Thursday, March 29, 2012

Season Records

Here are the single season team records. These are located in the Archives section of the website, but I thought I'd put it on here to remind the Rhinos of some target numbers. I'll post the individual records later.

Batting Average - Warpigs, 1988  .317
Runs Scored - Warpigs, 1988   1322
Base Hits - Warpigs, 1988   1984
Home Runs - Warpigs, 1988   411
RBI - Warpigs, 1988   1293
Stolen Bases - Buckeyes, 1988   307
Doubles - Wahoos, 2009   401
Triples - Drillers, 1999   77
Walks - Buckeyes, 2001   809
HBP - Sidewinders, 2004   119
Strikeouts (fewest) - Cletes, 1993   681
Errors (fewest) - Drillers, 2010   49

ERA - Warpigs, 2002   2.78
Runs Allowed (fewest) - Warpigs, 2002   515
Hit Allowed (fewest) - Warpigs, 2002   1139
Home Runs Allowed (fewest) - Cletes, 1993   96
Strikeouts - Sidewinders, 1998   1507
Saves - Drillers, 2001   67
Walks (fewest) - Warpigs, 2002   414
Complete Games - Sidewinders, 2002   69
Shutouts - Warpigs, 2002 & DVs, 2005   19

Most Wins - Warpigs, 2009   126

There have been 43 seasons of 100+ wins in NASOMA.
Warpigs (16 times)
Drillers (7)
Buckeyes (6)
Zaps (5)
Sidewinders (4)
FFTs (3)
DVs (1)
Killer Bees (1)

A word of warning... Of those team batting records listed above, the ONLY one that coincided with a NASOMA championship was the Cletes of 1993, and that title was severely tainted. On the other hand, the only times a team set a pitching record but DIDN'T win a title was the Snakes in 2002 with the CG record and the DVs, who tied the shutout record in 2005.

Chicks may dig the long ball, but pitching wins titles.

Draft Results

You can find the Draft Results on the main page of our website. The draft grid we used during the draft is still posted, as is a cleaned-up version. I wasn't timing it, but I believe the rules meeting took 4 and a half hours. The draft took 17 hours.

The lightning round was apparently a test to see who could name the most players already off the board.

Here are some tidbits from the draft...
There were 168 carded players chosen in the regular phase of the draft (87 hitters, 81 pitchers).
There were 16 uncarded players taken (11 hitters, 5 pitchers).
There were 2 passes (Mavs and Bees).
The first player taken was Doug Fister by the Nads.
The last player taken was #186 Tony Cruz by the Wahoos.
In the lightning round, 8 teams took part.
There were 58 players selected (35 hitters, 23 pitchers).
There were 4 passes (Tweeners, Snakes, Wahoos, Rhinos).
The first player taken was #187 Jose Molina by the Drillers.
The last player taken was #248 John Lackey by the Warpigs.
There were 7 players from the lightning round who made their clubs, including...
2 by the Drillers, 2 by the Wahoos and 1 each by the Rhinos, DVs, and FFTs.
The latest a player was drafted who made a team was Frank Francisco, who was taken at #245 and made the Driller roster.
The Wahoos kept their last pick, Eduardo Nunez at #216, and now Nunez will be active for every game this year since he is the team's ONLY backup at 2b AND ss.
242 players were drafted: 226 carded players (122 hitters, 104 pitchers) and 16 uncarded players (11 hitters, 5 pitchers).
By team, here are the number of players drafted (carded, uncarded):
Warpigs 27 (24, 3)
DVs 23 (23, 0)
Drillers 22 (22, 0)
Wahoos 18 (16, 2)
FFTs 16 (15, 1)
Nads 16 (16, 0)
Sidewinders 15 (13, 2)
Rhinos 14 (12, 2)
Tweeners 14 (13, 1)
Inmates 13 (13, 0)
Zaps 12 (10, 2)
Goofs 12 (11, 1)
Mavs 11 (10, 1)
Fungoes 11 (10, 1)
Bees 9 (9, 0)
Buckeyes 9 (9, 0)
As always, there were several players protected going into the draft who were later cut. I didn't feel like figuring out how many.

As far as I can tell, the earliest a guy was drafted and then later cut was #93 Alex Liddi by the DVs (who KEPT pick #199 Lahair). The DV magnate noted that he wanted to "get Liddi off the board early to ensure the Rhinos one less bat to crush the DVs overrated bullpen.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Playing Through Stiffness

Ryan Braun - OF, MIL Mar 20 12:56 PM
Braun, who was scratched from the lineup Tuesday with groin tightness, has been playing through stiffness for several weeks and will not play until at least Friday, Adam McCalvy of reports. 

I don't know about Braun, but if stiffness in the groin were enough to keep a guy from playing baseball, I would have never even suited up in high school.

Revised Mock Draft

Now that the teams are set and the draft is a few days away, here's the latest mocking...

1. Nads - Doug Fister. Hard to screw this up, really. Darvish is not even an option, since the Nads have no reserve picks. This selection has to be announced as a "Fister to the Nads!" Ouch.

2. Fungoes - Eric Hosmer. The Fungoes traded up, and the immediate thought was Darvish. But the Fungi were secretly trying to steal Fister. Hosmer is not only a good second choice, it may be a better one.

3. Warpigs - Yu Darvish. Haha! Yes! I thought for sure he'd go 1 or 2.

4. Goofs - Melky Cabrera. A team in need of outfielders finds the best 500+ AB outfielder in the draft waiting for him. Of course, he'd still have been waiting for him in the second round.

5. Sidewinders - Brett Lawrie. The Snakeman THOUGHT he already had Lawrie, but it turns out it was Jed Lowrie. Different guy. Said the Snakeman, "It's a good thing I gave up abstaining from alcohol for Lent."

6. Tweeners - Allen Craig. Or is it Craig Allen? Either way, he's just what the doctor ordered to vault the Tweeners to the top of his division.

7. Inmates - Brandon Beachy. While the HEAD INMATE pats himself on the back for trading back 5 spots and still getting the guy he wanted, the game on tv is interrupted with the tragic news of Beachy drowning in his own urine sample.

8. DVs - Yonder Alonso. From the DV man himself, "Our goal is just to beat the Fungoes for the division. Then be one of the teams that loses to the Rhinos in the playoffs." Asked about the challenge from the Drillers, the DV dude said, "The Drillers?!? Are they still in the league?!?"

9. Mavs - Jason Kipnis. Because the MavGirl likes the sound of his name.

10. Killer Bees - Jemile Weeks. Weeks will team with his brother at 2b for the Bees. When asked about this pick, the Beeboy pulled his hands out of his pants just long enough to explain, "I just like the idea of putting R.Weeks and J.Weeks on the scorecard. You know? The letter in front of their name? That's so fucking COOL!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to do that!"

11. Tweeners - Cory Luebke. The Tweeners pick again? Is that right? That can't be right.

12. Killer Bees - Gerardo Parra. So Beeboy, how do you think your division will pan out? "Obviously, the Bees will win it. Easily. After that, who gives a fuck? My brother's team sucks. Hell, my BROTHER sucks. The Tweeners always THINK they're going to be good, but they suck. Who's the other team in my division?"

13. Rhinos - By a vote of 14-2, a rule was passed that restricted the Rhinos from using any picks in this year's draft. The only dissenting votes were from the Rhinos themselves and the Mavs, who abstained.

14. Sidewinders - Kenley Jansen. Or Casey Janssen. "Gawdammit all these names are so confusing! Can't I just have them both? Then I KNOW I got the good one. BEER ME!"

15. Buckeyes - Brandon McCarthy. The Buckeyes have already mathematically clinched his division.

16. Zaps - Greg Holland. You know there's something wrong with the SOM Computer game when Hal's recommended pick here is Don Kelly.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Inmates trade pick 2 to the Fungoes for pick 7 and 2013 3rd.

Warpigs trade Austin Jackson to FFTs for Cameron Maybin.

Please record all of your trades on the Rosters page and the Trades page. And if they involve draft picks, please edit the Draft Grid as well.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Google Docs

The three google docs spreadsheets (Rosters/Trades, Draft Grid/Available Players, and W/L records) are again available for you to edit. You are responsible for making your own changes when you make a trade, draft a player, or play games.

When you make a trade, move the players and the picks between teams and record the trade on the Trades page. It's on a tab at the bottom of the Rosters page.

When you draft a player, either type in the players name beside your team, or you can cut and paste from the available players page (a tab at the bottom of the Draft Grid page).

When you play games, record the wins (across) and the losses (down) on the NASOMA 2012 W/L Table.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's Draft!

All Pre-draft rosters and the Draft Grid are updated. You can see them on our website or on google docs. The Rhinos set a league record by protecting 30 players. The Nads kept the fewest at 16. The FFTs have the fewest choices in the draft, with 6. The Nads, at 16, will have the most picks. The Wahoos have the last 5 selections in the draft and 7 of the last 9.

We still have to officially vote on it, but assuming Terry's proposal for a post-draft-draft of undrafted carded players passes, it would start at pick 187. To refresh your memory, I will repost the proposal here on Big Innings.

Regarding the draft grid, as always, the picks in the last few rounds have been consolidated. Therefore, if you have a pick higher than number 148, the exact number of the pick has changed.

At the Beeboy's request, I have added an excel spread sheet of all the available carded players in the draft. The link is on the website.

Here are the totals for each team. The total picks column is how many draft picks you can make. Remember, your last two picks are optional, Using those picks means you will have to make cuts. The last two columns refer to uncarded players - the number you protected, and the number you can draft (if you choose to).

 base res. roster size kept draft picks +2 total picks unc. kept unc. avail
PIG 30 6 36 23 13 2 15 3 3
WAH 30 2 32 19 13 2 15 0 2
RHI 30 5 35 30 5 2 7 1 4
SPG 30 2 32 21 11 2 13 0 2
FFT 30 1 31 27 4 2 6 0 1
DVS 30 2 32 21 11 2 13 0 2
FUN 30 2 32 23 9 2 11 0 2
OUD 30 0 30 20 10 2 12 0 0
GPB 30 0 30 23 7 2 9 0 0
MAV 30 2 32 22 10 2 12 1 1
NAD 30 0 30 16 14 2 16 0 0
INM 30 2 32 21 11 2 13 1 1
VZP 30 2 32 22 10 2 12 0 2
LCT 30 3 33 24 9 2 11 0 3
KBS 30 0 30 22 8 2 10 0 0
SSW 30 4 34 25 9 2 11 2 2
480 33 513 359 154 32 186 8 25

The Free Agent Draft Proposal

Terry presented this idea back in the fall (summer?), I think.

Here 'tis:

Immediately following the conclusion of the regular draft, all teams wishing to participate may hang around for a “free agent” draft. Here’s how it works:

1.       It is comprised of all players not already on a team or drafted (carded players only).

2.       The draft order is the original draft order and includes only the teams who want to take part.

3.       You have a strict 1-minute time limit. Once you go over that limit, you are finished picking.

4.       No passing.

5.       You may draft as many players as you want (10 player max), but you still must cut down to 30 by noon the next day.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Buckeyes and Mavs trade

The Mavs sent Sean Rodriguez and pick 137 to the Buckeyes for pick 127.

DVs and Pigs swap picks

The DVs traded picks 123, 139, and 155 to the Warpigs for pick 86.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rhinos and Wahoos trade picks

The Wahoos traded picks 28 and 58 along with a reserve pick to the Rhinos for pick 40 and a 2013 1st round pick.

The Bees are still a-buzzin'

Bourn reacts to the news he's a Bee
The Killer Bees aren't done. Shortly after receiving Austin Jackson from the Wahoos, the Beeboy moved Jackson and Frenchy Francoeur, along with the 2013 Bee 1st (and yes, he still had it), to the Warpigs for Michael Bourn and pick 110.

The Beeboy also agreed to buy the Pigman a meal from Whataburger to compensate for the poor sportsmanship and unsightly greed demonstrated by the Beeboy during this whole ordeal. The meal must include fries and drink. Pie is optional, but since the option lies with the Pigman, I'm guessing there will be pie.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bees and Wahoos refine the Teixeira trade

The Killer Bees and Wahoos have reworked the deal that sent Mark Teixeira to the Hoos since the original deal included a pick the Bees no longer owned.

The new deal: The Bees traded Teixeira, pick 58, a 2012 Reserve, a 2013 Reserve, a 2013 3rd round pick, and a 2013 5th round pick to the Wahoos for Austin Jackson, pick 12, and pick 44.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Buckeyes and Inmates trade

The Buckeyes sent Alex Rios and a 2013 Reserve Pick to the Inmates for Wilson Betemit.

The Bees are Swarming, Vol.2

A swarm of bees buzzed into Salt River Fields in Scottsdale on Sunday, forcing a 41-minute delay in the spring training game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants.

Bees swarm the Giants first-base dugout
With no score and one out in the top of the second, the Giants had runners on second and third and Freddy Sanchez at the plate when a swarm of bees appeared in right-center field, according to the Arizona Diamondbacks' website.
Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy, in his first spring training outing, was on the mound when the bees first started up and he was forced to stop pitching.
"I saw them (the bees) at first base," Kennedy said. "There were a couple around me. I was not going to get stung so I walked back to the dugout."
Ground crews used cotton candy and lemonade to attract the swarm away from spectators. A record crowd of 12,546 was at the stadium.
"We were sitting there watching the game and there was a ball in the outfield," said fan Todd Matthews. "The bees came in and started swarming around first base."
The bees congregated at the end of the Giants' first-base dugout, and grounds-crew personnel as well as local fire officials worked at getting rid of them, according to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
No one was hurt.
Overall, Kennedy threw 29 pitches and allowed one run and three hits in 1 1-3 innings.
The San Francisco Giants split squad went on to win the game, 11-1.  

The Bees are Swarming!

The Killer Bees traded Adam Dunn to the Warpigs for Chris Denorfia. Then the Bees trade Mark Teixeira, pick 58, a 2013 Reserve, a 2013 2nd round pick, and a 2013 4th round pick to the Wahoos for Austin Jackson, pick 12, and pick 44.

Saturday, March 03, 2012