Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bees and Pigs Trade

The Killer Bees sent reliever Carl Edwards, Jr. to the Warpigs in exchange for A.J. Pollock and Dan Otero.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Inmates and DVs (finally) Trade

After the DVs were caught trying to trade away a pick he no longer had, the two teams finally got together and amended their deal to this:
The DVs traded their 5th, 7th, and 9th round picks to the Inmates for Brandon Drury, and the Inmates' 6th and 8th round picks.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Drillers and Warpigs Trade

The Drillers traded Christian Yelich to the Warpigs for Jake Lamb.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

The All-Knowing Pig Oracle

Back on June 6, we here at Big Innings gave everyone a sneak-peek at what the final standings would be. I believe it's time to see how we did...

Buckeyes - I predicted they would win 108 and secure the #1 seed. They did get the top seed, but managed to outdo my prediction by 7, winning 115. Missed by 7.

Inmates - My June prediction had the Inmates winning 101 and getting a bye. The fell 3 wins short of that, and missed out on the #2 seed, settling instead for the #3 seed. Missed by 3.

Sidewinders - I had them winning 98. They won 101. Missed by 3.

Wahoos - I correctly predicted they would win the BUD and get the #4 seed. They won 91, not the 94 I predicted. Missed by 3.

Rhinos - Nailed it. 98 wins was the prediction and the final result. Called it.

Fungoes - I predicted the Fungoes would be the #6 seed, and sure enough, they are. I did have them winning 97, but they slumped to 90 to just barely hang onto the last wild card spot. Missed by 7.

FFTs - I predicted 88 wins. They got 88 wins. Called it.

DVs - I predicted 86 wins. They got 88. Missed by 2.

Mavs - I thought the Mavs would win only 83, but they finished strong to get 89 wins and almost slide into the playoffs. Missed by 6.

Skyscrapers - My formula put the New Yorkers at 81 wins. They won 80. Missed by 1.

Drillers - I predicted the Drillers to win 80, but I forgot to include the "tanking" factor. They won 75. Missed by 5.

Warpigs - Prediction: 59. Actual wins: 62. Missed by 3.

Tweeners - I predicted 56 wins; they won 62. Missed by 6.

Goofs - Prediction: 55; Actual: 55. Called it.

Bees & Nads - I had them tying for the worst record with 54 wins. Instead, they tied for the worst record with 52 wins. Missed both by 2.

I correctly called the 6 playoff teams and the 4 division winners. I didn't miss any predictions by more than 7, was within 3 wins on 11 teams, and nailed 3 of them exactly. Maybe even more amazingly, I predicted a tie for the first draft pick and hit it on the head. I'm gonna call the June predictions a success.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Inmates and Warpigs trade

The Inmates traded Kyle Barraclough to the Warpigs for the Buckeye 8th round pick.

Extra Reserve Contest Final Standings

Congratulations to the Mavs! They ran away with the crown. Here are the final standings...

1151Killer Bees

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Playoffs and Draft Order

The regular season has wrapped up. The post season will be the weekend of November 11-12 at the Buckeye Mansion.

First Round:
Fungoes (6) vs Inmates (3)
Rhinos (5) vs Wahoos (4)

Second Round:
Inmates/Rhinos/Wahoos vs Sidewinders (2)
Fungoes/Rhinos/Wahoos vs Buckeyes (1)

As for the 2018 Draft, the draft order for the non-playoff teams had three ties. The Bees and Nads tied for the first pick and went 5-5 head to head. The commissioner oversaw the tie-breaker, which went to the Nads. The Bees will pick 1st in the even numbered rounds.

1. Nads
2. Bees (swaps places with the Nads in the even numbered rounds)
3. Goofs
4. Warpigs (the Inmates own the Pigs' 1st round pick)
5. Tweeners (they lose the tie-breaker with the Pigs by going 6-4 against them)
6. Drillers (suck)
7. Skyscrapers
8. FFTs (they win the tie-breaker with the DVs, going 6-8)
9. DVs
10. Mavs

Sidewinders 9, Killer Bees 5

The regular season comes to an end.

Gm 1 - Bees win 7-3
Gm 2 - Snakes win 12-1
Gm 3 - Snakes win 8-1
Gm 4 - Snakes win 13-5
Gm 5 - Bees win 6-2
Gm 6 - Bees win 1-0
Gm 7 - Snakes win 3-2
Gm 8 - Bees win 3-0
Gm 9 - Snakes win 7-4
Gm 10 - Bees win 6-5
Gm 11 - Snakes win 4-3
Gm 12 - Snakes win 8-3
Gm 13 - Snakes win 6-5
Gm 14 - Snakes win 4-3

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Drillers 5, Skyscrapers 2

Drillers 5 Kluber 2

April 10 Scrappers win 4-2
April 11 Drillers win 6-3
April 12 Drillers win 6-0
             Drillers win 6-4

Sept 11 Drillers 7-5
Sept 12 Drillers 13-3
Sept 14 Scrappers 8-3

All but game 1 EQA'd CM-v-CM