Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rhinos 4, Inmates 3

From WTF:
Inmates 6 – Rhinos 5 (Rhino Preserve, 14 innings): The fifth extra-inning game of the year between the Rhinos and Inmates, with both teams watching ABs and/or IPs. The Rhinos tie the game at 3-3 in the 8th when Beltre boots two grounders in a row (consecutive plays). Beltre then taters in the 13th to give the Beakless Chicken Gang a 5-3 lead, only to have some nameless bastard Rhino return the favor in the bottom of the inning to send it to the 14th. Pinto hit a 2-out HR for the Inmates in the 14th for the winning margin.
Rhinos 6 – Inmates 5 (Rhino Preserve): A 5-run Inmate sixth was the last gasp of the offense before the LDMF showed up. The Rhinos return the 6-5 favor for the win.
Rhinos 2 – LDMF 0 (Rhino Preserve): The One-Horned Wonders score twice in the first for all of the offense in the game. The LDMF managed nine hits, all singles, but hit into two DPs and got caught stealing twice. The pain is just beginning.
Rhinos 7 – LDMF 0 (Rhino Preserve): Stults tosses batting practice, Cole tosses BBs, and the LDMF manage only five hits to extend their scoreless streak to 21 innings.
Rhinos 10 – LDMF 3 (Baptist Bowl): Stults tosses batting practice, Chapter 2. The LDMF score in the 1st for their first lead in 27 innings. The Rhinos then proceeded to pound out 15 hits to continue dominating the Bastards of the Baptist Bowl.
Inmates 4 – Rhinos 3 (Baptist Bowl, 16 innings): Yep, another extra-inning game. The LDMF held a 2-1 lead in the 8th, when Col. Rhino calls for a 2-8 HR. What Col. Rhino orders, Col. Rhino gets. Tater City, giving the Rhinos a 3-2 lead. Last of the 9th. Garza Ks both Beltre and Rizzo, but then gives up a 2B to pinch-hitter Cargo. In comes closer Jansen to shut down the Inmates. Cargo then steals 3rd. Red-dick promptly singles him home to send the game into extras again. Neither team threatens until Sanchez leads off the last of the 16th and makes a 1-3 HR chance to end the game.
Inmates 1 – Rhinos 0 (Baptist Bowl): Classic pitchers’ duel. Parra hit the first pitch thrown by Hudson for a homerun, then neither team could score again.

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