Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Willie McCovey Pardoned

Thirty years ago this March, the Fungoes and Warpigs took a bus trip out to Arizona for a week of Spring Training. One or the other of us may have shared the stories with you before. Bottom line, it was an awesome week filled with great memories. One of the memories is the time we "ran into" Hall of Famer Willie McCovey.

We were walking into a park for an early B game, and right there in front of us was the great McCovey. A small group of people were standing around him getting his autograph. Just about the time we walked up behind him, he wheeled around to leave and walked smack into me. Just plowed right into me. He's a big man, and I wasn't quite so big back then. He politely apologized and continued on his way.

Earlier today, President Obama pardoned Mr. McCovey. I can only assume it was for bumping into me 30 years ago.

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Fungoes said...

You were minuscule next to Willie's girth!!! Had to have broken at least one or two of your ribs!!!