Monday, January 16, 2017

Rule Change Proposal

Currently, we allow 33% of the AB/IP on a player's card for the playoffs. The 33% is the max for the entire playoffs regardless of whether the team plays 1, 2, or 3 series. This rule isn't entirely fair for a couple of reasons, and I offer a simple solution: Allow 10% per series.

Take the case of the Warpigs vs Wahoos this past year. The Wahoos lost in 7 games in part because the Pigs used Rich Hill and Jarrett Parker almost to the max. Parker was allowed 16 AB, and he used 13 of them in the 7 games against the Wahoos. Rich Hill only had 10 innings to use, and he used 7.2 against the Hoos. With these two guys shooting their wads in one series, it helped the Pigs and hurt the Wahoos. A 10% max would have meant Parker had 5 AB and Hill 3 innings - a much more realistic use of these studly, but limited, cards.

Also, the teams who get the bye have a built-in advantage of only having to win one series to advance to the World Series. They shouldn't get an added advantage of more usage from those "playoff" cards. The 10% per series rule puts the teams on a more even ground.

And finally, much of our league is founded on a system of trust, as in, "I trust you to keep accurate stats and not to overuse a player during the regular season." And that's fine. But with the 10% limit per series, you don't have to worry or ask about how much a player was used in the previous series; you know how much he can use that player against you.

This rule would have no affect on regular players, and very little affect on medium AB/IP guys. It will only affect the Jarrett Parker/Rich Hill types. It will decrease their value and their ability to dominate a series, and that's a good thing, I think.


The HEAD INMATE said...

Makes sense. I'd also like to see a modification of the "designate a starter to be a reliever" option in the play-offs to mirror something a little more prototypical. Having a pitcher like Maddux or Kershaw pitch three innings of every game is a luxury we'd all like to have, but it would make more sense to have the pitcher limited to one inning before automatically becoming fatigued, or something similar.

Germane comments?

Fungoes said...

I like both of these proposals!

Vincent Mullen said...

For what it is worth(not much) I would suggest that no starter be used in relief in the playoffs. However, I like the way we use our "playoff cards" now. It is another level of strategy- whether to try to save ABs for next series or not. Also if we changed it like the proposal states, the draft will change slightly as these cards are less valuable. Having these playoff cards picked in early rounds leaves better players for the rebuilding teams.

Norm said...

The last time the Pigman's proposal (or equivalent) was up for a vote I voted for it, and would do so again. I am open to further discussion on the Inmates' proposal (and my vote could likely be bought).