Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Patch

Click the band aid on the NASOMA home page for the latest patch.

Monday, March 29, 2010


The league standings are updated on

A couple of interesting tidbits...

As the FFTs pointed out, for the first time in a long time, they did NOT play the most games at the Draft. Although they did get in 64 games, the Nads (66) played more.

Of those present for the Draft, the Warpigs played the fewest games with 15. The Snakes were close behind with 16 games played. The Zaps, of course, have not played any games.

The early division leaders are the Rhinos, the Buckeyes, the Sidewinders, and the Fungoes.

The surprising Fungoes left the Draft with the best record in the league. Imagine how good they'd be if Grady Sizemore hadn't picked last year to have an injury-filled, crappy kind of year.

The worst record after the Draft? The Inmates have the lowest winning percentage, but they are still a game and a half ahead of the Mavs.

The Mavs were mathematically eliminated when the words "Jose Uribe" left his lips in round 3.

More Draft analysis to come later, but you can view the Draft results on

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Draft Weekend

More Draft Weekend details later, but for now... the results of the 2010 NASOMA Draft can be viewed on the main page of the NASOMA website.

Also, the link on the home page to the Yahoo Tracker has been updated.

Please remember to report not only your record from the Draft, but how you did vs each opponent you played. If you made any trades before, during, or after the Draft, please report those as well - no matter how minor.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Season Predictions

BUD... The Rhinos will run away with the BUD, getting the #1 seed. Said the Rhino boss, "This is fun! I should have tried this winning thing years ago!" The other three teams will all fail to get to 70 wins and will have 3 of the first 5 picks in the 2011 Draft.

NERDD... The Drillers are convinced he is playing for next year. The Fungoes are sure he is a year away. The DVs have been trying to dump talent all winter and rebuild. The FFTs are trying to decide which team to make a Higdon winner next. So who wins? The Drillers. Lincecum and Haren will prove too much for the rest of the division. The Fungoes will be close and will vie for a wild card spot, but come up just short. Their consolation is having the "team to beat" in 2011. The DVs will try to lose games to get the first pick in the 2011 Draft, but will fail at that (too), finishing the season 81-81 - good enough for the 8th pick in the Draft. Said the DV manager, "Around August somebody pointed out that Jason Heyward was already on a team, so I don't mind so much. Still, I wish I had known all along. We should get a website or something so we can keep up with crap like that." The FFTs will leave Draft weekend with a record of 60-92, cursing the Inmates for putting off their games for later.

MFD... The Buckeyes continue to show up at the Draft each year with the least talent in the entire league. In fact, they seem to be making a mockery of the league by trying to outdo themselves each year. This year they have really bent over backwards to field a team of Zits. Their offensive stars this year will be Gabe Kapler and Jack Cust. They will, of course, win their division easily. I predict they leave the Draft with a record of 35-5. As September approaches, the MFD opponents will have these reactions to the Buckeyes clinching another pennant... Inmates: "I don't care about the math, I still think I can win this. Good thing I saved those ten FFT games for October. That's a sure ten wins!" Nads: I thought this would be the year, then my computer crashed on me." Mavs: "I don't have to try to lose, I already have Jason Heyward!"

AWD... The AWD will be this year's BUD, sending three teams to the playoffs. The Sidewinders will win the division, finishing just ahead of the Zaps and Tweeners; but the intensity of the division games will cost them a bye in the first round. The Killer Bees will play the role of the SuperGoofs, finding the three powerhouses ahead of him too much to overcome. Like the Fungi, the Bees are loaded for a run in 2011.

The Post Season... The first round will pit the Snakes against the Tweeners and the Zaps against the Drillers. The Snakes will continue their tradition of underachieving in the playoffs, and the Tweeners will advance in 7 games. Said the Snakeman, "At least we played face to face and I can avoid another depressing plane ride to the PigSty... but... GODDAMMIT!" The Zaps will dispatch the Drillers, rolling over them in 6 games. The Zaps lose games 2 and 5, quitting the league after each loss, only to change his mind and return.

(What? Too soon?)

In the second round, the Tweeners will play the top-seeded Rhinos and give them a run for their money before falling in 6. Tweener skipper Al Davis commented, "I don't know what's worse, losing on this damn NetPlay or flying to Texas to get my butt kicked." The Zaps will have the Buckeyes easily out-manned in their series, but league rules state the Buckeyes win series like this. Buckeyes in 7. Carpenter throws at least 3 innings in all 7 games. He starts 3 of them, relieves in 3, and in game 7 he both starts AND relieves, getting both the win and the save. You gotta admire a pitcher who can relieve himself on the mound.

The World Series will have the star-studded Rhinos against the painfully inept Buckeyes. Just a glimpse at the stats will show the tale... the Rhinos will have 12 players on the NASOMA All Star team; the Buckeyes will not have a single player get as many as 300 at bats, and none of them will hit higher than .243. Other than Carpenter, who went 59-3 in 68 starts, the Buckeyes had no one get more than 5 wins. But the Buckeyes will again take advantage of their park, and with the use of 13 relievers a game (including Carpenter every game, including the 4 he started) will keep the series close before falling in 6 games.

All hail the Rhinos!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scheduling Oddity

Everyone needs to be aware of a unique situation on this year's schedule. For the most part, the schedule is exactly like last year's (same opponents in the same order). But there is a first this year: from July 16 through July 18, we are all scheduled to play 5 games in 3 days. This will REQUIRE the use of a 6th starter.

So you MUST have at least 6 starting pitchers on your roster this year.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Team Pages

The Team Pages with depth charts are all now updated. Just click on the team icon on the home page.

Included on the page is each of your players at all the positions they play, your number of reserve picks, all of your draft picks, your final stats from last year, your ballpark numbers, pennants for your championship years, and pictures.

The order of players on the depth chart isn't meant to be in the exact order you would play them. Sometimes they are in order of number of at bats, but sometimes I just left them in the order they were last year.

The ballpark numbers, of course, have not been altered.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The Warpigs and Rhinos make another deal. The Warpigs trade Heath Bell and Matt Thornton to the Rhinos for picks 13 and 29 and a 2011 1st rounder.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have added everyone's draft picks to the bottom of the roster page.

The roster page and the draft grid are updated after every trade. You can view an HTML page of those by clicking on link on the green tool bar at the top of the home page. Or, if you wish, you can download either page and print it out by clicking on the links below that (in brown).

A link to the latest patch and a link to our 2010 Schedule are also available on the home page.

And finally, I have begun updating the depth charts for each team. All you have to do is click on the team icons on the left side of the home page. Right now, just the BUD teams are completed.


The Tweeners trade picks 4 and 163 to the Killer Bees for Carlos Pena and pick 18.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The Warpigs trade George Sherrill and Chris Dickerson to the Rhinos for Colby Rasmus and pick 168.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2009 Warpigs

With the Warpigs looking ahead to a dreadful 2010, here are some final numbers from the 2009 Warpig season...

Final record: 126-36
Home: 64-17
Road: 62-19
April: 19-5
May: 21-10
June: 20-7
July: 24-6
August: 26-3
September: 16-5
Went 9-1 vs 4 teams
Went 8-2 vs 3 teams
In the BUD, went 10-4 vs Wahoos, 12-2 vs Goofs, and 14-0 vs Rhinos
Finished 37 games ahead of the BUD Runner-up (and playoff team) Wahoos
Won more road games than the FFTs did games.
On the next to last day of the regular season (by the calendar), Warpig starter Rich Harden threw a no-hitter against the SuperGoofs, striking out 14. This was the second no-hitter in Warpig history. Greg Maddux had the other one.
Post Season: 8-4 (10th title)

2010 Mock Draft

Admittedly, I have done almost no research on (A) the players worthy of going in the first round or (B) the needs of the teams... but here it is anyway:

1. Tweeners - Al has been keeping the identity of this choice pretty close to the vest. Maybe it's just a fear of selecting a player already on a team (Jason Heyward). And while it would seem the Tweeners are poised to compete for the Higdon this year, the pick here is the uncarded DESMOND JENNINGS.

2. Killer Bees - The Beeboy will pee all over himself with glee when BEN ZOBRIST is available at this pick.

3. Inmates - The Head Inmate selects A's youngster BRETT ANDERSON, thereby ruining any chance Anderson had of having a normal, healthy career.

4. Tweeners - Al comes to his senses briefly and takes somebody to save those wins for King Felix by taking ANDREW BAILEY.

5. Mavs - The Mavman breaks a personal guideline by going 1B with his first pick for the second year in a row with KENDRY MORALES. The good news (for me), is that now Kendry Morales and Howie Kendrick are on the same team, so I'll never have to learn which is which.

6. SuperGoofs - Phillip takes the best young starter available by selecting SCOTT FELDMAN with this pick.

7. Fungoes - The Fungoes, while disappointed in missing out on Feldman, are more than happy to grab the best OLD starter in the Draft, JOEL PINEIRO.

8. Nads - The Nads are beside himself (creating a PAIR of Nads) with joy when Rookie of the Year CHRIS COGHLAN slides to #8.

9. Zaps - The only hole in the Pasta roster is relief, so the Zapper takes MATT GURRIER. Just imagining the possible pronunciations gives us all something to look forward to.

10. Fungoes - The Fungoes fill out that rotation by taking another starter, KEVIN CORREIA. The Warpigs took two starters in round one last year, so this is obviously the key to winning. This could be the year of the Fungo.

11. Sidewinders - What does the guy who needs nothing take? I'll reach a little here and say WADE DAVIS.

12. Drillers - Finding it hard to believe this guy was somebody's CUT, the Driller Dude takes the uncarded MIKE STANTON.

13. Rhinos - I know the idea of the Rhinos NOT taking another young stud for his corral is hard to accept, but I have faith the Rhinos will draft for need this year: JOSH OUTMAN, the best lefty reliever in a very meager crop.

14. Sidewinders - Actually, there may be a weak link in this juggernaut: left field. And since Michael Cuddyer can't play LF, the Snakeman reaches again for WILL VENABLE. Speaking of reaches, it's not really a reach when your two first round picks are players 30 and 31 on your team.

15. Buckeyes - The Buckeyes have already mathematically clinched the MFD, so they grab the perfect Buckeye card, RANDY RUIZ, to help get them back to the Series.

16. Buckeyes - The last pick of the first round is a guy who COULD be the first pick... MICHAEL CUDDYER.

2010 Draft Grid is Ready

That didn't take as long as I thought. The Draft Grid is now finished. There were no changes in the first 10 rounds because no one finishes drafting before Round 10. And surprisingly enough, if you discount possible passes, the first team to finish drafting is NOT the Sidewinders, but the FFTs at pick 145.

But then... after the Snakeman makes his first optional pick at #58, there's a good chance that's the last we'll see of him. His second optional pick comes up at #155, and I can't see the Snakeman hanging around almost 100 picks just to draft a cut.

Rounds 11+ are condensed to show only the picks that can be made there.

A symbol of @ next to your team name means it is your first optional pick. For your second - and last - optional pick, there is a @@ next to your team name.

As always, email me if there is a mistake.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-Draft Stuff

All pre-draft rosters have been submitted. Please check the website to confirm that your roster is correct. If there is a mistake, email me ASAP.

Here are the number of players kept by each team...
Team, # of Players, (hitters/pitchers/uncarded)
DVs 24 (16/8/0)
FFTs 26 (12/13/1)
Fungoes 21 (11/10)
Buckeyes 18 (10/8/0)
Inmates 20 (12/7/1)
Killer Bees 22 (11/9/2)
Tweeners 23 (12/10/1)
Mavs 20 (11/8/1)
Nads 20 (12/6/2)
Drillers 20 (12/7/1)
Warpigs 23 (15/8/0)
Rhinos 23 (15/7/1)
SuperGoofs 19 (12/7/0)
Sidewinders 29 (15/13/1)
Pastas 25 (13/12/0)
Wahoos 20 (11/9/0)

Totals: 353 players retained (200 hitters/ 142 pitchers /11 uncarded players)

The Snakes kept the most (29 - league record), and the Buckeyes kept the fewest (18). Only the Buckeyes and the SuperGoofs (19) kept fewer than 20 players.

The DVs kept the most hitters (16); the FFTs and Snakes kept the most pitchers (13).

The Draft Grid has not been finalized yet. I will try to have it finished by tomorrow. The latest trade has been included on it, but now there is the process of eliminating picks that cannot be used. For the time being, here are how many draft picks you can make...
13 Goofs
12 Buckeyes, Mavs, Nads, Drillers
11 Inmates, Wahoos
10 DVs, Fungoes, Bees, Tweeners, Pigs
9 Rhinos
8 FFTs
7 Pastas
3 Snakes

Add 2, of course, for the two optional picks. If you use these, you will have to make cuts after the Draft.

Additionally, here are the allowable number of uncarded players you may draft...
4 DVs
3 FFTs, Pigs
2 Tweeners, Goofs, Pastas
1 Fungoes, Mavs, Drillers, Rhinos, Snakes, Wahoos
0 Buckeyes, Inmates, Bees, Nads



The DVs traded pick 58 to the Sidewinders for picks 75, 107, 123, and 139.

The Draft Grid and Roster pages will be updated on the website this evening. Right now I'm waiting on the Nad roster.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Killer Bees trade Miguel Tejada to the Sidewinders for Jack Wilson.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rosters and Flowers

Over half of the league rosters have been turned in already. The updated ones are highlighted in yellow. The rest are due by Friday.

An interesting note: the Mullen brothers combined to cut a total of 4 players.

Went to the cemetery today to visit my mom. While there, I put flowers on the Oilers' grave.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Rosters Due

Have your roster cuts turned in by Friday night, March 12th.


The Wahoos trade Ryan Madson, pick 68, and a 2011 6th to the DVs for Vernon Wells, pick 90, and a 2011 3rd.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


There is a patch available for Version 15. Click here for the link. After saving the download, run it. After it is completed, open the game and go to HELP/ABOUT. The new version of your game should read Version 15.01E

Monday, March 01, 2010


The FFTs trade picks 17 and 81 to the Tweeners for picks 20 and 52.

The Warpigs trade pick 128 to the SuperGoofs for Matt Joyce.

The Wahoos trade John Baker and pick 62 to the Buckeyes for Kevin Gregg, a 2011 3rd round pick, and a 2011 reserve.