Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inmates 3, Goofs 2

Not via netplay (as usual, SOM problems with getting hooked up) or F-T-F, but Teamviewer:
GOOFS 3 – INMATES 1 (Baptist Bowl): Goofs make 3 errors, Inmates get 8 hits, but Parker gives up a three-run tater to Tor2 in a singularly unexciting game.
INMATES 6 – GOOFS 4 (Baptist Bowl): Beltre taters twice off of Darvish, and Cargo hit a grand salami for all the Inmate runs. The bullpen tries to implode in the 9th, but doesn’t (!).
INMATES 3 – GOOFS 2 (10 Innings – Baptist Bowl): A Beltre homer in the 9th with one out off of Benoit sends the game to extra innings. Benoit completes the meltdown in the 10th as Pierzynski doubles home Parra with one out for the game winner.
INMATES 5 – GOOFS 3 (11 Innings – GoofyDome): Darvish continues to have trouble with the long ball, giving up HRs to Drew and Rizzo. Cargo hits a two-run shot in the 11th off of Street for the winner.
GOOFS 10 – INMATES 3 (GoofyDome): The Goofmen bring out the big artillery and blast Stults. Johnson hits a slammer, and the Inmates roll over and take it in the poop chute.

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