Monday, September 03, 2018

Demerit Update

Here are the current demerit totals for the 2018 season:

4 Wahoos
3 Sidewinders
3 Bees
3 Inmates
2 Nads
1 Rhinos
1 Mavs
1 Drillers

With 4 demerits, the Wahoos will be limited to 20 players at the March cut down.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Warpigs 6, Wahoos 1


Gm1 - Warpigs win 2-0. Odorizzi and some relievers with the shutout. Judge homered.

Gm2 - Warpigs win 5-1. Severino and some relievers get the win. Pham 3-3.

Gm3 - Warpigs win 6-2. deGrom had a 1-hit shutout through 6 when he departed. Beltre homered. Lots of NetPlay glitches in this one.

Gm4 - Wahoos win 5-1. First of four at The Reservation. K.Davis homered, but Arrieta was the star.

Gm5 - Warpigs win 11-3. Corey Seager went 4-6 with 3 homers and 5 RBI.

Gm6 - Warpigs win 17-10. David Freese makes a rare start vs a RHP and goes 4-4 with 2 homers and 6 RBI. K.Davis hit a grand slam for the Hoos.

Gm7 - Warpigs win 10-3. Wainwright with a complete game. Pham hit 2 homers and drove in 4.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Sidewinders 1, Mavs 1

In the much ballyhooed Battle of the Jeds, the Mavs came to Stanley for a short 2 game September series. The first 15 fans got a Jed Clampett bobble head and Flatt and Scruggs played between innings.

9/10 JA Happ handed the game over to the bullpen with a 4-2 SSWs lead. Chapman proceeded to shit his pants and the Mavs hold on for 5-4 victory. Soria got the save.

9/11   Paxton/Osuna/Rivero one hit the Mavs. Bruce homers twice and the Snakes win 5-0

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Goofs 4, Sidewinders 3

all  games at the Church Lot via CM

4/18  Goofs win12-9. They shell Bauer. ERod is winner and Rusin gets the save. Mazara hit a grand slam his first time up. Hissecond AB camewith the basesloaded. Zunino had a passed ball and Mazara hit a 3 run  jack

4/19 Goofs win 4-2. Graveman pitches 7 strong innings and Rusin gets the 2 inning save. Odubel set the tone with a leadoff homer.

4/20 Paxton throws a CG shutout. Encarnacion  hits a grand slam in the SSWs 8 run 4th. Final score 10-0

4/21 Sale scatters 6 hits, walks none and fans 13. Newcomb the loser. Final score 7-0 

7/20 Goofs win 6-1. ERod the winner, Happ loser. Upton makes2 crucial errors in LF

7/21 Goofs win 5-2. Graveman winner, Rusin save and Sale takes the loss. Swanson has 2 doubles and Odubel 2 triples to pace the Goof squad

7/22 SSWs win 3-0. Lester goes 8 plus and Chapman gets the save Cobb is a tough luck loser.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

FFTs Pick Up Yet Another Dodger

The FFTs traded Jose Peraza and the Driller 8th round pick to the Warpigs for Rich Hill and the Pig 6th.

One day this summer, I feel sure there will be a NASOMA trade that does not involve the FFTs.

Dozier to the FFTs

Following the league rule, "If your player becomes a Dodger, he must then become an FFT," the Nads traded Brian Dozier to the FFTs for their 4th round pick in next year's draft.

Tweeners 3, Nads 0 (Ball Sack Blitz)

Tweeners and Nads finish the season with 3 @ Nads, which ended much like the first 2 there. Tweeners take 9 of 10, including all 5 road games.

Oh yeah, it was like lightning.
Tweeners hitters were frightening.
With the Nads bats snoozing.
And their pitchers all grooving.

Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah.

Each guy on deck said everyone attack
And it turned into a Ball Sack blitz.
Ball girls in the corner said boys I tried to warn you
It'll turn into a Ball Sack blitz.

7/13 - Tweeners 9, Nads 3.  The story early on was recurring netplay freezes, which finally stopped after a complete reboot. The teams traded 3-run homers (Parra/Calhoun), but Tweeners score 6 in the 9th, highlighted by another 3-run shot (Jorge Polanco).  Petit won in relief of Montgomery, Alexander the loser.

7/14 - Tweeners 4, Nads 3.  Nads' nemesis Polanco broke a 3-3 tie in the 8th with another 2-out, pinch-hit rbi.  Homers by Grandal and Calhoun.  W - Ray, S - Minor, L - Urena.

7/15 - Tweeners 4, Nads 3.  A quality start for MadBum, then 3 scoreless by the pen (S - Minor).  The game winner was a solo shot by another Nad's nemesis, Nolan Arenado.  Schoop and Barnhart also homered.  A quick hook for Pineda, and Kintzler took the loss.

It's, it's a Ball Sack blitz.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Weevils 3, Wahoos 2

Big news is the complete game shutout that Jake Arrieta threw. In a home game. Yeah, imagine that. Wahoos also won in a walkoff in game 5. 

The Weevils are now only 1 game in back of the Buckeyes in the MFD.

FFTs and Warpigs swap relievers

The FFTs traded Brad Peacock to the Warpigs for Adam Warren.

Weevils 8, Nads 2

game 1 @ Weevils: Greinke goes 7IP allowing only 2 hits. 4 HR from the lineup powers a 9-1 victory
game 2 @ Weevils: Bundy is tagged for 8 ER on 3 Nads homers in the 9-3 loss. It's a Nad explosion!
game 3 @ Weevils: 7 solid innings from Hamels, with HR by Machado and McCutchen lead to a 6-2 Weevil win

game 4 @ the Ball Sack: Scherzer goes 8IP, with 8K and only 1 hit in the 1-0 duel
game 5 @ the Sack: Greinke likes pitching in KC again, going 7 innings and only surrendering 3 hits. Weevils win 7-2.

game 6 @ Weevils: Hamels goes 7IP allowing only 5 hits. Weevils rumble out 5 2B to keep everyone moving, winning 12-6
game 7 @ Weevils: Kluber Ks 14 Nads.....but allows 13 hits, taking the 9-4 loss.

game 8 @ the Sack: Kluber holds up better this time, K-ing 8 Nads. Weevils win 5-2
game 9 @ the Sack: Scherzer Ks 10, allowing only 2 hits. HR by Goldschmidt and McCutchen lead the Weevils to a 6-1 victory
game 10@ the Sack: Greinke really does like it here. 2 hits over 7IP, Weevils win 7-3.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Inmates 9, Nads 5

Inmates 9 – Nads 5 (via netplay)

Nads 4 – Inmates 3 (Ball Sack): The LDMF lost their fifth straight game in semi-dramatic fashion to the Testicularly Non-challenged. Dozier hit the first Inmate pitch of the game into orbit, and then Brad “No Taters Allowed In 2017” Morrow allowed a pair of jacks, including a walk-off by Morrison in the bottom of the 9th. Morrow earned the well-deserved loss and blown save.

Nads 3 – Inmates 1 (Ball Sack): The LDMF continued their unwelcome appearance as only a Rizzo solo homer in the 2nd prevented a shutout. Bradley continued his self-immolation technique by entering a tie game in the 7th and allowing two runs on a hit a three walks. Chacin held the Beakless Wonders to four hits over eight and two-thirds for the win as the Inmate losing streak reached six.

Inmates 7 – Nads 2 (Ball Sack): Despite starter Salazar being incapable of lasting through the 5th, everything else went the Inmate way. Altuve and Rosario tatered; Ramos pitched three innings for the win.

Inmates 6 – Nads 3 (Ball Sack): Another By-The-Book victory for the Beakless Chicken Gang, although the Nads managed to have the tying run at bat in the last of the 9th. Hand earned the save; Dickey the loss.

Nads 5 – Inmates 1 (Baptist Bowl): The Inmates’ bats went flaccid against Brent Stroman, picking only four hits and one run on a solo homer by Martinez in the 9th. The Nads left ten on base, preventing a blow-out.

Nads 4 – Inmates 2 (Baptist Bowl): Martinez and Altuve hit solo homers for the LDMF, but Kole Calhoun hit a pair and drove in three runs as the Nads continued to have their way over the Inmates. Chacin and three relievers allowed only three Inmate hits.

Inmates 5 – Nads 3 (Baptist Bowl): A tight game, with a two-run single in the 5th by Martinez providing the ultimate winning run. Barnhart blasted a two-run moon-shot in the 9th to get things close, but the Nads ran out of gas.

Inmates 4 – Nads 2 (Ball Sack): Another nail-biter, another Inmate win. Ramos, Hand and Madson shut the Nads down to hang on to the lead and the victory.

Inmates 5 – Nads 4 (Ball Sack): Still another hard-fought victory for the Inmates. Heading into the 9th nursing a 4-3 lead, the Nad bullpen combusted, allowing a two-run single to Altuve to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Frazier and Morrison homered in a losing effort.

Inmates 7 – Nads 1 (Ball Sack): The Nads held a 1-0 lead until the spam hit the fan in the 6th. Martinez hit a two-run blast to highlight the inning, followed immediately by a solo tater by Nunez. Four more runs scored in the 7th, and Quintana and Ramos held the Nads to just two hits.

Inmates 7 – Nads 6 (Baptist Bowl): A seemingly safe 7-1 lead almost evaporated as the Nads stormed back to force Green in for the save. Inciarte, Rosario, Rizzo and Castro all homered for the Inmates. Chacin pitched a complete game for the loss, saving the Nad bullpen.

Inmates 4 – Nads 3 (Baptist Bowl): Brad Hand gave up a 9th inning homer to Broxton but held on for the save as the Inmates and Nads played yet another close game. Weaver K’d twelve and earned the win.

Inmates 5 – Nads 3 (Baptist Bowl): For the second time in the series Dozier hit the first Inmate pitch out of the ballpark, but a pair of taters by Bregman led the Inmate to their seventh win in a row. Frazier also homered in the Nad 1st, but the denizens of the Ball Sack were unable to score again until the 9th.

Nads 9 – Inmates 5 (Baptist Bowl): The Nads blasted Wood for seven runs in the first two innings, including homers by Dozier (once again on the first Inmate pitch of the game), Frazier and Calhoun. Garcia allowed four homers to the Inmates (Martinez twice, Bregman again, and Ramos), but all of the Inmate spuds were solo shots. Salazar pitched five innings of two-hit relief for the Inmates, but it was already too late.