Monday, August 31, 2009


Nads 4, Mavs 3

From the Nadman...
Game 1 – Mavs shutout the Nads 3-0
Game 2- Nads win 8-2 on two home runs by Glaus
Game 3- Nads win 7-1 Chan Ho Park pitches a complete game
Game 4 – a blowout – Nads win 13-0 Dempster pitched complete game giving up 4 hits
Game 5 – Mavs win 3-2 – score 3 runs in 6th - that’s all they needed
Game 6 – Mavs win 2-0 Pichers duel as the Mavs shutout the NADS again
Game 7 – Nads win the rubber games5-4 – Drew hit a solo Home run in the 8th and Torres came in and pitched great to shut down the Mavs in the 9th

Sidewinders 3, Nads 2

From the Nadman...
Snakes went 3-2 at the NADS – snakes pitching and hitting by Carlos Beltran (.429) and Joe Mauer (.556) were the difference
Game 1- Nads 4-2 A. Gonzalez and Willingham both hit dingers – Saito got the save
Game 2 – SSW 2-0 – Jake Peavy pitched a 3 hitter and shutout the NADS
Game 3 – SSW 7-2 - Carlos Beltran hit 2 dingers while Jon Lester struck out 13
Game 4 – SSW 5-4 - Beltran went 4 for 4 as the Snakes scored 2 in the 9th to win
Game 5 – Nads 6-2 – Nads hit Danks hard and win

With this series, the Snakes have clinched the AWD over the Pastas (although, curiously, not over the Tweeners. Their magic number over the Logan County Nine is 2).

DVs 3, SuperGoofs 2

The DVs are only 4.5 games in back of the Drillers in the only division race still going on. Time is running out on the DVs, though.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pastas 4, Killer Bees 3
DVs 4, Killer Bees 1

From the DV...
Rockies don’t suck.
DVs take 4 of 5 vs. the Bees, shouldn’t have started the lefty Kazmir.

The DVs have pretty much nailed down that first pick in the draft by being the best of the non-playoff teams. That rule passed, right?

Final Stats on the Website

As you finish your season and turn in your final stats, I will link them to your team's icon on the home page of The FFT stats are there now. Check out the final numbers for Mariano Rivera. And Ichiro got his 200 hits (206), but didn't hit .300. That's a lot of at bats.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Games and a Trade

The Bees have a new laptop...

Pastas 5, Killer Bees 2
Killer Bees 4, Fungoes 1
Drillers 2, Killer Bees 1
Killer Bees 1, DVs 1

From the BeeBoy...
(The Zaps) spanked our ass, we could not hit at all.
I dont know how in the hell I took 4 out of 5 (against the Fungoes), guess we both suck this year.
Rockies suck!

Rhinos 4, Killer Bees 1

From the DVRhino...
Rhinos finish the season series 9-1 vs the Bees, thanks for stopping in- you can pick up your ass on the way out. Wish I could tell you about the games, but the EQA button was pretty friendly and I was pretty drunk.

The Inmates traded Adam Lind to the Warpigs for Adam Jones.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Games and a Trade

Nads 4, Fungoes 1

From the Nadman...

Fungoes went 1-4 hit .315 against the Nads but pitching let them down with an ERA of 7.29

Game 1: Pat Burrell hit 2 Home runs and NADS win 8-6
Game 2: Saunders pitched complete game – wins 6-5 – deciding run came in 8th inning – close game
Game 3. Wakefield pitched complete game – wins 7-2 – Fungoes hit Bannister like a drum
Game 4: Game tied after 9 innings – bottom of the 10th , Willingham hit double – McLouth is put in as pinch runner – AJ Pierzynski – singled and drove in the winning run – NADS win 4-3
Game 5: a blowout- NADS win 15-6 – JD Drew hit three home runs – Kershaw didn’t last very long – Fungoes manager pulled him out of the game and the NADS’s hitting took off

The Snakes and Tweeners pulled off a 7-player deal...
The Tweeners traded Gio Gonzalez, Justin Masterson, Brandon Morrow, and Jonathan Sanchez to the Sidewinders for J.P. Howell, Francisco Rodriguez, and John Baker.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Pastas 4, Inmates 1
Sidewinders 4, Pastas 3

The Inmates making a late run at the #1 pick?

Buckeyes 5, Inmates 2

The Buckeyes go 2-2 at home and 3-0 at the Baptist Bowl to finish the season with 98 wins.

Inmates lose 4 of 5 to the Zaps in LA, then drop 5 of 7 to Buckeyes in netplay. We refuse to hit. Most of the lineup is under .210 for the season.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Here are the results from the NERDD gathering at the FFTs today...

Wahoos 3, FFTs 2
Fungoes 8, Drillers 6
Mavs 5, Drillers 5

From the Fungo...
Fungoes and Drillers played 14 today at FFT Field. Fungoes won 6 of the first 7 but couldn't hold onto that pace as the Drillers won 5 of the last 7. Fungoes go 8-6 on the day to improve their season record to 63-70.
There was a whole lotta "Manny Parra" time. Many 2-out Doubles for the Drillers, and game 14 was a 17 inning Driller win!
The Food and Hospitality was second to none.....Thanks Terry!

The Wahoos have a short write-up over at the Peanut Gallery.

The FFT season is over at 61-101. The Driller division lead over the DVs is down to 6 games. The Wahoos moved a half game in front of the Rhinos for the top wild card seed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Buckeyes 4, Inmates 3

The Buckeyes went 2-2 on the road and 2-1 at home. The Buckeye magic number to win the MFD is 8.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Pudge predictions...

  • Pudge will homer and/or have a multi-hit game in his first start with the Rangers.
  • Fans will go nuts.
  • The Rangers will win the game.
  • Wash will be "forced" to play Pudge 4 out of every 7 games instead of the 2 that were planned.
  • Teagarden will suffer psychologically from all this and will never become anything more than he is now.
  • The Rangers will miss the playoffs.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Nads 3, Sidewinders 2

At the Snake Pit. From the Snakeman...
snakes go 2-3 vs NADS tonight. It should have been much worse. They outpitched and outhit us.
#1 Beltran homers in the bottom of the 10 th to give the snakes a 7-6 win
#2 Webb dominates us 6-0
#3 like my boxer shorts there was an overabundance of NADS as they roll 7-1
#4 snakes get to Dempster early and hold on for a 7-5 victory
#5 the NADS stomp us like we were narcs at their biker rally 11-3

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Games and a Trade

Sidewinders 3, Fungoes 2

The Snakes increase their lead in the AWD to 7 games over the Pastas.

From the Snakeman...
snakes win 3 of 5 vs fungoes. SSWs make 3 costly errors in the series and the fungoes played error free defense. Sampson and Kershaw pitch well for the Fungoes. Papelbon saved both Fungo victories. Lilly gave up 3 ER in 15 IP and goes 0-1.

In other NASOMA news, The DVs traded Chase Utley and Marco Scutaro to the Pastas for Ian Kinsler, Alex Gordon, Jed Lowrie, Marlon Byrd, Conor Jackson and the Pasta 5th round pick.

Sidewinders 3, Fungoes 2

The two teams squared off at Fungo Park with the same result as the games played at the Snake Pit.

From the Fungoes...
Sidewinders win 3 of 5 at Fungoland. Fungoes probably would have been swept but for two big plate appearances.. Ibanez hit a walkoff Solo HR in Game one in the bottom of the tenth to secure a 2-1 win for the fungoes. Napoli smashed a pinch hit Grand Slam in game 5 to put the Fungoes up to stay!

Monday, August 10, 2009

There's been a Rhino sighting...

Two emails today from the Rhinos. He is alive and well and quite happy is team is doing so well in spite of the DVs managing them. He sent along this picture.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


It's been awhile, but there was a trade made today...

Inmates trade Victor Martinez, Inmate 2010 2nd round pick, and a 2010 reserve pick to the Tweeners for Felipe Lopez, Bengie Molina, Cody Ross, and Tweener 2010 3rd round pick.

Maybe this will get the ball rolling.


Tweeners 4, Nads 1

From Al...

Tweeners continue their recent warm streak while eroding 2010 draft position. The first 3 games of this series, the teams alternate ass-whuppin's, as Tweeners win 12-1, Nads win 10-2, and Tweeners win 7-0. It felt strangely like we were in the front row for a WWE undercard. Things tightened up in game 4, as the NORM faithful were treated to an intriguing pitcher's duel.
Aaron Harang(7-13) finally bested his DAVE counterpart, Joe Saunders(5-2), by
the score of 2 to 1.

NORM had 1 run cross the plate in the 7th inning. After an out was recorded,
Cody Ross doubled. One out later, Saunders came up and he fired a sharp
breaking ball that appeared to cross-up the catcher. In any event, it got by
him and was ruled a passed ball. DAVE had a chance to come back in the 9th
but they came up short.

Harang got help from Francisco Cordero who earned his 16th save. Saunders
ended up with the loss. He gave up only 3 hits and 1 walk in 8 innings.

DAVE's manager was subdued when questioned after the game, 'Sure, this kind of
loss takes a while to get over, but heck, we're all professionals. We've
been through this many times - it's the nature of the game. We'll be fine -
as for me - I'll be ready to go again tomorrow!' Well, when tomorrow came, Brian Roberts launched 2 home runs and had 3 RBI at Tweeners where the NORM
TWEENERS beat the DAVE NADS by the score of 6 to 3.

Roberts enjoyed a big day at the plate. He blasted a solo shot in the 1st
inning and bombed a two-run dinger (his 11th of the season) in the 3rd
inning. NORM out-hit DAVE for the game, 9 hits to 6.

The win was credited to Jonathan Sanchez(6-10) who went 6 innings allowing 2
runs. Brandon Morrow got the save, his 8th. Chan Ho Park(0-1) took the loss.
He was touched for 3 homeruns in his 8 innings of work.

The NORM ballclub's record now stands at 53-73. DAVE's manager was unhappy
with his club's recent performance. 'We can't keep losing games' he said.
'It gets to be embarrassing after a while. We sure miss Sammy Sosa.'

Nads hit .189 for the series, but the bigger problem was their 8 errors and general abuse they received from the X-chart.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Buckeyes 2, Fungoes 0

From the Fungus...
Fungoes lose game one 3-2. Game two was not really a contest as Fungoes roll over, losing 11-0. Randy Johnson throws a complete game shutout! OUCH!!

Buckeyes 6, DVs 4

From the VDs...
DVs unnoffically eliminated from the playoffs with a 5-6 vs the Bucks

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Lots of games were played at the SuperGoof/Buckeye complex tonight, with the highlight being a no-hitter by Warpig hurler Rich Harden against the SuperGoofs. The results...

Wahoos 9, SuperGoofs 5

The Wahoos are now deadlocked with the Rhinos for the top Wild Card spot.

Warpigs 8, Buckeyes 2

Game scores...
4/19 - Warpigs 9, Buckeyes 5 - The Pigs overcame a 5-0 deficit with an 8-run 5th inning off of Chien-Ming Wang and Sergio Romo. Jason Bay homered. Justin Duchscherer (17-1) got the win and Billy Wagner went 2.2 innings for his 4th save.

4/20 - Warpigs 2, Buckeyes 0 - Rich Harden (14-4) and friends combined on a 3-hit shutout. Chipper Jones hit a 2-run homer off of Mark Buehrle in the 6th inning for the only runs of the game. Joakim Soria got his 24th save.

4/21 - Buckeyes 10, Warpigs 2 - Ervin Santana was hammered for 6 home runs in 6 innings. Jason Giambi hit two of them.

6/1 - Warpigs 5, Buckeyes 1 - Manny Ramirez had a triple and a homer. Jesse Litsch (13-4) continues to pitch well. Soria got save 25.

6/2 - Buckeyes 9, Warpigs 3 - It was John Lackey's turn to take a beating. Gabe Kapler had a grand slam for the Buckeyes and Randy Johnson went 8 innings for the win.

7/15 - Warpigs 6, Buckeyes 1 - Santana (14-8) scattered 9 hits in the complete game win. Manny had a double and a homer.

7/16 - Warpigs 2, Buckeyes 1 - Jesse Litsch (14-4) threw 6 shutout innings and the Pig relievers held on for the 2-1 win. Heath Bell rescued Joakim Soria and got his 3rd save of the year.

8/28 - Warpigs 4, Buckeyes 3 - Santana (15-8) went 6 innings for the win. Soria got the save.

8/29 game 1 of the DH - Warpigs 6, Buckeyes 3 - Albert Pujols and Brian Anderson homered off of Randy Johnson, and John Lackey went 6 innings for the win. Russ Springer earned his 5th save. The Warpigs turned a triple play.

8/29 game 2 of the DH - Warpigs 9, Buckeyes 2 - The Pigs completed the DH sweep behind Jesse Litsch (15-4). Curtis Granderson went 4-5 with a triple.

Warpigs 3, SuperGoofs 1

9/21 - Warpigs 10, SuperGoofs 9 - John Lackey took another beating, but the Pigs held on for the win. Manny Ramirez was 4-5 with a homer. Shin-Soo Choo hit a grand slam for the Goofs.

9/22 - SuperGoofs 11, Warpigs 6 - Ervin Santana got rocked by the Goof bats. Xavier Nady went 4-5 with 3 doubles and 5 RBI for the Goofs.

9/23 - Warpigs 5, SuperGoofs 0 - Rich Harden (15-4) threw a no-hitter, striking out 14. He walked 4.

9/24 - Warpigs 7, SuperGoofs 2 - Jesse Litsch (16-4) wins again, making his case to be in the post season rotation. Albert Pujols was one of 4 Pigs to homer.


Buckeyes 5, Wahoos 5

Both teams went 3-2 at home.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Ben Zobrist(?) Sweepstakes

FFTs 59 98 .376
Inmates 42 67 .385
Mavs 55 83 .399
Killer Bees 40 60 .400
Tweeners 51 75 .405

The FFTs have only 5 games left; then he can sit back and watch the others trying to catch him loss for loss. I have no idea who the best available players are, but I figure Zobrist is right up there.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Standings Update 8/1/09

Heading down the stretch run, we have a couple of interesting division battles and three teams trying to land the two wild card spots. Here are the current standings...

B.U.D. W L % GB
Remaining Games Last Update
Warpigs 105 31 .772 --
26 8/1/09
Rhinos 78 61 .561 28.5
23 7/29/09
Wahoos 64 51 .557 30.5
47 7/26/09
SuperGoofs 57 67 .460 42.0
38 7/29/09
M.F.D. W L % GB

Buckeyes 74 42 .638 --
46 7/29/09
Nads 48 56 .462 20.0
58 7/30/09
Inmates 42 67 .385 28.5
53 8/1/09
Mavs 55 83 .399 30.0
24 7/25/09
A.W.D. W L % GB

Sidewinders 65 58 .528 --
39 7/29/09
Pastas 58 64 .475 6.5
40 7/30/09
Killer Bees 40 60 .400 13.5
62 7/24/09
Tweeners 51 75 .405 15.5
36 7/30/09
N.E.R.D.D. W L % GB

Drillers 72 55 .567 --
35 7/29/09
DVs 55 50 .524 6.0
57 7/26/09
Fungoes 51 56 .477 11.0
55 7/30/09
FFTs 59 98 .376 28.0
5 7/25/09

If the playoffs started today, these would be the matchups:
(6)Wahoos vs (3) Drillers
(5)Rhinos vs (4) Sidewinders
(2) Buckeyes - bye
(1) Warpigs - bye

The Wild Card Standings...
Rhinos 78 61 .561 --
Wahoos 64 51 .557 2.0
DVs 55 50 .524 6.0
Fungoes 51 56 .477 11.0
Pastas 58 64 .475 11.5


Warpigs 6, Inmates 0

The dice were rolling down in Waco. All of the games were close, decided late. The Inmates had the lead in all but the last game. The games were so close that the Warpigs had saves in 5 of them and a walk off win in the other.

7/7 - at The Baptist Bowl - Warpigs 6, Inmates 4 - Jesse Litsch went 7 innings for the win. Joakim Soria got the last out for a save. Gavin Floyd took the loss. Manny Ramirez went 3-3 with a walk and two doubles.

7/8 - Warpigs 2, Inmates 1 - Ryan Howard homered off John Lackey in the first inning, then Jason Bay and Miguel Olivo homered off of Brett Myers in the top of the 2nd. That was all the scoring. Soria got the save.

7/9 - Warpigs 5, Inmates 4 - In the battle of the Santanas, the deciding run was scored in the top of the 8th when Ryan Howard made a 2-out, 2-base error allowing Jeff Keppinger to score from 2nd base. Heath Bell got the win in relief and Matt Thornton earned the save. Miguel Olivo and Chris Dickerson both homered off of Johan Santana.

8/20 - at The BallPork - Warpigs 7, Inmates 6 - Orlando Hudson ended the game in the 9th with a 2-out single to score Albert Pujols with the winning run. Jeff Keppinger went 3-3 with a double and a triple. Jason Bay hit a game-tying homer off of Frank Francisco in the 6th inning. Ryan Howard homered twice for the Inmates. Garrett Atkins also homered for the Pigs. Matt Thornton got the win.

8/21 - Warpigs 9, Inmates 6 - The Pigs hammered Brett Myers for 5 home runs and Cliff Lee went 5 innings for the win. Billy Wagner got the save. Manny Ramirez homered twice. Also homering were Curtis Granderson (to lead off the game), Albert Pujols, and Ryan Doumit. The Inmates had 3-run homers by Steve Pearce (off of Lee) and Adrian Beltre (off of Heath Bell).

8/22 - Warpigs 3, Inmates 0 - Rich Harden and Heath Bell combined on a 3-hit shutout. Harden struck out 11 in 7 innings, including 6 of the last 7 batters he faced. Javier Vazquez threw a complete game for the Inmates but took the loss.