Monday, July 11, 2016

Extra Reserve Contest Update

At the All Star break, the DVs have surged into the lead in the Extra Reserve Contest. The Rhinos dominated for most of the first half, but have currently fallen into 3rd place.

Here are the current point totals:

1. DVs 618 (If he had picked the Braves instead of the Phillies, he'd have already clinched.)

2. Warpigs 613 (Go Pirates)

3. Rhinos 612 (Cubs and Rangers struggling at the same time hurt him, but Indians were a great pick.)

4. Fungoes 604 (He did pick the Braves, but the White Sox haven't sucked as much as they need to.)

5. Sidewinders 603 (Picking the Orioles to be bad hasn't worked out yet.)

T6. Buckeyes 601 (Another one who didn't believe in the Cubs)

T6. Mavs 601 (Only one who picked the Yankees to lose. Would be better off right now with the Rays.)

8. Killer Bees 594 (Only team to pick the Cardinals, so there's hope.)

9. Drillers 589 (If the Orioles go into a nose dive, he's in the race.)

10. Inmates 585 (If the Orioles AND the Indians go into a nose dive, he's in the race.)

11. Wahoos 584 (The Indians are killing the Wahoos. Gotta be a joke in there somewhere.)

12. FFTs 580 (Same situation as the Inmates, only without the Nationals)

13. Zaps 569 (Another Buck Showalter doubter)

14. Tweeners 557 ("I swear I thought the Diamondbacks would be good.")

15. Goofs 545 (The Goof selections placed 5th in the Inmates' top Adult Jokes of the year.)

16. Nads 0 (Go Expos!)

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