Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SOM Sneak Peek Tweets - Day Two

Day 2 Tweets...

T.Beckham ss-3, 2b/3b-4
A.Benintendi LF-2(-2), CF-3
J.Abreu 1b-3
L.Chisenhall RF-3, 1b/LF/CF-4
I.Kinsler 2b-1
M.Gonzalez 1b-2, 2b/3b/ss/LF-3, RF-4
L.Cain cf-1
J.Upton LF-3(0)
M.Kepler RF-2, CF-3
D.Gregorius ss-1
M.Olson 1b-2e8
R.Cano 2b-2e11
C.Dickerson LF-4
C.Gomez CF-3(-2)
T.Tulowitzki ss-3e21
J.Martinez RF-4
F.Freeman 1b-2, 3b-5
W.Contreras c-3(-2), 1b/3b/LF/RF-4
S.Gennett 2b-3, 3b-4, LF/RF-5
T.Story ss-2e14
C.Seager ss-2e14
G.Stanton RF-2(-3)
O.Arcia ss-1
Y.Cespedes LF-3(-3)
R.Hoskins 1b/LF-4
A.McCutchen CF/RF-3
T.Pham LF-2(-1), CF/RF-3
W.Myers 1b-3e9
B.Posey c-1(-3), 1b-2
A.Rendon 3b-1

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SOM Sneak Peek Tweets - Day 1

Today and tomorrow, Strat-O-Matic will release a defensive rating for 1 player from each ML team. The ratings come out Thursday. Here's what they released today (in order alphabetically by AL team, then by NL team):

J.Schoop 2b-2, ss-4
R.Devers 3b-4e41
A.Engel CF-1
J.Ramirez 3b-2, 2b-2
M.Mahtook of-3e4
A.Bregman 3b-2, ss-2, 2b-4
W.Merrifield 2b-2, 1b/3b/LF/RF-3 (16 runner)
M.Trout CF-2 (yikes!)
M.Sano 3b-4e14, 1b-5
A.Judge rf-2(-3)
M.Chapman 3b-1
J.Segura ss-4e23
E.Longoria 3b-1
J.Gallo 1b/3b/LF-3
J.Donaldson 3b-2, ss-4
A.Pollock CF-1 (16 runner)
O.Albies 2b-2e8
K.Bryant 3b-3, 1b/OF-4
E.Suarez 3b-2, ss-4
C.Blackmon cf-3e4
C.Bellinger 1b-2, LF-3, CF/RF-4
M.Ozuna LF-2(-3), CF-3
R.Braun LF-3e4
M.Conforto LF/RF-3, CF-4
C.Hernandez 2b-2, ss-4
J.Bell 1b-5e12
Y.Molina c-2(-3), 1b-4
J.Pirela LF-3, 1b/2b/3b/RF-4
D.Span CF-4e3
T.Turner ss-2e14 (17 runner) (not a ss-3 as previously reported)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Felipe Rivero to the Sidewinders

The best bullpen in NASOMA just got better. The Mavs traded lefty Felipe Rivero to the Sidewinders for a reserve pick in 2018 and a 1st round pick in 2019.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Is 1 relief appearance enough for my guy to get relief on his card?

In case you ever wondered, here is SOM's semi-official response to the question, "How many relief appearances does it take to get relief on the card?"

Two relief appearances OR one relief appearance in less than eleven total games OR one relief appearance that results in a save no matter how many starts.

I say semi-official because the reply was from Steve Barkan, who worked for SOM for a long, long time, but doesn't any more.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Bohl Weevils Make Their First Trade

The Weevil cherry is broken.

In what basically amounts to a cut for a cut, the Bohl Weevils trade Steve Cishek to the Warpigs for pick 132.

Buckeyes and Sidewinders Trade

The Buckeyes traded J.A. Happ to the Sidewinders for Matt Joyce.

NASOMA Champions

On the Archives page, each banner (except two) is a link to the final stats of that team's championship season. I was never able to find final stats for the two Stranger teams that won NASOMA in 1984 & 1987.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

The individual and team leaderboards are posted on the website now. In addition, the records pages in the Archives section have been updated.

In the triple crown categories, the DVs' Corey Seager won the batting title, Miguel Cabrera of the FFTs led in homers, and the Rhinos' Kris Bryant had the most RBI. Jose Altuve of the Inmates was the only hitter to reach 200 hits. Jonathan Villar of the Tweeners stole 60 bases to lead the league.

Clayton Kershaw of the Fungoes won the league ERA title, and Noah Sydergaard of the Rhinos and Jose Quintana of the Inmates won the most with 19. Kenley Jansen of the DVs and Andrew Miller of the champion Sidewinders led the league in saves with 34. The strikeout king was Max Scherzer of the Skyscrapers, who barely edged out the the dynamic Wahoo duo of Weekend at Bernies and Justin Verlander.

The team leaders are also posted. Leading the league in hitting was the Wahoos, while the Buckeyes led in HRs and runs scored. The top ERA went to the Sidewinders, but the Wahoos edged them out for most strikeouts. The FFTs tossed an impressive 19 shutouts.

There were a couple of records set in 2017. The DVs walked only 372 opposing batters to set the NASOMA record. They were led by reliever Kenley Jansen who walked only 1 (with 110 strikeouts) in 71.1 innings.

Although they weren't records, other teams (and 1 player) jumped onto the all time record book. Clayton Kershaw's 1.65 ERA is the second best ever in NASOMA. The Wahoos and Sidewinders both entered the top 5 for strikeouts in a season. The Buckeyes' 66 saves is the third most ever.

There were also three dubious records. The SuperGoofs set records for all time lows in Slugging (.342) and runs scored (533). The Mavs struck out a league record 1,521 times. And the Inmates tied a record by failing to record a single shutout.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The First Mock Draft of the Hot Stove League

Big Innings is proud to present the first Mock Draft of the off season. These picks are just guesstimates but are based on careful passing consideration of each team's needs and past tendencies. I have done a great amount of very little research on what is available in the draft, so, as always, you can don't rely on me.

As a bonus this year, I will extend the first round and name the first 20 picks.

1. Rafael Devers, Nads - Devers is the best young talent in the draft, and he fits a position where the Nads have a glaring need, which is, well... anywhere.

2. Avisail Garcia, Killer Bees - This is the going to be the year of drafting former cuts, and Avisail is the first. Cut by the Tweeners following the 2015 season, he went undrafted in 2016 and 2017. So then, of course, the 26-year old Venezuelan finally met and exceeded expectations.

3. Shohei Ohtani, SuperGoofs - The versatile and talented 23-year old from Japan is going somewhere in the first round. The rewards could be great. It's just a question of who will take the risk.

4.  Trey Mancini, Inmates - Mancini had a breakout year with Baltimore, hitting .293 with 24 homers in 543 at bats. His only drawback is his poor defense, but in Waco, that has never seemed to matter.

5. Tommy Pham, Tweeners - Another recent cut, Pham was a member of the Wahoos in 2016. He also continues a diversified NASOMA Draft. Pham was born in the US, but is the first player of Vietnamese heritage to the play in MLB.

6. Eddie Rosario, Drillers - And the cuts just keep on coming. Rosario is an interesting one. He was an Inmate in 2016 before he was traded to the Goofs. The Goofs then traded him to the FFTs, who cut him, drafted him back in the 2017 Lightning Round, then cut him again. Now he's back in a big way, going to a team in need of corner outfielders.

7. Austin Barnes, Bohl Weevils - A rarity in this draft, Barnes is not a former cut. In fact, he is carded for the first time. He had a great year with the Dodgers, and can catch as well as be a backup at 2b and 3b.

8. Chris Taylor, FFTs - Another Dodger. It's a run on Dodgers! And what's not to like? Taylor hit .288 with 21 homers and 17 steals in 515 at bats while playing 5 positions.

9. Chase Anderson, DVs - At some point, teams have to break down and start drafting what most of us need: starting pitching. The problem is, there isn't a lot of quality starting pitching in the draft, and the best of the lot is not very different than the 6th or 7th best. The DVs dive in first.

10. Zack Godley, Mavs - Oh hell, the DVs started a run on pitchers. When was the last time the DVs started a trend? My guess is the fidget spinner, which was originally going to be called the Bean Flicker.

11. Brad Peacock, Rhinos - Peacock doesn't fit the typical Rhino pick, mostly because he makes sense. The right hander can start and relieve, has 132 innings, and is especially tough on RH hitters, which is perfect for the Rhino Park. But... he turns 30 in January; that's AARP in Rhino years.

12. Tucker Barnhart, Inmates - Barnhart spent the 2016 season with the Buckeyes before being traded to the Sidewinders, who cut him after the 2017 draft. The switch-hitting catcher had a fine 2017, naturally, and is projected to be a c-1(-3).

13. Jhoulys Chacin, Fungoes - Chacin has been around awhile and will turn 30 in January. He was taken in the 2017 Lightning Round by the Tweeners before being cut. After a rocky early career, he finally blossomed last year in San Diego. His 180 innings will be just what the doctor ordered for the Fungi. (And he can throw TWO complete games in a playoff series!)

14. Jordan Montgomery, Mavs- The run on starting pitchers continues. Montgomery is the Yankee lefty; 155 solid innings and one of the better prospects among the pitchers.

15. Rhys Hoskins, Buckeyes - If nothing else, the Buckeyes will pound the shit outta the ball. That's how they won 115 games last year. Hoskins can certainly do that. Ryan Zimmerman is a possibility, too. He has lots more ABs, and the Buckeyes won't care about the age difference, but Hoskins can play 1b and LF. Zimmerman can only play 1b. By the way, Zimmerman was another 2017 double cut, being axed by the Fungoes after several years on the team, then getting taken in the Lightning Round by the Tweeners before being cut again.

16. Luis Castillo, Tweeners - Castillo is yet another SP with first round credentials. His only flaw is having fewer than 100 innings, but the Cincinnati youngster might be the best SP prospect of the bunch.

17. Alex Cobb, Killer Bees - Cobb had a 3.66 ERA and a 1.22 WHIP in 179 innings last year in Tampa. He's another one that has been up before. Last year, he was a Lightning Round pick by the Warpigs before getting cut. Jose Urena is another possibility here; the SP quality drops off mightily after that.

18. Alcides Escobar, Nads - The Nads have had some shitty luck with shortstops recently, so it's nice that a ss-1 with 599 ABs is sitting there waiting on him in the 2nd round. Grab him while you can, brother. Escobar, by the way, was a Rhino in 2016 before being cut following the 2017 draft.

19. Martin Maldonado, SuperGoofs - The American League's Gold Glove winning catcher, Maldonado brings much needed defensive help to the Goofs.

20. Chad Green, Inmates - The HEAD INMATE reaches out for the first true reliever. The relief pitcher draft pool is fairly deep again this year, but there are no top-of-the-draft, elite kind of guys. Green is the best of the bunch, and the Inmates are in the perfect spot to take him with their third pick of the first 20.