Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goofs and Pigs Make a Deal

The Warpigs traded Shin-Soo Choo back to the SuperGoofs for infielder Matt Duffy.

Choo, who last fall sold his condo in Disney and moved the family into a recently refurbished double-wide in Hooterville, will now have to sell the trailer and head back to Goofy Land. "Stupidest shit I've ever seen," said Choo through a translator.

Said Duffy, "After last season, I'm just happy to still be getting a paycheck."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Are You Mocking Me?

Let's do another Mock Draft! And lemme tell you why... I have figured out exactly how the First Round will go. Exactly. No doubt about it.

So here we go...

1. Buckeyes - Gary Sanchez. Yeah, this pick hasn't changed. The Buckeyes love to play coy with the first pick and surprise us all... and last year he did. But come on... If he did that again this year, he'd be screwing himself. And as the little Wahoo likes to say, "Trust me, screwing yourself isn't as easy as it sounds."

2. Killer Bees - Michael Fulmer. Honestly, this pick gets harder to predict every day. Fulmer is by far the best young pitcher in the Draft. He has innings. He has a great card. He's 24 years old. He's slotted as the #2 guy in Detroit's rotation. There are 3-4 hitters who could go here, but Fulmer is the only starting pitcher worthy of this spot.

3. Drillers - Andrew Benintendi. He has been at the top of most draft boards around the Strat world. He's as sure a thing as there is for the future. The Driller offense keeps getting better and better. A bunch of crappy seasons in a row will do that. You can almost hear Buster Posey in the background yelling, "Take a damn pitcher!"

4. Sidewinders - David Dahl. The dude's a stud. And the SnakePit was built for him. The rich get richer. Last month I predicted Sandy Leon to go here - and the Snakes could definitely use him. But if Dahl's there, he won't get past the Snakes.

5. SuperGoofs - Hunter Renfroe. The Goofs are searching for the young hitter who can make their team better now while still helping the future. But those guys went 1-3-4. Renfroe has the best card in the set. Limited at bats, of course, but his card is Jarrett Parker good. And the Pigs made it to the World Series behind that Parker card. The difference with Renfroe is that he's a legitimate prospect. He'll be hitting 5th every day in the Padre lineup, and he's only 25. He can mash, and he'll fall right into the Goofboy's lap.

6. Nads - Aledmys Diaz. Try as I might, there is no better choice here. Write it down in ink: Aledmys Diaz is pick 6.

7. DVs - Seung Hwan Oh. A month ago, the best relief card was still a tossup. But now that I've seen the cards... and with the DVs trading away the other first round picks they owned, this is the guy. Combine Oh with Kenley Jensen and Addison Reed, and you've got the makings of some serious flicking of the bean come playoff weekend while the Wahoos and Sidewinders play the Series in the next room.

8. Tweeners - Sandy Leon. The Tweeners have a few needs: C, 1B, LF/RF, bullpen... Josh Bell was a possibility here, but his recent knee surgery sets him back a bit. The Tweener catchers are both in their 30s. It's time to hit the refresh button.

9. Inmates - Alex Bregman. Not everybody is sold on the young Astro third baseman, but the Inmates can give himself a "good pick" for this one. And the chances are low that an Inmate pick will lead directly to Tommy John surgery.

10. Rhinos - Chris Devenski. The Rhinos, as always, will be torn between taking what he needs and taking what he wants. But his team is so good... if he had a bullpen, he'd win the HWD. So Devenski it is.

11. Drillers - Josh Bell. The knee issues don't bother the Driller Dude. This kid can hit the ball a long way, and he'll be a fixture in the Pirate lineup by the end of April. Josh Donaldson: "Seriously?!? Dude!!!"

12. Skyscrapers - Matt Bush. Picking the best reliever is based on what your team needs. This could just as easily be Nate Jones or Edwin Diaz.

13. Rhinos - Nate Jones. Picking the best reliever is based on what your team needs. This could just as easily be Matt Bush or Edwin Diaz.

14. Mavs - Edwin Diaz. Picking the best reliever is based on what your team needs. This could just as easily be Nate Jones or Matt Bush.

15. Wahoos - Jonathan Villar. For the team than has everything.

16. Rhinos - Junior Guerra. Trading Kenley Jansen and Ryan Braun was just a smokescreen. The Rhinos will compete now and later.

Rule Change Proposals

There is one new SOM Rule and (so far) five NASOMA Rule proposals. We'll need to discuss and vote on these at the Draft although discussion is welcome here.

SOM also has a new Individualized Pitcher Injury Rule, but as we don't use injuries, it doesn't need to be voted on.

If passed, rules 1-4 would be effective this year. Rules 5-6 would become effective in 2018.

1. Defensive Shift Rule (SOM) - The defense may call for a defensive shift any time that the bases are empty and the batter is rated N-power. When the shift is on, the result of the AB is based on the offense's decision to "Swing Away" or "Beat the Shift." Then a 20-sided die is rolled and a chart is referred to. Complete instructions can be found here or in the package with your cards.
2. Allowable AB/IP for the Playoffs (Warpigs) - The proposal (detailed here) would limit all players to 10% of the AB/IP on their card per playoff series. We currently use 33% for the entire playoffs.
3. Starting Pitchers Used in Relief in the Playoffs (Inmates) - A SP used in relief in the playoffs would become tired after recording 3 outs (detailed in the comment section here). Currently, the one SP you designate to relieve can throw 3 innings before becoming tired.
4. No SP Can Relieve in the Playoffs (Sidewinders) - Only pitchers with RP on their cards can relieve in the playoffs (detailed in the comment section here). Currently, a team can designate one SP-only pitcher to be a reliever.
5. Once Carded, Always Carded (Warpigs) - An uncarded player who has had a card in the past can be retained on a team's 30-man roster (even though he could not appear in a game) without the use of a Reserve Pick. (detailed here)
6. Eliminate Limited-AB/IP Cards (Drillers) - The proposal (detailed in the comment section here) states that all batters with fewer than 100 at bats and all pitchers with fewer than 50 innings be considered uncarded.

They Can Print Three Cards For Zach Duke, But They Can't Print ONE For AJ Pollock!

Below are the players who have multiple cards. Some had 2 cards and some had 3. I am listing the names with the number of AB/IP on the cards of the ones you can toss.

Oswaldo Arcia (45)(157)
Erick Aybar (80)(335)
Andrew Bailey (32)
Michael Bourn (46)(329)
Arquimedes Caminero (41)
Jhoulys Chacin (27)(117)
Aroldis Chapman (27)(31)
Jesse Chavez (26)(41)
Tyler Clippard (25)(38)
Chris Coghlan (103)(158)
Odrisamer Despaigne (27)
Matt Duffy (76)(257)
Zach Duke (23)(38)
Casey Fien (26)
Jason Grilli (42)
Lucas Harrell (29)
Aaron Hill (124)(254)
Rich Hill (34)(76)
Jeremy Jeffress (45)
Erik Kratz (56)
Mat Latos (60)
Wade LeBlanc (50)
Francisco Liriano (49)(114)
Jonathan Lucroy (152)(338)
Jhan Marinez (59)
Mike Montgomery (38)(62)
Matt Moore (68)(130)
Ivan Nova (65)(97)
Eduardo Nunez (182)(371)
Brett Oberholzer (50)
Jimmy Parades (143)
Drew Pomeranz (69)(102)
Alex Presley (116)
Alexei Ramirez (57)(421)
JC Ramirez (32)(46)
Josh Reddick (155)(243)
Fernando Rodriguez (41)
Marc Rzepczynski (36)
Fernando Salas (17)(56)
Hector Sanchez (42)
Luis Sardinas (72)(108)
James Shields (67)(114)
Joe Smith (38)
Chris Taylor (58)
Melvin Upton Jr (148)(344)
Adam Warren (30)(35)
Daniel Wright (27)
Brad Ziegler (30)(38)

Draft Numbers

There were 352 carded players protected on the pre-Draft rosters, plus another 12 uncarded players who were retained.

That leaves 642 (out of a total of 994) carded players in the Draft.

We will draft 181 players in the regular Draft (plus some more in the Lightning Round).

The Warpigs protected the most players (a record 32 - all of them bad) and will draft the fewest (6). The Nads protected the fewest (17), and the Bees will make the most draft picks (19).

Since there were 12 uncarded players protected, there can be a maximum of 21 more selected.

Below are the numbers for each team:

Team(reserve picks) - protected (uncarded) - draft picks

Warpigs (6) - 32(3) - 6
Wahoos (0) - 23 - 9
DVs (1) - 24 - 9
FFTs (1) - 25(1) - 8

Rhinos (5) - 25 - 12
Fungoes (2) - 24(1) - 10
Inmates (1) - 22(1) - 11
Nads (0) - 17 - 15

Drillers (2) - 21(1) - 13
Skyscrapers (2) - 22 - 12
Buckeyes (0) - 19 - 13
Mavs (2) - 25(1) - 9

Sidewinders (0) - 25 - 7
Bees (5) - 18(2) - 19
Tweeners (5) - 20(2) - 17
Goofs (1) - 22 - 11

Pre-Draft Rosters are Set

I'll have some data for you soon, but as of about 24 minutes ago, the 2017 NASOMA Pre-Draft Rosters were finalized. And in turn, the picks you have in the Draft may have changed numbers. Every pick higher than 141 has changed based on the number of rostered players on each team.

Between now and the Draft, you may only trade players and draft picks you now have.

If you see any typos or mistakes, let me know.

Anyway... more to come. But right now... sleep.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Last Minute Finaglin'

The Rhinos traded Carlos Gomez and pick 122 to the Warpigs for pick 106.
The Pigs then shipped Gomez on to the DVs for their 5th round pick in 2018.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Mavs and Pigs Deal

The Mavs and Warpigs announced a minor deal tonight. The Mavs send reliever Alex Wilson and pick 158 to the Warpigs for pick 147.

Alex Wilson's 73 innings should find a place in the PigPen and is expected to be a major contributor to their expected 100-loss season.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hal's Recommendations

So, Hal, based on my current roster... if I had the first pick in the draft, who should I take?

Well, if you are the Buckeyes, Drillers, Goofs, DVs, Tweeners, Inmates, Rhinos, Skyscrapers, FFTs, Fungoes... you should definitely take Seung Hwan Oh.

If you are the Bees, Gary Sanchez is your guy. Only one team for Sanchez? That seems odd.

If you are the Nads, go get David Dahl. Another likely pick.

Here's where it gets weird...

If you are the Sidewinders, Mavs, or Wahoos... you should take Junior Guerra.

And if you are the Warpigs, Jonathan Villar should be the first pick in the draft.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Wahoos and Rhinos Adjust Themselves

The Wahoos traded picks 59 and 91 to the Rhinos for picks 42 and 186.

Pick a good one!