  After an out was recorded, Marcus Semien (who the hell is that?) then stroked a
one-base hit.  Semien took second on the throw.  Nick Markakis came up and he
drew a walk.  JOSE totaled 12 hits on the night. 

Garza(1-3) lasted until the end allowing 5 runs for the win. Luis Avilan(6-4)
ended up with the loss in relief.  He allowed 2 runs and 3 hits in 1 inning.

'I had my good stuff tonight.' Garza said. 'As the game went along I started
to get the feeling that I was going to strike out a bunch of hitters.'

8/21 – Tweakers 6, Rhinos 4.  Tweakers led 5-3 after the 1st inning that included a 3-run homer by Will Venable.  Shelby Miller(8-8) pitched okay, well enough for the win.  He surrendered 4
hits and 3 walks in 6 innings and gave up homeruns to Tulowitzki and Dominguez.  NORM had 9 hits for
the game and JOSE had 6. 

Dane De La Rosa was credited with his 5th save. C.C. Sabathia(0-5) was the
losing pitcher.
8/22 – Tweakers 2, Rhinos 1.  Rosters expand for the final game of the series.  Ben Zobrist had 2 base hits as the NORM TWEAKERS beat the JOSE RHINOS by a
score of 2 to 1.

Gio Gonzalez(10-4) had a strong outing.  He allowed just 5 hits and 1 walk in
8 innings.  Gonzalez struck out 9 JOSE batters.  Robinson Cano homered in the 9th, but the Rhinos were unable to push the tying run across. 

Gonzalez got relief help from Luis Avilan who gained credit for his 11th save.
Gerrit Cole(2-2) was tagged with the loss.

Picks Trading Hands

Here is a rundown of 2015 Draft picks that have already been dealt:

Buckeye 3rd to the FFTs
Buckeye 9th to the FFTs
Tweener 1st to the Nads
Rhino 2nd to the Wahoos
Warpig 3rd to the Wahoos
Warpig 8th to the Drillers
FFT 9th to the Fungoes
Rhino 9th to the Fungoes

Eventually, I will update the roster page to reflect these picks.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Warpigs 4, Buckeyes 1

Cards and dice...

@ The BallPork

Gm6 - Warpigs win 6-3 in 10 innings. After making no errors in the first 5 games of the series, the Buckeyes made 2 in the 1st and another in the 3rd putting them in an early hole. But the Buckeyes come back to tie it despite having a 1-17 runner thrown out at home and missing a 1-19 single with a runner at 3rd. The game was tied into the 10th when Albert Pujols pinch hit a 3-run homer off of Koji Uehara. It was the 2nd game in a row for a Pig pinch hitter to hit a walk off homer.

Gm7 - Warpigs win 3-0. The Pigs only had 4 hits, but 3 of them were solo home runs by Pujols, Austin Jackson, and Melky Cabrera. Adam Wainwright shuts down the Buckeyes for his 20th win.

@ The Buckeye Livestock Pavilion

Gm8 - Buckeyes win 10-4. Stephen Strasburg gave up a 3-run homer to Eric Chavez in the 2nd and took an early exit to the showers. The Pigpen was called on to finish the game against a HR hitting team in a HR hitting park. And they did. Five Buckeye homers. Pujols continues his fountain of youth series with 2 more homers.

Gm9 - Warpigs win 6-2. Alejandro De Aza hit a 3-run homer in the 1st, and Wainwright shuts down the Buckeye bats again. Yadier Molina had 3 hits.

Gm10 - Warpigs win 8-0. Jose Fernandez threw the complete game shutout, striking out 17. He allowed only 3 hits and 2 walks. The second time thru the Buckeye lineup, Fernandez struck out 8 of the 9 hitters. Little used Matt Wieters homered twice. Darwin Barney even muscled up for a home run.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Warpigs 3, Buckeyes 2

Cards and dice...

@ The BallPork

Gm1 - Buckeyes win 3-2. R.A. Dickey and Adam Wainwright in a pitcher's duel. Dickey's only lapse was a 2-run homer to Alejandro De Aza, and his bullpen didn't let him down. The Pigs loaded the bases in the 9th with 2 outs, but came up short.

Gm2 - Warpigs win 5-4. This time Stephen Strasburg was the pitcher who got the bullpen help to get the win. Yadier Molina and De Aza homered for the Pigs, and Melky Cabrera had 3 hits. David Dejesus homered for the Buckeyes. Casey Fien got the last 3 outs for the save.

@ The Buckeye Livestock Pavilion

Gm3 - Warpigs win 11-8. Wainwright decided he did not like this ballpark. He gave up a grand slam to Jarrod Saltalamacchia and a 2-run homer to some other guy and left early trailing 6-2. But the Warpig batters decided this park WAS to their liking, adding a run in the 6th to get to 6-3, and then a 6-run marker in the 7th. The Pigs loaded the bases with nobody out before Scott Van Slyke plated 1 run with a SacFly. Darwin Barney bunted the other 2 runners over, leaving it to De Aza to play the hero. De Aza hit an omega to drive in both runners and give the Pigs the lead. But the Pigs were not done. Austin Jackson hit next and double to score De Aza. Albert Pujols came on to pinch hit for Flaherty and blasted a 2-run homer. Both teams scored 2 in the 8th, but Michael Wacha came in to get the Pigs out of an 8th inning jam, and Jake Odorizzi had a 3-up, 3-down 9th for his first save of the year.

Gm4 - Buckeyes win 3-2 in 10 innings. Darrin Ruf hit a 2-out walk off single in the 10th. Pujols homered again for the Pigs.

@ The BallPork

Gm5 - Warpigs win 4-3. This is not your granddaddy's Warpigs/Buckeyes match-up, but some of that old magic reared its marvelous head in game 5. Trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th (and seriously, our 2 runs were on a home run by Brandon Crawford), the Pigs were facing Uehara once again. Pujols had a pinch hit single, but with 2 outs, Darwin Barney was due up. The pinch hit options on the bench were Austin Jackson (ugh), Matt Wieters (oof), and Ryan Flaherty (please). Jose Fernandez was the first thought in my mind, but he had been the starting pitcher and was long gone. Which all led to this:

Pigman: Believe it or not, the best chance I have for a homer is Ryan Flaherty. Our only chance is for him to roll 2-9.
Buckeyes: Okay
Pigman: And just in case he rolls 2-9 and misses the homer (1-14), I better have Jackson run for Pujols.
Buckeyes: Okay
(dice roll)
Buckeyes: Oh my

Oh somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright
A band is playing somewhere and somewhere hearts are light
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout
But we're partying here at the BallPork, for Flaherty hit it out.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Tweakers 4, SuperGoofs 0

Tweakers seem to have the Goofs’ number this year, at least at the Hooverdome.  CM games with expanded rosters:
9/5 – Tweakers 2, Goofs 1.  Kuma was always pitching his way out of trouble but managed to hang on for the win.  Ryu was sharp, but took the loss.  4 Tweakers relievers face 4 batters in the 9th, with Dane de la Rosa nailing down the save.
9/6 – Tweakers 5, Goofs 2.  Goofs get 2 in the 1st, including a Frandsen HR, but would score no more.  2 doubles, a HR, and 3 RBI for Wilin Rosario.  W – Gio, L – Griffin, S – Scheppers.
9/7 #1 – Tweakers 3, Goofs 1.  Shane Victorino had 2 base hits as the NORM TWEAKERS defeated the struggling
PHIL -SG SUPER GOOFS by a score of 3 to 1 at The Hooverdome.

NORM claimed the early lead in the first inning scoring 2 runs using 3 hits.
Victorino led off the inning for NORM when he was hit by a pitch.  Victorino
took his lead and swiped second.  David Lough struck out, unable to help the
rally.  Ben Zobrist followed next and he lined a one-base hit.  Adam Lind
came up to bat and doubled.  Pablo Sandoval kept things alive and stroked a
base-hit.  That early run support was enough for Shelby Miller(7-8) and NORM.
PHIL -SG made it exciting in the 9th, but they were unable to push the
needed runs across. 

Miller got help from Luis Avilan who was credited with his 10th save.  Yu
Darvish(0-2) ended up with the CG loss.  He allowed 10 hits and 4 walks in 8

George Brett was in a talkative mood in the clubhouse, 'Great game! If only we
could win all of the close ones - wouldn't that be nice! Since that's not
going to happen, I think I'll savor this one for a little while.'

9/7 #2 – Tweakers 8, Goofs 0.  In the nightcap, Tweakers would score in only one inning, but it was a big crooked number.  Carlos Torres shut us down through 6, but when he got into trouble in the 7th the bullpen hoses were filled with kerosene.  3-run HR for Venable, Zobrist 2 for 4 with a triple and 2 RBI.  Felix allowed nothing, but had to leave before the rally, so Avilan picked up the win in relief.  Tweakers complete the sweep, taking all 7 games this season at home against the Goofs.

Buckeyes 5, Zaps 2

Buckeyes 5 Zaps 2 in final 7 at Buckeyes
Game 1 - Buckeyes 8 Zaps 7 - Buckeyes nearly cough up a 7-0 lead when Zaps score 6 in the 6th. Doumit drives in 3 with a homer. Feldman wins it with 9th inning relief from Koji
Game 2 - Zaps 7 Buckeyes 2 - Lackey throws CG 4 hitter. Goldschmidt homers and drives in 3.
Game 3 - Zaps 9 Buckeyes 3 - Scherzer gets the win. Zaps bang out 15 hits and 4 HR's
Game 4 - Buckeyes 13 Zaps 10 - Zaps hit 5 homers and Buckeyes 3. Ruggiano drives in 5.
Game 5 - Buckeyes 3 Zaps 2 - Buckeyes jump out to an early 3-0 lead and hold on. Lackey another CG. Burnett gets the win and Koji gets save #40.
Game 6 - Buckeyes 6 Zaps 3 - Buckeyes get all 6 runs in the 5th. Escobar a 2 run HR followed by a grand slam by Cuddyer.
Game 7 - Buckeyes 9 Zaps 7 - Buckeyes jump out to a 9-0 lead thanks to a 7 run 7th. Then have to hold on as Zaps respond with a 6 run 6th.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Warpigs 4, Wahoos 0

The Warpigs sweep the last 4 with the Wahoos. All games played with cards and dice.

All games @ The Reservation

Gm1 - Warpigs win 10-8. The Pigs blasted Anibal Sanchez with a 6-run top of the 1st, only to see the Wahoos erupt for 5 runs in the bottom of the 1st against Wily Peralta. The score was 8-8 in the top of the 8th when Alejandro De Aza singled and was bunted over to 2nd. Then up to the plate came pinch hitter Nick Castellanos for his 5th at bat of the year. He untied the game with a double. Darwin Barney added another run with a 2-out single. In the bottom of the 9th, Brandon Crawford booted a ball to start the inning. The next batter was hit by a pitch, bringing the winning run to the plate. Casey Fien recorded 1 out, and Carlos Martinez was brought in. He threw one pitch, inducing a 4-6-3 double play to end the game. Michael Bourn and Yadier Molina homered for the Pigs. Kendrys Morales hit another one for the Hoos.

Gm2 - Warpigs win 3-1. Adam Wainwright and Justin Verlander were locked in a 1-1 game in the 7th when the Warpigs rallied for a pair of 2-out runs. There were runners on the corners with 2 outs when Brett Lawrie hit a groundball to Dustin Pedroia (1e5). But because the runner at first was being held, the sure out turned into a go-ahead single for Lawrie. Yadier Molina then added another run with a clutch single. Strange things, indeed. The Wahoos got runners to 2nd and 3rd in the 8th with 2 outs, but Khris Davis struck out to end the threat. Wainwright gets his 19th win of the season.

Gm3 - Warpigs win 7-2. Scott Van Slyke hit a 3-run homer in the 1st, and that was all Jose Fernandez needed. The Pigs added a 4 spot in the 6th. Lawrie stayed hot with 3 hits.

Gm4 - Warpigs win 7-3. It was Stephen Strasburg's turn to shut down the Wahoo bats. Once Strasburg was gone, though, the Pigpen made the game a little too interesting. The Wahoos scored a run in the 9th and had the bases loaded. The Pigs were forced to bring in Nick Tepesch to face Pedroia. Tepesch got him to fly out to end the threat and the game. Van Slyke hit another home run and Lawrie had another 3-hit game. In the final 3 games, Lawrie went 8-13.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Warpigs 3, Wahoos 3

All games played with dice and cards... as God intended.

First 3 games @ The Reservation

Gm1 - Wahoos win 6-2. Kendrys Morales homers twice as Jordan Zimmermann bests Wily Peralta. Mark Melancon gets Pujols with the bases loaded in the 8th, then cruises thru the 9th for the save. Scott Van Slyke homered for the Pigs.

Gm2 - Warpigs win 3-0. Despite the 19/19 park, Stephen Strasburg tosses a 3-hit shutout. He carried a no-hitter into the 6th.

Gm3 - Wahoos win 9-8. In the most entertaining game of the night, the Wahoos walk it off with a triple by Jordy Mercer. The Warpigs had battled back from deficits of 5-1 and 8-4 with a 4-run top of the 8th - keyed by a bases loaded pinch hit double by pitcher Jose Fernandez.

Next 3 games played @ The BallPork

Gm4 - Wahoos win 3-2. The key hit was a 2-run homer in the 5th by Gregor Blanco on a HR1-6, fly roll. I mean, the guy doesn't even have N power! Come onnnnnn. Van Slyke homered in the 9th, but it wasn't enough.

Gm5 - Warpigs win 3-0. Another shutout for the Pigs - this one a 4-hitter by Adam Wainwright. Albert Pujols homered for the Pigs.

Gm6 - Warpigs win 2-1. This game was also entertaining, but only if you like stellar pitching. Wily Peralta and Nathan Eovaldi were both tough to score on. Yadier Molina homered in the 1st, and then singled in another run in the 8th. Molina also doubled. Peralta was aided by 3 double plays and a triple play - all in the first 5 innings. He also got late help from Michael Wacha and Casey Fien. In the 9th, down 2-0, the Wahoos tried to rally. A walk and a single off of Wacha put the tying runs on. After Fien came in, both runners pulled off the double steal. The shutout bid ended on a SacFly, but Fien got Moises Sierra to fly out to center to end the game.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Inmates 5, DVs 0

All games at DV Land (PropellerHead Park) via netplay.
INMATES 11 – DVs 3: The Beakless Chicken Gang pounds out 20 hits, including triples by Drew, Rizzo, and Segura. Parker tosses a CG.
INMATES 6 – DVs 5 (12 innings): In the 1st game of a doubleheader the DVs tied the game in the bottom of the 9th 5-5 to totally fuck up both team’s bullpens. Henderson goes 3 1/3 for the win.
INMATES 12 – DVs 7: Game two of the doubleheader was over quick, as the Inmates led 8-4 after three innings. Stults gave up five runs, only one of which was earned. Ian Kinsler errored twice for the DVs. The Inmates once again pounded out 20 hits.
INMATES 3 – DVs 2: Cargo hit a pair of triples, Norris pitched four innings of relief, and the DVs could muster only three hits.
INMATES 9 – DVs 4: Despite HRs by McCann, Morneau, and Stanton the DVs once again let the Inmates steal a game for the five game sweep.

Fungoes 3, Warpigs 1

Fungoes and Warpigs finished up via net play, here are the results:

July 26 at the Ball Pork:
Holland and Strasburg face off in a pitchers duel.  Holland leaves after Matt Wieters greets him with a Home Run leading off the bottom half of the 7th inning.  Strasburg gave up an early run to the Fungi and then settled down.  He lasted 7 and left with the game tied 1-1.  Casey Fein picked up the win for the Warpigs while Tanner Roark takes the loss.  Warpigs won in in the bottom of the ninth when Brandon Crawford doubled home Darwin Barney for the walk off win!  Al Kaline's official comment after the game, "Ratfuck"!

July 27 at the Ball Pork:
Jose Fernandez versus Kris Medlen.  Warpigs take an early 2-0 lead.  Fungoes finally get a run back in the 7th and then get the first two on in the 8th, tiring Fernandez.  Fungoes tie it in the 8th and score 4 in the top of the ninth to win it 6-2.  Roark picks up the win while Wacha takes the loss for the Warpigs!

August 26 at WTF:
Wainwright vs Kershaw.  Both starting pitchers are masterful.  Fungoes manage 2 runs though and that is enough for Kershaw as he picks up the win improving his record to 18-4.  Robertson picks up the save.  

August 27 at WTF:
Pigs prophecy comes true as the Fungoes shut out the pigs for the second game in a row winning it 3-0.  Matt Harvey goes the distance for the complete game shutout.  Strasburg takes the tough loss for the Warpigs.  Trout picked up 3 hits and 2 RBIs for the home team!  

Fungoes improve to 80-32.  Uncharted territory! 

Friday, August 01, 2014

Warpigs 2, FFTs 2


@ FFT Field

Game 1 - Warpigs win 10-0. Jose Fernandez (12-4, 1.89 ERA) and bullpen shut out the FFTs. A.J. Pollock and Yonder Alonso both homer for the Pigs.

Game 2 - Warpigs win 6-4. Adam Wainwright (17-6, 1.98 ERA) and the Pigs were cruising with a 6-0 lead when the Pigpen almost let it get away. Casey Fien came on for his 16th save. Yadier Molina went 4-4 with 2 doubles and 3 RBI.

@ The BallPork

Game 3 - FFTs win 7-2. What a difference the starting pitcher makes. Wily Peralta (7-15, 3.76) wasn't bad but could not equal the success of the previous two Pig pitchers and took the loss. The Pigpen took most of the beating, giving up 2 runs in both the 8th and 9th. Hunter Pence went 4-5 for the FFTs, and Mike Carp drove in 3 runs. Martin Perez went 5 innings for the win.

Game 4 - FFTs win 9-4. Zack Wheeler (2-9, 6.17) was bad. As usual. The Pigpen was bad. As usual. Except for Carlos Martinez, who somehow managed to throw 4 shutout, no-hit innings after the score was already 9-4. Prince Fielder and Lorenzo Cain both had 2 hits and 3 RBI for the FFTs. The Pigs actually outhit the FFTs this game 14-10. Yusmeiro Petit started for the FFTs but was pulled after the first eight Warpig hitters went 6-7 with a SacFly against him. Chris Capuano got the win in relief, but the real star was Blake Parker, who matched Martinez with 4 innings of shutout relief, allowing only 2 hits.

Zaps 6, Buckeyes 1

Game 1- The Buckeyes jumped out to a 3-0 lead, but then the Zaps scored
in four straight innings on the way to a 6-3 win in the opener.
Game 2-The Zaps scored six runs in the first three innings and were
cruising until the Buckeyes scored four runs with the game ending with
the tying run on third. Zaps win 6-5.
Game 3-Miggy ended a 1-1 pitchers duel in the home half of the 9th with
a walk off two-run tater.
Game 4-Powered by two Miggy bombs the Zaps build an 11-1 lead through
six on the way to an 11-5 triumph.
Game 5-Liriano had a no-hitter through six innings and Miggy hits two
more fence clearers for the second game in a row to lead the Zaps to a
6-1 victory.
Game 6-The Buckeyes use four consecutive extra base hits to score six
runs in the 7th to take control of the game on the way to an 8-5 W.
Game 7- The Zaps out hit the visitors 12 to 6 to take the getaway game 9-3.

Tweakers 4, DVs 1

DVs hit .186 for the series, Tweakers team ERA 0.92.

5/17 – Tweakers 7, DVs 1.  At The Hooverdome the BRYAN DIAMONDVISION were battered 7 to 1 by the NORM

NORM brought 4 runs across the plate in the 7th inning with the help of 3
hits.  The critical plate appearance was by Pablo Sandoval who thrilled the
crowd when he lined a base-hit bringing in two baserunners.  NORM had 11 hits
for the night while BRYAN had 8. 

Sergio Romo(2-0) picked up the victory, allowing no runs in 2 and 2/3 innings.
Mat Latos(1-5) took the loss.  He allowed 8 hits and 3 walks in 6 and 2/3

5/18 – DVs 1, Tweakers 0.  Lance Lynn came through with a solid 7 innings as the BRYAN DIAMONDVISION
bested the NORM TWEENERS 1 to 0 at The Hooverdome.

The game's lone run was scored in the top of the 5th inning.  BRYAN had 6 hits
overall, while NORM had 3.  The winning pitcher was Lynn(1-0) who allowed no
runs in 7 innings. Lynn was helped out by Tyler Clippard who recorded his 1st
save.  Shelby Miller(4-8) took the loss. 

'It felt really nice to get this win,' Lynn said. 'I kind of dictated the
game. It's what I get paid to do. It worked out this time.'

5/19 – Tweakers 3, DVs 1.  Felix Hernandez(7-7) and Andrew Cashner(3-1) dueled it out with Hernandez and
the NORM TWEENERS coming out on top of the BRYAN DIAMONDVISION by the score
of 3 to 1.

NORM came up with 2 runs in the 3rd inning when they came up with 3 base hits.
That early run support was all that Hernandez required.  BRYAN went down
without a fight in the 9th. 

Sonny Gray got the save, his 14th.  Wth the win NORM now has a record of
51-45.  Ozzie Smith was unhappy with his club's recent performance.  'We
can't keep losing games' he said.  'It gets to be embarrassing after a

8/11 – Tweakers 2, DVs 0.  Shelby Miller went 8 solid innings at Great American Bpk as the NORM TWEENERS
beat the BRYAN DIAMONDVISION 2 to 0.

NORM tallied 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th inning with the help of 3 hits.
It was enough to earn the victory.  NORM finished with 7 hits while BRYAN
ended up with 3. 

The win went to Miller(5-8) who allowed no runs in 8 innings. Miller got help
from Luis Avilan who earned his 8th save.  Mat Latos(1-6) was hit with the
loss.  He pitched 7 innings allowing 6 hits and 3 walks.

8/12 – Tweakers 4, DVs 2.  In a close game the NORM TWEENERS got by the BRYAN DIAMONDVISION in 13 innings
by the score of 4 to 2.

The score was tied at 2 after nine.  NORM was victorious in the 13th inning.
After two were out Wilin Rosario kicked off the action when he lashed a
single.  Rosario got a great jump and stole second easily.  Will Venable then
bombed a two-run dinger giving NORM the win as 47,507 happy fans joyfully
celebrated.  NORM finished with 11 hits in the victory. 

Tanner Scheppers(5-1) was the winner allowing no runs in 2 innings. Addison
Reed(0-1) suffered the loss in relief.  He surrendered 2 runs and 3 hits in 2
and 2/3 innings. 

Tweakers are hell bent for the 11th pick in the 2015 draft.

Fungoes 3, Tweakers 2

4/23 – Tweakers 2, Fungoes 1.  MadBum and Harvey were both sharp.  Tweakers held scoreless until the 9th, Scutaro comes through with a huge PH double, Rosario drives in the game winner.  W – Scheppers, L – Perkins.
4/24 – Fungoes 8, Tweakers 5.  The score was knotted at 5 after nine innings.  DEREK came out the victor in
the 10th inning.  Ryan Zimmerman opened up the inning nicely when he laced a
base-hit.  Salvador Perez got his turn next, but he was a strikeout victim.
Willie Bloomquist was a strikeout victim, unable to help out.  Brett Gardner
came up and he was hit by a pitch.  Freddy Effin’ Galvis came to the plate and
tripled.  Jose Tabata continued the rally and doubled.  Mike Trout stepped up
next and he lined a one-base hit.  Eric Hosmer dug into the batters box next,
but he struck out.  The NORM batters went down meekly in the bottom of the

The win was credited to David Robertson(2-0) who went 2 innings allowing no
runs. Sonny Gray(0-1) was the loser in relief.  He pitched 2 and 2/3 innings
allowing 2 hits and 1 walk.

7/15 – Tweakers 7, Fungoes 4.  Fungoes score 4 in the 4th, Tweakers get 4 in the 7th and 3 in the 8th.  Homers by Lind and Sandoval, 3 RBI for the Panda.  W – Gray, L – Rosenthal.

7/16 – Fugoes 8, Tweakers 6.  Eric Hosmer had 4 hits and scored 3 times at Great American Bpk where the
indomitable DEREK FUNGOES beat the NORM TWEENERS in 10 innings 8 to 6.

Both teams were tied at 5 runs apiece after nine innings.  DEREK won it in the
10th inning.  Hosmer led off and started the attack as he doubled.  Mike
Trout came to the plate and lashed a single.  After an out was recorded, Ryan
Zimmerman then lofted a three-run 'big-fly'.  This was the kind of game that
many fans love as the lead changed hands 5 times. 

The victory went to David Robertson(3-0) who went 1 and 2/3 innings, allowing
no runs. Glen Perkins earned his 4th save.  The losing pitcher was Sonny
Gray(1-2) in relief.  He was not very effective, surrendering 4 runs in 2

7/17 – Fungoes 2, Tweakers 0.  MadBum pitched well, but we had no chance against Kershaw and Perkins.

Zaps 4, Tweakers 1

MadBum over Scherzer in game 1, then Zaps take 4 straight.  Tweakers’ defense let us down, 5 unearned runs in the series due to 7 errors (4 by outfielders).
5/7 – Tweakers 4, Zaps 3.  HR and 3 RBI for Ryan Howard.
5/8 – Zaps 5, Tweakers 1.  CG for Hamels, Kuma the loser.
7/30 – Zaps 2, Tweakers 1.  Shelby Miller gives up 3 singles, 2 walks, fans 10, is rewarded with a CG loss.  Scherzer the CG win.
7/31 – Zaps 3, Tweakers 2.  Kluber wins in relief of Hamels, S – Parnell, L – Felix.
8/1 – Zaps 8, Tweakers 7.  Back and forth affair, George Brett leaves Kuma in too long.  W – Greinke, S – Parnell.