Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sidewinders 3, Rhinos 2

Rhinos go 2-3 vs SSW’s

2 Jun – SSW Win 11-2
Donnie Murphy cracked 2 homeruns and had 3 RBI and homeruns by Kipins, Trumbo and Valencia spelled doom for the Rhinos as Colon held the Rhinos to 1 run over 6 1/3.

3 June – Rhinos Win 6-1
C.C. Sabathia went 9 strong innings and Wil Myers slammed a homerun and had 2 RBI as the Rhinos beat the SSW by a score of 6 to 1.  Sabathia silenced the SSW hitters allowing just 4 hits and no walks in 9 innings.

4 Jun – Rhinos Win 9-3
Catcher Alex Avila cracked 2 homeruns and scored 3 times along with homeruns by Tulowiski, Gomez and Braun powered the Rhinos past the SSW.

15 Aug – SSW Win 3-0
Chris Sale pitched a solid 7 innings as the SSW beat the Rhinos 3 to 0.  In a 0 to 0 game in the 6th inning the SSW did all their damage scoring 3 runs on 4 hits.

16 Aug – SSW Win 8-5
The SSW broke the game open with 4 runs in the 5th inning and despite homeruns by Braun, Votto, and Tulowiski it wasn’t enough to overcome the SSW’s strong pitching and outstanding bullpen.

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