Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rule Change Proposals

There is one new SOM Rule and (so far) five NASOMA Rule proposals. We'll need to discuss and vote on these at the Draft although discussion is welcome here.

SOM also has a new Individualized Pitcher Injury Rule, but as we don't use injuries, it doesn't need to be voted on.

If passed, rules 1-4 would be effective this year. Rules 5-6 would become effective in 2018.

1. Defensive Shift Rule (SOM) - The defense may call for a defensive shift any time that the bases are empty and the batter is rated N-power. When the shift is on, the result of the AB is based on the offense's decision to "Swing Away" or "Beat the Shift." Then a 20-sided die is rolled and a chart is referred to. Complete instructions can be found here or in the package with your cards.
2. Allowable AB/IP for the Playoffs (Warpigs) - The proposal (detailed here) would limit all players to 10% of the AB/IP on their card per playoff series. We currently use 33% for the entire playoffs.
3. Starting Pitchers Used in Relief in the Playoffs (Inmates) - A SP used in relief in the playoffs would become tired after recording 3 outs (detailed in the comment section here). Currently, the one SP you designate to relieve can throw 3 innings before becoming tired.
4. No SP Can Relieve in the Playoffs (Sidewinders) - Only pitchers with RP on their cards can relieve in the playoffs (detailed in the comment section here). Currently, a team can designate one SP-only pitcher to be a reliever.
5. Once Carded, Always Carded (Warpigs) - An uncarded player who has had a card in the past can be retained on a team's 30-man roster (even though he could not appear in a game) without the use of a Reserve Pick. (detailed here)
6. Eliminate Limited-AB/IP Cards (Drillers) - The proposal (detailed in the comment section here) states that all batters with fewer than 100 at bats and all pitchers with fewer than 50 innings be considered uncarded.


The HEAD INMATE said...

Inmate thoughts (OMG!):
- Defensive shift would take away from playability and give still another die roll when playing ftf. Not worth it.
- Allowable IP/AB doesn't matter to me. Whatever you guys want. I can live with either.
- Starters used in playoffs is somewhat prototypical. I can live with either my proposal or the Snakes' proposal. The 3 IP rule we use now isn't quite right.
- Once-carded players: See allowable IP/AB.
- Eliminate? No. Too many pitchers appear in 50+ games, yet have less than 45 IP.

Pigman said...

First off... When I write these things on here, the bullet points (or in this case, the numbered points) show up as bullets or numbers. Then when I publish, they show up as little flowers. Weird. Maybe it's a font thing.

My vote will be yes on both of my proposals and for Inmates'. The two playoff rules bring a fairness and realism to the game. The teams with the best records get byes; that should be enough of a bonus.

The Once Carded rule takes away the "insult-to-injury" element for owners of those players who miss a whole year with injury - but more importantly, it takes the reins out of Hal's hands and gives it to us. There's no reason a guy with 39 AB should get a card while a guy with 41 does not. It'll still make you work harder because you'll only have 29 playable guys.

I'll vote no on Snakeman's (can't vote yes on both the Inmate and Snake proposals since one eliminates the need for the other) and DD's (those players are limited by their AB/IP, so there's no reason to ban them entirely. And "Hell No" on the Defensive Shift Rule.

Pigman said...

I just typed in the numbers instead. A few seconds more work, but it comes out right.

To recap, I'll vote yes for 2, 3, and 5.
I'll vote no on 1, 4, and 6.

Norm said...

Tweeners' leanings:
1. No
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No
5. My vote can be bought on this one.
6. As written, no. Would support an amended version for fewer than 50 AB, 25 IP.

Vincent Mullen said...

Yes on 4 and 5. No on rest.

Pigman said...

On further review... I could just as easily go with Rule 4 instead of Rule 3. But they should definitely be brought up separately. If the one we vote on first prevails, there's no need to vote on the other since they contradict each other.

As for Rule 6 (DD's proposal), I could get behind it if (A), Rule 5 passes, and (B) the minimums were lowered to 50 at bats and 35 innings.

Fungoes said...

1 - No.
2 - Undecided.
3 - Undecided but leaning toward rule proposal 4.
4 - Yes.
5 - This is the one I'm having the hardest time with. I would so have loved this rule when Brett Gardner was injured and HAD a card I wasn't allowed to use.......I think I have to vote no on this as we do HAVE reserve picks just for this reason.
6 - No on 6 as it is written, though I could agree with the minimum AB/IP dropped to something like the 50 AB and 35 IP Pigman suggested.

Pigman said...

My biggest complaint about the issue in Rule 5 is the fact that SOM doesn't have a SET minimum for who gets a card and who doesn't. Well, they probably DO, but no one can figure out what it is. They've admitted only that it has nothing to do with how many players from each franchise have more AB/IP. Player A has 39 at bats and gets a card. Player B has FOUR at bats and gets a card. Player C has 41 at bats and needs a reserve pick to remain on the roster. Is it whining over my own player getting Hal'd? Sure it is. But it could be your guy next time.