Monday, January 16, 2017

The First Mock Draft of the Season!

If for no other reason than to get the taste of this fucking football season out of my mouth, here's the first Mock Draft of the season. Keep in mind I have taken only a cursory glance at the ratings guide, and as of now, have only a casual understanding of what each team might need.

So let's dive in...

1. Mansfield Buckeyes - Gary Sanchez, c - The Buckeyes surprised everyone by taking Nomar Mazara with the first pick last year. And while Mazara is a decent young player, the Buckeyes probably wish they could have a do-over. That's not the case this time as Sanchez is a no-brainer, and will lead the Buckeyes back to the playoffs. If nothing else, it will finally give the Buckeyes a reason to try to win games.

2. Nashville Killer Bees - Andrew Benintendi, of - Despite what you might have read in a previous post, the Bees have put together a promising young nucleus, and Benintendi will fit right in. The Bees won't extend their season in 2017, but they'll be back in 2018 to wreak havoc in the AWD. Now if his guys can just stay off of boats.

3. Oklahoma Drillers - David Dahl, of - A fine young left-handed bat who gets to ply his wares in Coors Field. In other words, the perfect Driller in their quest to remain the most talented team not in the playoffs.

4. Stanley Sidewinders - Sandy Leon, c - This was a toughie, and a definite trek out onto the limb. But the Snakes are in good shape everywhere except catcher... Leon will have a great card... he's a -3... Sounds like the guy the Sidewinders want behind the plate as they make a bid to defend their title.

5. Disney SuperGoofs - Alex Bregman, 3b - Bregman is gonna be the next big thing. He slides to the Goofs because two of the teams ahead of him are looking for cards, and the other two are already loaded at 3b. On the other hand, Carlos Beltran is available... and that certainly sounds more like a Goof pick.

6. Chicago Nads - Aledmys Diaz, ss - Erick Aybar sucks, and fittingly, Diaz comes along at the right time to take his place at the BallSac.

7. Tulsa DVs - Michael Fulmer, sp - The DVs need pitching, and Fulmer is a bright young prospect who also has lots of innings on a pretty good card. He might be the first pitcher taken, but he should at least be the first SP.

8. Logan County Tweeners - Chris Devenski, sp/rp - Devenski doesn't have as many innings as Fulmer, but his card will be better and he can pitch in relief.

9. Waco Inmates - Dan Straily - The Inmates had penciled in Fulmer, but after pick 7 had to angrily scratch it out and replace it with Devenski. But then at pick 8... oh, nevermind. You get it. By the way, this assures Straily will be on the DL by the end of April.

10. Belldale Rhinos - Victor Robles, of/uncarded - The Rhino lineup is primed to climb to the top of the HWD. He even has stellar starting pitching. He just needs bullpen. So, of course, he takes an uncarded outfielder in the Nationals' organization. It all fits in his plan to return to the World Series by 2025.

11. Tulsa DVs - Seung Hwan Oh, rp - The Draft order is set up perfectly for the DVs. He had his choice of SPs at pick 7, and now he has his pick of relievers at pick 11. Oh is the guy. The DVs have already queued up the Beatles' song, "Oh! Darling" to be played as Oh comes in for the save.

12. New York Skyscrapers - Edwin Diaz, rp - Disappointed that all the stud first-year cards are already on teams, the new guy does the smart thing and drafts for need. The Skyscrapers will give the Buckeyes, Mavs, and Drillers trouble in the MFD.

13. Tulsa DVs - Tyler Thornburg, rp - The DVs with another pick... the DVs with another pitcher. As for Thornburg being the guy... I have no idea. Maybe it's Kyle Barraclough. Maybe Nate Jones. Maybe someone else. Whichever one has the best looking card will join the DV bullpen and help them finish a strong 2nd behind the Wahoos in the BUD.

14. Midlothian Mavs - Matt Bush, rp - When in doubt, take the Ranger. And I'm in doubt. I ran out of ideas after about 11 picks (and that includes having the Rhinos take an uncarded player). Hey, maybe the Mavs see something in Jurickson Profar.

15. South Grand Prairie Wahoos - Tyler Naquin, of/dh - Naquin would fit in nicely on this team. He sucks in the outfield, but he can hit. And the Wahoos already have all the pitching they will need to run away with the BUD before exiting the playoffs in the 2nd round. (That's right, I'm awarding him a 1st round bye.)

16. Tulsa DVs - Jonathan Villar, inf - A fourth 1st round pick? Is that even legal?

Well there you have it. Next up, I'll take a look at the division races. (Spoiler alert: The Warpigs will NOT win the BUD.) Analyzing the divisions will give me a better idea of the needs for each team and make the next Mock Draft better. I hope.

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