Saturday, January 28, 2017

Two Trades - Three Teams

The Warpigs traded Taijuan Walker, Anthony Desclafani, and A.J. Reed to the DVs for Joe Ross, Kendall Graveman, a reserve, and a draft pick TBD.

The DVs then sent Walker and picks 11 & 43 to the Drillers for Addison Reed and Luke Gregerson.

These two trades signify a couple of things. One, the DVs have decided to play for 2017. That's a significant point because he had been thinking of throwing in the towel early and playing for 2018. "I don't know why we ever even thought about doing that. It's just the Wahoos. It's like being worried about Pepperdine. Addison Reed puts us over the hump. We totally got this now."

The other sign coming from this trade is that the Drillers will not be playing for a playoff spot this year. "That's what you think," said the Driller Dude. "He thinks he got my two best relievers, but I still have Tony Watson and some guy named Shaw. Ha! Sucker."

The Warpigs just wanted to trade Desclafani for Ross, mainly because of spelling issues.

Lost in all the names and picks is the fact that the DVs picked up two Reeds. It marks a new musical direction for the DVs.

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