Sunday, March 09, 2014

Draft Reminders

You start with:
  1. Your protected players (between 19 and 26 on this year's rosters)
  2. Enough draft picks to get that player number to 30 (so if you kept 22 players, that would be 8 picks)
  3. Additional picks based on how many reserves you own (between 0 and 4 this year)
  4. Two additional picks according to the "Tweener Rule". These are optional. If you use one or both of them, you will have to cut 1-2 players after the draft.
  5. The option to participate in the "Lightning Round" and draft up to 5 more players - also leading to additional cuts after the draft.
In the main phase of the draft, you may draft UNCARDED players if you have reserve picks that are not already being used to protect a player without a card. Drafting an uncarded player is optional. Below is a list of the maximum number of UNCARDED players each team is allowed to draft this year:

3 - Warpigs
2 - DVs, Mavs, Drillers, Goofs, Wahoos, Sidewinders, Rhinos, Inmates
1 - Bees, Zaps, Tweeners, Fungoes, FFTs
0 - Nads, Buckeyes

Following the draft, you assign reserve status to players based on how many reserve picks you own. Those players do not have to be uncarded players - the reserved players can just be players you want to keep the rights to, but don't want to suit up this year. However, uncarded players that you keep HAVE to be kept on the reserve list.

The LIGHTNING ROUND phase of the draft takes place 5 minutes after the regular draft ends. The Lightning Round Rules:
  • You must be present to participate.
  • Picks cannot be traded (but the players selected in the Lightning Round CAN be).
  • There are 5 rounds, although you may drop out at any time.
  • The order of selection is based on the original draft order.
  • The pick MUST be carded.
  • You have ONE MINUTE to make your selection. After one minute, you must pass.
  • If you pass or take an ineligible player, your evening is over.
Remember, you will have to cut one player for every "Tweener Rule" or "Lightning Round" selection you make.

And finally, keep in mind that when you make a trade during the draft, it's a good idea to make trades that balance out numerically. For instance, if you trade Juan Gomez and pick 34 for pick 15, you should insist on getting another player or pick back. Typically, in a trade like this, the team getting pick 15 would also get the other team's last pick. If you don't do this, you'll just end up with fewer picks. An extra pick WILL NOT BE ADDED ON AT THE END OF THE DRAFT FOR YOU. You'll just have to make use of your "Tweener Rule" picks or take part in the "Lightning Round."


Norm said...

If I see an uncarded player in the 10th round that I like better than the uncarded player I protected can I draft him and instead keep him and cut the uncarded player that I protected? Where are the cards? Who's on the clock?

Pigman said...

1. Yes.
2. You don't have cards, either?
3. The Driller Dude is on the clock. Seems like we're ALWAYS waiting on the Driller Dude to pick.

Bryan said...

So the Tweeners have given up on Tavares already (?)- should have cut him so someone else would have the chance to roster him