Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FFTs at DVs

DVs 4, FFTs 3

DVs eke out a 4-3 record at home vs the FFTs to avoid the dreaded March demerit.

6/18 – FFTs 10 DVs 4 (Latos still hungover from his no hitter)

6/19 – DVs 8 FFTs 2

6/20 – DVs 6 FFTs 2

9/13 – FFTs 3 DVs 1

9/14 – DVs 6 FFTs 4

9/15 – FFTs 3 DVs 2

9/16 – DVs 6 FFTs 2

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warpigs at Mavs

Warpigs 5, Mavs 0

Gm1 - Cliff Lee throws a shutout. Pigs win 6-0

Gm2 - Ross Ohlendorf and some relievers have a shutout in the 9th when Chase Headley hits a game-tying solo shot. Stephen Drew then hits a homer in the top of the 10th for the 2-1 win.

Gm3 - Trevor Cahill outduels Clay Buchholtz for a 5-2 Pig win.

Gm4 - The Warpigs scored at will, especially after Matt Cain was pulled in the 2nd inning. Pigs win 16-1.

Gm5 - Omar Infante and Adam Lind hit 2-run homers in the first inning, but the bullpen had to hang on for the 7-5 win.

Inmates at Zaps

Zaps 3, Inmates 2

Zaps take three of five from the Beakless Chicken Gang at the Zap Zone. All were close games.

Game 1: Zaps 4 – Inmates 3

Ridiculously good Pasta Pen almost blows game in 9th, but pinch-runner Billingsley is thrown out at plate to save game.

Game 2: Inmates 6 – Zaps 5

Inept Inmate defense almost gives game away, but 2-run pinch tater by Fuck-you-dome in the 6th is enough for the Inmates.

Game 3: Zaps 4 – Inmates 3

Colvin’s error allows two Zap runs. Westbrook retires the last eleven in a row for CG win.

Game 4: Zaps 4 – Inmates 3

Inmates outhit the Zaps, but not when it counted. Fuck-you-dome homers again; Johnson gets CG victory.

Game 5: Inmates 5 – Zaps 3

Inmates salvage the “Tweener split” by scoring 5 runs early and hanging on.

Inmates now 12-18.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zaps at Inmates

Zaps 4, Inmates 1

Zaps take four of five on the road against the Inmates.

Game 1- Inmates 3 Zaps 2 Beltre smacks a game winning tater in the bottom of the 9th.

Game 2- Zaps 4 Inmates 2 Bautista’s 3-run shot backs up Greinke’s strong start.

Game 3- Zaps 7 Inmates 4 Zaps score all their winning runs in a 7-run 4th inning to fend off Kelly Johnson’s two taters.

Game 4- Zaps 6 Inmates 0 Four pitchers combine to shutout the Inmates.

Game 5- Zaps 9 Inmates 5 Cabrera and Hall get four hits each to power the Zap offense.

Zaps at Mavs

Zaps 3, Mavs 2

Zaps lose the first two and win the last three in an exciting series with the Mavs.

Game 1-Mavs 7 Zaps 1 Cain throws a dominating complete game as Mav bats assault Johnson.

Game 2 Mav 3 Zaps 1 Buchholz dominates for 8 2/3 before the Mavs manager yanks him to prevent a complete game that might adversely affect next year’s looming arbitration hearing.

Game 3-Zaps 8 Mavs 2 Rodriguez finally solves Mavs bats and Zaps offense heats up.

Game 4- Zaps 4 Mavs 2 The Zap bullpen stymies Mav comeback after Johnson goes a strong 6 2/3.

Game 5- Zaps 6 Mavs 5 McCutchen hits a go ahead 2-run shot in the top of the 9th in rubber game series clincher.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Rule for 2011

The only new rule passed for 2011 has to do with how you send out your CM and how you play those games. For this season, send a CM based on your HOME games. When you play mail games, you will play your ROAD games.

This rule was proposed as a "Let's try it for this year and see how we like it" rule, so I assume we'll have to vote again next year to keep it as a semi-permanent rule.

The pros... it makes creating a CM easier, since you only have to make one for ONE park. Also, you get to see other parks in the games you play.

The cons... We are on the verge of seeing some of the greatest W/L ROAD records in the history of the league. LOL

Tweeners vs FFTs

FFTs 4, Tweeners 1 at FFT Park
FFTs 3, Tweeners 2 at Tweener Field

Tweeners go 2-3 at home, FFT's go 4-1 at home. We won a couple of extra-inning games, including one vs. Mariano, and Dan Hudson won his first start of the season. But the story was Roy F. Oswalt, who sent his former team a message by winning all 4 of his starts, including 2 shutouts, and we were outscored by a total of 28 to 4 in those 4 games. We get it, Roy, and we're even now, OK? Jeez.

Zaps at DVs

Zaps 4, DVs 1

Latos fired a no-hitter, but then Zap bats reeled off four wins on the road at the DV’s.

Game 1-DV’s 1 Zaps 0 Latos fires a no-hitter when he pitches out of turn on short rest not because the Zaps can’t read an email rotation but because Roy Halladay walked into a bathroom after the Drillers used it and was delirious for two days.

Game 2- Zaps 8 DV’s 2 Greinke fires a four-hitter and Zap bats come back to life.

Game 3-Zaps 8 DV’s 3 Bautista and Fielder hit two-homers each to back Wandy’s solid start.

Game 4-Zaps 9 DV’s 7 Russell Martin hits a two-run homer in the top of the 12th for the win.

Game 5-Zaps 3 DV’s 1 Wandy outduels Latos for the win.

Killer Bees vs FFTs

Bees 3, FFTs 2 at FFT Park
FFTs 3, Bees 2 at The Hive

Bees go 3-2 on the road and 2-3 at home to finish the split with the FFTs. The final game of the series, which was played at the Hive, was decided by a Josh Hamilton bomb in the 16th inning off Billy Wagner. The FFts took the game 5-4, despite managing only 6 hits through 16 innings. The Bees had 4 runs on 14 hits.

DVs at FFTs

FFTs 4, DVs 3

5/7 FFTs 6-2

5/8 FFTs 5-3

5/9 DVs 4-0

5/10 FFTs 6-3

7/30 FFTs 4-1

8/1 DVs 6-3

8/2 DVs 3-1 in 11 innings

DVs were lucky to win 3 – the first two wins were both Halladay starts , and the last game we rolled a + gb with the infield in during the 11th.

DVs at Mavs

DVs 3, Mavs 2

Game 1 – DVs win 6-1 behind a Latos 4 hitter

Game 2 – Mavs 5-4 as Butler’s 2 run HR is the game winner

Game 3 – Mavs win 5-2 as they score all 5 in the 8th and Cain throws a 5 hitter. Halladay slumps to 0-2 on the season

Game 4 – DVs outlast Mavs with 7-5 win in 11 innings (just what my beleaguered bullpen needs)

Game 5 – DVs outlast Mavs 6-5 in 13 innings (REALLY just what my beleaguered bullpen needs). HAL would not pull Gallardo- I kept unchecking and checking the box that indicated he was in charge. He actually put in a pinch runner late, but wouldn’t go to the pen. HAL sucks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mavs at Warpigs

Pigs 3, Mavs 2

Gm 1 - Pigs 3, Mavs 2

Gm 2 - Mavs 6, Pigs 2

Gm 3 - Mavs 6, Pigs 5

Gm 4 - Pigs 7, Mavs 6

Gm 5 - Pigs 6, Mavs 3 - Pujols went 3/4 with a homer and drove in 4.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Zaps at Warpigs

Zaps 5, Pigs 0

Zaps sweep Pigs on the road.

April 10-Zaps 10 Pigs 2
Bautista's grand slam powers Zap onslaught.
Apr 11-Zaps 2 Pigs 1
Back-to-back 8th inning taters by Raburn and Jones sink the Pigs.
July 3-Zaps 5 Pigs 0
Westbrook dominates Pig bats
July 4-Zaps 6 Pigs 4
Utley's fireworks backs up Johnson's solid start
July 5-Zaps 4 Pigs 2
Zaps pen outduels Pig pen for the sweep.

Zaps outscore Pigs 27-9

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rhino Games

Inmates 3, Rhinos 2
Buckeyes 5, Rhinos 5

Rhinos 2-3 vs Inmates

4/22 - Inmates 5 – Rhinos 3 (Baptist Bowl) - Inmates explode for 5 runs off the in the bottom of the 8th to take the lead for good, ruining a 10 k performance for CC.

4/23 - Inmates 5 – Rhinos 4 (Baptist Bowl) - Rhinos explode for 4 runs in the 1st inning and then go cold as the Inmates chip away and eventually take the lead for the win with a 2 run homer in the bottom of the eigth.

4/24 - Inmates 10 – Rhinos 7 (Baptist Bowl) - Rhinos offense explodes again for 6 in the second only to watch the Inmates explode for 6 runs of their own in the bottom of the 5th. The Inmates take the lead for good on a Tulo error in the bottom of the 7th.

7/18 - Rhinos 2 – Inmates 1 (Baptist Bowl) - CC ptiches a 4 hit masterpiece, barely getting by 2 to 1.

7/19 - Rhinos 6 – Inmates 2 (Baptist Bowl) - Rhinos in a close one with the Inmates until Scutaro boot leads to 4 runs for the Rhinos in the bottom of the 9th.

Rhinos 5-5 vs Buckeyes
4/19 at Rhinos - Rhinos 5 Buckeyes 7
4/20 at Rhinos - Rhinos 7 Buckeyes 5
4/21 at Rhinos - Rhinos 1 Buckeyes 8
7/16 at Rhinos - Rhinos 5 Buckeyes 7
7/17 at Rhinos - Rhinos 2 Buckeyes 0
6/1 at Buckeyes - Buckeyes 5 Rhinos 4
6/2 at Buckeyes - Buckeyes 0 Rhinos 10
6/3 at Buckeyes - Buckeyes 6 Rhinos 4
8/29 at Buckeyes -Buckeyes 1 Rhinos 8
8/30 at Buckeyes - Buckeyes 3 Rhinos 7

Post Draft

Despite not hearing results yet from the Wahoos or the Rhinos, I think the standings are now updated to include all games played at the Draft. (Dear Chief and Colonel Rhino: You have until midnight tomorrow to send me results from Draft weekend.)

Many (but not all) of you responded to the latest request for detailed results with exactly what I wanted. Thanks for that.

And most (but not all) of us have already reached the April 1 deadline of 20 games played.

I suggest this: If any of you are going to be playing the DVs via mail games or netplay, drop him an email asap. He has no games played, of course, and is probably itchin' to get a few in.

And remember, when sending CMs for mail games, you should send them based on your team's HOME games.

Driller Games

In order played. I didn't write down scores due to being lazy and in a
hurry to get this season done and forgotten...

Overall we're 19 - 30

Vs FFTs (1 - 6 at home --- 4 - 3 away)
5/12 at FFTs: Drillers WIN
5/13 at FFTs: Drillers WIN
5/14 at FFTs: Drillers lose
6/21 home: Drillers lose
6/22 home: Drillers lose
6/23 home: Drillers lose
6/24 home: Drillers lose
8/3 at FFTs: Drillers WIN
8/4 at FFTs: Drillers lose
8/5 at FFTs: Drillers lose
8/6 at FFTs: Drillers WIN
9/17 home: Drillers WIN
9/18 home: Drillers lose
9/19 home: Drillers lose

Vs Pigs (0 - 2 at home --- 1 - 2 away)
5/1 home: Drillers lose
5/2 home: Drillers lose
6/12 at Piglets: Drillers lose
6/13 at Piglets: Drillers lose
6/14 at Piglets: Drillers WIN

Vs Goofs (2 - 3 at home --- 3 - 2 away)
4/26 home: Drillers lose
4/27 home: Drillers lose
6/7 at Goofs: Drillers lose
6/8 at Goofs: Drillers WIN
6/9 at Goofs: Drillers WIN
7/20 home: Drillers WIN
7/21 home: Drillers WIN
7/21 home: Drillers lose
9/3 at Goofs: Drillers lose
9/4 at Goofs: Drillers WIN

Vs Nads (4 - 1 at home --- 3 - 2 away)
4/13 home: Drillers WIN
4/14 home: Drillers WIN
5/26 at Nads: Drillers WIN
5/27 at Nads: Drillers WIN
5/27 at Nads: Drillers lose
7/7 home: Drillers WIN
7/8 home: Drillers WIN
7/9 home: Drillers lose
8/20 at Nads: Drillers lose
8/21 at Nads: Drillers WIN

Vs Bees (1 - 4 at home --- 0 - 5 away)
4/17 at Bees: Drillers lose
4/18 at bees: Drillers lose
5/30 home: Drillers lose
5/31 home: Drillers lose
7/13 at Bees: Drillers lose
7/14 at Bees: Drillers lose
7/15 at Bees: Drillers lose
8/26 home: Drillers WIN!!!!!
8/27 home: Drillers lose
8/28 home: Drillers lose


Sidewinder Games

Snakes at the draft went 1-1 at wahoos,2-1 at home vs wahoos. We went 2-0 at inmates and 1-2 at home vs inmates. We won 2 of 3 at Zaps and lost 2 of 3 at home vs zaps.

Monday, March 14, 2011

SuperGoof Games

Super Goofs record 17-16
SuperGoofs home versus Zaps go 1-2
Game 1 at Goofs Zaps 7 Goofs 6
Game 2 at Goofs Zaps 5 Goofs 6
Game 3 at Goofs Zaps 5 Goofs 3
Goofs 5 Drillers 5
Goofs go 3-2 at Drillers and 2-3 at home
Game 1 at Drillers Goofs 3 Drillers 2
Game 2 at Drillers Goofs 5 Drillers 4
Game 3 at Drillers Goofs 1 Drillers 3
Game 4 at Drillers Goofs 0 Drillers 4
Game 5 at Drillers Goofs 4 Drillers 2
Game 1 at Goofs Drillers 4 Goofs 5
Game 2 at Goofs Drillers 6 Goofs 3
Game 3 at Goofs Drillers 5 Goofs 1
Game 4 at Goofs Drillers 3 Goofs 4
Game 5 at Goofs Drillers 10 Goofs 4
Goofs 7 FFTs 3
Goofs go 4-1 at Goofs and 3-2 at FFT
Game 1 at Goofs FFT 4 Goofs 2
Game 2 at Goofs FFT 4 Goofs 5
Game 3 at Goofs FFT 4 Goofs 5
Game 4 at Goofs FFT 3 Goofs 4
Game 5 at Goofs FFT 2 Goofs 4
Game 1 at FFT Goofs 3 FFT 7
Game 2 at FFT Goofs 6 FFT 4
Game 3 at FFT Goofs 4 FFT 1
Game 4 at FFT Goofs 5 FFT 4
Game 5 at FFT Goofs 3 FFT 12
Goofs go 4-6 versus Fungoes
Goofs go 3-2 at home and 1-4 at Fungoes
Game 1 at Goofs Fungoes 6 Goofs 3
Game 2 at Goofs Fungoes 2 Goofs 3
Game 3 at Goofs Fungoes 10 Goofs 2
Game 4 at Goofs Fungoes 3 Goofs 4
Game 5 at Goofs Fungoes 1 Goofs 4
Game 1 at Fungoes Goofs 4 Fungoes 2
Game 2 at Fungoes Goofs 0 Fungoes 5
Game 3 at Fungoes Goofs 2 Fungoes 3
Game 4 at Fungoes Goofs 0 mFungoes 3
Game 5 at Fungoes Goofs 4 Fungoes 6

Buckeye Games

Buckeyes 17-17 record
Buckeyes 5 FFT 5 - Buckeyes 4-1 at FFTs and 1-4 at home
Game 1 at FFT - Buckeyes 5 FFT 2
Game 2 at FFT Buckeyes 6 FFT 0
Game 3 at FFT Buckeyes 0 FFT 1
Game 4 at FFT Buckeyes 6 FFT 2
Game 5 at FFT Buckeyes 4 FFT 1
Game 1 at Buckeyes FFT 1 Buckeyes 0
Game 2 at Buckeyes FFT 10 Buckeyes 5
Game 3 at Buckeyes FFT 8 Buckeyes 1
Game 4 at Buckeyes FFT 0 Buckeyes 4
Game 5 at Buckeyes FFT 6 Buckeyes 1
Buckeyes 7 Nads 7
Buckeyes 4-3 at Nads 3-4 at Buckeyes
Game 1 at Nads Buckeyes 4 Nads 5
Game 2 at Nads Buckeyes 4 Nads 6
Game 3 at Nads Buckeyes 8 Nads 6
Game 4 at Nads Buckeyes 7 Nads 3
Game 5 at Nads Buckeyes 4 Nads 1
Game 6 at Nads Buckeyes 5 Nads 7
Game 7 at Nads Buckeyes 8 Nads 3
Buckeyes 3-4 at Bauckeyes
Game 1 at Buckeyes Nads 3 Buckeyes 2
Game 2 at Buckeyes Nads 1 Buckeyes 0
Game 3 at Buckeyes Nads 2 Buckeyes 1
Game 4 at Buckeyes Nads 0 Buckeyes 4
Game 5 at Buckeyes Nads 2 Buckeyes 1
Game 6 at Buckeyes Nads 0 Buckeyes 1
Game 7 at Buckeyes Nads 2 Buckeyes 5
Buckeyes 5 Rhinos 5
Buckeyes 3-2 at Rhinos 2-3 at Buckeyes
Game 1 at Rhinos Buckeyes 7 Rhinos 5
Game 2 at Rhinos Buckeyes 5 Rhinos 7
Game 3 at Rhinos Buckeyes 8 Rhinos 1
Game 4 at Rhinos Buckeyes 7 Rhinos 5
Game 5 at Rhinos Buckeyes 0 Rhinos 2
Game 1 at Buckeyes Rhinos 4 Buckeyes 5
Game 2 at Buckeyes Rhinos 10 Buckeyes 0
Game 3 at Buckeyes Rhinos 4 Buckeyes 6
Game 4 at Buckeyes Rhinos 8 Buckeyes 1
Game 5 at Buckeyes Rhinos 7 Buckeyes 3

Killer Bee Games

Wahoos 7, Bees 3
Bees 9, Drillers 1
Bees 7, Mavs 3

Tweener Games

Tweeners 3, Wahoos 3
Tweeners 7, Mavs 3
Inmates 3, Tweeners 2

Tweeners draft weekend results:
The Friday night series vs. Wahoos is a bit of a blur (as documented by the scoresheets); but I feel certain it was 3 home games for us, and Wahoos won 2. Game 1 Felix lost 3-2. Game 2 Wahoos had 16 runs on 20 hits (Tweeners had less). There is evidence that game 3 went 12 innings, Wahoos scored 2 in the top of the 12th, and Mark Reynolds hit a 3-run walk-off homer in the bottom half. I bet that was fun.
Under more favorable conditions Saturday, we rolled 10 vs. Mavs, with Tweeners going 3-2 at home and 4-1 on the road. In 4 starts Gio Gonzalez picked up 3 wins and a no-decision.
We next lost 3 straight to the Inmates at the Baptist Bowl, then took 2 straight from him in the Hooverdome. Inmates scored 9 runs in each of the 1st 3 games, which was more than enough. In game 4 Corey Hart hit a walk-off solo shot in the 11th. Mad Bum tossed 7 strong innings to win game 5.
Saturday night, er, Sunday morning, required computer assistance, but we got some revenge vs. Wahoos, taking 2 of 3 at The Reservation. I’m sure it was just coincidence that, compared to Friday night, the Chief had a bit more to drink, and the Tweeners substantially less.
Tweeners stand at 12-9.

Second Request

This is more of a plea, really. When you send me an email with your game results, I need more than just your record.

I need...

1. Who you played.
2. How many you won and how many you lost. (A list of the games in the order you played them along with the scores would be perfect.)
3. Where the games were played. (Home games or road games?)

Wahoos vs Rhinos
Gm 1 at Rhinos - Wahoos win 4-3
Gm 2 at Rhinos - Rhinos win 5-3
Gm 3 at Wahoos - Wahoos win 9-6
Gm 4 at Wahoos - Wahoos win 7-2
Gm 5 at Wahoos - Rhinos win 8-4

The Expanded Standings page will have not only your W/L record, but also your Home and Road records, your W/L vs each division, your current W/L streak, and your W/L record for your last 10 games. It's impossible to do that without the details.

Write-ups for each game to put on Big Innings would be nice, too.

What NOT to do:

Here's how we did:
Buckeyes 3-7
Bees 5-5
Dvs 1-2


We went 17-15 this weekend. Game files are attached.


Here's an attachment with my stats. You can get my W/L record from that.

Please and Thank you,

P.S. Thank you to the Fungoes for being the ONLY team so far to send in results correctly.

FFT games

FFTs 5, Buckeyes 5

Both teams went 1-4 in their home parks.

FFTs 9, Nads 1

Nads go 0-5 at home. FFTs go 4-1 at home.

SuperGoofs 7, FFTs 3

FFTs go 2-3 at home. Goofs go 4-1 at home.

Fungoes vs Inmates

Fungoes 4, Inmates 1

Fungoes and Inmates played five to round out the draft are the results:
Game 1 at Inmates: Fungoes win it 2-1 with a Coco Crisp HR in the top of the ninth. Jon Garland picks up the win while Derek Holland gets the save.
Game 2 at Inmates: Fungoes squeak out a 1-0 win while the combined shutout goes to Porcello, Takahashi, Zumaya, Holland, and Frieri........WTF? Inmates couldn't buy a clutch hit and Porcello picks up the win while Frieri gets the save. Fungoes score the only run of the game on a ground out doubleplay by Coco Crisp...
Game 3 at Fungoes: Inmates finally score some runs as they win it 6-4. Porcello takes the loss for the Fungoes.
Game 4 at Fungoes: Game 1 of the Ewing Oiler Double Header goes to the Fungoes behind Clayton Kershaw's complete game, six-hitter, as the Fungoes win 6-3
Game 5 at Fungoes: Game 2 of the Ewing Oiler Double Header also goes to the Fungoes. David Price throws a complete game shutout as the Fungoes win it 6-0.
Fungoes record now stands at 12-8

Warpigs vs Nads

Warpigs 6, Nads 4

Game 1 @ The Ball Pork - Trevor Cahill tosses a 6-hit shutout. Pigs win 6-0.

Game 2 @ The Ball Pork - Felix Pie of the Nads hit a 15th inning homer for the win. Adrian Gonzalez and Albert Pujols had both hit solo shots in the 10th inning. Nads win 7-6.

Game 3 @ The Nad Sack - Bronson Arroyo dominates the Pigs. Nads win 3-1.

Game 4 @ The Nad Sack - Adrian Gonzalez broke a 2-2 tie with a solo, walk-off homer in the 9th. Nads win 3-2.

Game 5 @ The Nad Sack - The Pigs dump on Dempster. Cliff Lee goes the distance. Pigs win 7-1.

Game 6 @ The Ball Pork - Adrian Gonzalez homers twice, including AGAIN in the 9th inning to tie the game. (He's REALLY starting to piss me off!) The game goes 14 innings. Pigs win 5-4.

Game 7 @ The Ball Pork - Nads win 9-5.

Game 8 @ The Nad Sack - Angel Pagan homers twice, and Trevor Cahill holds down the Nad bats. Pigs win 3-1.

Game 9 @ The Nad Sack - Clayton Richard tosses a shutout. Pigs win 7-0.

Game 10 @ The Nad Sack - Cliff Lee took a 1-hit shutout into the 9th before surrendering a solo shot to Dan Uggla. Pigs win 2-1.

Rosters and Draft Results

Updated rosters for the 2011 season and the results of the 2011 NASOMA Draft are now posted on the website.

I'm working on the standings.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Rhinos traded a 2012 10th round pick to the Inmates for Nate Schierholtz.

Fungoes vs SuperGoofs

Fungoes 6, SuperGoofs 4

Fungoes win two of five at Goofville, while winning four of the five played at WTF!!
The highlights include: Zimmerman hitting .342 with 2 HR and 7 RBI. Figgins stole 5 basses. Kershaw went 3-0 while throwing two complete game shutouts! Kershaw's ERA for the three starts was 0.69.
Price went 0-2 with a 5.06 ERA while Papelbon got tagged with a loss and a 7.71 ERA!

Fungoes vs Zaps

Zaps 3, Fungoes 2

Fungoes ran into a ZAP buzz saw at Zapper field losing three games and losing them badly. Scores for the three games were 14-4, 10-0, and 7-6. In those three games we gave up a four run inning, a five run inning, a six run inning and a seven run inning. We were outscored 31-10 in the three games......OUCH! Fungoes made significant inprovement when we played two games at WTF, winning both games. Scores at WTF were 5-2 and 3-2.

Warpigs vs Drillers

Warpigs 4, Drillers 1

Game 1 @Driller Park - Ross Ohlendorf outduels Tim Lincecum, and Omar Infante has two RBI singles. Pigs win 3-2.

Game 2 @Driller Park - Anibal Sanchez took a 1-hit shutout into the8th inning. Pigs win 6-2.

Game 3 @The Ball Pork - Both teams hit 4 homers each, and an 8-run 8th inning seals the deal. Pigs win 14-7.

Game 4 @The Ball Pork - Donnie Murphy makes his first appearance, hitting a game-tying triple in the bottom of the 9th. He then scored the winning run on a hit by Angel Pagan. The Warpigs had 9 hits, and none of them were singles. Pigs win 5-4.

Game 5 @The Ball Pork - Four homers by the Pigs were not enough. Drillers win 7-6.


The Drillers trade Ryan Hanigan to the Tweeners for Rajai Davis.

The Tweeners trade Alex Sanabia to the FFTs for Paul Janish.

The Warpigs trade pick 131 and a 2012 6th to the FFTs for pick 114.

In a 3-way trade, the DVs get Aramis Ramirez and a 2012 Warpig 5th round pick; the Rhinos get Alex Gordon and a 2012 Warpig reserve pick; the Warpigs get Leo Nunez and Heath Bell.

TheFFTs trade Ryan Spilborghs and Chris Narveson to the DVs for Phil Coke and Wilton Lopez.

The Rhinos trade Lastings Milledge to the DVs for the 2012 DV 7th round pick.

The FFTs trade a roster spot (2011 reserve) to the Rhinos for the 2012 DV 7th round pick.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reporting Results

Remember to report all of your results. I don't need (or want) any game files or box scores - unless you want me to post a significant box score, like from a no-hitter. If you send me game files, fine, but I don't need them.

But here's what I DO need...

1. Who you played
2. How many you won and lost
3. Who was the home team

I know you played a lot of games at the Draft, but please take the time to send me this information for each series you played.

Remember to CC the email to your opponent as a way of confirming the results.

If you want to send the scores and/or a short write-up for each game or series, that's excellent. I will probably just copy and paste what you send me onto Big Innings, but it makes it more fun and interesting, so please consider doing this.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

New Draft Rules

(I stole some of these from a post on SomWorld)

First person to pick out of order - buys the next case of beer
First person to pick someone on another team already - buys the next case of beer
First person to ask "Is he available?" - buys the next case of beer
First person to ask for a break - buys the next case of beer
Anybody who starts the draft with all their original picks - buys the next case of beer
Anybody named Philip Mullen - buys the next case of beer
Last person to congratulate the 2010 Champion Zaps - buys the next case of beer
First person to say "Nice pick" - buys the next case of beer
First person to pronounce a player completely wrong- buys the next case of beer

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Depth Charts

Click on the team icons on the website to see depth charts heading into the draft. The players aren't listed in any certain order (Far be it from ME to decide who the 7th best first baseman is on the Tweeners!), but you can see what options each team has at each position.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Rosters and Draft Grid

The links on the website are updated to reflect the final rosters and draft picks heading into the 2011 Draft. I have put links to both html and excel versions of both.

As usual, the picks at the end of the draft have been consolidated. All of your picks from 150 on up are now lower numbers.

Email me or call if there is a problem or a mistake.

Late Cuts

The Mavs cut...

Blanks, K.
Davis, C.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


The Wahoos traded Aramis Ramirez and a 2012 11th round pick to the Warpigs for a 2012 9th round pick.

Even More Cuts...

Jenks, B.
(also add Alex Gordon back to the roster)

Baker, S.
Gregg, K.
Ramirez, Ar.
Saltalamacchia, J.

Pena, B. Vazquez, J.

Affeldt, J.

Killer Bees...
(add Trever Miller back to the roster)

Pie, F.

LaRoche, Adam
Nathan, J.
Rzepczynski, M.
Smith, S.


The Warpigs traded Fernando Martinez and a 2012 8th to the Wahoos for picks 134 and 135.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Still More Cuts...

The Rhinos cut M.Taylor.


The Inmates traded Fernando Martinez to the Warpigs for pick 195.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The Sidewinders cut...
Wuertz, M.