Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rhinos 3, DVs 2

6/12 Rhinos lose 2-3
6/13 Rhinos win 6-5
8/19 Rhinos win 6-2
8/20 Rhinos lose 4-9
8/21 Rhinos win 2-0

Rhinos 3, Drillers 2

6/23 Rhinos lose 1-4
6/24 Rhinos win 4-3
6/25 Rhinos lose 3-5
8/30 Rhinos win 5-3
8/31 Rhinos win 2-1 on 9th inning walk off 2 run HR

Fungo Games at WTF

Fungoes Weekend Record:

1.   Fungoes 9, Inmates 0  Kyle Gibson throws a complete game 4 hit shutout.
2.   Fungoes 3, Inmates 2  Roark the win, Papelbon the save.
3.   Inmates 11, Fungoes 3  Kershaw hit hard, takes the loss.
4.   Inmates 6, Fungoes 5  Robertson takes the loss in the 12th inning.
5.   Fungoes 8, Inmates 6  Roark the win, Papelbon the save.
6.   Inmates 8, Fungoes 1  Kershaw losses again.
7.   Inmates 6, Fungoes 5  Inmates score 4 in the first and 2 in the second and hold on to win.  Hendricks takes the loss.
8.   Warpigs 7, Fungoes 1  Hendricks takes the loss.
9.   Fungoes 3, Warpigs 1  Price the win, Papelbon the win.
10.  Warpigs 7, Fungoes 0  Kershaw the loss.
11.  Warpigs 4, Fungoes 2  Price the loss.
12.  Fungoes 8, Warpigs 2  Gibson takes the win.
13.  Warpigs 4, Fungoes 2  Roark the loss.
14.  Warpigs 4, Fungoes 1  Koehler the loss.
15.  Snakes 4, Fungoes 2   Roark the loss.
16.  Snakes 7, Fungoes 6   Papelbon blows the save and takes the loss.
17.  Snakes 5, Fungoes 0   Hendricks the loss.
18.  Fungoes 3, Snakes 1   Roark the win, Papelbon the save.
19.  Fungoes 10, Snakes 3  Roark the win.
20.  Snakes 3, Fungoes 1   Maness takes the loss in relief of Kershaw.
21.  Fungoes 7, Snakes 2   Gibson the win, Cishek the save.

Fungoes win 8 and lose 13 on the  WTF weekend!  Thanks to everyone who made the trip.  Fungi would have appreciated a few more wins but still had a great time!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Warpig Games at WTF

1. SSW 5, Warpigs 2
2. SSW 9, Warpigs 1
3. SSW 5, Warpigs 2
4. Warpigs 7, Fungoes 1
5. Fungoes 3, Warpigs 1
6. Warpigs 7, Fungoes 0 - Michael Wacha took a no-hitter into the 7th.
7. Warpigs 4, Fungoes 2
8. Fungoes 8, Warpigs 2
9. Warpigs 4, Fungoes 2
10. Warpigs 4, Fungoes 1
11. Warpigs 2, SSW 1 (11 innings) - Wacha allows only an unearned run on 3 hits thru 8.
12. Warpigs 6, SSW 1
13. SSW 7, Warpigs 2
14. SSW 2, Warpigs 0 - Tyson Ross outduels Wacha.
15. SSW 6, Warpigs 2
16. Warpigs 12, SSW 1 - Wacha again. He allows only 2 hits in 6 innings.
17. SSW 6, Warpigs 2
18. Warpigs 9, Inmates 3
19. Inmates 6, Warpigs 1
20. Inmates 8, Warpigs 3
21. Warpigs 4, Inmates 3
22. Warpigs 9, FFTs 0 - R.A. Dickey with the complete game shutout.
23. Warpigs 3, FFTs 0 - Adam Wainwright with a 3-hit shutout.
24. Warpigs 6, FFTs 2
25. Warpigs 5, FFTs 1
26. Warpigs 8, FFTs 2
27. Warpigs 4, FFTs 3
28. Warpigs 2, FFTs 0 - Lance Lynn tosses a 3-hit shutout.
29. Warpigs 8, FFTs 7 (11 innings) - FFTs score 2 in the 8th and 2 in the 9th to tie the game. A.J. Pollock triples in the winning run in the top of the 11th. The final FFT comeback bid falls short when the game ends on a lineout max double play.
30. Warpigs 12, FFTs 4 - Justin Morneau and Lorenzo Cain each get 4 hits.
31. Warpigs 8, FFTs 1 - Wainwright with another 3-hitter to run the Warpig winning streak to 11 games.
32. FFTs 5, Warpigs 0 - Jeff Samardzija throws a 2-hitter and strikes out 13 to end the FFT losing streak.
33. Warpigs 5, FFTs 1
34. Warpigs 8, FFTs 0 - Wacha stays hot with a 3-hit shutout.
35. Warpigs 6, FFTs 1

Zaps 3, Tweeners 2

Game One- In a pitcher duel, Kluber and King Felix both fanned 13. The
Zaps had an early 1-0 lead, but Logan County got two unearned runs in
the 7th thanks to an outfield boot by Bautista and a Martin error on a
dribbler in front of the plate. Hernandez started the 9th, but gave up a
triple, single, and double to tie the game. Rasmus came in and coughed
up a game winning hit to Rendon. Good Guys 3 Bad Guys 2.
Game Two-, Mad Bum bested Scherzer through seven innings, but the
Tweener pen against failed to hold the lead allowing the Zaps to score
three in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game. Yan Gomes hit a two-run
double in the top of the 10th, and Zack Duke nailed down the save
despite giving up a run in the bottom of the frame.
Game Three- Gio and Hamels dueled through seven and left the game tied,
but the Tweener pen again failed the visitors late in the game when
Rasmus gave up a tater to Jose Reyes for a 3-2 home team squeaker.
Game Four- King Felix dominated through 8 innings again, and made it to
the 9th with a nine run lead. The Zaps rallied for five  runs to know
out Hernandez, but still fell way short in a 9-5 loss.
Game Five- Bumgarner gave up five runs in the first inning (reminiscent
of a Black Sox thrown game) and eight runs total as Hamels and the pen
cruised to a 8-3 triumph in the getaway game.

Inmate Games at WTF

All games played with dice at the great WTF weekend.
Inmates 4 – Fungoes 3
Inmates 4 – Rhinos 3
Inmates 2 – Warpigs 2
Rhinos 3 – Inmates 1 (Baptist Bowl): Hudson two-hits the LDMF. Only Reddick’s homer keeps the BCG from being shutout.
Inmates 2 – Rhinos 0 (Baptist Bowl): A two-run Rizzo tater is all the scoring in the game.
Rhinos 3 – Inmates 1 (Baptist Bowl): The dearth of offense for both teams continues. Kelly wins the pitcher’s duel.
Warpigs 9 – Inmates 3 (BallPork): Ugly game. Inmates generate hits but no offense or defense. Pigs blast Norris.
Inmates 6 – Warpigs 1 (BallPork): Quintana shuts down the Evil Empire offense; six Pig pitchers allow four Inmate runs in the 7th.
Inmates 6 – Rhinos 5 (Rhino Reserve): Back-to-back doubles by Reddick and Ramirez in the 8th score the winning run for the Inmates.
Inmates 4 – Rhinos 2 (Rhino Reserve): Rhinos run out of gas. Rizzo taters for the Inmates.
Rhinos 3 – Inmates 2 (Rhino Reserve): All runs score on homers. The Inmate downfall was theirs were all solo shots.
Inmates 4 – Rhinos 1 (Rhino Reserve): Two-run Reddick homer in the 8th ices the game for the Beakless Chicken Gang.
Inmates 8 – Warpigs 3 (Baptist Bowl): O’Day serves up a grand-salami to Reddick to blow open a close game.
Warpigs 4 – Inmates 3 (Baptist Bowl): A Pig three-spot in the 5th is enough to carry the game.
Fungoes 9 – LDMF 0 (Baptist Bowl): LDMF get four hits off of Gibson; the Fungi get a million off of everyone on the LDMF staff.
Fungoes 3 – Inmates 2 (Baptist Bowl): All of the Fungo runs come in the top of the 1st. The Inmates get ten hits, but can’t bunch them together.
Inmates 11 – Fungoes 3 (Baptist Bowl): Kershaw gets ripped for five runs in three innings, and Cishek gets pounded for four more in the 8th.
Inmates 6 – Fungoes 5 (12 innings – Baptist Bowl): See-saw game with the Inmates launching four homers. Reddick hit a solo shot in the last of the 9th to send the game into overtime; Jones hit a fat one off of Robertson’s card in the 12th for the Inmate win.
Fungoes 8 – Inmates 6 (WTF): Fungoes score eight runs on seven hits. The Inmates can’t battle back.
Inmates 8 – Fungoes 1 (WTF): Kershaw punishing time again. McHugh gets the win.
Inmates 6 – Fungoes 5 (WTF): Inmates jump out in front 6-0, then hang on.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First 4 Rounds of the Summer League Draft

1 - DVs - Honus Wagner
2 - DVs - Babe Ruth
Beeboy - Barry Bonds
Beeboy - Ted Williams
Buckeyes - Mickey Mantle (1956)
Buckeyes - Bob Gibson (1968)
Pigman - Pedro Martinez (2000)
Pigman - Randy Johnson (1995)
Mavman - Walter Johnson
Mavman - Joe Morgan
Snakeman - Sandy Koufax
Snakeman - Rickey Henderson
Zapper - Lou Gehrig
Zapper - Hank Aaron
FFTs - Johnny Bench
FFTs - Ernie Banks
Chief Wahoo - Greg Maddux
Chief Wahoo - Willie Mays
The HEAD INMATE - Ty Cobb 
The HEAD INMATE - Lefty Grove
Tweeners - Alex Rodriguez
Tweeners - Roger Clemen
Fungo Dude - Rogers Hornsby
Fungo Dude - Joe Jackson
3 - Fungo Dude - Mark McGwire
4 - Fungo Dude - Christy Mathewson
Tweeners - Mike Piazza
Tweeners - Sammy Sosa
The HEAD INMATE - Mike Schmidt
The HEAD INMATE - Stan Musial
Chief Wahoo - Nap Lajoie
Chief Wahoo - Carl Yastrzemski
FFTs - Jackie Robinson
FFTs - Duke Snider
Zapper - Charlie Gehringer
Zapper - George Brett
Snakeman - Hank Greenberg
Snakeman - Ken Griffey, Jr.
Mavman - Jimmie Foxx
Mavman - Grover Cleveland Alexander
Pigman - Don Drysdale
Pigman - Tris Speaker
Buckeyes -
Buckeyes -
Beeboy -
Beeboy -
DVs -
DVs -

Monday, June 15, 2015

Warpigs 4, Drillers 1

Netplay again. Games played at The BallPork.

Game 1 - Warpigs win 7-0. Garrett Richards tossed a complete game shutout, allowing only 1 single. He walked 1 and struck out 11. Robinson Cano homered for the Pigs.

Game 2 - Warpigs win 5-2 in 12 innings. Both teams hit solo BP homers (1-4) in the first inning. Then Troy Tulowitzki hit another one in the bottom of the 12th for the walk off win.

Game 3 - Warpigs win 6-3. The Pigs scored 4 in the 1st and then held on. R.A. Dickey got the win and Joe Smith the save.

Game 4 - Drillers win 5-4. Jose Abreu homered and Alex Cobb pitched just well enough to win. Joe Beimel came in to get Robby Cano out to end the game with the tying run on 3rd.

Game 5 - Warpigs win 9-0. Garrett Richards again handcuffed the Drillers, allowing 3 hits over 7 shutout innings. Jon Jay went 3-3 with 3 RBI and Tulo hit another homer.

Drillers 3, Warpigs 2

Netplay. All games at Driller Park.

Game 1 - Drillers win 4-1. Garrett Richards lost his perfect game in the 4th. He lost his no-hit bid in the 6th. He lost his shutout and the game in th 7th. The Pigs stranded 10 runners - which would have been more except for the 3 DPs. Conor Gillaspie was the hero, rolling what would be a night-long stretch of 3-5, double.

Game 2 - Drillers win 3-1. Dallas Kuechel started for the Drillers, but after the first 2 batters went single, double, Kuechel left the game with a blister. Luke Gregerson came on, and after walking the first batter to load the bases, recorded a strikeout and another double play grounder. It would, amazingly, be the only DP the Pigs hit into, but it was enough to pyschologically destroy any hopes of success. Gillaspie continued his destruction of the Pigs with 3 more hits.

Game 3 - Warpigs win 8-3. Adrian Beltre led off the game with a homer, and Victor Martinez hit a 3-run shot in the 5th to back the complete game effort of R.A. Dickey.

Game 4 - Drillers win 6-4. Jose Abreu homered and Gillaspie hit another frigging double. Adam Wainwright lost for only the 3rd time in 18 starts. A Warpig rally in the 7th made it interesting, but fell short when A.J. Pollock missed a potential game-tying ballpark homer (1-8) to end the inning.

Game 5 - Warpigs win 3-1. Jose Fernandez allowed just 5 singles and 2 walks while striking out 12 in the complete game victory.

Both teams scored 17 runs in the Tweener Split.

Summer League Rules

There will be 11 of us participating. The Tweeners reluctantly declined, but was nice enough to help us by using his 20-sided die to determine our draft order.
Here are the rules we'll be going with...
1. 20-man rosters. 12 hitters, 4 SP, and 4 relievers. There are minimums on AB/IP as to who can do what, but once eligible, there will be no counting of AB/IP during the season.
2. The season will be 100-games long. Just the one division of 11 teams, so you will play everybody 10 times. Your rotation will be a simple 1-2-3-4 all the way thru regardless of days off, so each SP will get 25 starts.
3. No DH (so you'll have 4 non-pitchers on your bench)
4. No Ballpark or clutch. Sorry about this, but many of the old years on the computer game don't include that data.
5. AB/IP minimums:
  • SP must have 200+ innings on their cards
  • RP must have 50+ innings on their cards
  • Hitters in the starting lineup must each have 400+ AB (or 500+ PA) on their cards
  • Bench players have no minimum, but they cannot start if they don't qualify as starters
6. Outfielders can play any OF spot using the SOM rules for players out of position. Otherwise, players are limited to the positions on their card.

7. There is no need to have a backup for each position.
8. As for game rules, I'll try to use the same things we use in NASOMA (DVs, I may need your help).
9. I am attaching a CM template. You can use it or use your own. I can re-send this later with your roster already on it.
10. In trying to figure out the best (quickest) way to do the draft, I've decided we will have 10 rounds of 2-picks each round. Again, you will need to draft 12 hitters, 4 starting pitchers, and 4 relievers using the AB/IP guidelines listed above. I will send out reminders of who has been taken and what you still need to fill out your roster. Once you pick they player, let me know which year of that player you want to use. If you want to know a player's defensive ratings for a particular year, just ask. There's no need to tell me the year right away; just do it when you have decided.
11. The draft order as determined by the Tweener 20-sided die:
  1. DVs
  2. Beeboy
  3. Buckeyes
  4. Pigman
  5. Mavman
  6. Snakeman
  7. Zapper
  8. FFTs
  9. Chief Wahoo
  11. Tweeners
  12. Fungo Dude
And remember, it's serpentine, so the Fungoes (and later the DVs) will select 4 players at their turn. Players can only be picked once even though they have several years of good cards. There are 11 teams with 20 roster spots each, so 220 different players will be selected.
I'm not going to set a time limit on your picks, but I'll probably harass you if you take too long.
DVs, you are on the clock. You get to select the first two players. Beeboy is on deck. Buckeyes in the hole. I'll send out an official "Reply to this" email for draft selections.
Thanks everybody, and have fun!

Friday, June 12, 2015

FFTs 3, Goofs 2

Phil Hughes throws a CG no-hitter in Game 2 but the FFT's win the 3 of 5.

5/9 FFTs 12 Goofs 1
5/10 Goofs 6 FFTs 0 (Hughes a no hitter)

7/16 FFTs 1 Goofs 0 (10 innings)
7/17 Goofs 4 FFTs 3
7/18 FFTs 10 Goofs 3

Goofs 4, Zaps 1

Goofs take 4 of 5 at home versus Zaps

5/1 Goofs 10 Zaps 4
5/2 Goofs 2 Zaps 1

7/13 Goofs 7 Zaps 6
7/14 Zaps 7 Goofs 2
7/15 Goofs 6 Zaps 5 

Drillers 3, Goofs 2

Drillers take 3 of 5 at Goofs.

6/10 Drillers 5 Goofs 0
6/11 Goofs 4 Drillers  3

8/17 Goofs 2 Drillers 1
8/18 Drillers 4 Goofs 1
8/18 Drillers 6 Goofs 1

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Sidewinders 2, DVs 1

From the SnakePit, final 3 games of our 10, in which Sidewinders ending up winning 8 of 10.
Game 1 – Snakes win 7-1 as Lester befuddles DV hitters.
Game 2 – DVs win 3-2 as the DV bullpen actually holds a lead
Game 3 – Netplay problems raise their ugly head as the game goes into the bottom of the 11th tied, only to be held up 30 minutes as connection is reestablished, lost, reestablished, lost, wash, rinse, spin, repeat. Apparently Didi Gregorius put that time to good use hitting in the cage in the tunnel or watching film of Dan Otero as he hit the first pitch he saw into the stands for the walk off homer.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sidewinders 5, Goofs 2

5/26/15 SSWs win 5-1 behind Lester and Chapman. Josh Hamilton homered
5/27 Goofs jump all over Bartolo Colon and Tony Watson for 7-1victory. Duda goes yard and drives in 4.
5/28 Snakes win 5-1 again behind 8 strong innings by Sale. Again their only run is a Josh Hamilton solo shot.
8/3/15 On gay pride night, Dee singles in DiDi in bottom of 13th for a 2-1 Sidewinder win. Chapman gets the win and Chavez is the loser 
8/4/15 Snakes win 6-3 behind Colon and Kimbrel with offense provided by Belt and Ortiz who homered. Lohse takes the loss. Alexei Ramirez homered twice for the Goofs.
8/5/15 Cueto and Kimbrel lead the Snakes to a 2-1 victory. Uribe knocked in Billy in bottom of the 8th for the go ahead run making a loser of Huston Street. Duda hit a solo homer in the bottom of the second for the Goofs
8/6/15 Hughes, Street and Benoit scatter 9 hits in shutting out the Sidewinders 4-0.
Hunter's homer in the top of the 7th chases Lester who takes the loss.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Drillers 4, Tweeners 1

CM games at the Hoover Dome. 
Tweeners settling into the groove we expected, jockeying for draft position.  #tweenersin16
6/12 – Tweeners 3, Drillers 1.  12 inning affair ends on a walk-off homer by Cliff Pennington, much to the embarrassment of Joe Beimel.  Dr. Quackenabush gets credit for the victory.
6/13 – Drillers 6, Tweeners 2.  Luke Gregerson had a strong outing as the SHAWN DRILLERS bested the NORM
TWEENERS 6 to 2 at The Hoover Dome.
Scott Kazmir(3-1) contributed a pedestrian performance to earn the win.  He
went 5 and 2/3 innings allowing 5 hits and 1 walk and was touched for 2
homeruns.  Overall SHAWN out-hit NORM 14 to 5. 
Gregerson preserved the game for Kazmir, recording his his 1st save.  The
losing pitcher was Madison Bumgarner(10-10).  He gave up 11 hits and no walks
in 6 and 1/3 innings. 
'Ahhh, that victory was surely needed.  Man alive, things were getting awfully
grim,' noted SHAWN's manager.  'Now, we need to string a bunch of wins
together and turn things around!'  Turns out he’s a fucking prophet.
8/19 – Drillers 2, Tweeners 1.  Alex Cobb went 8 solid innings at The Hoover Dome where the SHAWN DRILLERS
beat the NORM TWEENERS 2 to 1.
SHAWN wasted no time and took the lead in the first inning as they scored 2
runs on 3 base hits.  That was all the runs Cobb(1-1) needed.  NORM made it
exciting in the 9th, but they were unable to push the needed runs across.
Cobb got relief help from Joakim Soria who gained credit for his 1st save.
Hisashi Iwakuma(6-7) ended up with the loss.  'Just one or two mistakes were
all it took to beat us today' George Brett said.  'We take these games one
day at a time, but this one was hard to take.'
8/20 – Drillers 3, Tweeners 1.  Christian Yelich had 5 hits and Scott Kazmir racked up an impressive total of
11 strikeouts as the SHAWN DRILLERS defeated the NORM TWEENERS in 14 innings
by a score of 3 to 1 at The Hoover Dome.
The game was deadlocked at 1 after nine full innings.  SHAWN came out on top
in the 14th inning.  Yelich opened up the inning nicely when he doubled.  One
out later, Jose Abreu came to the plate and hit a deep fly.  Josh Donaldson
then slapped a base-hit.  Melky Cabrera stepped in and he doubled.  SHAWN had
13 hits overall, while NORM had 7.  
The win went to Alex Torres(1-0) who allowed no runs in 1 inning. Joakim Soria
recorded his 2nd save.  The losing pitcher was Drew Smyly(3-4) in relief.  He
pitched 2 and 1/3 innings and surrendered 1 hit and no walks.
8/21 – Drillers 8, Tweeners 0.  James Shields went 9 strong innings as the SHAWN DRILLERS defeated the NORM
TWEENERS by a score of 8 to 0 at The Hoover Dome.
SHAWN wasted no time and took the lead in the first inning when they came up
with 4 runs on 4 hits.  That early run support was all that Shields(1-3)
required.  SHAWN rapped out 7 hits for the afternoon.  
Gio Gonzalez(5-5) was charged with the loss.  He allowed 4 hits and 5 walks in
7 and 2/3 innings.

Drillers 3, Sidewinders 2

4/3 Snakes win 4-3. Kazmir goes the distance in
the loss, Ross is the winner and Kimbrel gets the save
4/4 Snakes win on Gordon single in 9th to score Wright. 5-4 is the final, Kimbrel with thewinand Shawis the loser
4/5  In a game where the teams combined for 6 HR, the Drillers win by scoring a run on a bases loaded walk in the top of the 10th. Chapman walked the aptly named Neil Walker to make a loser of Kimbrel. Soria with the win and Torres gets the save,
5/6 Keuchel dominates in a CG win 6-2 Abreu and Rollins homer for the DD
5/7 An early exit by Kazmir and the driller pen no hits the snakes for the last 6 1/3 for a 4-2 driller victory closing the season series at 5-5

FFTs 7, Rhinos 3

Rhinos go 3 - 7 vs the FFT's
4/28 - FFT's 4 Rhinos 3  in 11 - the last thing the Rhinos needed
4/29 - FFT's 3 Rhinos 2 in 10 - are you kidding --- 3 innings to spare.
4/30 - FFT's 7 Rhinos 3
6/10 - Rhinos 9 FFT's 9
6/11 - Rhinos 8 FFT's 4
7/11 - FFT's 3 Rhinos 5
7/12 - FFT's 4 Rhinos 1
8/17 - Rhinos 6 FFT's 5
8/18 - Rhinos 1 FFT's 4 (DH)
8/18 - Rhinos 4 FFT's 6 (DH)

Wahoos 3, Nads 2

Sanchez vs. Cosart
Harrison homered in the first. Wahoos erupted for four runs in the third thanks to a big two-run single from De Aza. Pedroia (1e4) made an error in the fourth. Great. Here we go now. Luckily we limited Nads to only three in the inning. Wahoos ended up scoring in the third-eighth innings but had to hold off a five-run rally in the 9th to win 14-10. That ninth inning included 3 homers.

Zimmerman vs. Miley
It happened again. This time a two-run homer for Frazier in the first. Wahoos answered for three in the second to jump on top. Frazier went deep again in the sixth. Nads kept hitting. Wahoos scored three in the ninth to only lose 10-7.

Arrieta vs. Tillman
Wahoos get on the board first with three runs in the second. Nads strung together some hits and scored a pair in the sixth. After some timely hitting and crappy defense, Nads tie it 6-6 in the eighth. Each team got a run in the 12th. Finally, in the 13th, Aoki drove in the winner. Wahoos win, 8-7.

8-18 GM1
Sanchez vs. Cosart
Into the bottom of the fifth, Nads lead 2-1. So the Wahoos walk the bases loaded. And don't score. We get to the ninth. Both starters still in. Aoki scratches a leadoff single. Desmond follows with a BP homer. Wahoos win, 3-2.

8-18 GM2
Alvarez vs. Miley
Nads put up 3 in the second. Nads kept scoring. Nads win, 8-4. Wahoos win the series, 3-2.