Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wahoos 3, Tweeners 0

From the Chief...
Wahoos played their three with the Tweeners late last night during the Dodgers-Cardinals game. I didn't send stats to the respective sources, but I can tell you the Wahoos won all 3. The clincher was the "boring" game as Ricky Nolasco beat Roy Oswalt in a pair of complete games. Wahoos win 3-1 (the Tweeners run came late to stop the shutout).
In game 2, the Wahoos rallied from a 7-0 hole (thank you Fausto Carmona and company) with a 3-run inninng and 4-run inning (keyed by a Chris Ianetta big bop). It was a walk-off win -- the second of the series.
In game 1, the Wahoos also won this one in walk-off fashion.

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The Chief said...

stats have now been sent to the parties who needed them