Sunday, October 18, 2009

2010 Draft Order

The top ten picks...

1. FFTs (61-101) - picked currently owned by the Tweeners
2. Killer Bees (65-97)
3. Inmates (66-96)
4. Tweeners (68-94)
5. Mavs (69-93)
6. SuperGoofs (72-90)
7. Fungoes (74-88)
8. Nads (77-85)
9. Pastas (79-83)
10. DVs (86-76) - pick currently owned by the Fungoes

If the Wahoo Draft Rule had passed, that list would be reversed. But then, if the rule had passed, something tells me the final records wouldn't be the same. hehehe

Pick 11 will be either the Rhinos, the Wahoos, or the Sidewinders.
Pick 12 will be either the Wahoos, the Sidewinders, or the Drillers.


Anonymous said...

I bet we might have won 62 games.

Norm said...

Re: sidebar polls predicting first-round playoff winners; 17/18 votes cast? Are there interested parties other than NASOMA managers? Has Hal voted? Cletes? Snakes/Drillers voting multiple times for themselves?

Pigman said...

it's even more amazing when you factor in that we have at least three owners who aren't even aware we HAVE a website.