Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tweeners 2, Inmates 1

All games at the Baptist Bowl. Back-to-back one-hitters close out the series.

TWEENERS 10 – LDMF 1: Tweeners wrecking crew destroyed the LDMF arson squad with four HRs (Cruz/Colabello/Phegley/Arenado) while MadBum (InsaneArse?) pitched a CG. Rizzo tatered in the 2nd for the last run the Dickless Chicken Gang would get in a long while.

TWEENERS 8 – NDMF 0: The total demolishing of the Emasculated Wonders continued with Gray tossing a one-hit shutout. McHugh pitched batting practice (quite successfully). The only Inmate hit came in the 4th when Altuve doubled off of his own card. What probably should have been an easy pop out to second wound up being an extra-base hit due to the shock experienced by the Tweener defense of somebody on the NDMF actually making any kind of meaningful contact.

INMATES 5 – TWEENERS 0: What goes around comes around. Ethier led off the game with a single, with no one in the crowd of 1108 suspecting that no other Tweener would get another hit for the rest of the game. Ross and three Inmate relievers combined for the one-hit shutout. Cargo, Valbuena, and Jones homered for the good guys.


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