Sunday, January 22, 2017

Buckeyes and FFTs trade Hitters

The two oldest teams in NASOMA swapped players today.

Hanley Ramirez is headed to the Buckeyes; Ian Desmond is now an FFT. In addition to Desmond, the FFTs have the option of selecting a player from the list of Buckeye cuts after the Draft.

Ramirez, a fan favorite for the FFTs, hit .286 with 30 homers last year in Boston. He is easily the better hitting card of the two players, but he is limited to 1b. Desmond, who had a break-out year as an outfielder, slashed 285/335/446, but more importantly is a lf/cf-3(-3).

"Desmond helps out our lineup and our bench," said a spokesman for the FFTs. "He allows us to play Cruz at DH."

The Buckeye thinking was simpler. "With Hanley we'll hit more homers."

Both teams are set up for a return to the post season. The Buckeyes have lost 234 games over the last 2 seasons has decided losing isn't much fun. "Losing sucks," said the Head Buckeye. "I don't know why the Drillers enjoy it so much." The FFTs won the first two NASOMA championships in 1980 and 1981; then won another title in 1985. Contrary to popular belief, that was not the last post season appearance by the FFTs.


terry said...

But pretty dang close

terry said...

I guess FFT like Jason Wilten
Neither can retire cause neither
Will ever win a title
I'll be playing strat at 85