Friday, August 28, 2009

Games and a Trade

Nads 4, Fungoes 1

From the Nadman...

Fungoes went 1-4 hit .315 against the Nads but pitching let them down with an ERA of 7.29

Game 1: Pat Burrell hit 2 Home runs and NADS win 8-6
Game 2: Saunders pitched complete game – wins 6-5 – deciding run came in 8th inning – close game
Game 3. Wakefield pitched complete game – wins 7-2 – Fungoes hit Bannister like a drum
Game 4: Game tied after 9 innings – bottom of the 10th , Willingham hit double – McLouth is put in as pinch runner – AJ Pierzynski – singled and drove in the winning run – NADS win 4-3
Game 5: a blowout- NADS win 15-6 – JD Drew hit three home runs – Kershaw didn’t last very long – Fungoes manager pulled him out of the game and the NADS’s hitting took off

The Snakes and Tweeners pulled off a 7-player deal...
The Tweeners traded Gio Gonzalez, Justin Masterson, Brandon Morrow, and Jonathan Sanchez to the Sidewinders for J.P. Howell, Francisco Rodriguez, and John Baker.

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