Wednesday, January 18, 2017

FFTs and Fungoes Trade

The Fungoes finally found a home for Roberto Perez, sending him off to the FFTs for starting pitcher Wei-Yin Chen.

The trade is a little quirky because Perez, the catcher, throws harder than Chen, the pitcher. Actually, Perez probably throws harder than anybody on the FFT pitching staff. I was going to add that Chen hits better than Perez, but it isn't quite true. Chen went 0-44 last year, making Perez marginally better.

Besides their similar limp-dick abilities with the bat, they also both come from small islands. Chen is from Taiwan, and Perez from Puerto Rico. That's all I got; the similarities end there.


terry said...

Part of FFT MANAGEMENT philosophy that' says all players should be an FFT at least one day of their lives

Course many many have never had an AB or an IP

Fungoes said...

You won't get a better "practice squad" catcher than Roberto, who has quite the "Clemente like" arm!