Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inmate Cuts

Inmates cut...

Dukes, E.
Fox, J.
Guzman, A.
Martinez, F.
Reddick, J.
Zavada, C.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fungo Cuts

Fungoes cut...

Feldman, S.
Okajima, H.
Rowland-Smith, R.
Stetter, M.
Vargas, C.
Wakefield, T.

Preliminary Cuts

Feel free to announce any preliminary cuts from your roster. You can always change your mind up until the official cut down date. It just makes it easier to go ahead and trim any definite cuts from your roster.

The Warpigs cut:

Bailey, J.
Iwamura, A.
Laffey, A.
Miller, J.
Salazar, O.
Wood, B.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


The Warpigs traded Juan Gutierrez, Alberto Callaspo, and pick 99 to the Nads for a reserve pick.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Tweeners traded Clayton Richard to the Zaps for Arthur Rhodes.

The DVs trade Marlon Byrd, Daric Barton, and pick 85 to the Warpigs for Curtis Granderson, Jesus Montero, Matt Joyce, and pick 83.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Draft Picks

I have posted the 2011 Draft Grid on the NASOMA.org home page. Also, on the 2011 Rosters, I have converted your picks to the actual number of the selection. Starting now, you can trade them as the pick number as opposed to the round. I only listed them thru Round 13, but you can have picks beyond that depending upon the number of players you choose to protect. When we reach our cut-down day, I will adjust the pick numbers at the end of the draft.

2011 Official Draft Order

1. Mavs
2. FFTs
3. Warpigs
4. Inmates
5. DVs
6. SuperGoofs
7. Wahoos
8. Nads
9. Killer Bees
10. Tweeners
11. Fungoes
12. Sidewinders
13. Drillers
14. Buckeyes
15. Rhinos
16. Zaps

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 NASOMA World Series

Game One of the 2010 World Series goes to the Zaps 3-2.
Rhinos 000 000 020 270
Zaps 000 011 01X 340
McCutchen hits an 8th inning 1-6 HR.

Game two goes to the Zaps in walkoff fashion. Rhinos RF Matt Kemp makes a big error in the ninth to open the door for the Zapper as Marco Scutaro laces the two out walkoff single. Zaps win it 4-3.
Rhinos 000 100 200 381
Zaps 020 000 002 490

Rhinos win Game 3, 6-4.
Zaps 000 200 200 491
Rhinos 102 003 00X 680
Greinke takes his first loss in the post season.

Zaps win game 4, 5-4.
Zaps 010 200 011 5 10 0
Rhinos 000 220 000 4 7 0
Zaps take a 3-1 World Series lead.

The Zaps win game 5, 4-2.

Congratulations to the 2010 NASOMA Champion Zaps

Rhinos vs Buckeyes - Second Round

Rhinos over the Buckeyes in game 1, 6-5.

Rhinos win game 2, 6-5 in 11 innings. Buckeyes thrown out at the plate in the bottom of the ninth on a 1-15 chance.......ouch!

Buckeyes win game 3, 10-0.

Rhinos score three in the bottom of the eighth to win game 4, 4-2.

Buckeyes win game 5, 5-2 in eleven innings to force a game 6!

The Rhinos win Game 6, 7-5 to advance to their first ever World Series. The Rhinos, in BOTH rounds, were outscored for the series, but won.

The Sidewinders make another trip to Texas...

Driller vs Zaps - Second Round

Drillers win game 1, 4-0.

Drillers win game two, 4-3.

Zaps win game 3, 3-0.

Zaps win with 3 in the eleventh, 4-1 to even up the series 2-2. Greinke goes the distance for the win.

Drillers win game 5, 1-0 behind the "Golden" arm of Tim Lincecum

Zaps win game 6, 11-2 to force a game 7!

Zaps win game 7, 3-1.

Fungoes vs Drillers - First Round

Drillers win game 1 by 9 to 1
drillers 9-14-0
fungoes 1-6-1

Drillers win Game 2 3-2 over Fungoes. Drillers now lead series 2-0.

Fungoes take game 3 1-0 as Feldman and 4 relievers shut down Drillers/ Zimmerman with a 5th inning RBI single to score Figgins for only run of game. Drillers lead the series 2 games to 1.

Drillers win Game 4 9-6. Drillers lead series 3-1.

Drillers win Game 5 4-1 and advance to play the Zaps.

Rhinos vs Sidewinders - First Round

Rhinos 3 Snakes 2 in Game 1 in 10 innings. Rhinos win on a H Ramirez walkoff homer.

Snakes win Game 2 over Rhinos 8-4. Series tied 1-1.

Rhinos take game 3 by the score of 3-2. Rhinos lead series 2 games to 1. Snakes miss on a triple 1-6 flyout in the 9th off Sabathia.

Snakes take Game 4 7-1. Series tied at 2-2.

Snakes win Game 5 4-2 now lead the series 3 games to 2.

Rhinos win Game 6 by the score of 6-4. Series tied 3 games each. On to Game 7.

Rhinos win Game 7 by the score of 8-6 to advance to the second round against the Buckeyes.


The Rhinos traded Alex Rios to the Buckeyes for Edwin Jackson.

The Zaps traded Josh Hamilton to the FFTs for Miguel Cabrera.

The Buckeyes traded a reserve pick to the Zaps for Jorge Posada.

The Inmates traded Rafael Betancourt to the Sidewinders for Derrek Lee.

The Inmates traded Bengie Molina and Randy Wolf to the Zaps for Marco Scutaro.

One Game Playoff

The Zaps beat the Sidewinders in a 1-game playoff to earn the #1 seed.

First round match-ups:
(6) Drillers vs (3) Fungoes
(5) Sidewinders vs (4) Rhinos

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The Buckeyes traded Sergio Romo to the Tweeners for Jorge de la Rosa and a 7th round pick.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Warpigs traded Miguel Olivo and their 3rd round pick to the Wahoos for Lastings Milledge and the DV 3rd round pick.

The Warpigs traded Cameron Maybin to the DVs for David Ross and Ryan Sweeney.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The Warpigs traded Josh Beckett and the Rhino 1st round pick to the Rhinos for David Freese, Matt Thornton, and a 3rd round pick.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


The Killer Bees traded Pedro Alvarez to the DVs for Starlin Castro.

The Killer Bees traded Phil Hughes and a 2012 8th round pick to the Mavs for Rickie Weeks and Jose Valverde.

2011 Rosters

On the website, the updated 2011 rosters can now be viewed. On the menu bar at the top, click on 2011 Rosters. The rosters have all of your current players in alphabetical order. Under the player names, you will find all of your current draft picks for next year. At the top of the column, next to your team's name is the number of reserve picks you own.

As always, if I have made any errors, let me know.

2011 Draft Order (updated)

1. Mavs (on the clock)
2. FFTs
3. Warpigs
4. Inmates
5. DVs (picked owned by Fungoes)
6. SuperGoofs (based on head to head vs Wahoos)
7. Wahoos
8. Nads (based on head to head vs Bees)
9. Killer Bees
10. Tweeners (of course)

11.-16. - Playoff teams - TBD


The Inmates traded Adam Dunn to the Killer Bees for Chad Billingsley.

Killer Bees at Tweeners

Bees 2, Tweeners 2


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tweeners at Wahoos

Tweeners 2, Wahoos 1

From the Chief...
Tweeners destroy Volstad and friends, 11-0. It wasn't that close. Reynolds hit 2 homers and drove in 6.
Wahoos' late rally falls short. delarosa struck out 10 in 5.2 innings. Swisher slammed on out in the mid innings.
Wahoos win the finale, 4-2, behind big nights from Gil Meche and Justin Morneau.