Monday, October 05, 2009

Extra Reserve Spot

Warpigs 558
FFTs 558
Inmates 546
Zaps 542
Bees 534
Tweeners 534
DVs 528
Buckeyes 527
Fungoes 519
Snakes 519
Drillers 512
Nads 507
Goofs 495
Rhinos 493
Wahoos 481
Mavs 472

The Warpigs win the extra pick based on the tiebreaker.

The Twins/Tigers game has not been added, but will not change the final outcome.


Anonymous said...

For grins can you put who the Pigs and FFTs had? Maybe the Wahoos and Mavs, too?

Pigman said...

Pigs and FFTs had the Yankees, White Sox, Angels, Phillies, Cardinals, and Dodgers. All were division winners except the ChiSox.

Wahoos had the Red Sox, Indians, A's, Phillies, Cubs, and Diamondbacks.

The Mavs had the Red Sox, White Sox, A's, Mets, Cubs, and Diamondbacks.