Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Fungoes 2, FFTs 1

Game reports coming (maybe).

Wahoos 3, Nads 2

From the Chief...
Wahoos won 3 of 5 vs. the Nads thanks to a heroic homer from Aaron Rowand in the final game. Neither team hit much during the series.

Game 1 W 8-1
Game 2 W 6-1
Game 3 L 5-2
Game 4 L 6-0
Game 5 W 3-2

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here Comes July

Bees, Fungoes, Wahoos, and Inmates need to get some games played. And several of you need to get CMs sent out in the next few days. I have a feeling we're about to have our first demerits of the year. Don't say you weren't warned!

And just to be clear... if you have future games that will be played using a CM, you must have that CM sent out by July 4th.

If any teams out there are in need of CMs, speak up. I need the Bees and Zaps to each send one to me.


Sidewinders 5, FFTs 2

From the Snakeman...
Game 1 The FFTs torch Danks for 9ER in 3 IP and hold on for the 10-9 victory.

Game 2 Snakes win 10-5 with the help of 8 walks by FFT pitching

Game 3 Regulation ends tied at 2. A Mauer single knocks in Bruce in the bottom of the 17th for the win.

Game 4 KRod enters the 9th with a 1 run lead and has a total meltdown. Pudge hit a 3 run HR and the FFTs win 10-7.

Game 5 Snakes win 4-1. Zambrano goes 7 and Bruce homers.

Game 6 Danks gets his shit together and shuts down the FFT bats this time. Snakes win 11-4 and draw 12 walks. Liriano takes the loss.

Game 7 Ted Lilly gets his first start of the year in the second game of the DH. He pitched 8 strong innings allowing 3 runs. Iwamura and Cantu homer for the FFTs. FFT pitchers again are generous with the free passes. The SSWs draw 9 walks and allow none. FFTs pitching coach Burt Hooton discusses hari-kari with the Japanese half of the FFT squad....


DVs suck!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Nads 3, Fungoes 2

From the FungoBat...
Fungoes and Nads faced off at Fungo Field today with the Nads winning 3 of 5. Here are the highlights:

Game 1: Fungoes win this one 4-2. Mussina picks up the win and Papelbon the save. Arroyo takes the loss. 'I just wanted to give my team a chance to win.' said Mussina, 'I got burned on a couple of pitches. But we won the game, and that's all that matters.'

Game 2: Nads win 4-3. Saunders picks up the win and Saito the save. The loss goes to Volstad. Saunders took a shutout into the ninth as the Nads held on for the one run victory.

Game 3: Nads score two runs in the top of the ninth to win 5-4. Grilli gets the win in relief of Saunders. Saito gets another save. Papelbon takes the loss. 'The only way this one could have been better', said Grilli, 'was if we had played it at home.'

Game 4: Nads unleash a 17 hit attack and win this one 11-2! Left fielder Josh Willingham cracked 2 homeruns and had 6 RBI for the Nads. Brian Bannister(4-4) allowed 2 runs in 6 innings, and picked up the victory. Bannister got help from Ramon Ramirez who earned his 1st save. Mike Mussina(6-8) was hit with the loss. 'I felt great out there tonight' Willingham said. 'I was seeing the ball perfectly, and I was right on it with my swing, plus you know, the Fungoes got the absolute worst pitching in the league!!!"

Game 5: Scott Olson threw a complete game shutout for the win, winning it 9-0. Fungoes stole 5 bases in the first inning and wound up with 9 steals! 3 each for Span and Figgins. Webb takes the loss.

Rhinos 4, Mavs 1

From the MavMan...
Rhinos take 4 out of 5 in the Rastadome.

Killer Bees 3, Mavs 2

From the MavMan...
KB's take 3 out of 5 from the reeling Mavs.

Mavs 3, Sidewinders 2

From the MavMan...
Stanley wins 2 of 5 in the Rastadome.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tweeners 3, DVs 2

From the Tweeners...
Tweeners take 3 of 5 at the Hooverdome to finish the season 5-5 vs. DVs. How embarrassing for the boys in Tulsa. Oswalt goes the distance with no walks, 10 K's in game one, but we had to win it for him in the bottom of the 9th. With 2 outs Corey Hart missed the HR 1-9 walkoff chance, settling for a double. After Shane walked, Soriano connected for the 3-run walk-off. Beckett shut us down in game 2. Blanton and friends combined for a game 3 shutout; most of our offense was generated by repeatedly rolling the 6-10 double on Kazmir's card. Lannan outpitched Lowe for a 5-3 win in game 4. Harang can't match Halladay in game 5.

Warpigs 2, Nads 1

Game 132 - Pigs win 4-3 with a walk off single by Curtis Granderson thru the drawn-in infield. Ryan Dempster took the loss.

Game 133 - Nads win 7-5. Ervin Santana took another beating. Bronson Arroyo wasn't much better. Granderson came up in the 9th with a runner on first and no outs vs Takashi Saito, and even got a roll in his column... but it was the gap gbA. Roy Corcoran got the win in relief. Saito earned the save. Manny Ramirez homered twice for the Pigs.

Game 134 - Pigs win 4-2. The Nads homered twice in the first inning against Cliff Lee, but were shut out the rest of the way. The Pigs turned four double plays. Joe Saunders took the loss. Joakim Soria got the save.

DVs 2, Wahoos 1

I know nothing.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Just a reminder...

All teams must have at least 75 games played by July 1.


If you have games that cannot or will not be played face to face or via NetPlay, instructions for those must be sent out by July 4th. Get those CMs sent out. And if you are waiting on some, send out another email reminder (or make a phone call). For Rhino games, check with the DVs.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Warpigs 5, Fungoes 2

The home team won all 7 games today. The Pigs went 7-3 vs the Fungoes this year.

June 7 - Pigs win 5-4 - Jeff Keppinger had a pinch hit RBI single in the 8th to break the 4-4 tie. Mike Napoli hit a 3-run homer in the 2nd inning for the Fungi.

June 8 - Pigs win 13-1 - Mike Mussina gave up 9 first inning runs. Cliff Lee went the distance for the Pigs and Keppinger had 4 hits.

July 19 - Pigs win 6-4 - Curtis Granderson and Jason Bay both homered in the win.

July 20 - Pigs win 6-4 - Albert Pujols and Chipper Jones hit back-to-back doubles in a 3-run bottom of the 8th against Jonathan Papelbon, leading the Pigs to a come from behind victory.

July 21 - Pigs win 9-4 - The Pigs scored 9 runs on only 7 hits.

September 2 - Fungoes win 6-2 - A 4-run 3rd against John Lackey put the Fungoes ahead to stay. Nelson Cruz homered for the Fungi.

September 3 - Fungoes win 5-2 - Scott Olsen beat the Pigs for the second time this season. Denard Span broke a 2-2 tie in the 7th with a 2-run single. Pig cleanup hitter Chipper Jones said, "To be honest, we just got tired from running around the bases in those first five games. Plus, the Fungoes are a quality club. It's not like playing the DVs, where we can win without even trying. Seriously, it's a bitch to beat the Fungoes, while the DVs ARE our bitches. "

SuperGoofs 5, Rhinos 2
Rhinos 3, Buckeyes 2

So in an ongoing effort to screw myself out of a playoff spot, while also not helping the psuedo-Rhinos any closer to a spot, the Goofs take 5 of 7 and the Rhinos win 3 of 5 from the Buckeyes. Rhinos scored more runs (20) in the 5 games vs. the Buckeyes than in 7 with the Goofs (18). SuperGoofs ace Mark Guthrie won two games, including a combined 2 hitter with Broxton. Only notable item in the Buckeyes series was that it ended in time for me to watch the Rangers lose to the Astros (Andrus was on base 3 times). DVs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stats Update

The Warpigs have reached the 71 game mark. It's not quite halfway, but I'm bored, so here are some numbers...

Chipper is hitting .404 with 21 HR and 55 RBI.
Albert leads in HR with 22 and RBI with 62. He's hitting .337. He also leads the team in stolen bases with a whopping 5.
Orlando Hudson is hitting .306 and leads the team with 26 doubles.
Ryan Doumit is hitting .303 and Manny is at .294.
In limited time, Rafael Furcal is hitting .333.
Miguel Olivo's walk-to-strikeout ratio is 2-to-24.
The team is 25/26 in stolen base attempts.
Stephen Drew leads in errors with 10. Next most is back up, utility infielder Jeff Keppinger with 5.

Justin Duchscherer is 8-1, 2.93.
Rich Harden is 7-2, 3.40 and has 87 K's in 77 innings.
Jesse Litsch is 6-4, 3.62 and has two shutouts.
Cliff Lee is 6-3, 4.24 and has already allowed more HR (18) than he did all of last year (12).
Ervin Santana has a 5.79 ERA but is 5-2.
Joakim Soria is 5-0 with 8 saves and a 2.37 ERA.

Team batting average is .285. Team ERA is 3.56. Record is 52-19.

Please add your own stat highlights either as a comment on this one or over on the Peanut Gallery.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Drillers 3, Rhinos 2

From the RhinoSub...
Drillers take 3 of 5 from the pseudo-Rhinos. Lincicum wins 2 of the first 3 as the Rhinos rally to take the last 2 of the series. Nothing like helping the hated Drillers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


SuperGoofs 4, Tweeners 1

From the Tweeners...
Tweeners now 21-52, anticipating good draft position in 2011 as well as 2010.

The Goofs leapfrog the Rhinos into 2nd place in the BUD.

Warpigs 2, Wahoos 1

Game 1: Justin Duchscherer and the Pigs win 10-3. Ryan Doumit homered and Rafael Furcal had a 3-run double. The Pigs walked 11 times in the game. The Wahoo batters had 7 innings without a baserunner. And if not for a 2-out walk in the 9th, would have done it 8 times.

Game 2: Pigs win 6-1 behind John Lackey. Curtis Granderson went 2-4 with a triple and 2 RBI.

Game 3: Wahoos win 5-4 in 12 innings. The Pig defense sucked this game. The first 3 Wahoo runs scored on a Dustin Pedroia bases-loaded triple to Manny Ramirez, playing his first game of the year in LF. Then the winning run scored from second on a single and error on a ball hit to Rafael Furcal. Taylor Buchholz went the last 3 1/3 innings for the win.

And I know most of you know this, but just a reminder... every time there are games listed on here, the standings page on Nasoma.org is updated.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The Rhinos swept a 5-game series against the Nads.

Rhinos scored 3 runs in one game, then 6 or more in the other 4, while the Nads totaled 9 runs in the 5 games while hitting .198. It helped the Rhino cause that Webb didn’t have a starting assignment.

The Rhinos are now 34-30 and in 2nd place in the BUD.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Rhinos and Wahoos went 2-2.

From the Chief...
Wahoos go 2-2 with the Rhinos to improve to 4-3 with them this year. Wahoos score 3 in the 9th of Game 2 to win it 7-6. Won Game 4, 2-1, as Lohse threw 8.1 of shutout ball before the Rhinos got a hit off Buchholz in the ninth to score a run. Rhinos won their games, 4-2 and 5-2.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Warpigs 9, DVs 1

The Pigs outscored the DVs 74-33 in the 10 games.

Game 1 - Pigs win 7-5 : Manny Ramirez hit a 2-run homer to bring the Warpigs from behind in the 7th inning. Albert Pujols went 3-5. Bobby Jenks took the loss.

Game 2 - Pigs win 6-2 : Justin Duchscherer got the win. Orlando Hudson had 3 hits.

Game 3 - Pigs win 5-3 : Ryan Doumit hit a grand slam. Cliff Lee got the win. Said Doumit, "It's even more satisfying to hit a grand slam when 2 of the 3 runners on base were intentionally walked."

Game 4 - Pigs win 8-2 : Manny hit a grand slam and a solo homer. Rich Harden gets the win.

Game 5 - DVs win 6-3 : Roy Halladay gets the win and Chase Utley homers. Friggin DVs getting ALL the breaks!!!

Game 6 - Pigs win 5-3 in 10 innings : Jason Bay's sac fly in the 9th tied it. Orlando Hudson doubled in the go ahead run in the top of the 10th, then scored on a Chipper Jones single. Brian Giles had 4 hits.

Game 7 - Pigs win 3-1 : Chipper and Bay homered and Rich Harden got the win.

Game 8 - Pigs win 17-6 : Pujols went 3-3 with 6 RBI and Bay had 4 hits.

Game 9 - Pigs win 7-3 : The Pigs had a 5-run 7th for the come from behind win. Chipper went 3-4 with a double, a triple, and a home run. Cliff Lee got a complete game victory.

Game 10 - Pigs win 13-2 : Manny had 3 hits. Harden got the win.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Wahoos 2, Rhinos 1

From the Chief...
Wahoos go 2-1 with the Rhinos.
Game 1 goes 16!! innings. Wahoos hasd the bases loaded and less than 2 outs twice in extra innings. It was a Milton Bradley single in the 16th that won it, 4-3. No runs were scored between the 5th and 16th innings.
Game 2 was a big blowout. The Wahoos scored in 6 of 8 innings and only one batter didn't get a hit -- and he walked twice. Wahoos had 21 hits and led 7-0 after the first inning. The final score was 19-5.
Game 3 was 7-4 Rhinos. They jumped to a 4-0 lead then got 3 more. Wahoos scored 4 in the 8th and left 2 on in the ninth.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


SuperGoofs 3, Nads 2
Buckeyes 5, Nads 2

Monday, June 01, 2009

Standings Update 6/1/09

B.U.D. W L % GB Remaining Games Last Update
Warpigs 41 17 .707 --
104 5/10/09
SuperGoofs 36 34 .514 11.0
92 5/30/09
Rhinos 26 26 .500 12.0
110 5/31/09
Wahoos 26 27 .491 12.5
109 5/11/09
M.F.D. W L % GB
Buckeyes 52 32 .619 --
78 5/30/09
Nads 32 32 .500 10.0
98 5/30/09
Mavs 43 52 .453 14.5
67 5/31/09
Inmates 20 30 .400 15.0
112 5/31/09
A.W.D. W L % GB
Pastas 42 36 .538 --
84 5/17/09
Sidewinders 35 33 .515 2.0
94 5/21/09
Killer Bees 25 32 .439 6.5
105 5/30/09
Tweeners 20 48 .294 17.0
94 5/24/09
N.E.R.D.D. W L % GB
Drillers 46 30 .605 --
86 5/30/09
DVs 39 28 .582 2.5
95 5/31/09
Fungoes 30 31 .492 8.5
101 5/10/09
FFTs 43 68 .387 20.5
51 5/23/09