Saturday, August 29, 2009

Games and a Trade

The Bees have a new laptop...

Pastas 5, Killer Bees 2
Killer Bees 4, Fungoes 1
Drillers 2, Killer Bees 1
Killer Bees 1, DVs 1

From the BeeBoy...
(The Zaps) spanked our ass, we could not hit at all.
I dont know how in the hell I took 4 out of 5 (against the Fungoes), guess we both suck this year.
Rockies suck!

Rhinos 4, Killer Bees 1

From the DVRhino...
Rhinos finish the season series 9-1 vs the Bees, thanks for stopping in- you can pick up your ass on the way out. Wish I could tell you about the games, but the EQA button was pretty friendly and I was pretty drunk.

The Inmates traded Adam Lind to the Warpigs for Adam Jones.

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