Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Fungoes took 3 out of 4 from the Wahoos today.

His Fungoness reports...
Fungoes won three of four vs the Wahoos today. The Highlights include the following:

Fungoes win game 1, six to three. Casilla gets the win while Papelbon picks up the save. Figgins goes 3 for 3 with 3 runs scored, a single, double and triple (pulled for defense so no shot at the cycle).

Fungoes win game 2, four to two. This one was a pitchers duel with both teams collecting four hits. After trailing 2-0 Fungoes rally for a three spot in the fourth and Sizemore hits a solo shot in the eighth for the 2 run win. Halladay picks up the win while Papelbon collects another save.

Fungoes win game 3, seven to two. Once again the Fungoes rally to erase a 2-0 deficit, this time with a three run 5th. Carlos Gomez steals home with one out for the third run of the inning. Fungoes add three in the 6th and one more in the eighth for the win. Penny picks up the complete game victory.

Wahoos win game four 8-5. Fungoes jump out to an early 3 run lead but Washburn implodes in the third allowing 6 of the 7 Wahoo runs in that frame. The Wahoo's add another run in the fourth and then hang on for the win.

Fungoes make only one error in the four games and that turns out to be, you guessed it Rick, a dropped foul pop up that Napoli can't come up with.

In games this evening, the Mavs went 8-6 against the Buckeyes and 3-2 against the Oilers.

Earlier today, the Rhinos reported on a series between the Rhinos and Mavs that was played back in June. Neither team reported it at the time and both will receive demerits. The Rhinos went 6-4 in the series.

Also, the Nads and DVs split ten games, with each team going 4-1 at home.

From the Nadman...
I am toast tonight - taught 7 hours and played a 3 hour cocktail/dinner party on the north side for Cub fans - very crazy bunch!!!

so, I decided to quick play all of the games - I should do that more often !! we went 4-1 against the mighty DVs here at the Jock. This time the DVs only saw 1 lefty - Glavine and beat him - Hernandez was off the taxi and beat the DVs twice ( 10-1 and 7-2), Webb shutout the DVs as well (4-0) and Arroyo surprisingly managed to win (3-1)


Well, I hate to do this, but this is one of the reasons we have this rule. Game files/stats from the games played in Nashville on the Rhino computer have not been sent to the teams involved. The following demerits are all accrued by the Rhinos:

1- for failing to send results to the Fungoes for the Rhino/Fungo games
1- for failing to send results to the Fungoes for the Bee/Fungo games
1- for failing to send results to the Bees for the Bee/Fungo games
1- for failing to send results to the Bees for the Rhino/Bee games
1- for failing to send results to the Bees for the Bee/Tweener games
1- for failing to send results to the Tweeners for the Rhino/Tweener games
1- for failing to send results to the Tweeners for the Bee/Tweener games

Sorry Rhinos, but these guys need these results to do stats. It's good that it's happening this year when there are no consequences for demerits. Next year, this would hurt a lot more.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Oilers went 2-0 against the FFTs.

The Nads took 5 out of 7 against the Mavs at the Jock.

The Oilers went 3-2 vs the Killer Bees.

The Inmates went 3-2 vs the Killer Bees via Netplay.

The HEAD INMATE reports...
Inmates took 3 of 5 at the Hive via netplay tonight. Game 5 was particularly tight, with 12 total pitchers used in a 4-3 Inmate win.

In game one, the Inmates teed off for 8 homers in a 15-2 drubbing of the Bees. Duncan and Beltre hit two each. Games 3 and 4 were Bee victories, with the Inmates collecting a composite 7 hits.

Inmates are now 56-45, and avoid the dreaded demerit for July by one game. Thanks, BeeBoy!

Here are the email results I received from the BeeBoy (each one sent just seconds apart):
Email one: Attached a
Email two: Attached are
Email three: Attached are results

Apparently, a midweek drinking binge for the BeeBoy. At The Hive they call that "Getting your BUZZ on."

The Nads later took 3 out of 5 from the Tweeners.

The NadMan reports...
Tweeners go 2-3 at NADS.

It's been a fun evening - have played the MAVS and tweeners while grading final exams - the drill is to grade 5 tests - then to play 5 innings.

STRATO has certainly made grading exams much more pleasant. Still have 20 tests to go.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BUD Pennant Race Forecast

The Bob Uecker Division is a 2-team race, and every time the Rhinos appear poised to run away with it, the Wahoos claw their way back in. The current standings:
Rhinos 58-50
Wahoos 54-52 (3 games back)

Their remaining opponents:

Rhinos (54 games left):
14 vs the Oilers
10 vs the Zaps, Drillers, Buckeyes, and Mavs

Wahoos (56 games left):
10 vs the Buckeyes and Mavs
9 vs the Oilers
8 vs the Warpigs
5 vs the Zaps, Drillers, and FFTs
4 vs the Fungoes

An analysis:
Just like in the MLB, these two division opponents have a lot of the same teams left on their schedule. Unfortunately, they don't have any games left against each other. The Rhinos have 20 left vs teams in playoff dogfights of their own (Buckeyes and Drillers). I'm going to say they Rhinos hold their own in these games and go 11-9. In the 24 vs the Zaps and Oilers - two teams hard to get a handle on at this point - the Rhinos will do a bit better, winning 15 and losing 9. The Rhinos may need to do really well against the Mavs to hold off the Wahoos, but I'm only going to give him a 7-3 here. These outcomes would leave the Rhinos at 91-71.

The Wahoos have the advantage of having 27 games left against the bottom four teams in the league (Warpigs, Mavs, Fungoes, and FFTs). The Wahoos should have no trouble letting these teams fight it out for the top draft spot. The Hoos will go 19-8 vs these losers. In the 15 games vs the Drillers and Buckeyes, however, the good pitching they will face will bring them back down to earth. The Wahoos will go 7-8 vs these two teams. That leaves 14 vs the Oilers and Zaps. The Wahoos have enough to do better than .500 here, going 9-5. This would bring the Wahoos home with a record of 89-73, leaving them on the outside looking in at playoff time.

Monday, July 28, 2008


The Wahoos swept two from the Warpigs today.

The Chief reports...
Wahoos hosted the Pigs on a 102-degree afternoon Monday. Wahoos won both games, 11-5 and 4-1. The highlight was Yuniesky Betancourt's 5-for-5 Game 1 and he had another hit or 2 in Game 2. Fausto Carmona improved to 14-6. Gil Meche picked up the other win. Mike Wuertz had a 4-inning save and Carlos Marmol picked up the other. Gary Matthews hit 2 homers in Game 1.

The Pigman reports...

The Wahoos are only 3 games in back of the Rhinos for the BUD lead. The Warpigs, if they can put together a 42-game win streak to end the year, can still finish .500.

In other games, the Killer Bees put a stingin' on the Nads at the Jock. The Bees won 4 out of 5.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The Killer Bees hosted the Nads and won 3 out of 5.

Game Files and Results

If you've played any games without receiving the results, email me and let me know.

Remember, if your computer was used for games, even if your team wasn't involved, it is your responsibility for getting the results (game files, subsets, stats, box scores, or whatever) sent out.

A Tale of Two Leagues

In the I-75 league that Garth has a team in (and is the 2-time defending champ), they allow in-season trades. IP/AB are carried over, and there's a trade deadline... but imagine the screaming that would go on in NASOMA if this trade happened:

Team A gets Cody Ross, Josh Phelps, Moises Alou, and J.J. Putz

Team B gets Jason Bay, Dioner Navarro, and Shawn Marcum

Team A is in a pennant race and just picked up FOUR playoff stud cards. Team B will miss the playoffs and needed to improve for next year.

Apparently the guys in I-75 love these trades, and I can see how it could help a team load up for the post season and a down and out team get some ammunition for the next season... but if I'm in the pennant race with Team A, I'm ticked.


This Thursday is the last day of July. Everyone should have at least 100 games played by then. Right now six teams haven't reached that point: the Zaps, the Oilers, and all four of the teams in the Millard Fillmore Division.

If you have tried to get games played without much luck, all I can suggest is to try harder. Send emails. Get on the phone. Mail out instructions. If your opponents have your instructions, the onus to get the games played falls on them. BUT, you still need to contact them and let them know you are depending on those games getting played. And if you're not getting a reply to emails, pick up the phone.

I think the new demerit system is helping. We have division pennant races that we can actually keep up with, and games (for the most part) are getting played on time. However, there are still a couple of issues that need attention. I know the Inmates are concerned because they have gone to great lengths to get games played under the deadline, but haven't gotten a lot of help from potential opponents. They were just a couple of games short at the end of June, and they're only four games short right now. I don't know what the problem is with getting at least ONE series done; surely SOMEBODY will come thru and help the Inmates get over the hump. Also, we have a couple of teams who really haven't taken part lately. I've spoken with one of the two, and I suspect he'll be back in the swing soon. I don't know about the other, but going FOUR months without playing a game... well, we have a term for that. It's called the OFF SEASON.

Another issue is when critical and urgent family matters come up. For those who haven't heard, the Wheeler family has had another loss. Phillip's other grandfather (Glenn's father-in-law) passed away this weekend. It has been one crappy year in the Wheeler family - and with the passing of Vince and Philip Mullen's father, a crappy year in NASOMA. My thoughts and prayers are with them. But where matters like this are concerned in NASOMA, maybe there could be some waiver request or something. Maybe allow an additional two weeks to meet a deadline when a family emergency comes up. I have no problem with that.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post Season Question

At the time of this writing, the most probable playoff teams are...
Killer Bees
the winner of the MFD: Inmates, Buckeyes, or Nads
the winner of the BUD: Rhinos or Wahoos
The Zaps are the only other team who might sneak into that group.

So here's my question... How many non-Texas teams have to be in the playoffs for it to be cheaper to either hold them somewhere else OR to play them via netplay?

I mean, if the playoff teams were decided by today's standings, we'd have:
the Bees of Nashville, TN
the Snakes of Lexington, KY
the DVs of Tulsa, OK
the Drillers of Lewisville, TX
the Inmates of Waco, TX
and the Rhinos of, well... I guess of Washington, D.C.

That's only 2 Texas teams and only 1 that's really a DFW-area team. But what if the Nads win the MFD? Hey, it's possible! Then we replace the Waco team with a Chicago team! And let's not forget the Zaps. Like the Nads, the Zaps over .500 but with fewer than average games played. What if the Zaps replace the Drillers as a wild card team? It is totally possible for NASOMA to have a playoff with NO Texas teams. What then? Do we continue to fly all of these teams in to DFW just so they can sleep in the McGwire and Pujols suites and watch Bryan flickin' the bean for two days?

Everyone is certainly welcome to come here (or Shawn's, I assume) and roll the dice like we usually do. I don't mind hosting even in years like this (and the several years to come) when I won't be playing. But maybe it's time to look at other options. I hate the idea of the playoffs being netplayed, but it also seems weird for some teams to play 150 or so games on the computer only to make the playoffs and have to roll dice.

What do you guys think?


The Bees went 3-2 via netplay this morning vs the Warpigs. The Bees swept three at The Hive 8-6, 6-5, and 7-6. The wins made the Bees 8-0 against the Pigs, but the trip to the BallPork resulted in a rare (and odd) sweep by the Pigs over the Bees. The first game was a complete game, 5-0 shutout by Jesse Litsch, making only his 2nd appearance of the year. The final game was an 8-3 win by Jair Jurrjens, who was spot-starting for John Lackey and making his is S-O-M debut.

AWD Pennant Race Forecast

With the Tweeners 25 games back and the Zaps having played too few games to make any kind of prediction, the race - if there is one - will be between the Brothers Mullen. The Snakes and Bees. Currently, the standings board looks like this:
Killer Bees 84-43
Sidewinders 65-44 (10 games back)

Their remaining opponents:

Bees (35 games left):
10 vs the Zaps, Nads, and Inmates
5 vs the Oilers

Sidewinders (53 games left):
14 vs the Zaps and Tweeners
10 vs the Nads
5 vs the Drillers, Buckeyes, and Mavs

An analysis:
The Bees only have 35 games left, and only has four opponents to face. And all four of those are teams that are big question marks. If the Bees are not forced into some weird situations due to AB/IP issues, my prediction is that he stays pretty close to the pace he's on (or slightly under, actually) and goes 21-14. That would give the Bees a final record of 105-57.

The Snakes have 53 left, but 28 of them are against the Zaps and Tweeners. Assuming the Snakeman can stay sober for most of those 28, I'll say he takes his AWD brethren to the cleaners, going 18-10. The Nads are an enigma, having not played a game since March 20th. I'll say the Snakes go 6-4 there. The other three are shorter series against two playoff-contending clubs and a team dwelling in the cellar. I'll say 3 wins each against GPB and OUD, and 4-1 against the Mavs. If my math is correct, that would leave the SSW a lofty - but not quite good enough - 99-63.

That would give the Bees a bye and probably the #1 seed overall. The Snakes would get the #5 seed and learn what it's like to pay airfare for a first round exit and two afternoons of flickin' the bean. Or it might just lead to a Brothers Mullen World Series.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NERDD Pennant Race Forecast

Down the stretch they come... the DVs and the Drillers. The standings at the moment are:

DVs 70-48
Drillers 62-47 (3.5 games back)

Their remaining opponents:

DVs (44 games left):
10 vs the Zaps and Nads
7 vs the FFTs
5 vs the Warpigs and Tweeners
4 vs the Drillers
3 vs the Fungoes

Drillers (53 games left):
14 vs the Fungoes
10 vs the Rhinos and Oilers
5 vs the Wahoos, Sidewinders, and Mavs
4 vs the DVs

An analysis:
The DVs will go 10-5 vs their remaining cupcakes (FFTs, Fungoes, and Pigs). More than 10 is possible, but the three of us OWN him, and he knows it. Against the borderline/mysterious/middle-of-the-road teams (Nads, Zaps, Tweeners), the DVs will limp home at 15-10. That would put the DVs at 95-63 before his last 4 vs the Drillers Dude.

The Drillers will go 14-5 vs his remaining softies (Fungoes and Mavs) and 7-3 vs the only middle team left on his schedule (Oilers). The Drillers have 20 games vs top tier teams (Wahoos, Snakes, and Rhinos - and that's not counting his 4 with the DVs), but he usually does his best in games like these. He'll go 12-8 in those games, putting him at 95-63 before the showdown with the DVs.

Both teams at 95-63. That would be a sweet final four games. And in case you're wondering (gosh, I know I am), the DVs and Drillers split their first 10 games. Although both teams will make the playoffs with records like that, the division champ will probably get a first round bye.

It's going to be interesting. I'll forecast the Killer Bee Division, I mean the Ab Wheeler Division next.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This past spring Herman emailed me with news that he had been given two tickets to an AirHogs game because he entered a name in their contest to name the new minor league ballclub in Grand Prairie (his choice was not the winner). He told them he couldn't attend, but asked if they'd hold the tickets at Will Call in my name. They said yes.

Well, the game in question was this past week. The Warpigs and FFTs attended on the tickets from Herman. That alone was enough to make it a memorable evening.

But... there was more. First of all, the game was delayed at the start for 2:15 due to a rain storm that came thru. And it almost didn't get started at all. The grounds crew looked like they had never had an opportunity to practice getting a tarp off the field, and the bullpen mounds were almost too wet and muddy to repair in such a short time. AirHog manager Pete Incaviglia was down at the home team bullpen complaining that his pitcher wasn't going to throw from a muddy mound.

The game, however, did finally get started. The AirHogs jumped all over the Shreveport Sports, and the game got lopsided early. In the bottom of the 5th, a GP batter hit another home run. The following batter, however, was plunked. The pitcher was ejected. The Shreveport manager argued, and he was ejected, too. Not happy with the ejection, he elected to pull his team off the field. The game ended in a forfeit.

I recommend you local guys take in a game in Grand Prairie if you haven't already. It's a nice little park, it's inexpensive, and there are no bad seats. And most of the games last 9 innings.


The DVs gained a half game on the rest of the NERDD by going 4-3 against the Wahoos.

From the DVs...
I have no overly witty comments on the series. The Dog Days of the Season are upon us and the DV tank doesn't appear to have much octane left. Plus the Wahoo's Punch and Judy park and its station-to-station, limp dick style doesn't really fit the DVs basher bias.

From the Wahoos...
Not to sound like the Inmates, but the Wahoos outdid the DVs in everything but wins. We outhomered you in the 7 games. We outhit you. Pretty much outplayed you. I just wish you were in the BUD so I could have my shot at your weak ass a little more. I'd say "see you in the playoffs" but you'll be knocked out before I have a chance to even get there.

From the Pigman...
Yes, sometimes I fabricate a post-series quote or two, but this one is really from the Chief. And yes, he really said he'd like a shot at the DVs weak ass a little more.

More from the DVs...
Wow- the young Wahoo has a little spunk - I like it.
So if you count ballpark singles as 'hits', moving everyone along exactly 89 feet and 12 inches, then technically yes- you were very superior. The homer thing was odd in that Holliday and Lowell had chances at your cavernous park, then we move to my place and Morneau and one of your other LH slap hitters (can't remember which) hit 3 ballpark chances and didn't miss one. 'Rub of the green' is what we would call it on the links.
For your valiant (but still losing) effort I'll buy you a beer when I see you at the playoffs- don't forget your off season draft guide to read while you watch the rest of us play! Hehe.

(NASOMAspeak translation: "spunk" = "penis")

Monday, July 14, 2008

Josh Hamilton

The New York crowd fell in love with Josh Hamilton tonight and for good reason. First of all, he put on a great home run hitting performance, hammering mammoth homer after mammoth homer. (I know, thanks to a flawed system, he didn't win; but he still hit more homers - and longer ones - than anyone there.)

But the other thing that should excite the Yankee faithful is the knowledge that, if Hamilton really is this good - and he is, the Rangers will gladly trade him to the Yankees AND pay his salary for them.

Hitting Streak

When the MLB regular season resumes after the All Star break, Rangers' 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler will look to continue his hitting streak, which has now reached 25 games. But the thing I find funny/weird/odd/surprising about the streak is the name of the hitter Ian is looking to eclipse in the Ranger record book. Now you may already know, especially if you live down here and watch or listen to the games where they mention it about a dozen times a game right now; but if you didn't know the name of the Ranger who hit in 28 straight games, who would you guess? Michael Young? Al Oliver? Julio Franco? Jim Sundberg? Pudge Rodriguez? Juan Shitforbrains Gonzalez? Mickey Rivers? Mike Hargrove? Toby Harrah? Alex Rodriguez? Rafael Palmeiro?

No No No No No No No No No No No...

The Ranger who owns the 28-game hit streak is...

Gabe Kapler

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Extra Reserve Spot Contest

At the MLB All Star break, here are the standings of our contest...

1. Oilers 317 wins - the Phillie 1 win lead over the Mets is the difference right now

2. Sidewinders 316 wins - the Diamondbacks' 1 win lead over the Dodgers puts him ahead of the Zaps and Fungoes

3-4. Zaps and Fungoes 315 wins - they have the same 6 teams

5. Mavs 311 - highest ranked team to not have the Cubs

6-7. DVs and Drillers 310 - five of their six teams are different from each other. Weird. The Drillers are the only team to have the ChiSox.

8. Inmates 308 - has a good shot to win if the Yankees surpass the Red Sox

9. Wahoos 305 - the Indians are killing his chances

10-11. Warpigs and Nads 304 - the Nads are the only team to have the A's. Everyone else in the top 14 took the Angels.

12. FFTs 303 - Astros are his weak link

13. Buckeyes 299 - Braves and Indians have scalped the Buckeyes. (pitiful, I know)

14. Tweeners 298 - Reds are the problem here

15. Killer Bees 273 - took the Mariners and the Padres - heeheehee

16. Rhinos 270 - also took the Mariners

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Lots of Strat going on this weekend. The Fungoes, Rhinos, Killer Bees, Sidewinders, and Tweeners met in Nashville for the Annual Let's Go To Nashville and Make Fun of the Sidewinders Trip. (By the way, be sure to have your sound on when you open the Standings page on

Meanwhile, at 6030 Bryan Parkway, another cluster fuck was taking place involving the FFTs, Warpigs, Wahoos, Inmates, Buckeyes, and Mavs. The deer dogs were fantastic.

Games between teams from the two places also took place via netplay.

The DVs couldn't attend either meeting, but got involved via netplay when Mrs. DV allowed him a few free minutes away from his chores.

Here are the results so far...
FFTs 8, Warpigs 2
Wahoos 2, Inmates 1
Killer Bees 3, Warpigs 0
Wahoos 4, FFTs 1
Buckeyes 5, Warpigs 5
Killer Bees 5, Rhinos 5
Sidewinders 5, Rhinos 0
Rhinos 6, Tweeners 4
Sidewinders 3, Inmates 2
FFTs 6, Mavs 4
Rhinos 3, DVs 2
Sidewinders 8, Fungoes 2
Killer Bees 10, Tweeners 4
Tweeners 8, Fungoes 2
FFTs 5, Inmates 5
DVs 3, Sidewinders 0
Killer Bees 6, Fungoes 2
Killer Bees 4, Sidewinders 3
Fungoes 6, Rhinos 4

There are more games to be played this evening. I'll update this list and the standings page when those results are announced.

The one trend that stands out is that the wild card teams will most likely come from the NERDD and the AWD. Well, the AWD, anyway. Which means, the tight battles in the BUD (Rhinos and Wahoos) and the MFD (Inmates, Buckeyes, and Nads) may have no reward for the runners-up.

Also, the battle in the Cliff Lee Sweepstakes has a 4th team now. The Fungoes have joined the FFTs, Mavs, and Pigs as the worst teams in NASOMA this year.

From the DVs (regarding his 3 game sweep of the Snakes)...
Snakes just werent hitting, probably due to the mass quantities of alcohol, porn and bean flickage that was occurring in the Nashville beehive.


Inmates still staggering along under incompetent leadership and are now 53-43.

Record on July 12 include 1-2 vs Wahoos; 2-3 vs SSWs; and 5-5 vs FFTs.

Dunn and Howard combined for 1 homer during the eighteen game debacle.

I don't have any other series write-ups to offer at this time, except for the Warpig/Buckeye series. I don't have the actual box scores in front of me, but as far as I can recall, in the 89 innings in which the Buckeyes batted, he had at least one runner on in 87 of them. He had two or more runners on in 81 of them. The leadoff Buckeye reached in 79 of the 89 innings. I'm pretty sure this is factual information.

The Pigs played three double headers today - one set against each of the three teams we played.

Oh, and the Killer Bees suck.

Feel free to add your own game stories.

And remember to get results to each team. If games were played on your computer, you are responsible for giving those teams their info EVEN IF YOUR TEAM WASN'T PLAYING. Check with the other teams to see if they prefer game files, subsets, box scores, html copy of stats, or some combination. All the Pigs need for our games are the box scores.

Thanks to the Bees and FFTs for hosting.

Zapper! Play some games, dude!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


DVs 3, Sidewinders 2

From the DVs...

The DVs faced a vaunted Sidewinder squad loaded with playoff cards (Joe Dillon, Jorge Velandia, and ample doses of Delwyn Young) and two Jake Peavy starts, yet prevailed by winning 3 of 5 at the DV bandbox. The playoff atmosphere quickly took hold as the wily Snake skipper called on the pen in the second inning of the first game, calling on K-Rod to quell a 6 run outburst by the energized DV side. The DiamondVision continued to roll to a 13-4 win, setting the tone in the bunting decorated stadium. Peavy righted the SSW ship in game 2, leading the Sidewinders to an 8-4 win after an Omar Vizquel 2 base error opened the doors to a 4 run inning. The DVs took game 3 by a 4-2 count, with Bobby Jenks earning a 6 out save. Game 4 saw Peavy on the bump again, but this time Griffey and Holliday ousted him with 3 run homers, leading to a 7-2 DV win. The finale saw the Snakes rebound behind Ted Lilly with a relatively easy 8-1 win. Overall DVs hit 12 home runs to the Sidewinders 5, but the Snakes swiped 9 bases to take advantage of better team speed. Ordonez and Holliday both hit .412, while Renteria led the Snakes with a .385 average for the series.

DVs stand at 61-42 as they ready themselves for the Dallas onslaught this Saturday.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


DVs 5, Oilers 5

DVs report...

Some highlights- Oilers win first game at DV land, then DVs win the last 4 including the last 3 by one run each. Included in that was a Game 3 oddity where the DVs win 4-3 behind the strength (luck?) of 4 solo home runs. At the Oilers park the tables were turned, with each team winning an EQA blowout, and the Oilers taking the other 3 in workmanlike fashion. Young Phillip has a pretty good franchise in the works.

DVs move to 58-40 with a 5 game set vs. the Snakes looming Wednesday night.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Sidewinders 4, Inmates 1


Snakes reamed Inmates 4 of 5 at Baptist Bowl via netplay tonight. Nothing good happened for Inmates – no hitting, pitching, or fielding.

Inmates are now 45-33.

From The Snakeman... Hell, we shouldn't have even lost the one. His team sucks and mine is great. End of story.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Standings Update 7/1/08

The standings below include today's games between the Wahoos and Rhinos.

The Rhinos still have a comfortable lead in the BUD with the Wahoos still eyeing a playoff berth. In the MFD, the Inmates hold a small lead over the Buckeyes and the mysterious Nads. The Killer Bees of the AWD have the best record in the league, but the Sidewinders are lurking. The DVs and Drillers are battling for the top spot in the NERDD. The DVs have a 1.5 game lead at the moment. If the playoffs started today, the Snakes and Drillers would be the wild card teams.

Earning demerits for falling short of the required 75 games by the end of June: the Sidewinders (increasing his demerit lead), the Inmates (still #2 overall), the Zaps, the Rhinos, and the Nads (who only fell short by 1 game, but then, it's been over three months since they played a game).

Demerit totals are listed on the Standings Page of the league website.

By the end of July, you need to have 100 games played.

B.U.D. W L % GB Remaining Games Last Update
Rhinos 40 28 .588 --
94 7/1/08
Wahoos 43 46 .483 7.5
73 7/1/08
Oilers 35 43 .449 10.0
84 6/28/08
Warpigs 30 60 .333 21.0
72 6/28/08
M.F.D. W L % GB
Inmates 44 29 .603 --
89 6/29/08
Buckeyes 43 36 .544 4.0
83 6/30/08
Nads 40 34 .541 4.5
88 3/20/08
Mavs 27 52 .342 20.0
83 5/26/08
A.W.D. W L % GB
Killer Bees 53 27 .663 --
82 4/23/08
Sidewinders 40 29 .580 7.5
93 6/30/08
Zaps 23 21 .523 12.0
118 4/6/08
Tweeners 36 44 .450 17.0
82 6/29/08
N.E.R.D.D. W L % GB
DVs 53 35 .602 --
74 6/22/08
Drillers 62 47 .569 1.5
53 6/21/08
Fungoes 34 41 .453 12.5
87 6/28/08
FFTs 41 72 .363 24.5
49 6/28/08


The Wahoos and Rhinos split 14 games today (all dice!)