Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tweeners vs Inmates

Tweeners 4, Inmates 1


Inmates are back in full-suck mode in netplay series:

TWEENERS 3 – INMATES 2: Wainwright and Anderson hook up in uneventful pitcher’s duel.

TWEENERS 4 – INMATES 3: Walk-off victory for the Tweeners due to stellar Inmate defense (Dunn error). Sandoval gets 2-out single to drive in unearned run. Said Inmate manager Mike Schmidt: “!#@$$!#@^$@!”

TWEENERS 13 – INMATES 4: Swisher goes 3-4 with a tater and 2 RBI; Inmates do nothing right.

INMATES 6 – TWEENERS 3: Anderson bests Wainwright this time in complete game victory.

TWEENERS 4 – INMATES 1: No Inmate offense combined with good Tweener pitching result in a snoozer of epic proportions. 260 Inmate fans show up to the game, but only because of the free beer and pizza given away in the 3rd inning.

Inmates now 30-37.

Rhinos vs Warpigs

Rhinos 5, Warpigs 2

Game 8 - Rhinos 10, Warpigs 3: The Rhinos had like 30 hits and about 12 homers and around 45 stolen bases. C.C. Sabathia went the distance, pitching the last 3 innings right-handed to save his strength for the real teams he might face later.

Game 9 - Rhinos 6, Warpigs 4: This game resembled a real baseball game except for the 5 homers surrendered by Ross Ohlendorf.

Game 10 - Rhinos 7, Warpigs 5: Former Pigs Heath Bell and George Sherrill bent over and took it from behind from their old mates, but that's the only thing that kept this from being another Rhino blowout.

Game 11 - Warpigs 4, Rhinos 3: Cliff Lee gets the Pigs back into the win column and is feeling pretty proud of himself until he hears the Rhino manager say after the game (I shit you not), "This is EMBARRASSING!"

Game 12 - Warpigs 5, Rhinos 2: Sabathia took a no-hitter into the 6th, but Ohlendorf took a no-hitter into the 7th despite Alberto Callaspo at 2b (4e20) and Brandon Woods at ss (3e88).

Game 13 - Rhinos 9, Warpigs 5: The Rhinos finally solve Cliff Lee.

Game 14 - Rhinos 10, Warpigs 2: Hanley Ramirez went 3-3 with a double, two homers, and 5 RBI to clinch the season series for the horned ones.

Buckeyes vs SuperGoofs

Buckeyes 7, Goofs 3

From the Buckeye...
Buckeyes 7 Goofs 3
Buckeyes 4 Goofs 1 in 5 at Buckeyes
Buckeyes 3 Goofs 3 in 5 at Goofs
Game 1: Buckeyes 6 Goofs 1 - E Jackson with a 3 hitter over 7 2/3. R Roberts 2 Doubles 2 RBI's
Game 2: Buckeyes 3 Goofs 1 - Correia 4 hitter over 8 innings. Prado and Suzuki 2 hits each
Game 3 Goofs 10 Buckeyes 4 - HR's by Choo and Thome the big blows
Game 4 Buckeyes 7 Goofs 2 - Correia witha CG 5 hitter. Suzuki with an HR
Game 5 Goof 5 Buckeyes 4 - Broxton with the save. Blake and A Ramirez with HR's
Game 6 Buckeyes 3 Goofs 2 - Werth 2 hits including a homer. E Jackson wins with Calero picking up the save
Game 7 Buckeyes 3 Goofs 2 - Escobar with 2 RBI's. Calero the save
Game 8 Goofs 10 Buckeyes 8 - Blake, Snyder, and Pence with HR's. Zito the winner and Broxton the save
Game 9 Buckeyes 8 Goofs 4 - Maine gets the win with Guerrier getting the save. N Morgan with 3 hits and 2 RBI's
Game 10 Buckeyes 6 Goofs 1 - Jackson gets the win going 7 innings allowing 1 run. Werth with an HR.


From the Driller Dude...

On Seth's recent tournament trip to Georgetown, we took the team to see a
Round Rock Express game. We sat on the outfield berm behind the visiting
Albuquerque Isotopes bullpen.

As I scanned the pen for recognizable names, I noticed "Etherton" wearing
the number 8. I hollered down to him, "Hey eight, your first name is Seth,
right?" He told me yes. So I explained to him, in order for me and my wife
to agree to a name for our second kid, it would need to be the name of a
major league baseball player. Since he was with the Tigers at the time,
Seth became an agreeable name to both of us. I then called my kid Seth over
to the wall, introduced him to his "namesake", and asked for an autograph.
He agreed, I handed him a pen and Seth's game hat. We're now proud owners
of a "Seth Etherton 8" autographed Lewisville Mustang hat! The rest of the
Mustang team was impressed, became Isotope fans, and are hoping to see
Etherton's name on a Dodger jersey soon!

Monday, June 28, 2010

FFTs vs SuperGoofs

SuperGoofs 7, FFTs 3

From the Buckeyes (?)...

Goofs take 7 of 10 vs FFT as they go 4-1 at home and 3-2 on the road.
Game 1 FFT 6 SG 3 Kuroda wins with Mariano getting the save. Furcal 2 hits and 2 RBIs
Game 2 SG 4 FFT 3 G. Jones 2 HR's and 3 RBI's
Game 3 SG 7 FFT 3 Thome 3 run HR off Weaver was the big blow
Game 4 SG 6 FFT 4 Joba rocked for 4 runs in 5 2/3
Game 5 SG 6 FFT 4 Errors by Counsell and Anderson opened the door for a 5 run 8th
Game 6 (1 of DH) FFT 2 SG 1 (10 inn) Bourns triple drives in the winner in the 10th
Game 7 (2 of DH) SG 2 FFT 1 G Jones ist inning 2 run HR held up
Game 8 SG 9 FFT 5 Goofs pound Joba again for 6 runs in 4 1/3
Game 9 SG 8 FFT 2 HR's by Thome and Zaun. Volquez goes 7 strong
Game 10 FFT 4 SG 3 Furcal 8th HR breaks tie in 8th. Rivera gets the save

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expanded Standings Page

There's a link on the main page to the new expanded standings page. It's not complete - there are still several holes. If you'll be so kind as to send me your home and road records (at least) or even better, how you did at home and on the road VS EACH TEAM.

The only ones I have on there are the Pigs, FFTs, and Tweeners.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tweeners at FFTs

FFTs 3, Tweeners 2

From Al...
Tweeners can do no better than a split on the road vs. FFTs. Game 1 former Tweener Hideki Matsui homers twice and drives in 5 off Dallas Braden, FFTs win 11-3. In game 2, Nick Hundley strengthens his argument for more playing time as he homers twice; Tweeners overcome a 3-run deficit and win 5-4. Game 3, Wainwright and friends combine for the 4-0 shutout. Weaver outpitches Felix in game 4, 5-2. In the finale, Aaron Effing Harang fans 10 and allows only 1 run in 8 innings; Reynolds hits a 9th inning homer off Mariano, but it's too little, too late as we fall 3-2.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wahoos vs Rhinos

Rhinos 9, Wahoos 5

From the Chief...
Game 1: Rhinos 2, Wahoos 1
Game 2: Rhinos 6, Wahoos 5 (10 innings) -- Rhinos strike out 16 times vs. Wahoos pitching
Game 3: Wahoos 5, Rhinos 2 -- Gil Meche overwhelms Rhinos
Game 4: Rhinos 11, Wahoos 5
Game 5: Rhinos 3, Wahoos 1
Game 6: Rhinos 8, Wahoos 5
Game 7: Wahoos 2, Rhinos 1 (11 innings) -- Nolasco squeezes in winning run
Game 8: Wahoos 9, Rhinos 8 (11 innings) -- Wahoos hit 3 homers after the ninth; Rhinos hit 5 total
Game 9: Rhinos 8, Wahoos 2
Game 10: Rhinos 8, Wahoos 4
Game 11: Wahoos 4, Rhinos 3 (10 innings)
Game 12: Rhinos 3, Wahoos 2
Game 13: Wahoos 10, Rhinos 2 -- only easy game for the Wahoos
Game 14: Rhinos 3, Wahoos 1

Additional info from Colonel Rhino...
I think it was game 5, Rhinos were 4 hit, but manage to hit for the cycle.
There was one game the we missed 2 BP homers (at my park) and a 1-18 HR chance all in the same inning, but luckily we won that one.
Vernon Wells hit the righty home run at Wahooville.
There were many more memorable moments like Rollins making 2 errors in the same inning, luckily had no effect on the out come.
Then there is of course those "magic beans (pitchers)" that the Pigs sold me that managed to get me into extra innings several times so that we could lose 3 out of 4. LoL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warpigs vs Rhinos

The Rhinos, trying to atone for an 0-14 vs the Pigs in 2009, came up short thru the first 7 games.

Warpigs 4, Rhinos 3

Game 1 - Warpigs 8, Rhinos 3: Albert Pujols, Cody Ross, and Delmon Young all homered at the BallPork as Josh Beckett bested C.C. Sabathia. Before the game, the Rhino bullpen received their World Series rings for 2009.

Game 2 - Rhinos 4, Warpigs 3: Hanley Ramirez went 3-4 with 2 homers and 3 RBI for the Rhinos. A missed BP HR (1-17) in the 9th inning had the home fans crying.

Game 3 - Rhinos 9, Warpigs 3: As if starting Brian Matusz wasn't enough, the Pigs also made 3 errors. Zach Duke got the win for the Rhinos.

Game 4 - Warpigs 7, Rhinos 5: In the first of 4 games at the Rhino Preserve, Matt Kemp went 3-3 with 2 bombs for the home team, but a 3-run homer by Delmon Young in the 7th inning was the difference.

Game 5 - Warpigs 6, Rhinos 3: Albert Pujols had 4 hits in the victory. Geovanny Soto pinch hit a 2-run homer in the 8th to expand a 1-run lead.

Game 6 - Rhinos 4, Warpigs 2: A 4-run 3rd inning, capped off by a 3-run homer by ARod was all the Rhinos needed to hand Cliff Lee (10-2) only his 2nd loss of the year. Sabathia went 8 innings for the win.

Game 7 - Warpigs 2, Rhinos 1: Gordon Beckham and Delmon Young hit solo homers to back the pitching of Josh Beckett.

Pujols went 14-26 in the series with 3 homers. Delmon Young also hit 3 home runs and suffered through constant name calling by the opposing manager. And while better fielders on both teams continued to allow hits and make errors, Alberto Callaspo, a 4e31 at shortstop, was apparently making a bid for the Gold Glove.

And then there was this dialogue...

(with the Rangers/Pirates on the TV quietly in the background)
Rhino: You drafted this Ohlendorf guy, didn't you?
Pigman: Yeah, why?
Rhino: He's pitching against the Rangers tonight.
Pigman: Oh man, I wish you hadn't told me that.
Rhino: Why?
Pigman: When I am aware my guys are facing the Rangers, they always get their butt kicked.
Rhino: No, he's up 2-1 in the 5th
TV announcer, right on cue: Julio Borbon with a 3-run homer!!!
Rhino: Oh wow. You were right.

Fungoes vs Warpigs

Fungi 6, Pigs 4

Game 1 - Warpigs 2, Fungoes 1 (10 innings): Stephen Drew singled in the winning run in the top of the 10th. Josh Beckett threw a 10-inning complete game for the win.

Game 2 - Fungoes 4, Warpigs 3: The Fungoes overcame home runs by Curtis Granderson and Cody Ross for the win. Ryan Rowland-Smith got the win with Jon Papelbon earning the save. John Lackey went the distance in the loss.

Game 3 - Fungoes 2, Warpigs 1: In the bottom of the 8th, Chone Figgins walked and stole second. He moved to third on a sacrifice bunt and scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Papelbon pitched the 9th for the save. Rich Harden took the complete game loss.

Game 4 - Warpigs 8, Fungoes 1: Albert Pujols went 3 for 5 with a double and homer and drove in 3 runs. Cliff Lee went all the way for the win.

Game 5 - Warpigs 6, Fungoes 0: Josh Beckett scattered 5 hits in the shutout. Adam Lind and Miguel Olivo homered for the Pigs.

Game 6 - Fungoes 7, Warpigs 5: In game 1 of a double header, the Fungoes raced to a 7-0 lead before hanging on for the 7-5 win. Brad Bergesen got the win and Papelbon the save. Ross Ohlendorf threw the 6th consecutive complete game for the Warpigs. Both teams homered twice.

Game 7 - Warpigs 8, Fungoes 7 (12 innings): Akinori Iwamura hit a 2-run single off of Scott Feldman for the walk off win in the second game of the double header. The Fungoes scored in the top of the inning on a Brett Gardner single, a steal of 2nd, a steal of 3rd, and a sacrifice fly.

Game 8 - Fungoes 14, Warpigs 12: After three innings, the Pigs lead 10-3, but the Fungoes stormed back for the win. The Fungoes hit 5 homers including two by Lance Berkman who went 3-4 with 5 RBI. Papelbon earned another save.

Game 9 - Fungoes 11, Warpigs 9: Eight different players knocked in runs for the red hot Fungoes. The Fungi also stole 7 bases. Cody Ross was 3-5 with 3 RBI for the Pigs. Papelbon saved his 5th game of the series.

Game 10 - Fungoes 8, Warpigs 0: Clayton Kershaw had a complete game 5-hitter for the shutout win. Lance Berkman, Nelson Cruz, and Matt Wieters all homered for the Fungoes.

Additional info from the Fungi...
The official recap from game 7 reads like this:
237 fans watched an exciting game at The BallPork. The RICK WARPIGS topped
the DEREK FUNGOES by the slimmest of margins, 8 to 7.
The score was knotted at 6 after nine innings. RICK won it in the 12th
inning. After an out was recorded, Miguel Olivo began the RICK spurt when he
drew a walk. Gordon Beckham came next and he doubled. Akinori Iwamura then
stroked a base-hit making RICK the winners and sending the 237 fans home
happy. A wild affair, this game saw the lead change 5 times.
WTF? 237 FANS!!! Thats BS!! There must have been about 200 no shows!!!!!
And this from Berkman after game 8:

'I was in my hotel room the other night, working on my swing and made some
adjustments,' Berkman said. 'I'm always working on it. If they are getting
you out certain ways, you've got to make changes.'
Laughing my ass off at WTF!!

Mavs at Sidewinders

SSW 3, Mavs 2

From the Snakeman...
Not much hitting by either team,
Game 1 Danks takes a 1-0 lead and a one hitter into the 8th. Mavs tie it in the 8th asnd win it in the 9th on a bases loaded walk for a final of 2-1.
Game 2 Snakes tie it 1-1 in the 9th and Mauer hit a 2 run HR for the win in bottom of 11th. Wuertz pitches 4 scorelss innings for the win
Game 3 Snakes win 2-1 in 10 on a Markakis single. Wuertz pitches 2 for the win.
Game 4 Lester takes a one hitter and 4-0 lead into the 9th. Upton hit a 3 run shot and Soriano and wuertz got the last 2 outs to preserve the SSWs victory
Game 5 was the aberration- all scoring was over in the 5th. when Dejesus hit a bases loaded triple off Ubaldo to seal a 7-3 Mav win

Monday, June 21, 2010


The Vuvuzela is the loud, constant, obnoxious noisemaker gaining notoriety at the World Cup. In honor of the vuvuzela, I have changed a team name on the standings page to represent our own loud, obnoxious noisemaker.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

FFTs at Tweeners

Tweeners 4, FFTs 1

From Al...
Tweeners drop the opener, then take 4 straight from the FFTs at the Hooverdome. Old friend Aaron Harang gets speedy Rajai Davis to ground into 3 DPs and beats Wainwright 5-3. In game 2, Jason Bay's 1st inning homer off Dallas Braden gives old friend Roy Oswalt a 3 run lead, but Mark Reynolds homers twice and we fight back to win 5-4. Game 3, Harang is good again, but Wainwright goes the distance allowing only 3 hits and Reynolds homers again as we win 3-1. Felix Hernandez picks up his 10th win in game 4, 2 more homers and 5 RBIs for Reynolds, final 12-8. Oswalt pitches well in game 5, but Happ, K-Rod, and Gregerson combine for a 1-0 shutout; Reynolds drives in the game's only run with a sac fly. For the 5 games Reynolds hit .500 with 6 homers and 12 RBIs and an OPS of 2.800 (and stole a base). He won't get another hit for a month.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mavs at Tweeners

Tweeners 3, Mavs 2

From Al...
Tweeners somehow manage to win 3 of 5 at home vs. Mavs. We could have easily lost all 5 games. We fall behind 7-2 in game 1, but fight back to tie it, and win 8-7 in 12 innings. Buchholz beats Happ 6-4 in game 2. Game 3 Mavs score 7 in the 4th and hang on for a 9-7 win. Expanded rosters for the final games; Hochevar matches Happ pitch for pitch in game 4, each allow 1 run in 6 innings, but 3 scoreless innings from D.J. Carrasco is much better than the efforts of 5 Mavs relievers as we win 6-1. The finale was a see-saw affair, Tweeners win 7-6 in walk-off fashion. We reach the halfway point of the season, busting our ass to get a game over .500, praying for a second half run.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tweeners at Mavs

Tweeners 3, Mavs 2

Inmates vs FFTs

Inmates 6, FFTs 4


Inmates take 6 of 10 from FFTs in NASOMA’s annual Mediocrity Bowl:

INMATES 4 – FFTs 1: Chipper Jones hits a 3-run tater for Inmates, Furcal gets 2 of 3 FFT hits. Wolf gets the win.

FFTs 10 – INMATES 0: Floyd gives up 5 unearned runs. Nothing goes well for the Beakless Chicken Gang, while Harang throws 6-hit shutout and Bay taters twice for FFTs.

INMATES 4 – FFTs 1: Furcal breaks up shutout in 9th, otherwise it’s all Inmates in an almost carbon copy of game 1.

INMATES 5 – FFTs 2: Once again FFTs break up shutout in the 9th with a Cabrera 2-run shot, but Wolf Ks 11 in 8 2/3 for the Inmate win.

INMATES 11 – FFTs 2: Vazquez strikes out 11, Chamberlain gets shelled, and the Inmates find their bats for the first time in a month.

FFTs 5 – INMATES 4: Rivera is the door-slammer, striking out 2 in the 9th for the save.

INMATES 1 – FFTs 0: Floyd makes up for earlier loss, Adam Dunn drives in the game’s only run in the 1st.

FFTs 2 – INMATES 1: Washburn and Anderson lock up in great duel, but Rivera Ks the side in the 9th to seal the win.

INMATES 4 – FFTs 3 (10): Rivera loses his touch in the 10th, allowing a sacfly by Beltre for the Inmate win.

FFTs 3 – INMATES 2: FFTs score all their runs in the 7th, while the Inmates waste 11 hits

Inmates are now 29-33.

Drillers at Tweeners

Tweeners 2, Drillers 1

From Al...
Tweeners take a 9-2 lead, then watch nervously as Drillers score 5 in the 8th, but hold on for a 9-7 win. In game 2, David Murphy hits a 4th inning grand slam off Felix and we can never catch up; Drillers win 7-3. In the rubber match, Happ (8 IP) and Gregerson combine for the shutout. Zobrist's 1st inning RBI double would have been enough; but for good measure in the 8th inning, after Hal elected to intentionally walk Rajai Davis, Ben made them pay by getting the roll for a 3-run homer (HR 1-4/fly).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buckeyes vs DVs

Buckeyes 4, DVs 1

From Bucky the Buckeye...

Buckeyes go 4 and 1 in 5 games at the DV's. We had a several connection issues via NetPlay which proves not all the bugs have been ironed out.
Game 1 Buckeyes 2 DV 4
Game 2 Buckeyes 8 DV 4
Game 3 Buckeyes 8 DV 3
Game 4 Buckeyes 8 DV 7 (Buckeyes were ahead 7-3 only to have a grand slam tie it. Overbay doubled in the winner in the 11th)
Game 5 Buckeyes 2 DV 1 Calero made it intersting in the 9th giving up an HR but held on for the save

Buckeyes vs Inmates

Inmates 5, Buckeyes 2


Inmates take 5 of 7 from Buckeyes in games played at WTF Park at Fungoe Estates on Wednesday night.

INMATES 1 – BUCKEYES 0: Wolf and two Inmate relievers handcuff the Shriveled Testicle Gang on two hits. Molina drives in the winning run with a single in the 1st.

INMATES 4 – BUCKEYES 2: All the runs score on homers; the Buckeyes hit two solo shots off of Vazquez, while the Inmates hit two two-run shots off of Jackson.

INMATES 3 – BUCKEYES 2 (22 innings): That’s right, 22 innings of no offense. Inmates tied the game at 2-all in the 6th on a Chipper Jones sac fly, then waited until two outs in the bottom of the 22nd before Howard hit crawl-off tater. Guzman pitched 10 (!!!) innings of scoreless relief for the win.

BUCKEYES 4 – INMATES 1: Buckeyes finally get in the win column behind Carpenter’s 6-hitter (all singles).

INMATES 5 – BUCKEYES 1: Buckeyes get only 4 hits, while Inmates don’t show much offense either with three runs coming in the 8th on an Adam Dunn homer.

BUCKEYES 4 – INMATES 3: Another close game with Carpenter out-dueling Vazquez. Inmates left tying run on 3rd in the ninth.

INMATES 5 – BUCKEYES 4: The closest thing to an offensive show had the Buckeyes battling back from a 5-1 deficit, but leaving the tying run on base in the 9th.

Inmates are now 23-29.

Fungoes vs SuperGoofs

Fungoes 8, Goofs 2

From the Fungus...
Fungoes and Goofs played 10 at WTf tonight. Fungoes catch all the breaks while winning 8 of 10. Fungoes outscore the Goofs 47 - 34 in the ten games. Fungoes hit .299 while the pitching fires a 3.02 ERA during the ten game series. Kershaw wins 2 while Papelbon saves 7 to lead Fungo pitching! Fungoes are now 40 - 26 on the year!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stephen Strasburg

After Strasburg's impressive debut against the Pirates, the club announced today that his next start will be against the Indians. No word as to when they will finally let him face a real Major League club.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wahoos at Tweeners

Tweeners 5, Wahoos 0

From Al...
Tweeners were due, and Wahoos happened to be in the way. Game 1 Reynolds homers twice, de la Rosa fans 10 in 5 2/3, Tweeners win 5-3. Game 2 Felix gives up 9 hits and 5 walks in 6 2/3, but we win 2-1. Game 3 Joe Blanton takes a shutout into the 8th inning, K-Rod saves the 3-1 win. Still not sure how we won game 4. After falling behind 6-2 we score 2 in the 8th and 2 in the 9th to tie it (Reynolds found a 2-out, 2-run triple on Hawksworth's card in the 9th). 'Hoos score in the 11th, but we tie it on another 2-out triple (on Shane's card), then Zobrist drives him in for the game winner. The momentum carried into game 5 when we scored 4 in the first, and the Wahoos, a/k/a Carlin's cat, could hardly wait to catch their flight. Take that, Corey Koskie.

Buckeyes vs Warpigs

Buckeyes 6, Pigs 4

Game 1 - Warpigs win 6-4. Jayson Werth hit a 2-run homer in the top of the 9th to give the Buckeyes a 4-3 lead. In the bottom of the 9th, Miguel Olivo singled, pinch hitter Matt Joyce walked, and after an out, pinch hitter Oscar Salazar hits a walk-off 3-run homer. John Lackey went the distance for the win.

Game 2 - Buckeyes win 8-3. Carpenter gets the win.

Game 3 - Buckeyes win 12-7. The Pigs overcame a 5-0 deficit to lead 7-5, but the Buckeyes scored 3 in the 7th and 4 in the 8th for the win.

Game 4 - Buckeyes win 3-2. Jayson Werth came up in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and the score tied at 2. He singled to left to give the Buckeyes the walk-off win.

Game 5 - Buckeyes win 8-3. Nyjer Morgan knocked in 4 runs. Pedro Martinez pitched well for the win.

Game 6 - Warpigs win 2-1. Cody Ross hit a solo homer in the 7th to tie the game at 1. Ross then singled to lead off the bottom of the 9th and scored the winning run when Miguel Olivo tripled.

Game 7 - Warpigs win 6-3. Martin Prado and Jayson Werth went back to back in the 8th to chase Cliff Lee and tie the game at 3. But Albert Pujols hit a 3-run homer in the bottom of the 8th for the winning runs.

Game 8 - Buckeyes win 9-2. Three Pig errors and 5 unearned runs allowed were part of the story. That and the inept Pig bats.

Game 9 - Buckeyes win 3-1. Chris Carpenter and two relievers allow only 3 hits in the win. Pujols homered for the only Pig run.

Game 10 - Warpigs win 4-1. Adam Lind homered twice and Cliff Lee took a shutout into the 9th.

Zaps at Tweeners

Zaps 3, Tweeners 1

From Al...
Tweeners continue to look for some breaks - and a winning streak. Someone should have told me I needed to pitch around Andrew F. McCutchen; for the series he hit .471, scored 5, drove in 5, stole 2 bases, doubled, tripled, homered - who knew. The only game we won was against Greinke. I think I'll play the Wahoos and see if things improve.

Tweeners at Drillers

The Drillers sweep a pair of home games to leap back into first in the NERDD.

FFTs vs Drillers

Drillers 8, FFTs 6

From the Driller Dude...

Game 1: FFTs win 5 – 0 behind an Oswalt 5-hit shutout.

Game 2: FFTs win 7 – 2 with Ichiro going 5 for 5 with 3 rbi.

Game 3: Drillers win 4 – 3 as four guys get hits!

Game 4: Drillers win 2 – 1 as Haren scatters 10 hits (Drillers had only 4).

Game 5: Drillers win 4 – 2 in a game that saw ZERO double plays.

Game 6: Drillers win 9 – 5 as Harang takes it on the chin.

Game 7: FFTs win 3 – 1 with some guy named Kuroda out pitching Lincecum.

Moving to FFT World…

Game 8: Drillers win 1 – 0 behind Lincecum and a solo Reimold tater.

Game 9: FFTs win 8 – 2 as Haren gets torched for all eight.

Game 10: Drillers win 4 – 1 due to Kendall playing catch with Bourn rather than Izturis (twice!).

Game 11: Drillers win 5 – 1 Hammel wins!

Game 12: FFTs win 3 – 1 Weaver beats Shields.

Game 13: Drillers win 5 – 1 Rzepczynski over Washburn

Game 14: FFTs win 4 – 3 on a Furcal squeeze in the 8th.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tweeners at Zaps

The Zaps took 4 out of 7.


The league commissioner has asked me to give a demerit each to the Rhinos and Inmates for not reaching 50 games played by June 1.

The next marker is 75 games played by July 1.