Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Drillers 5, DVs 3

From the Driller Dude...
It took 6 games, but the Drillers got to the 4 needed wins vs DVs.

August 5 Lincecum spins a 3-1 gem for 8 innings and Nathan closes it out.

August 6 Haren, not to be out done, goes 8 and Nathan closes out a 5-1 victory.

August 7 Shields has a surprisingly good start earning a 7-2 victory.

August 8 Slowey, starting for the floor dwelling Bush, gives up a 3-10 loss. “They were all on his card, coach.” As he left the mound.

September 21 The REAL Shields makes an appearance in a 5-6 loss to the DVs.

September 22 Slowey keeps us in it long enough for a ninth inning 6-3 victory to clinch the division. MVP of the series has to go to Nick Johnson. I think he made 5 outs at the plate and stood on his head twice on X chances making plays!

The last two games will be EQA as the DVerminator was last seen mumbling “Helton has hit .193 this year!”

We end the season with two clicks of the EQA button.

Drillers win 6-4 in one and the DV win 5-4 in the other.

Drillers finish the series 5-3 with the DVs to end the season 90-72… if my math’s right.

Congratulations Drillers on winning the NERDD. They will have the #3 seed in the playoffs and play the #6 seed in the first round.

As for the DVs, they end the year 86-76 and 2 games behind the Rhinos in the wild card race. The Rhinos have already finished their regular season and have clinched a spot in the post season. The Wahoos have 12 to play, and only need to win 4 to make the playoffs and force the DVs to bag up the bats for the winter.


Pigman said...

Wahoo possibilities (I think)...

They have 12 games left. 3 at home vs the Tweeners, 5 at the Nads, and 4 face to face against the Warpigs.

If they win 2 or fewer, they are out and the DVs are in. Chances: 0%

If they win 3, there will be a 1-game playoff between the Wahoos and DVs to determine the final playoff spot. Chances: 0%

If they win 4, they are in as the final wild card spot. Chances: 1%

If they win 5, there will be a 1-game playoff between the Wahoos and Rhinos to determine which team is seed 5 and which team is seed 6. Chances 3%

If they win 6 or more, they are the #5 seed and the Rhinos are #6. Chances: 96%

NASOMA said...

Chances that the Warpigs suck = 100%